CreativeTake Medical CreativeTake Medical Launches | San Diegohas excelled in the field of Internet marketing for medical professionals in the US. Over the years, CreativeTake has helped a large number of doctors achieve their practice goals through highly competitive and cost-effective online marketing strategies.

CreativeTake has now launched a new website for Allsing Orthopedics, which is Southern California’s premier orthopedic practice specializing in injuries and disorders of the hip, knee, and shoulder. The practice provides personalized care and attention for each patient, and helps them regain mobility, lead active, pain-free lives, and attain the finest health possible through cutting edge orthopedic procedures and techniques.


Educating the Patients

Allsing Orthopedics is led by the stellar and judicious Dr. Steven Allsing, who is a board certified orthopedic surgeon of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Allsing and his team are committed to educating their patients about all aspects of the procedure they are seeking, discussing other treatment options, and helping patients make informed decisions.

The same commitment to patient education is now reflected in Dr. Allsing’s new website CreativeTake Medical has built the website with a dual goal of promoting Dr. Allsing’s practice, and at the same time, providing an in-depth online resource of information on orthopedic surgery, which is freely accessible to all patients.

CT Medical prominently showcases on the website homepage an advanced MAKO Robotic Arm-Assisted Total Hip Replacement procedure, which is provided at the practice. New patients can gain awareness about this cutting edge robotic surgery, and consider their treatment options. The homepage also includes a video of this procedure to allow patients to understand how this innovative robotic surgery will be performed.


Team Section

CreativeTake has taken care to provide in-depth and accurate information about Dr. Steven Allsing’s qualifications, skills and expertise, and experience. In a separate “Team” section, the site lists procedures of particular interest to Dr. Allsing, which include joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, and sports medicine of the hips, knees and shoulders.

The successful and splendid Dr. Allsing has experience of over decades in the field and is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.


Procedure Sections

Under the Procedures section, CT Medical has included multiple sub-sections describing some of the major procedures offered at Allsing Orthopedics. Each procedure is discussed in detail on a separate web page. These include:  

  • Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Hip Replacement
  • Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Partial Knee Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • ACL Reconstructive Surgery
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Surgery for Fractures or Broken Bones
  • Viscosupplementation Treatment for Knee Arthritis

To make it easier for site visitors to contact Dr. Allsing’s office for consultation, CT Medical has provided “Schedule Your Consultation” link on all procedure pages.


Other Sections

The site includes a dedicated Video Gallery section, which provides useful videos explaining new patients about how a particular orthopedic procedure is performed. A Testimonials section includes insights and experiences of past patients.

Other important sections covered in by CreativeTake include Insurances, FAQ, and Contact Us. Information throughout the website is provided in a patient-friendly language without compromising the accuracy or relevance of the facts. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website is one of the leading and most experienced firms in the arena of plastic surgery online marketing. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons across the United States trust CT Medical to develop and manage their digital marketing campaigns and achieve good search rankings on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

CreativeTake has now launched a new website for Dr. Robert Pollack, who leads Pollack Plastic Surgery. The remarkable and sagacious Dr. Pollack is a board certified plastic surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). He is one of the most respected and renowned plastic surgeons in the area, and leads a team of skilled professionals who treat a variety of cosmetic and health concerns.


About Us Section

One of the most informative sections in is the About Us section, which provides an overview of the practice as well as introduces the reader to Dr. Pollack and his team. The section also takes potential patients through a virtual office tour so that they can have some idea about the office even before they are ready to visit for an initial appointment.

The section includes information about the currently running special offers or events, and also provides patient reviews as well as online resources for existing and new patients. It has a separate sub-section for blogs, which is regularly updated with the latest and relevant information pertaining to various plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.


Plastic Surgery FAQ

For the first-time patients, it is important to have a basic understanding of plastic surgery and learn about the various aspects before they are in a position to make a decision about it. With this goal in mind, CT Medical has included a dedicated section on Plastic Surgery FAQ, which covers the What, When, Why, Where and How of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

CreativeTake Medical experts have developed website not only with an aim to familiarize patients with this practice, but also to provide a comprehensive online information resource for potential patients. Authentic information about various cosmetic procedures of the breast, body and face can be accessed at the website.


Procedure Sections includes in-depth information about procedures broadly classified under breast enhancement surgery, body contouring surgery, and facial surgery. Breast surgeries such as gynecomastia, breast implants, breast reduction, breast lift, and breast revision are discussed under dedicated sub-sections for each procedure.

The body contouring section includes details about procedures such as liposuctions, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, arm lift, and thigh lift under separate sub-sections. Finally, the facial surgery section is sub-divided into sections on rhinoplasty or nose surgery, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, facelift, ear reshaping surgery, neck lift, brow lift, and chin implant surgery.


Other Sections

Looking into the growing popularity of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, CT Medical has provided a dedicated section called Medical Spa for information and FAQ on non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures. A separate Before and After section includes photos of previous patients, and a Contact Us describes how a new patient can get in touch with Dr. Pollack’s office. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website | offers a bouquet of specialized online marketing services, including website design, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO) exclusively for medical professionals in the US.

CreativeTake teams will closely work with the doctors and their staff to understand the unique characteristics of their practice and the kind of services and procedures they offer.

They will use this information to create a uniquely customized website for the client. All other digital marketing activities and efforts will be built around the site, with a key goal to achieve high search rankings for the website on Google and Bing. A large number of independent medical practitioners partner every year with CreativeTake Medical to achieve greater online visibility for their practice and build a robust online reputation.


Launch of

CreativeTake Medical has now launched a new website for Commonwealth Ob-Gyn, a practice located in Brookline Village, close to downtown Boston. As the practice is highly specialized in the Ob-Gyn field, CT Medical made sure that the site design is created only with women as a target audience. The site homepage presents graceful pictures, which immediately captivate the attention of the site visitors.  

The site design and creative teams at CT Medical believe in the adage that a picture can say more than a thousand words. They have made effective use of pictures in to communicate the message to the potential patients about what they can expect at the practice. The images on the site are also optimized for search engines with keyword rich text in order to achieve higher targeted views on the website.

As a visitor lands on the homepage, they are likely to be immediately impressed by the unique photographs and a pleasant site design. A small pop-up will show up, encouraging the visitors to call for an appointment with one of the doctors at the practice. The pop-up is not distracting and subtly achieves its goal of reminding a viewer to take the next step of scheduling a consultation.


About Us Section

The site describes Commonwealth Ob-Gyn as a private practice providing personalized obstetrical and gynecological care. It highlights the fact that the practice has all-female providers who are exclusively focused on delivering individualized wellness and reproductive health services for women in a warm and welcoming environment. The site also notes the affiliation of the practice with Brigham and Women’s Hospital serving women’s healthcare needs since 2000.

Key sub-sections in the About Us page include:

  • Meet Our Providers
  • Our Affiliation with Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  • Insurance Information
  • Office Policies


Services Sections

CreativeTake has categorized the services into separate sections, and each service is further divided into sub-sections. The main sections include:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Annual Exam, Cervical & Breast Cancer Screening
  • Contraception and Family Planning


Other Sections

There is a dedicated “Philosophy” section on the website to familiarize potential patients with the thought process, vision, and mission of Commonwealth Ob-Gyn. CreativeTake Medical has also included a separate section for Hospital Affiliations to inform visitors about the kind of hospital access they can expect. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm SpringsFitness training has emerged as a rapidly growing field within the healthcare industry. Who does not want to be in shape? is now partnering with leading fitness and personal training providers to help promote their business and increase awareness about innovative fitness programs that are designed to transform an individual’s health, fitness and personality for the better.

CreativeTake has now launched a new website which showcases the professional fitness training services offered by Eddie Foulger, an experienced Personal Trainer and the owner of Foulger’s Soldiers.

The website has created not only to serve as an informational and promotional tool for Foulger’s Soldiers, but also to inspire people in the local areas to recognize the importance of good health and fitness and turn their focus in this direction.


Use of Impactful Images

The homepage of carries a welcome message along with a selection of some very impactful and impressive images to catch the visitor’s attention. CreativeTake Medical knows from experience that a majority of first-time visitors to a website who are searching for relevant information will turn away from the site within the first few seconds, if the homepage does not attract them enough to arouse their curiosity or capture their attention.

In certain professions, images can do this job far more effectively than plain text. Fitness training is one such profession. Therefore, CT Medical has chosen to include compelling photographs that will ignite the imagination of the site visitors and get them interested in exploring the site further and learning more about the impressive and interesting Foulger’s Soldiers.

This is a particularly challenging task in a competitive online environment where the reader’s attention span is limited and they are spoiled for choice. accomplishes this task with elan.


About Eddie Foulger

In the fitness training business, the most important individual is obviously the fitness trainer. CT Medical recognizes that most potential clients are interested in knowing about the professional credentials of the trainer, their experience in the field, and their expertise in specific domains within the realm of fitness training. The site designers at CT Medical decided to prominently position the information about the dedicated and successful Eddie Foulger on

The website informs the readers that Eddie has 19 years of experience as a personal trainer and has been involved with fitness for 28 years. He specializes in a wide variety of fitness related domains including biomechanics, diet, the realistic application of Kinesiology, as well as competition training and preparation.


Major Services

CreativeTake Medical has highlighted the key services offered by Foulger’s Soldiers, which include:

  • Personal Training
  • Meal Planning and Nutrition
  • Coaching

Each of these areas is described in separate web pages with accurate and relevant details for the content. The content is designed to answer almost all the common questions or concerns that a potential client is likely to have.


Other Sections includes a “Soldier Gallery” section that presents the images of people who have already benefited from Foulger’s Soldiers. A Contact Us form and a location map make it easy for a site visitor to reach out to the practice. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website NazemiDC.comMany patients who may be suffering from a variety of ailments are unable to achieve sustainable relief through conventional medicine. Chiropractic offers promising solutions to improve the health and wellness of suitable candidates and help them enjoy a good quality of life without any physical limitations of pain.

CreativeTake Medical, a premier digital marketing, website design and SEO firm for doctors in the US, also supports alternative treatment providers such as chiropractors to promote their practices online and raise awareness about their profession. CreativeTake has now launched, a website representing the practice of Dr. Stephanie Alyece Nazemi, D.C. and Dr. Navid Nazemi, D.C.


Patient Education

The website design and content development teams at recognized that there is need to create awareness and educate people about chiropractic services.

Therefore, they have built with the dual purpose of promoting the practice of Drs. Nazemi, D.C. as well as providing a comprehensive and reliable online information resource about chiropractic. includes a special section called “What is Chiropractic?” It describes relevant and useful information about this field of alternative medicine, and how it can correct specific health problems and deliver safe and effective care to people of all ages and backgrounds with an emphasis in sports rehabilitation. The website includes high quality images to provide an excellent visual representation of chiropractic profession.


About Us Section

For a new site visitor and a potential patient, one of the first things they want to know is the background as well as skill and experience of the treatment provider. CreativeTake site designers have prominently included detailed information about the shining and sagacious Dr. Stephanie Alyece Nazemi, D.C. and Dr. Navid Nazemi, D.C., which is accessible from the site home page. describes Drs. Nazemi, D.C. as doctors who provide cutting edge therapies and techniques in chiropractic, and deliver highest quality service in an ethical and cost effective manner. Drs. Nazemi combine different techniques and rehabilitative exercises to help patients achieve an optimal state of health.


Focus on Credibility and Reputation

New patients are typically concerned about knowing how credible or dependable a practitioner may be before they decide to seek treatment from them. To address such concerns, CreativeTake website and content developers have included a dedicated section on called “In the News.” This includes media information on the practice of Drs. Nazemi as well as chiropractic services in general.

The website also includes a separate section on Patient Testimonials. This is a transparent way to inform new patients about what the existing and past patients have to say about the practice and provide them a perspective about chiropractic from the standpoint of another patient.


Separate Sections for Services provides detailed information about specialized chiropractic services offered at the practice. Each of the services is discussed under a separate section and a separate web page. Some of the key services include:

  • Activator Methods
  • Diversified Chiropractic Technique
  • Flexion/ Distraction Technique
  • Graston Technique
  • Kinesio/ROCK-Taping Certified
  • Thompson Drop Technique
  • Pelvic Blocking Technique

The Contact Us page of the website makes it easy for a site visitor to get in touch with Dr. Nazemi’s office and schedule a chiropractic consultation. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches Website | Long Island Dentistry is a competitive field, making it imperative for an independent dental practitioner to use digital marketing to create awareness about their dental practice in the local areas. CreativeTake Medical is partnering with dentists across the country to help them build and implement a successful dental online marketing strategy in order to compete strongly in the local marketplace. has now launched a new website for Shine Dental Group, a state of the art dental practice with a top team of dental professionals.

The practice offers a wide range of dental services and procedures, which are attractively presented on the website. The website is backed by innovative SEO and content strategies put in place by CreativeTake to ensure high search engine visibility for all the major web pages in local search results.  


Professional and Impactful Site Design

The team of experienced website designers at CT Medical has created a highly professional and impactful site design for The images on the home page immediately captivate the visitor’s interest, which is then enhanced with clearly defined menu items about various key sections of the website.

The home page includes a welcome message as well as snippets of patient testimonials, which are of prime interest to potential patients considering dental treatments at the practice. The main menu includes some of the key sections of the website, which are immediately accessible from the top of the home page.

Some of the key sections are repeated in other areas of the home page for more emphasis. The sections have been displayed in eye catching designs to attract the reader’s attention as well as make it convenient for a potential patient to identify the specific information they may be looking for.

The key menu items on the home page include:  

  • About
  • Dental Services
  • Dental Implants
  • Dentures
  • Specials
  • Patient Services
  • Contact
  • Leave a Review

A blog and a section for patient testimonials are also provided on the website. A detailed sitemap is aimed at ensuring that search engine crawlers will index every page of the site, while at the same time making it easy for actual site visitors to navigate through various parts of the website.


Information about the Dental Team

CreativeTake Medical has ensured that all the relevant information about the marvelous and committed Shine Dental Group is provided on the website in a clear and transparent manner. It includes details about the professional credentials of each member of the dental team at the practice under separate web pages. The team includes:

  • Dr. Eric Weinstein, D.D.S
  • Dr. Vikas Mittle, D.D.S
  • Dr. Gregory Ray, D.D.S.
  • Dr. Kinjel Gatha, D.D.S.
  • Dr. Kevin Nguyen, D.D.S.
  • Dr. Victoria Rubinoff
  • Daniella Sansotta, RDH
  • Ralph Rega, CDT


Other Highlights

The successful and stellar provides comprehensive information about various dental services, ranging from general to cosmetic to pediatric to laser dentistry. The site includes dental images, animations and videos for multimedia presentation. An effective ‘Call to Action’ is included on all key pages to help patients schedule an appointment online. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website | BuffaloDermatology practices in the US today face still competition, and even the best of practices must make an effort to promote their services online in order to create awareness and reach out to a larger number of local audiences. However, the challenge lies in achieve top search rankings for major keywords on search engines such as Google and Bing. is an established leader in the field of online marketing for medical professionals in the US. CreativeTake has worked with numerous dermatology and other practices to enhance their digital footprint and build a strong online reputation.

CreativeTake has now launched a new website for DeLuke Dermatology, a state of the art practice addressing the needs of patients in Buffalo and WNY areas.


Home and About Us Pages

The home page and About Us page, according to the experts at CT Medical, are two of the most important pages in a medical website. The home page is typically the most visited page, while a majority of visitors are curious to learn about the practitioners, and visit the “About Us” page to seek information.

Therefore, site design and content teams at CreativeTake invest maximum efforts in these two pages. The home page of is designed to attract the attention of a potential patient and encourage them to explore the relevant areas of their interest on the website.

The home page includes maximum information about the practice and links for easy navigation to other areas of the site. It introduces new, cutting edge procedures such as “Halo” laser with an impactful video – and highlights the fact that DeLuke Dermatology is the first and only practice to introduce the procedure in Buffalo.

“Meet Dr. DeLuke” is a sub-section of the About Us page, which provides detailed information, background and professional credentials of Dr. Elise DeLuke. Dr. DeLuke is a board certified dermatologist providing advanced cosmetic, medical, laser and pediatric dermatology procedures. Dr. DeLuke’s practice is equipped with the latest technologies and offers innovative solutions to a wide range of skin care issues.


Services Section

DeLuke Dermatology provides comprehensive services covering various major aspects of dermatology for women, men and children. CreativeTake Medical decided to segregate the services offered into four major sub-heads:

  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Laser Dermatology
  • Medical Dermatology
  • Pediatric Dermatology

Each of these sections is further divided into sub-sections providing information about a variety of latest procedures in each category. A site visitor can quickly identify the relevant section and acquire useful and current information about a particular procedure. This enables them to have a clearer understanding and choose whether they want to have a personal consultation with the focused and astute Dr. DeLuke at her office.


Other Sections

CreativeTake has provided a dedicated “Patient Portal” section on the website. This privileged section is privately accessible only by existing patients who have a login and password to explore and utilize the section.

A “Patient Testimonials” section on the site provides insights into what past patients are saying about Dr. DeLuke’s practice. Our Location and Contact Us sections help new visitors to connect with DeLuke Dermatology. Services CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website MiraVistaDerm.comhas extensive experience in the design, development and marketing of websites for dermatology practices across the country. The teams of site developers and content creators at CT Medical are driven by a passion to make each website stand out in its own unique way and rise head and shoulders above the crowd in a cluttered online environment.

CT Medical has now launched its latest website, which represents Mira Vista Surgical Dermatology, a leading dermatology practice in Texas. The website aims to serve not just as an online promotional tool for Mira Vista, but also to provide a comprehensive online information resource for patients seeking dermatology procedures.


Elegant Site Design  

The high point of is its serene and elegant website design. The home page image gives the effect of a virtual office of Mira Vista’s practice and makes a potential patient feel that they are taking a virtual tour of the office. A brief welcome message for the site visitors is followed by simple yet impactful displays for the key procedures offered at Mira Vista.

The home page includes a clear horizontal menu at the top, which enables the visitor to select the section of their choice and go through the specific information they are looking for. A Contact Us form is provided at the bottom of the home page. The home page design has no clutter and no unwanted distractions that may confuse the visitor or dilute their focus.


About Us Section

CreativeTake Medical has provided detailed information about board certified dermatologists Dr. Steven Richardson and Dr. Faith Stewart so that a new visitor can familiarize themselves with the professional background and credentials of both the lead dermatologists.

Another sub-section called “Our Facility” has been included to provide information about the office facility. An exclusive display of information about the committed and percipient Dr. Richardson and Dr. Stewart is also provided on the home page.


Patient Testimonials

CT Medical knows from experience that the Patient Testimonials section on a dermatology website is typically one of the most visited sections of the site. New patients are interested in learning about the experiences of existing and past patients. CT Medical’s site designers have presented Patient Testimonials in an impactful display form right on the home page itself to ensure maximum visibility for this section.



A separate section on Mohs Surgery is provided on the site because it is one of the main procedures the practice offers. A detailed sub-section called FAQ answers all the common questions that patients typically have about Mohs Surgery. Another section called “Other Services” includes various sub-sections such as Hair, Cosmetics, Excisions, and Skin Exams. Each of these sub-sections contains relevant and useful information for potential patients who may be considering dermatology treatment.


‘For Patients’ Section

CT Medical has included a unique section on called “For Patients.” The section provides valuable information about the Office Policies at Mira Vista. It gives details of the types of Insurance which are accepted at the practice. It lists the relevant documents and information that a patient should carry for their appointment to save time. The section also provides online patient forms for convenience. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Los AngelesWhile the field of plastic surgery has expanded rapidly over the last few years, it has also become highly competitive. An increasing number of plastic surgery practices are now turning to online marketing in order to reach out to potential patients before their competitors do.

Traditional marketing strategies are no longer viable when compared to the more efficient and affordable digital marketing. is one of the pioneers in the field of online medical marketing, which is helping transform the practices of many plastic surgeons across the country.

CreativeTake employs innovative site design, content development and SEO strategies to achieve high search rankings for the websites. CreativeTake Medical has now launched its latest website, a pre-eminent plastic surgery practice with offices in LA and Richmond.


About Us Section

One of the proven and established site design strategies that CT Medical follows for its clients is to lay special emphasis on the “About Us” section of the website. CT Medical’s creative digital professionals know from experience that one of the first concerns of potential patients who visit the site for the first time is to learn something about the plastic surgeon who will perform the procedure. exemplifies this strategy by prominently including detailed information about Dr. Michael Godin, who runs the practice. The site highlights the fact that Dr. Godin is a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, which places him in a distinct category of highly trained and specialized facial plastic surgeons. includes dedicated sub-sections “Meet Dr. Godin” and “Curriculum Vitae and Publications” to present the professional credentials and background of Dr. Godin for the information of new, potential patients. The “About Us” section also includes various other sub-sections such as the The Art of Facial Surgery, Testimonials, Mission, Aestheticians, and Office Staff.

CreativeTake design and content teams have ensured that a new visitor finds comprehensive information in this section about Dr. Godin’s practice, including what other patients are saying about their experience with the practice. A new patient will gain substantial familiarity with the practice even before they are ready to seek an initial consultation appointment with the hard working and judicious Dr. Godin using an online Contact Form conveniently provided at the site.


Sections for Procedures

CreativeTake design teams recognized that the key focus of Dr. Godin’s website should be on facial cosmetic surgery procedures because that is his core area of specialization. Therefore, they have included dedicated sections for facial procedures, eye surgery or blepharoplasty, and nose surgery or rhinoplasty. Specific procedures that are covered under the facial surgery section, with exclusive web pages for each procedure include:

  • Facelift
  • The Micro-Mini Lift
  • Chin Implants
  • Otoplasty
  • Forehead / Eyebrow Lift
  • Tuck-up Procedures
  • Liposuction

Non-Surgical facial procedures are also included under separate sub-sections, which include:

  • Botox and Dysport
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Skin Care Services
  • Skin Care Brands
  • Fraxel Re:Pair Laser
  • Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • LightSheer Duet Laser – Laser Hair Removal

Sections for blog, events, new patient forms, and location are also a part of Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website | Los AngelesPlastic surgery has the potential to dramatically transform an individual’s appearance and give them the confidence to excel in their personal and professional lives.

However, the field of plastic surgery is extremely competitive today, and it is not easy to succeed unless the practice reaches out to the people when they are in need and looking for a suitable cosmetic procedure.

This is where is helping plastic surgeons in the US be present ‘in the moment’ of a local patient’s decision-making with proven online marketing and SEO strategies. CreativeTake Medical has now launched a new website called to promote the practice of double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ahn Lee.


Comprehensive Home Page

The website designers and developers at CreativeTake know from experience that the home page can largely determine the success of a website. Most first-time site visitors will land on the home page, and they will only take a few seconds to decide whether they have found the right site they have been looking for, or whether they should exit and continue their online search.

Therefore, CreativeTake has invested maximum creativity in the home page of The page is marked by captivating visuals, which attract the attention of a site visitor. The home page not only provides menu buttons to link to various important sections of the website, but also showcases some of the key sections in exclusive display designs.

A variety of useful information is provided on the home page itself to completely engage the visitor’s attention. Seamless navigation and smart web design encourage the visitor to explore various major areas of the website via the home page.


Differentiating Tagline quickly differentiates itself from most other practices with a prominent tagline on the home page: “A Surgeon’s Skill, A Woman’s Touch.” CreativeTake recognizes the fact that a majority of patients seeking plastic surgery procedures are women.

Most of them are likely to find this fact appealing that they will receive treatment from a female plastic surgeon who is in a better position to understand their needs from a woman’s perspective. In an otherwise male-dominated plastic surgery industry, this factor serves as a unique proposition and makes full use of this differentiating factor.


Major Site Sections

CreativeTake Medical has included a prominent “About” section, which not only describes the professional credentials of the hard working and judicious Dr. Ahn Lee, but also includes information about the staff members to improve a new patient’s familiarity with the practice. Dr. Lee’s RealSelf profile is also effectively presented on the website.

Separate sections for Photo Gallery and Videos are designed to enable visitors to learn about what to expect from various plastic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures they can receive at Dr. Lee’s practice. A dedicated “Patient Info” section is provided on the site, and a “Financing” section provides details about five different financing agencies for elective procedures.

Separate sections for cosmetic, reconstructive and non-surgical procedures include multiple sub-sections describing each procedure in detail. Contact Us details and Location Map are provided to help new patients connect with Dr. Lee’s practice. Services