CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website DrGilbertUrology.comRobotic surgery is the future of urology procedures, and some surgeons are already bringing that future to their patients with outstanding outcomes. However, patient awareness about robotic surgery for urology treatments is still low, and the Internet is the most powerful and effective way to reach out to patients and familiarize them with the benefits of this advanced technology. recognized this need to generate awareness for robotic surgery as its website design and development teams created a plan for, a newly launched website for Dr. Daniel Gilbert, a robotic urologic surgeon, operating from offices in Glendale and Phoenix, AZ.


Professional Site Design

The design experts at CreativeTake Medical chose to build a simple, sharp and professional looking site design for The minimalist approach of the website allows a site visitor to directly focus on their areas of concern, and receive most relevant and useful information they are looking for.

The website is designed to serve not just as a representative of Dr. Gilbert’s practice, but also as an authentic online information resource on robotic surgery for urology related problems. The design is created in such a way that most of the important sections of information are prominently featured on the home page itself.

Less use of text, high quality images and plenty of breathing space on the home page create a powerful impact and make stand out from the crowd. The site aspires to reflect the same professionalism and focus that is the hallmark of the practice of the outstanding and sagacious Dr. Gilbert.


Emphasis on Robotic Surgery

CreativeTake has taken care to emphasize on unique proposition of the astute Dr. Gilbert’s practice, which is robotic urologic surgery. Right at the top of the home page, the site announces that Dr. Gilbert’s urology practice offers “minimally invasive” procedures. The key areas of treatment include prostate, kidney, adrenal surgery, bladder and ureteral, and in each case, minimally invasive surgical or non-surgical approaches are applied.

Patients who want to learn more about these treatment areas can click on the provided link to review detailed, current and accurate information. A succinct welcome message introduces potential patients to Dr. Gilbert’s practice and focuses on comprehensive robotic urological care as the core competency of the practice. The welcome message is accompanied by actual images of how a robotic urologic surgery is performed.


Candidacy for Robotic Surgery

One of the most important concerns for a new patient considering robotic urologic surgery is whether this treatment technique is appropriate for them? CreativeTake has ensured that tackles this all-important question head-on by asking: “Is Robotic Surgery Right for me?” This question is addressed right on the home page itself.

The answer is presented in a professional but artistic format that is easy to read and captures the attention of the patient.

In short and concise messages, the website informs the patient about the benefits of robotic urologic surgery and how it provides an unmatched vision, precision, dexterity and control to the operating surgeon. also includes a dedicated section describing the professional credentials of Dr. Daniel Gilbert. Services


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Sales Principles to Build Stronger Patient Relationships | ChicagoThe ideal sales practices in the medical profession are soft skills that involve paying attention and listening carefully to the patients, asking them the right questions at the right time, empathizing with their condition, and providing them personalized care and solutions to their problems.

This positive approach will allow a doctor to strengthen their relationship with the patient, increase patient satisfaction, improve their cooperation and compliance, and add long-term value to their practice. CreativeTake Medical has extensive experience in the area of medical marketing, and can help you build robust relationships and loyalty with your patients.


Create Trust

With new patients, the first goal of the doctor should be to create a strong trust. The doctor should be a perceptive listener, pay attention to small details, and engage reassuringly with the patient to win their trust and confidence. They should effectively communicate their medical philosophy, involve the patient in every decision about their treatment, share the risks and downsides, and educate them transparently about the practice, the procedure, the related costs, and other aspects.


Focus on the Patient’s Needs

The doctor should make an effort to understand the patient’s innate healthcare and aesthetic needs and desires. They should show genuine interest and curiosity in the patient’s condition, and focus on the concerns that matter the most to the patient. Rather than promote their own treatments and procedures, they should objectively focus on what would be the most appropriate options to address the patient’s needs.


Be Caring

Create an office environment where every patient feels special, receives personalized attention and care, and believes that they are in safe and caring hands. The staff should be trained to be warm and welcoming, and there should be a culture of hospitality at your practice. The overall patient experience should be completely satisfying, and it will yield positive dividends for your practice in the long run.


Communicate and Engage

Be proactive in your communication with patients and focus on their needs and concerns rather than spending too much time in casual conversation. While communication on casual topics can take the relationship with your patients from clinical to personally meaningful, it should not be done at the cost of losing precious clinical time. Focused communication will let you have vital patient information to create customized treatment planning, and the patients will ultimately appreciate your committed professional engagement.


Create Two-Way Conversations

Do not dominate the conversation where the patient feels uncomfortable or feels that their concerns have not been understood. When the patient describes their concerns, dig deeper and find out how it impacts their everyday life, or how they have handled their problem so far and with what results.


Follow Up

Following up with the patient after the treatment has been completed is a crucial part of the overall service you provide. Doctors should be concerned about how the patient is doing after the treatment, whether they are progressing toward their goals, or whether they have any concerns or issues. A patient will greatly appreciate a practice that cares even after the treatment has been completed.

Does that car sales pro care about you after you already bought a car from them? Services

Groupons: Do they really attract new patients? | Medical Marketing ChicagoCompanies such as Groupon and Living Social offer attractive daily deals on various products and services. These sites can serve as a strategic tool for the growth of your medical practice and generate a new patient base. To gain a new patient, you may have to offer a lower base price for your services.

However, if you provide outstanding quality and care, you can achieve patient loyalty for a lifetime, and create robust value for your practice in the long run. CreativeTake Medical can be your digital marketing partner to help promote your practice in a variety of innovative and effective ways.


Current Trends

Many practitioners worry whether Groupons will be an appropriate form of marketing for a healthcare provider, and whether there are legal and ethical implications of providing discount offers for healthcare. Doctors also want to know whether their peers in the industry are using Groupons already.

According to an NBC News report, about nine percent of all offers made on daily deal websites are for medical or dental treatments. These numbers are only growing further because of the success and popularity of Groupon and similar sites. Although some of the patients visiting through healthcare deals from Groupon would be uninsured individuals, who may only look for low-cost deals, but there are benefits of using Groupon too.

If the patients who visit through Groupon receive the same quality and standard of care even when they pay a low price, they are likely to be more grateful. They can become excellent brand ambassadors for your medical practice, spread positive word of mouth, and give five star ratings to your practice at Yelp and other online consumer rating forums.

Over a period of time, you will be able to build a strong online reputation and credibility based on positive reviews and ratings from new patients who visit you via Groupon. Groupon service also works ideally for major, one-time procedures, where it is usually more challenging to gain new patients without referrals.


Legal and Ethical Aspects

In some of the states, the laws may prohibit a fee-splitting arrangement for medical practices, which is an essential part of Groupon deals. For instance, New York statutes define the use of a daily deal site for soliciting patients as unprofessional conduct. On the ethical front, some doctors may feel that the excessive use of daily deal sites for the medical profession is trivializing and commoditizing the medical procedures.

However, the other view is that patients can benefit from lower costs through Groupon, particularly services that are not covered by insurance, such as cosmetic and dental procedures. Botox, dermal filler injections and major cosmetic surgery procedures can be received at more affordable costs through daily deal sites such as Groupon.


Things to Consider

Before offering your services through Groupon, check with an attorney to ensure that it is a legal offer. Furthermore, check whether any Medicare penalties may apply, though this is gray area. CreativeTake Medical can be your professional marketing guide and partner in your efforts at long-term brand building for your medical or dental practice. Services

Partnership Marketing for Your Medical Practice

partnership marketing medical practiceIn an era of professional alliances, partnerships, and networking, medical practitioners should considering entering into marketing pacts with synergistic partners for mutual benefit. For instance, a gym or a health club can have a banner promoting the cosmetic surgery or skin care services of a medical practitioner.

This is the kind of place where people who are conscious about maintaining their health and looks are likely to visit. Therefore, reaching out to them in a targeted and personalized manner is possible for a medical professional by entering into a marketing arrangement with the facility.

The practitioner can go one step further and hold a presentation on-site at the gym or conduct a health and wellness talk on topics of general interest such as nutrition, fitness, and aesthetic appearance.

This partnership benefits the healthcare provider because they get access to an engaged audience of potential patients, while their presentation or talk can add value to the gym or health club facility. That creates a win-win situation for both sides.

The advantages of partnership marketing can be significant, and can help a medical practice stand out from the crowd. It can bring exposure to new patient populations, and become a major brand-booster for the practice.

By showcasing their expertise, knowledge and commitment to public health within the community, the healthcare provider stands to gain in terms of reputation and recognition. The costs will be negligible in this endeavor and the results can be much more effective than paid advertising, which is expensive and ranks low on credibility.

Things to Consider

When pursuing partnership marketing for a medical practice, the following basic things should be considered:


What would you like your partnership to deliver in terms of value? For instance, you could offer a public service for the less privileged, or seek an opportunity to increase revenues. Choose a direction where your passion lies. Rewards for your practice would ensue in each case as long as you provide value to your audience.


Choose your partners wisely. For instance, a cosmetic surgeon may like to partner with a medical spa, salon or gym; a chiropractor may prefer to partner with an orthopedic surgeon; and a dentist may choose to partner with an oral appliance manufacturer.


You can enter into a partnership solo or consider doing a program that involves colleagues. Once you determine the scope and scale of the potential project, you can consider whether it will create a larger impact to involve more people, or it would be more beneficial to keep it an individual effort between you and your marketing partner.

Cultural Match

A matching of culture and ethos between two or more partners is vital to the long-term success of this effort. Your focus should be on choosing partners that uphold the same values of fairness, compassion, and ethics as you do. Public perception and reputation can be enhanced when two or more partners reflect an equal level of integrity and commitment in their endeavors for mutual benefit. Services

Google has Started Ranking ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Sites Higher | ChicagoOver the last few years, Google has aggressively moved to adapt its search algorithms to the phenomenal growth of mobile search. It continues to adjust itself to the mobile-led online search environment, and has also launched a comprehensive mobile-friendly search algorithm. Now Google has begun ranking mobile-friendly websites even higher in its search rankings.

Mobile strategy should be integral to any online medical marketing plan today in order to achieve rankings on Google Page One. Mobile SEO is now crucial to compete in an overcrowded Internet space, and should be incorporated right from the website design stage itself. CreativeTake Medical provides cutting edge mobile-friendly SEO support to doctors in the US.

New Update

Google has recently announced that is rolling out a new algorithmic update directed towards mobile search results. The update is aimed at increasing the effect of its mobile friendly ranking signals. Google’s aim is to help its search users find even more web pages that are relevant and mobile friendly at the same time. However, the search engine has not revealed the exact impact it anticipates from the new update.

In late 2014, Google began labeling websites as “mobile friendly” to identity web pages that are optimized for mobile screen viewing. In February 2015, the search engine announced plans in advance to roll out the next mobile ranking changes. This was an unprecedented move because the company rarely informs anyone in advance about any forthcoming algorithm changes.

What is a Mobile Friendly Webpage?

As detected by Googlebot in real time, a webpage can be labeled as mobile friendly if it meets the following criteria:

  • The webpage has no software programs that are poorly designed for mobile devices, such as Flash.
  • The webpage makes use of font type and size that can be read without zooming.
  • The webpage automatically sizes the content to the screen so that the reader is not required to zoom or scroll horizontally.
  • The webpage keeps adequate gap between two links so that the required one may be conveniently tapped.

In April 2015, as promised by Google, the search engine began using mobile friendly label as a ranking factor across all languages worldwide. Dubbed ‘mobilegeddon,’ the change was applicable to individual web pages and not entire websites.

To determine whether a doctor’s website is currently mobile friendly or not, the site owner may use Google’s free Mobile Friendly Test. A Webmaster Mobile Guide is also offered by google with more details for web developers.

Why a Mobile Friendly Site needs SEO

Doctors should note that a mobile friendly website essentially means that the website renders more efficiently and naturally on a mobile screen. However, that by itself does not mean that a mobile friendly site is a search engine optimized site. The SEO function for medical websites continues to be critically important as before.

If anything, the function has only become more complex now because it must now reach out to both mobile search users and the regular PC search users. Mobile SEO requires more advanced specialization and innovation to achieve higher rankings in Google search results. Services

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Better? | Los Angeles | ChicagoThe most effective and time-tested way to achieve medical marketing success is through online promotion and search engine optimization. A robust SEO strategy begins with a unique and user-friendly website design, and the doctor’s website will be at the center of the online marketing strategy. CreativeTake Medical is a leader in this niche area of developing successful online marketing campaigns for doctors in the US.  

Paid Online Advertising

Sometimes the marketing strategy may include paid online advertising to take the message of the medical practice to more localized people in a targeted manner. Two of the most effective and popular ways to drive targeted traffic to a medical practice is through the use of Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Both Google and Facebook advertising platforms provide instant access to millions of active users. At the same time, they empower the advertiser with innovative online tools to make their marketing and demographic targeting simpler and more efficient.

Ads on Google

Google is clearly the most dominant search engine by far with an incredibly vast and dynamic search information database. Therefore, it has an endless stream of people searching through its database every second of every day. Google Ads are shown along with the organic search results to relevant search users who are already searching precisely for similar information on Google.

In other words, Google ads provide a ready market of actual potential consumers who are typically already predisposed to the idea of making a purchase and are looking for specific information relevant to their local area. The doctor’s ad can show up along with relevant searches to win the attention of a potential patient in their local area.

Ads on Facebook

With more than a billion active users, Facebook has become the most addictive social network in the world. Ads on Facebook serve a similar purpose as Google ads, but there may be differences in the impact in each case. Facebook users typically have more time at hand, and are often more willing to explore, engage and connect with others.

Therefore, the response to a Facebook ad may be more productive in some cases. Facebook will display the ad knowing the personal characteristics, needs, and preferences of the potential user to some extent. This is possible because Facebook has access to critical demographics and data about its users. This allows medical marketing experts to optimize and target their online ad campaigns.

Is there a Winner?  

Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads, it is difficult to define a clear winner. Both platforms are focused on driving high quality, localized, and targeted leads, with a goal to yield high conversion rates. A medical marketer may consider employing a judicious mix of both the platforms and divide their advertising dollars proportionately between the two.

Google ads will help to reach out to local users looking for specific information, which may be available on the doctor’s website. This will bring potential patients to the website. Facebook ads may be more effective in targeting users whose requirements are likely to fit with what a medical practice has to offer. Therefore, both Google and Facebook ads can prove to be winners, if handled with a cohesive strategy. Services

medical-marketingCreative Take Medical Nominated for Best Medical Marketing Firm by Doctor’s Choice Awards.

Every year in November, Doctor’s Choice Award’s select winners based on the number of quality reviews each profile received from their doctor peers from all categories for every country that were represented. The Awards brings together doctors from various medical fields, allowing them to set a benchmark in many categories. This award is not purchased. It can only be earned.

CreativeTake is a full-service boutique website design and internet marketing company with over 15 years of experience. Our leading, targeted solutions help you attract the right patients, convert leads, and grow your practice. At CreativeTake Medical, we specialize in helping doctors grow their practices. Services

Plastic Surgery Marketing & Consulting | Online Marketing |Los AngelesPlastic surgery practices have proliferated in recent decades, leading to stiff competition in local markets. To achieve competitive advantage in such a challenging market environment, a plastic surgery practice can be benefit the most when it partners with a professional firm with dedicated experience in plastic surgery marketing and consulting.

CreativeTake Medical has been a leader in this area for nearly two decades, delivering proven and effective strategies for many independent plastic surgery practitioners across the country. CreativeTake’s key areas of expertise include website design, content marketing, and online reputation and brand building, and search engine optimization or SEO.


Online Marketing

For small or mid-sized private plastic surgery practice with one or two office locations, the most cost-effective and affordable tool of promotion can be online marketing. With almost every potential patient searching the Internet for local information on plastic surgery, online medical marketing can be the most potent way to reach out to these local patients, increase awareness about the practice, and create positive engagement with them.

Experienced online marketing professionals at CreativeTake will closely engage with the practice to understand their requirements, and offer vital tips, guidance and consultancy at every step. They will help the practice come up with a sound Internet marketing, website development and SEO plan to dramatically improve search visibility and rankings of the practice website and eventually increase the traffic at the practice office.


Outstanding Website Design and Content

The plastic surgery website can be the most powerful marketing and branding tool for the practice. To showcase a fantastic practice, a marvelous website must be developed with robust commitment and professionalism. The website must be able to communicate the true spirit and uncompromising integrity of the practice in every sense.

Google says that the bottom line of success in online marketing is to: “Innovate your website content.” Google says this to website developers and marketers: “Think about what additional value you can add (to your website). Is there unique content you can add?

It goes back to the sort of thing where we’re looking for original content, original research, original insight, something that would make the site compelling, something that would make it so that users really like the site, they’d bookmark it, they’d tell their friends about it, they’d come back to it, they really enjoy the site.”

However, many plastic surgery practices make the common mistake of creating content for the search engines, and not for their localized target audience. Google and other search engines have already developed highly sophisticated search algorithms that can identify websites with superior site design and accurate, relevant, current, and patient-friendly content.

Google continues to impress upon online marketing professionals that they should invest their time in creating world class content rather than trying to unravel the secrets of search algorithms and try to manipulate higher search rankings. Therefore, straightforward and genuine websites and other online marketing efforts that address the queries of the patients in the most effective and compelling manner will always achieve higher rankings than those that try to do a superficial job. Services

Cosmetic Surgery Search Engine Optimization | Web Marketing | ChicagoSearch engine optimization or SEO is the single most important online marketing strategy available today for a cosmetic surgery practitioner. SEO has evolved rapidly in recent years with Google and other search engines making major updates to their search algorithms.

Cutting edge website design and superior quality content are now fundamental to a successful SEO strategy. CreativeTake Medical is a leading online medical marketing and website development firm providing a full range of website related services to cosmetic surgeons in the US.


Intuitive Site Navigation

Google continues to emphasize on seamless and intuitive website navigation, and rewards such websites that have advanced web design with higher search rankings. The web pages should include a user-friendly, minimalist navigation bar. If the site includes a fairly large number of web pages, a search bar may also be added to improve navigability.


Comprehensive Sitemap

A sitemap for a cosmetic surgery website will not only serve the purpose for helping a visitor to locate a particular section of the site, but also improve SEO. The search engine bots can crawl through the site more thoroughly and index the pages appropriately. The sitemap informs the search engine about the organization of site content.

New or recently updated web pages will not be missed by the web crawlers when the sitemap is regularly updated. The sitemap also provides valuable metadata associated with the web pages. Metadata will tell Google when a particular page was last updated, how frequently the page is altered, and the value of the page in relation to other pages.


Active Social Media Engagement

While many cosmetic surgeons have created social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms, the accounts typically remain stagnant with very little activity. From an SEO point of view, mere token presence on social media does not help. Search engines increasingly attached value to website content that gets shared on social media and receives wider online exposure and engagement.

Regularly posting messages over social media accounts, replying to those who ask queries or provide suggestions or comments, and disseminating useful, relevant, and current information via social media can boost the engagement levels.


NAP Consistency and Business Listings

The name, address, and phone number (NAP) of the cosmetic surgery practice should be consistent across various online platforms, including website, blog, social media, and other online forums. Similarly, the logo and brand name of the practice should be as consistently presented as possible.

The cosmetic surgery website should have its detailed and accurate listings on networks such as Google Business, and various medical or cosmetic surgery review and rating websites. For instance, RealSelf is an authoritative platform where a cosmetic surgeon can build a robust presence.


Mobile Friendly Website

Google recently introduced a major algorithmic update that is designed to attach more weight to websites that are mobile friendly. Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices are likely to lose out in the search rankings. A cosmetic surgery website can have a responsive web design that makes it compatible across various screen sizes. Services