17039311_166791050494765_3279199007245470058_oCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website EmpireVein.com for board certified vascular surgeon Dr. Nina Grewal, who specializes in varicose vein and spider vein treatments.

The website has been created with the twin goals of serving as a comprehensive online resource of information on vein and vascular treatments as well as promoting the services offered by Inland Empire Vein Institute.

EmpireVein.com has been designed as a patient friendly website, and includes content written and presented in a simple language, but without compromising the quality and accuracy of the medical information. CreativeTake Medical’s teams of site designers and content developers have provided a unique look to the website to showcase Dr. Grewal’s practice in a professional way.

‘About Us’ Section on the Website

EmpireVein.com includes a detailed “About Us” section that covers relevant and current information about Dr. Nina Grewal and her Vascular Lab. New patients are typically concerned to know about the doctor’s professional credentials, qualifications, experience, and accomplishments.

CreativeTake knows from experience that new visitors spend more time on this section and often make their decision of seeking an appointment with the practice based on how they feel about the doctor’s background and the facilities and services the practice offers.

Therefore, CT Medical’s site development teams invest maximum effort and attention in this section. Dr. Grewal’s credentials have been presented in a clear, transparent and detailed manner to help new patients gain familiarity with the vein surgeon and feel encouraged to choose the surgeon for their vein consultation.

Patient Center

To build a more interactive and patient centric website, CreativeTake Medical has included a comprehensive section called Patient Center in EmpireVein.com. It provides downloadable Patient Forms, and other documents and resources that patients can review before their scheduled appointment with Dr. Grewal. The section includes the following items of information:

  • Patient Forms
  • Am I A Candidate?
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Your First Visit – What to Expect
  • Insurance We Accept
  • Free Screening Events
  • Vein FAQs
  • Internet Privacy Policy

Section on Services

Another major section in EmpireVein.com is the Services section, which provides in-depth information to patients about various treatments for varicose veins and spider veins that are offered by Dr. Grewal. Each treatment option is described in detail through individual web pages. New patients can easily identify the specific procedures they are looking for, and gain useful information about it.

Some of the cutting edge vein treatments offered by Dr. Grewal include VenaSeal Closure System, ClosureFast Radiofrequency Ablation, Compression Therapy, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, and Sclerotherapy. Patients can learn about each of these procedures so that they can have a basic idea for a more productive consultation when they actually meet Dr. Grewal.

Other Sections

EmpireVein.com includes a Photo Gallery section, which provides free online access to patients about vein treatment before and after photographs of past patients. The Contact Us section includes relevant details for local as well as out of town patients. A detailed sitemap is included in the website for easy navigation for both visitors and search engines.

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Snapchat for Plastic Surgery Marketing | Online Marketing | ChicagoSnapchat has emerged as one of the popular social media platforms across various age groups. Ads on Snapchat garner up to a million views a days, and their video views now often exceed those of Facebook’s. With a majority of users accessing social media via mobile phones, Snapchat has another advantage because three out of five smartphone owners now use Snapchat.

For a plastic surgeon looking to promote their practice over social media, Snapchat’s reach and accessibility offers an attractive option. Although many plastic surgery professionals continue to assume that only selective people would be interested in their practice, and social media is not the best fit for them, but some Snapchat users are proving them wrong.

One of the leading examples is of Dr. Miami, who is from the cosmetic surgery industry, and who has scored a huge advantage over his peers with the help of Snapchat. His Snapchat receives an astonishing 100,000 views per hour on average. CreativeTake Medical can help and guide plastic surgeons who want to seize the opportunity and reach out to their target audience via social media channels such as Snapchat and others.


Benefits and Limitations

For cosmetic surgeons who are completely new to Snapchat, here is a small list of pros and cons to consider:


  • It can help your practice brand achieve a more human-like feel on a digital platform.
  • It can present and promote the plastic surgeon’s credentials and expertise through testimonials of past patients.
  • It can provide information and spread awareness about the surgeon’s practice as well as new procedures for prospective patients.
  • It enables the surgeon to be more communicative and transparent with their target audience.
  • It can help to encourage and reassure people who are reluctant to consider cosmetic surgery.



  • The unique feature of Snapchat compared to other social media channels is that it can only be viewed through an app. So, the surgeon can only reach out to committed users who have downloaded the app.
  • Snapchat has another unique characteristic that the content on the app will not be left there permanently. Therefore, it can be an exhausting exercise to regularly update fresh content.

Plastic surgeons should also be aware that nearly 70 percent of Snapchat users are in the age group of 18 to 35. However, the remaining 30 percent are likely to be in the older age groups.


Tips for Success on Snapchat

  • Provide access to a live surgery to showcase the surgeon’s work. Obtain advance consent of the interested viewers, have music playing in the background during surgery, and have the surgeon talk about the procedure.
  • Promote treatments and procedures through contests and special promotions. Provide exclusive offers such as: “Use this exclusive Snapchat code to receive 20% off on Botox.”
  • Designate specific days for a Q&A session, where you encourage viewers to send in their questions via Snapchat.

The innovative marketing experts at CreativeTake Medical are helping many plastic surgeons and other medical professionals transform their practices through cutting edge digital marketing techniques.

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Sales Principles to Build Stronger Patient Relationships | ChicagoThe ideal sales practices in the medical profession are soft skills that involve paying attention and listening carefully to the patients, asking them the right questions at the right time, empathizing with their condition, and providing them personalized care and solutions to their problems.

This positive approach will allow a doctor to strengthen their relationship with the patient, increase patient satisfaction, improve their cooperation and compliance, and add long-term value to their practice. CreativeTake Medical has extensive experience in the area of medical marketing, and can help you build robust relationships and loyalty with your patients.


Create Trust

With new patients, the first goal of the doctor should be to create a strong trust. The doctor should be a perceptive listener, pay attention to small details, and engage reassuringly with the patient to win their trust and confidence. They should effectively communicate their medical philosophy, involve the patient in every decision about their treatment, share the risks and downsides, and educate them transparently about the practice, the procedure, the related costs, and other aspects.


Focus on the Patient’s Needs

The doctor should make an effort to understand the patient’s innate healthcare and aesthetic needs and desires. They should show genuine interest and curiosity in the patient’s condition, and focus on the concerns that matter the most to the patient. Rather than promote their own treatments and procedures, they should objectively focus on what would be the most appropriate options to address the patient’s needs.


Be Caring

Create an office environment where every patient feels special, receives personalized attention and care, and believes that they are in safe and caring hands. The staff should be trained to be warm and welcoming, and there should be a culture of hospitality at your practice. The overall patient experience should be completely satisfying, and it will yield positive dividends for your practice in the long run.


Communicate and Engage

Be proactive in your communication with patients and focus on their needs and concerns rather than spending too much time in casual conversation. While communication on casual topics can take the relationship with your patients from clinical to personally meaningful, it should not be done at the cost of losing precious clinical time. Focused communication will let you have vital patient information to create customized treatment planning, and the patients will ultimately appreciate your committed professional engagement.


Create Two-Way Conversations

Do not dominate the conversation where the patient feels uncomfortable or feels that their concerns have not been understood. When the patient describes their concerns, dig deeper and find out how it impacts their everyday life, or how they have handled their problem so far and with what results.


Follow Up

Following up with the patient after the treatment has been completed is a crucial part of the overall service you provide. Doctors should be concerned about how the patient is doing after the treatment, whether they are progressing toward their goals, or whether they have any concerns or issues. A patient will greatly appreciate a practice that cares even after the treatment has been completed.

Does that car sales pro care about you after you already bought a car from them?

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Groupons: Do they really attract new patients? | Medical Marketing ChicagoCompanies such as Groupon and Living Social offer attractive daily deals on various products and services. These sites can serve as a strategic tool for the growth of your medical practice and generate a new patient base. To gain a new patient, you may have to offer a lower base price for your services.

However, if you provide outstanding quality and care, you can achieve patient loyalty for a lifetime, and create robust value for your practice in the long run. CreativeTake Medical can be your digital marketing partner to help promote your practice in a variety of innovative and effective ways.


Current Trends

Many practitioners worry whether Groupons will be an appropriate form of marketing for a healthcare provider, and whether there are legal and ethical implications of providing discount offers for healthcare. Doctors also want to know whether their peers in the industry are using Groupons already.

According to an NBC News report, about nine percent of all offers made on daily deal websites are for medical or dental treatments. These numbers are only growing further because of the success and popularity of Groupon and similar sites. Although some of the patients visiting through healthcare deals from Groupon would be uninsured individuals, who may only look for low-cost deals, but there are benefits of using Groupon too.

If the patients who visit through Groupon receive the same quality and standard of care even when they pay a low price, they are likely to be more grateful. They can become excellent brand ambassadors for your medical practice, spread positive word of mouth, and give five star ratings to your practice at Yelp and other online consumer rating forums.

Over a period of time, you will be able to build a strong online reputation and credibility based on positive reviews and ratings from new patients who visit you via Groupon. Groupon service also works ideally for major, one-time procedures, where it is usually more challenging to gain new patients without referrals.


Legal and Ethical Aspects

In some of the states, the laws may prohibit a fee-splitting arrangement for medical practices, which is an essential part of Groupon deals. For instance, New York statutes define the use of a daily deal site for soliciting patients as unprofessional conduct. On the ethical front, some doctors may feel that the excessive use of daily deal sites for the medical profession is trivializing and commoditizing the medical procedures.

However, the other view is that patients can benefit from lower costs through Groupon, particularly services that are not covered by insurance, such as cosmetic and dental procedures. Botox, dermal filler injections and major cosmetic surgery procedures can be received at more affordable costs through daily deal sites such as Groupon.


Things to Consider

Before offering your services through Groupon, check with an attorney to ensure that it is a legal offer. Furthermore, check whether any Medicare penalties may apply, though this is gray area. CreativeTake Medical can be your professional marketing guide and partner in your efforts at long-term brand building for your medical or dental practice.

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Partnership Marketing for Your Medical Practice

partnership marketing medical practiceIn an era of professional alliances, partnerships, and networking, medical practitioners should considering entering into marketing pacts with synergistic partners for mutual benefit. For instance, a gym or a health club can have a banner promoting the cosmetic surgery or skin care services of a medical practitioner.

This is the kind of place where people who are conscious about maintaining their health and looks are likely to visit. Therefore, reaching out to them in a targeted and personalized manner is possible for a medical professional by entering into a marketing arrangement with the facility.

The practitioner can go one step further and hold a presentation on-site at the gym or conduct a health and wellness talk on topics of general interest such as nutrition, fitness, and aesthetic appearance.

This partnership benefits the healthcare provider because they get access to an engaged audience of potential patients, while their presentation or talk can add value to the gym or health club facility. That creates a win-win situation for both sides.

The advantages of partnership marketing can be significant, and can help a medical practice stand out from the crowd. It can bring exposure to new patient populations, and become a major brand-booster for the practice.

By showcasing their expertise, knowledge and commitment to public health within the community, the healthcare provider stands to gain in terms of reputation and recognition. The costs will be negligible in this endeavor and the results can be much more effective than paid advertising, which is expensive and ranks low on credibility.

Things to Consider

When pursuing partnership marketing for a medical practice, the following basic things should be considered:


What would you like your partnership to deliver in terms of value? For instance, you could offer a public service for the less privileged, or seek an opportunity to increase revenues. Choose a direction where your passion lies. Rewards for your practice would ensue in each case as long as you provide value to your audience.


Choose your partners wisely. For instance, a cosmetic surgeon may like to partner with a medical spa, salon or gym; a chiropractor may prefer to partner with an orthopedic surgeon; and a dentist may choose to partner with an oral appliance manufacturer.


You can enter into a partnership solo or consider doing a program that involves colleagues. Once you determine the scope and scale of the potential project, you can consider whether it will create a larger impact to involve more people, or it would be more beneficial to keep it an individual effort between you and your marketing partner.

Cultural Match

A matching of culture and ethos between two or more partners is vital to the long-term success of this effort. Your focus should be on choosing partners that uphold the same values of fairness, compassion, and ethics as you do. Public perception and reputation can be enhanced when two or more partners reflect an equal level of integrity and commitment in their endeavors for mutual benefit.

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Customer Service Secrets

the hand shakeWhen it comes to marketing, one does not really need to reinvent the wheel. Smart marketers often draw inspiration from tried and tested ideas that have worked successfully and produced dramatic results for others in the business. Medical professionals can employ these ideas and strategies to promote their practices and gain an edge over competition.

Luxury brands invest large amounts to understand consumer psyche and then create their customer service guiding principles, programs, and strategies to win their loyalty. Customer loyalty constitutes the foundation of their success in business. They offer innovative customer support and service, which customers appreciate and remember long after the purchase has been made.

The 10-Foot Rule

The Four Seasons chain of hotels has created certain rules for its employees. If you are an employee at the hotel, and you are 10 feet from a guest, you will make eye contact and give a warm smile. If you are five feet from the guest, you add a greeting and a friendly gesture.

This simple rule is a part of the Four Seasons’ ‘Golden Rule’ to make every guest feel like royalty. The Golden Rule is simply the idea that if you treat people well, the way you would like to be treated, they will do the same.

The Grandma Standard

Crown and Caliber, the online marketplace for luxury pre-owned watches follows what it calls the “Grandma Standard.” When working with a customer, their team has the mentality of: “What if this customer was my grandma or grandpa? How would I treat them?”

Empathy is the governing factor behind everything that their customer service team does while engaging with customers. Empathetic customer service reps make owners feel comfortable placing their beloved watches in the safe hands of the company.

Use Your Good Judgment

Nordstrom trains its employees to use their good judgment in a given situation. As the legend goes, a Nordstrom security guard once saw a woman crawling on the floor looking for a lost diamond from her engagement ring. He joined the search, crawling on the floor, and also asked other workers to join.

Eventually, they started opening the dust bags from the store’s vacuum cleaners, and while sifting through the dust, they found the diamond. With this level customer service, how could a competitor steal their customers?

The Best or Nothing

Mercedes Benz sets a goal of offering “the best or nothing” to its customers. The company seeks customer feedback to make strategic decisions about everything from creating new services to refining the way its dealers engage with customers. For instance, based on customer requests for quicker service, the company launched an expedited maintenance service called Premier Express.

24/7 Availability

Luxury jewelry and watchmaker Faberge delivers outstanding customer service by way of offer 24×7 availability. The company’s vice president Jon Omer says that he gives every client his business card with his personal mobile phone number. Customers can call and text him at all hours. The company outperforms its competitors in terms of accessibility and dependability with this 24×7 rule.

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ReachEdge SoftwareCreativeTake Medical’s partnership with ReachLocal provides our clients with cutting edge technology that helps you track your marketing return on investment (ROI). ReachEdge from ReachLocal gives you the ability to see how your marketing is really working and helps you turn more leads into business. ReachEdge:

  • Captures and tracks your incoming leads
  • Shows the ROI from your marketing tactics
  • Notifies you when new leads come in
  • Automates your follow up process

ReachEdge is lead management and marketing automation software that helps you make the most of every opportunity to grow your business. With a simple website plugin, you can track results from all your marketing, manage contacts and leads, automate lead follow-up and nurturing, and see a clear picture of what marketing is working best.

Read the infosheet to learn more about how ReachEdge can help your business succeed.

Download the ReachEdge pdf


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10 Strategies to Market and Promote Your Plastic Surgery Medical PracticeIn a highly competitive online market environment, a plastic surgery practice must follow a comprehensive digital marketing plan in order to have an edge among the local competitors. CreativeTake Medical offers cutting edge solutions in online medical marketing, website design and SEO to help plastic surgeons dominate their local search results and outperform competition.

Here are CT Medical’s 10 strategies to promote your plastic surgery medical practice:

1. Create a Robust Online Presence

To begin with, develop a unique, professional plastic surgery website and build an online presence around that site. Create a regularly updated blog with new, accurate and relevant information about plastic surgery procedures and techniques.

Establish a strong social media presence and proactively engage with the social communities. Start with an active Facebook page and a Twitter account, and continue to add more social sites depending on your needs and availability of time.

2. Engage with the Local Community

Be an active contributor and participant in the local community programs and events in the area where your plastic surgery practice is located. Whenever possible, participate at local health fairs, meetings and events, and spread awareness about the latest plastic surgery options. Address the doubts and concerns of the community members and share your expertise, both online and offline.

3. Do Charitable Work

Support local charity auctions, donate a physical or consultation or an aesthetic service, and set up or participate in charitable healthcare treatment and awareness camps.

4. Organize an Open House

Once in a while, consider organizing an open house at your plastic surgery office. Offer light refreshments and door prizes. Invite people from the local area, colleagues and referral coordinators from other medical offices and surgery centers.

5. Share your Expertise

Make yourself available as an authoritative expert in plastic surgery to local and regional news channels and digital and print publications to offer comments on pressing health issues. Give talks and conduct seminars in the areas of your specialty.

6. Seek Patient Reviews

Be committed to your patients, and create close relationships that are built on trust and open communication. Seek reviews and testimonials from your highly satisfied patients to share on your website and social media.  

7. Acknowledge New Patients

Send personalized or hand written thank you notes to every new patient who visits your practice, and to the doctor who may have referred them. Little expressions of gratitude will help to establish long-term relationships. Things like this go a long way. It symbolizes that you care about them as a person, not just as some source of revenue.

8. Maintain a Social Connection

Send out email birthday greetings or Christmas cards to all your existing patients every year. Maintaining a social connection will go a long way to build relationships and your patients will become your best brand ambassadors, spreading the good word about you. This is how you impress people. If you do things like this, your customers may even refer your practice to people they know.

9. Be Active in Industry Associations

Seek memberships of local and national plastic surgery associations and societies and be an active member, get involved with the local chamber of commerce, and attend professional events and conferences whenever an opportunity arises. The Knights of Columbus, American Legion, and so on come to mind.

10. Distribute Branded Promo Items

Order printed diaries and note pads, pens with your office information and website name, fridge magnet business cards, and such other little souvenirs to distribute to your regular patients and others on occasions.


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ketamineclinics-comCreativeTake Medical has now launched a new, comprehensive website for Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, called KetamineClinics.com. The website is designed to serve the dual purpose of educating people about ketamine IV therapies as well as familiarizing them with Ketamine Clinics, a practice that is exclusively focused on providing ketamine infusion treatments.

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is led by board certified anesthesiologist Dr. Steven L Mandel, who has extensive training and experience in the field of pain management and therapies based on ketamine anesthetic. Dr. Mandel gave a mandate to CT Medical to create a website that would serve as an authoritative online resource on ketamine therapy, while also informing potential patients about Dr. Mandel’s practice.

Focus on Ketamine Treatments

KetamineClinics.com provides in-depth and relevant information about ketamine infusion treatments in a patient-friendly language. Two separate sections have been dedicated to informing and educating patients about ketamine treatments for chronic pain and depression, how the treatment works, what are the specific facts related to it, what the healthcare professionals have to say about it, latest news and research related to ketamine, and frequently asked questions.

All these details are methodically categorized into separate sub-sections, and each sub-section has its own web page. The site is designed in a seamless manner with an intuitive navigation. Visitors to the site can quickly identify the specific information they may be looking for, or navigate logically through various sections of the website.

Significance of Ketamine IV Therapy

CreativeTake Medical content developers have taken care to ensure that new patients learn all about the importance and recognition of ketamine as a medically accepted anesthetic, and how and why it is most effective when delivered as a series of intravenous treatments. The site informs the readers about various forms of ketamine therapy available today, and highlights the superior benefits of IV therapy over other options.

Patients are reassured about the recognition of ketamine with detailed information about its official listing as one of only two anesthetics recommended globally by the UN’s healthcare arm – World Health Organization (WHO). New patients who may be considering ketamine infusion treatments for chronic pain or depression can gain new insights and feel more aware and confident about this treatment.

About Dr. Mandel

CreativeTake’s website development experts know from experience that one of the most important sections on a medical professional’s website is the one that presents a profile or bio of the doctor who runs the practice. New patients want to learn about the qualifications and background of the doctor, and gain some familiarity before they make a decision to visit the practice for a personal consultation.

KetamineClinics.com provides detailed information about Dr. Mandel, taking the reader quickly through a journey starting from Dr. Mandel’s natural inclination from childhood towards healing to his advanced academic education and training in both psychology and anesthesia. On top of this, his acuity and his experience are covered and championed and you will be able to discern his commitment towards his patients as well.

KetamineClinics.com additionally includes a section about a unique scholarship program that the practice sponsors for promising medical students to support their education costs.

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Google updates Penguin Algorithm, Now in Real Time | Website SEOGoogle regularly updates its search algorithms to ensure that the web pages that best answer a search user’s query are shown in the top results. Therefore, SEO experts must be constantly in touch with the changes, updates or adjustments to the search algorithms that Google may be planning or implementing.

CreativeTake Medical continually incorporates the Google algorithmic changes to refine its website design and medical marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition. As a result, doctor websites built and managed by CreativeTake largely dominate in the online search results and end up appearing on Google Page One and that is where they remain for as long as CreativeTake is on the job.

Latest Announcement – Penguin 4.0

Google’s Penguin algorithm has finally gone through another major update after a gap of nearly two years. This is the fourth major Penguin algorithmic release from Google, making it Penguin 4.0. SEO experts should know that this is also the last release from Google of this type. According to Google, Penguin is now a real-time signal processed within its core search algorithm.

Penalization by Penguin

Penguin is a search filter designed to identify sites that attempt to manipulate Google’s search results in ways that the search engine may not be able to detect through its regular anti-spam systems. In other words, any site that creates spammy content with an aim to outperform high quality content sites in search results would be caught by the Penguin filter.

The website that gets caught by Penguin would be penalized. Even if the site owner corrects or improves the site, they would remain penalized until the next time the filter ran, which could take several months or even years. For instance, Penguin 3.0 was launched in October 2014. Therefore, any sites hit at that time have had to wait for almost two years for the chance to be free.

Real-time Filter

Now the prolonged delays in getting rid of the Penguin penalty are a thing of the past. With the launch of Penguin 4.0, the search filter has become real time. As Google’s search bots re-crawl and re-index pages – which they do continually – those penalized web pages will be re-evaluated by the Penguin filter. Therefore, web pages will be caught as well as freed by Penguin as part of the regular process.

More Granular Filter

In addition to refreshing data in real time, Penguin filter has also now become more page specific, and not only sitewide. The algorithm is now more “granular” according to Google. This means that Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting ranking of the whole site. Penguin now affects finer granularity than sites. It does not mean it only affects pages, but also sections and elements of a page or the site.

Choosing the Right Medical Marketing Partner

With Penguin going real-time, it is now more critical for a medical professional to choose the right website design, content management, and SEO partnered who understands the nuances of this algorithmic change. The site content should be authentic and created for the readers and not for the search engines in order to achieve top search rankings for a doctor’s website.

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