17039311_166791050494765_3279199007245470058_oCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website EmpireVein.com for board certified vascular surgeon Dr. Nina Grewal, who specializes in varicose vein and spider vein treatments.

The website has been created with the twin goals of serving as a comprehensive online resource of information on vein and vascular treatments as well as promoting the services offered by Inland Empire Vein Institute.

EmpireVein.com has been designed as a patient friendly website, and includes content written and presented in a simple language, but without compromising the quality and accuracy of the medical information. CreativeTake Medical’s teams of site designers and content developers have provided a unique look to the website to showcase Dr. Grewal’s practice in a professional way.

‘About Us’ Section on the Website

EmpireVein.com includes a detailed “About Us” section that covers relevant and current information about Dr. Nina Grewal and her Vascular Lab. New patients are typically concerned to know about the doctor’s professional credentials, qualifications, experience, and accomplishments.

CreativeTake knows from experience that new visitors spend more time on this section and often make their decision of seeking an appointment with the practice based on how they feel about the doctor’s background and the facilities and services the practice offers.

Therefore, CT Medical’s site development teams invest maximum effort and attention in this section. Dr. Grewal’s credentials have been presented in a clear, transparent and detailed manner to help new patients gain familiarity with the vein surgeon and feel encouraged to choose the surgeon for their vein consultation.

Patient Center

To build a more interactive and patient centric website, CreativeTake Medical has included a comprehensive section called Patient Center in EmpireVein.com. It provides downloadable Patient Forms, and other documents and resources that patients can review before their scheduled appointment with Dr. Grewal. The section includes the following items of information:

  • Patient Forms
  • Am I A Candidate?
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Your First Visit – What to Expect
  • Insurance We Accept
  • Free Screening Events
  • Vein FAQs
  • Internet Privacy Policy

Section on Services

Another major section in EmpireVein.com is the Services section, which provides in-depth information to patients about various treatments for varicose veins and spider veins that are offered by Dr. Grewal. Each treatment option is described in detail through individual web pages. New patients can easily identify the specific procedures they are looking for, and gain useful information about it.

Some of the cutting edge vein treatments offered by Dr. Grewal include VenaSeal Closure System, ClosureFast Radiofrequency Ablation, Compression Therapy, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, and Sclerotherapy. Patients can learn about each of these procedures so that they can have a basic idea for a more productive consultation when they actually meet Dr. Grewal.

Other Sections

EmpireVein.com includes a Photo Gallery section, which provides free online access to patients about vein treatment before and after photographs of past patients. The Contact Us section includes relevant details for local as well as out of town patients. A detailed sitemap is included in the website for easy navigation for both visitors and search engines.

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ketamineclinics-comCreativeTake Medical has now launched a new, comprehensive website for Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, called KetamineClinics.com. The website is designed to serve the dual purpose of educating people about ketamine IV therapies as well as familiarizing them with Ketamine Clinics, a practice that is exclusively focused on providing ketamine infusion treatments.

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is led by board certified anesthesiologist Dr. Steven L Mandel, who has extensive training and experience in the field of pain management and therapies based on ketamine anesthetic. Dr. Mandel gave a mandate to CT Medical to create a website that would serve as an authoritative online resource on ketamine therapy, while also informing potential patients about Dr. Mandel’s practice.

Focus on Ketamine Treatments

KetamineClinics.com provides in-depth and relevant information about ketamine infusion treatments in a patient-friendly language. Two separate sections have been dedicated to informing and educating patients about ketamine treatments for chronic pain and depression, how the treatment works, what are the specific facts related to it, what the healthcare professionals have to say about it, latest news and research related to ketamine, and frequently asked questions.

All these details are methodically categorized into separate sub-sections, and each sub-section has its own web page. The site is designed in a seamless manner with an intuitive navigation. Visitors to the site can quickly identify the specific information they may be looking for, or navigate logically through various sections of the website.

Significance of Ketamine IV Therapy

CreativeTake Medical content developers have taken care to ensure that new patients learn all about the importance and recognition of ketamine as a medically accepted anesthetic, and how and why it is most effective when delivered as a series of intravenous treatments. The site informs the readers about various forms of ketamine therapy available today, and highlights the superior benefits of IV therapy over other options.

Patients are reassured about the recognition of ketamine with detailed information about its official listing as one of only two anesthetics recommended globally by the UN’s healthcare arm – World Health Organization (WHO). New patients who may be considering ketamine infusion treatments for chronic pain or depression can gain new insights and feel more aware and confident about this treatment.

About Dr. Mandel

CreativeTake’s website development experts know from experience that one of the most important sections on a medical professional’s website is the one that presents a profile or bio of the doctor who runs the practice. New patients want to learn about the qualifications and background of the doctor, and gain some familiarity before they make a decision to visit the practice for a personal consultation.

KetamineClinics.com provides detailed information about Dr. Mandel, taking the reader quickly through a journey starting from Dr. Mandel’s natural inclination from childhood towards healing to his advanced academic education and training in both psychology and anesthesia. On top of this, his acuity and his experience are covered and championed and you will be able to discern his commitment towards his patients as well.

KetamineClinics.com additionally includes a section about a unique scholarship program that the practice sponsors for promising medical students to support their education costs.

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Medical Marketing Solutions | Los Angeles | Chicago | New YorkHealthcare practices are ideally suited for online medical marketing solutions because of the affordability and high penetration and reach of Internet, mobile, and social media. CreativeTake Medical is one of the leaders in this field, providing cutting edge online marketing solutions exclusively for medical professionals in the US.


Unique Website Design

A distinct, user-friendly and intuitive website design forms the foundation for other online strategies to be implemented. SEO values must be incorporated into the website from the design stage itself. The website design should be mobile compatible, and should seamlessly integrate various sections of the medical website.


Search engine optimization or SEO involves a range of tactics that are aimed at improving the rankings of the medical website in search engine results. Localized keyword optimization and accurate and concise meta tags and titles for every web page will help to ensure that the search engines can index the pages correctly and assign high rankings for relevant keyword searches of local patients.

Link Building

Link Building is an external SEO strategy to generate a large number of high quality inbound links. Search engine algorithms will evaluate these links to determine rankings for the website in search results. High quality content, professionally created articles, guest columns for major sites, blogs, magazines and other publications can help to boost the link profile of a medical website.


Blogging is an effective way to continually add new content to the website, introduce new topics and keywords, and stay on top of the search results. Blogging helps to ensure that reader loyalty is improved and readers keep returning to the website for new information, news and updates. Comments section on a blog will also encourage visitors to engage more closely with the medical website.


Doctors can develop an interesting and informative newsletter that can be distributed online to their target audience in the local area where they have their practice. Copies of the newsletter can be uploaded on the practice website in a separate newsletter archives section. Newsletter can also directly reach the mail boxes of many new readers who may not have visited the doctor’s website before, and can do so once they receive the newsletter.

Social Media

Social media is the most potent online marketing tool available today, which does not cost anything. The medical practice should have an active and robust presence on leading social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram.

Interlink between the practice website and the social accounts can be created to encourage social visitors to click on the website, and site visitors to check out the social networks. Consistent engagement on social media can help to build online reputation and improve patient loyalty.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are now the most popular way to search online information and communicate with others. An integrated web and mobile strategy for a medical practice is critical to succeed in the current highly competitive market environment. Mobile health apps are also a very effective way to set apart a medical practice from others and improve patient engagement and relationships.    

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New Site Launch: DrSundin.com | Online Medical Marketing | Los AngelesIn an increasingly competitive market environment, it is essential for a cosmetic surgery practice to reach out to new patients and create local awareness about its surgical procedures, facilities, and services. The most effective, personalized, and affordable way to achieve this is through a comprehensive online marketing campaign and a professional website.

CreativeTake Medical is one of the few top quality providers of Internet marketing and website development services that has carved a niche for itself in the field of plastic surgery marketing. CreativeTake has helped to transform plastic surgery practices and helped them meet their business goals through innovative online marketing solutions.

New Website DrSundin.com

One of the latest accomplishments from the stable of CreativeTake Medical is a new website for the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery called DrSundin.com. The website is designed to serve as a patient-friendly and reliable source of information on the Internet for a wide range of plastic surgery as well as non-surgical cosmetic procedures provided at the practice.  

The website achieves the twin goals of informing and educating potential patients about plastic surgery, and at the same time, marketing and promoting the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery to locally targeted audiences. In an overcrowded online space, DrSundin.com stands out as a uniquely designed website, which offers intuitive navigation and patient-friendly content.

Patients can expect to find accurate, current, and relevant answers to their questions related to various plastic surgery procedures and other cosmetic treatment options. Visitors to the site typically have a positive experience that encourages them to explore all areas of the website, and in many cases, eventually contributes to their decision to make an appointment and visit the practice for a personal consultation.

Section about the Surgeons

Website designers and content experts at CT Medical know from experience that one of the most pertinent questions of a new patient is about the credentials and background of the plastic surgeon. DrSundin.com fulfills this need through its dedicated sections offering in-depth information about the qualifications, training, experience, professional memberships, accomplishments and awards of board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin.

Unlike many other websites, DrSundin.com also provides links to comprehensive CVs for both the surgeons. It is also one of the few websites that even includes detailed information about the aestheticians and team members at the Virginia Institute. This allows the patients to have a basic familiarity about the surgeons and staff even before they have decided to fix an appointment with the practice.

Sections on Procedures

The Virginia Institute provides an extensive range of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive procedures for all areas from head to toe. The website includes detailed, useful information about each procedure under separate sections to apprise the patients about the treatment options available in their case.

Other Sections

CreativeTake has set aside a detailed section to provide information on financing. Many patients want to finance their plastic surgery procedure at competitive terms, and DrSundin.com offers information on various financing options. The website also includes separate sections on Patient Forms, Patient Testimonials, Specials, Events, Blog, and Photos and Videos.

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Plastic Surgery Marketing | Medical Website | Chicago | New YorkYour plastic surgery practice operates in a highly competitive environment. It can no longer afford to rely only on traditional marketing approaches such as word of mouth publicity or a presence in the local Yellow Pages directory. To gain competitive advantage in your local market, it is critically important to seize the opportunity of online marketing.

CreativeTake Medical is a leading firm offering medical marketing, website design and SEO services to plastic surgeons in the US. The team of professionals at CreativeTake have extensive experience in developing and promoting plastic surgery websites, and helping them reach their marketing goals at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.


Brand Marketing

Search engines tend to factor in a website’s brand value while determining the search rankings. A plastic surgery practice with a strong brand presence across the Internet is more likely to achieve top search rankings on Google and other search engines. Therefore, strategic brand promotion should be one of the primary goals in online marketing.

Similarly, link building for your plastic surgery website can receive a boost when you create brand oriented content to promote high quality inbound links and branded traffic. To grow the brand profile, the plastic surgeon should strive to earn high ratings on RealSelf, Yelp, Google+, and various other medical rating and review sites.


Exposure in Local Media

The link profile and SEO capabilities of a plastic surgery website can improve dramatically when the practice achieves sustained exposure in local media. The plastic surgeon may write columns or guest blogs in prominent local publications, magazines and well-known blogs. The goal through these efforts should be to educate patients about new techniques, procedures, products and technologies in the field of plastic surgery.

When the content published on the surgeon’s website and respected third party sites and blogs is aligned on a sustainable basis, it will start reaping dividends in terms of higher search rankings for the website. Powerful back links can be earned when the website gets a mention in some of the eminent print or online publications.


Online Video Promotion

Google, Bing, and other search engines increasingly prefer to display content in multiple formats in their search engine result pages (SERPs). Videos will often earn a higher rank in search results compared to plain text listings. At the same time, viewers have a much stronger preference for video content today than in the past.

A number of research studies have showed in the past that almost half of all searches for popular keywords produce ‘blended results’. This means that the results represent a mix of videos, images, texts, and other graphics. Videos also create a deeper influence on the mind of the target audience and have a greater chance of leading to the desired outcomes.


Thought Leadership

The plastic surgeons can distinguish themselves from their competitors by investing their time and effort in creating thought leadership. This can be achieved by presenting and sharing ideas and knowledge through webinars, online conferences and meetings, online videos, eBooks, press releases, white papers, and published columns.


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Plastic Surgery Social Media Marketing | Medical Website | New YorkMany plastic surgeons today have their own social media accounts on various networks, but a vast majority of them suffer from low activity and low user engagement. Social media should be an important part of a plastic surgery medical marketing strategy in order to improve your online reach to local patients and compete successfully with other practitioners in your area.

With a wide range of popular social media channels available today, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, it can be a little overwhelming for a busy plastic surgeon to create a sustainable social media marketing strategy to promote their practice.

CreativeTake Medical is one of the premier medical marketing, website design and SEO companies for plastic surgeons in the US providing innovative solutions to promote plastic surgery practices in a competitive environment. The seasoned experts at CT Medical can recommend proven and effective strategies to achieve success with social medial marketing for plastic surgeons.


Requirements for Successful Social Marketing

Here are four important requirements that should help a plastic surgery practice succeed in their social media marketing strategy.


Build a Professional Website

Prior to launching your social media marketing campaign, make sure that you have a professional and dynamic website for your plastic surgery practice that is locally optimized for search engines. The website will serve as a central hub for your various social media channels and activities. One of the key goals of your social campaign should be to drive local target audiences to your plastic surgery website.


Create a Company Facebook Account

To launch your plastic surgery social media campaign, you should ideally begin with a business page on Facebook. Facebook is the most popular network by far, with over a billion active users. On your business page, provide relevant information about your surgical practice, a profile photograph, and accurate contact details. Include a link to your practice website to enable social visitors to reach your site. Once the account is ready, start your endeavors by inviting friends, colleagues, and industry influencers to build membership.


Create a Comprehensive LinkedIn Page

For a plastic surgeon, LinkedIn is probably the most crucial social network. The network already hosts hundreds of millions of professionals from various fields. Provide detailed information about your practice on LinkedIn. Engage proactively with industry professionals on LinkedIn, endorse profiles of colleagues, and join relevant groups on the network for a more robust presence. Connect via LinkedIn with your staff as well as current and previous patients to launch your networking and engagement.


Target Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest

You can disseminate vital plastic surgery related information and news through short, succinct messages via Twitter. Facebook and Twitter can be interlinked to expand your reach. Create a business page on Google+ to boost SEO prospects. Develop a collection of short videos to promote your practice and new procedures, and showcase it over YouTube. Include plastic surgery before and after photos of various procedures via Pinterest.

Get in touch with CreativeTake Medical to learn more about how to go about developing and executing your plastic surgery social media marketing strategy.


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Dental Marketing | Medical Website Design | New York | Orange CountyDentists can leverage the power of online marketing to promote their practices in a cost-effective way. One of the key benefits of online marketing for dentists is that they can reach their target audience using local SEO at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing approaches.

Furthermore, traditional marketing, whether print or electronic, has the limitations of time and space because of the heavy costs involved. These limitations are removed in case of online dental marketing. The dentist has an opportunity to describe their services, products and procedures in detail, and use audio-visual and interactive approaches, which are more effective than print.


Search Engine Optimized Website

Building a professional website that is optimized to achieve high search rankings lies at the center of an online dental marketing strategy. A unique, user-friendly website design is the foundation of the website. SEO factors should be built into the site from the design stage itself. The site should be created in accordance with the official Google Webmaster guidelines.

CreativeTake Marketing has advanced expertise in building websites for dentists, which are designed to provide them greater online exposure and engage and inform potential patients in the local area where the dental practice is located. Accurate, relevant, high quality content is an important part of the website, which will disseminate useful information to local Google searchers seeking insights into various dental concerns.


Blog and Newsletter

In medical marketing and dental marketing, external SEO strategies play a vital role. To generate high quality inbound links for the dental website, it is a good idea to have a blog with regularly updated articles and news items. The blog could be a part of the primary dental website or a separate domain. It will help to bring repeat visitors to the website and create reader loyalty.

Online newsletters can be created independently or through the dental website. Interested people can subscribe to the newsletter and receive it periodically in their mailbox, or simply download the newsletter from the dental website. This provides an opportunity for more personalized interaction with potential patients and enables direct reach.


Social Media Engagement

With billions of active users on various social media networks, it is hard to ignore this channel as a part of a dental marketing strategy. The dental practice can develop and promote its business accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram. Active engagement with potential patients through these channels can eventually create opportunities for increased footfalls at the dentist’s office.

Search engines are paying increased attention to businesses that an active presence on social media. Therefore, the benefits could multiply in terms of exposure, interaction, and high visibility in search engine results. The dental website can include prominent links to the social media accounts of the practice in order to generate two-way traffic.

CreativeTake is a boutique medical and dental marketing firm providing cutting edge online marketing solutions to dentists across the United States. It has the expertise and the experience to deliver successful marketing and promotion outcomes for a dental practice.


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Plastic Surgery Mobile Website Design | Medical Marketing | New YorkOne of the most critical elements in plastic surgery website design today is mobile compatibility. The percentage of people who use mobile devices to view websites already exceeds that of people who use PCs and laptops. Google has already performed a massive upgrade of its search algorithms to give more weight to websites that are designed to be responsive to mobile users.

Google recommends that website developers should build mobile compatibility and responsiveness into the primary website rather than create a separate mobile website independent of the main site. CreativeTake Medical is a premier medical marketing and SEO company providing cutting edge web design, SEO and online marketing services to plastic surgery practitioners across the country.


Is mobile site design worth it?

A lot of plastic surgeons continue to be unsure about the value of a mobile compatible website design and whether it is worth their money, time and effort to upgrade their existing site design to make it completely mobile friendly. To find a convincing answer to this question, they should assess the demographic profile of their average website visitor and determine whether they would prefer accessing their website via their mobile devices.

The skeptics will quick realize in this analysis that a majority of their target readers want to review their site on the go via their mobile phones and tablets. Secondly, a mobile friendly website will ensure higher search rankings and greater online visibility for the website. This will eventually translate into increased footfalls at the office of the plastic surgeon.


Tips for a Mobile Optimized Website Design


Focus on Key Elements

The mobile friendly website design should include elements that are directly useful for a mobile site reader. Font types, colors, and sizes should be chosen appropriate to make navigation and viewing easier for the reader. Each web page may have a search box on top to enable the mobile reader to retrieve the information required in a quick and efficient manner.

Mobile site users typically prefer making a call for a consultation directly from the mobile, or may like to share some site information with others over social media. Therefore, the mobile friendly site design should include a direct call to action prominently on the top of the web pages in order to improve conversion rates. The phone number of practice should be visible with a click-to-call function in order to encourage calls for consultation or inquiries.


Other Requisites

  • Site experience should be consistent across smart phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Images should have a sound resolution to ensure clarity over smaller screens.
  • Text on the mobile screen should be wrapped and clearly legible.
  • Swiping and scrolling should be convenient for the mobile readers.
  • Site download speed should be higher because mobile readers typically have data usage limitations and particularly need to see faster results when they are viewing a site on the go.

A plastic surgery practitioner can build a new website design from scratch to include high mobile compatibility or have the existing design upgraded to meet the needs of a mobile connected society.


CreativeTakeMedical.com Services

Plastic Surgery Website Design | Oklahoma City | Mobile Website DesignCreativeTake Medical has played a transformative role in the area of online medical marketing over the last two decades. It has led innovation from the front and built unique marketing campaigns for doctors in the US who want to increase their local reach and awareness, and outperform their competitors in Oklahoma City and other areas.

CT Medical has the necessary expertise and experience to build unique website designs that not only provide seamless navigation to the readers, but also make the site stand out from the crowd in an increasingly saturated online space. CreativeTake backs up its medical design and content with cutting edge SEO services to put the doctor’s website among top search results on Google.

Here are some useful tips from CreativeTake Medical about building a successful website design:


Create an Eye-Catching Logo

Create an attractive, professional logo to represent your practice, in case you do not have one already. Feature the logo prominently on your website home, and preferably on other landing pages as well.


Focus on Navigability

Easy navigation will encourage site visitors to explore more areas of your website. Create intuitive navigation to lead the reader through all the important areas of the site. You can have a horizontal menu bar at the top of all the site pages, and a secondary navigation bar or sidebar on the left side of the screen.


Avoid Clutter and Information Overload

If you try to place too much information in the form of text, images, graphics, and videos, it can slow down the speed of your website. Too much clutter will make the site pages look like an eyesore. More importantly, the readers will find it cumbersome to identify relevant information that they may be looking for.


Give a Professional Look

Choose professional fonts and colors to showcase a professional looking and aesthetically pleasing website. The color palette should be largely neutral, with little dashes of color used to highlight important headers and images. Fonts should be consistent throughout the website and viewable across various browsers and devices.


Use Unique or Original Images

Investing in images can be a smart idea, and it will pay off significantly. Generic images are commonly used, while original or paid images will distinguish your website from others distinctly.


Every Web Page Matters

Do not make the mistake of focusing only on the home page, while neglecting other web pages. Ideally, each web page should be designed as a unique landing page. Many visitors will land on your site via one or the other secondary pages, and not the home page. They should feel attracted to stay on the site and move to other pages from their landing page.


Call to Action

A direct and compelling call to action should be part of your home page and even other landing pages. Include your contact address and phone number along with the call to action. The name, address, and phone number (NAP) should be consistent throughout the website and across the Web. This is also important from an SEO perspective.

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New Plastic Surgery Website | Website Design | Medical Marketing | SEOCreativeTake Medical has been a leader in the field of online medical marketing in the US for over 15 years. It not only designs medical websites and creates content, but also promotes the websites successfully using innovative search engine optimization strategies. One of the latest websites developed by CreativeTake is KristiHustakMD.com, which represents the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Kristi Hustak.


Dr. Hustak is a board certified plastic surgeon providing a comprehensive range of aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. She chose to partner with CT Medical in order to showcase her practice online in a professional manner, generate local awareness about the practice, and create positive engagement with local patients in the region.


Authentic Information Resource

Dr. Hustak wanted to build a website that would not only promote her plastic surgery practice, but also inform and educate readers about various surgical and non-surgical procedures that can help them meet their personal aesthetic needs. KristiHustakMD.com includes accurate, original and relevant information about a variety of aesthetic procedures for the breast, body, and face.

Looking into Dr. Hustak’s additional focus on sexual aesthetic treatments, CT Medical decided to include dedicated information about these treatments in a separate section on the site. Patients can find detailed information and insights about six different sexual aesthetic procedures related to vaginal rejuvenation.

The entire information on the website is presented in a simple, patient-friendly language, while keeping the details interesting and engaging. At her practice, Dr. Hustak likes to educate her patients about the procedure so that they can make a well-informed choice. KristiHustakMD.com embodies the same spirit of informing and educating patients about a wide range of cosmetic procedures.


Detailing the Surgeon’s Credentials

CreativeTake Medical knows from experience that one of the first concerns of a new patient seeking a cosmetic surgery procedure to know about the surgeon’s credentials. A highly trained, board certified, and experienced surgeon can make a dramatic difference to the final results in any cosmetic surgery procedure.

Therefore, CreativeTake has included in-depth information about Dr. Hustak’s educational background, training and academic achievements. It provides details of her plastic surgery at country’s prestigious institutions and lists her awards and honors that Dr. Hustak has earned as an accomplished plastic surgeon.


Section on Procedures

CreativeTake Medical has provided a comprehensive section on all the cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical procedures provided by Dr. Hustak for the breast, body, and face. Details of each procedure are provided under a separate sub-section on a dedicated web page. Readers can gain insightful information in order to have a more meaningful discussion with the surgeon at the time of pre-operative consultation.


Other Sections

CT Medical has provided an exclusive blog section with an aim to provide regularly updated information and news to readers about various plastic surgery procedures. This will help to improve reader loyalty and repeat visits to the site to gain new information. A separate Photo Gallery section includes before and after photos related to different procedures offered by Dr. Hustak. Patients can also schedule appointments conveniently through the website.

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