cancel The Aesthetic Meeting 2020I know many of you were planning to attend The Aesthetic Meeting 2020, originally scheduled in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. We were too.

Since we can’t see you at the show. We wanted to offer you what we could now to help grow your practice and nurture new patient leads.

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Best agency for your plastic surgery SEO | Los Angeles MarketingIn a competitive market environment, you need the right SEO agency to help promote your plastic surgery practice in your local area. If you rush into the process, chances are that you may end up with an SEO service provider that is not a good fit for you, or fails to deliver on your goal of increasing your reach to your target audience. 

Here are a few key steps that should help you choose the best agency for a successful plastic surgery SEO strategy: 


Consider the SEO Provider’s Specialization

Any SEO company can make bold claims, but you should make your own evaluation by looking at their actual performance for similar clients in the past. Do they have a focused specialization in the area of plastic surgery SEO, or do they provide services for all types of industries. 

Plastic surgery is not a commodity business, and you need an SEO expert with dedicated knowledge and understanding of your area. This is only possible when they are exclusively focusing on providing SEO services for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. 

Take a look at their past clients and the kind of websites they have created. If the bulk of their work is in the area of plastic surgery, it is worth considering that agency. 


Are the Past Clients Satisfied with the Company?

You should ask the SEO service provider whether they have plastic surgeons that have stayed with them for years. If the SEO agency has loyal clients and continues to receive repeat work from at least some of those clients, it indicates that the company enjoys a high level of satisfaction from its clients. 

Take a look at the client testimonials to get an insight into the experience of past clients with the SEO agency. Check out the websites of some of the plastic surgeons for whom the SEO agency has worked in the past. The quality of their work and the actual results in terms of Google visibility of those clients will give you a fair amount of understanding about the performance ability of the SEO agency you are considering. 


The SEO Agency Checklist

Tools and Technology

Discuss with the potential SEO service provider what kind of tools and technology they will use to get your SEO campaign rolling. Do they have a team of website designers, content developers, and site analysts to deliver successful outcomes and put your plastic surgery practice ahead of your competition? 


Monthly or Annual Results 

Many unreliable SEO providers will shy away from reporting monthly or annual results of your campaign. You need to select an SEO partner that is committed about keeping you informed about the trajectory of your SEO campaign. If they are proactive about communicating to you in a transparent manner, and address all your questions in a satisfactory manner, it reflects on their professionalism and dedication.

Finally, make sure you are working with a plastic surgery SEO agency that enjoys a solid reputation in the market. If other cosmetic and plastic surgeons have good things to say about them, and the agency is recognized as one of the leaders in the field, they could be the right choice for you.

CreativeTake Digital Marketing Services

Medical Marketing Tips During COVID-19 

Medical Marketing Tips To Nurture New Patients During Covid 19

  • Begin virtual consults with current patients and potential patients.

    HIPAA is now temporary allowing video conferencing on Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, Google Hangouts video, or Skype, to provide Telehealth. Click here for more HIPAA information.

  • Get a FREE evaluation of your website design, performance and search engine rankings.

    Already have a website? Not sure how well it stacks up? Our design and development team will be happy to take a look and provide you with a full site analysis within 24 hours. And, it’s free!
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  • Review your practice website to make sure you have new, fresh content about all the procedures and treatments your team offers patients.

    If you are missing anything, write it yourself or hire a professional SEO marketing writer to write it, add it to your site and optimize each page to help each topic rank better on search engines like Google.

  • Don’t stop advertising online.

    There are more people online now more than ever. They will be looking for a break from the news and working from home and will begin to research more self care topics. Make sure your practice is in front of them online.

  • Use social media as a tool to relate and be personal.

    Show people who you are, what your doing at home, be real, answer questions, etc. (but always remain professional).

  • Take advantage of PR / Media opportunities.

    Take advantage of those in the media that need your expertise while you have the time. Present yourself as an expert and drive more traffic to your site. Start by liking the CreativeTake Medical Facebook page where we post media requests for experts in the medical field multiple times a week.

  • Nurture current leads in your marketing database.

    Hopefully you have been collecting all of the potential patient leads who inquiry about your services. Now is a good time to gather those leads, begin marketing to each of them and answer any questions they might have.

  • Host webinars for those looking to learn more about a particular procedure/treatment.

    Now is a good time to educate current and potential patients on new treatments. Partner with a vendor representative to host a webinar. Maybe consider offering an incentive to use in the future if they attend.

  • Create educational videos that answer common patient questions.

    Build your YouTube channel, add value to your website pages and create fresh content by filming short videos answering common patient questions.

  • Set up website analytics.

    Do you have Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tools set up for your website to track multiple elements of performance such as traffic, most popular pages, website error alerts, etc.? If not, you should. It’s free.

  • Have you set up Google My Business (GMB) listings for each office location?

    If so, make sure each listing is verified and fully optimized with new services, etc. Now GMB allows you to post a free ad, event or special offer every 2 weeks that will show up on your Google listing in search.

  • Ask patients to review you online.

    Start with requesting practice reviews on Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook. Send out a personalized email to patients with links to your review pages. Create a landing page on your website listing places to review your practice online.

  • If you have an active Google Ads account, that was used over the past year, Google is offering free ad credits for small businesses.

    $340 million in Google Ads credits available to all SMBs with active accounts over the past year. Credit notifications will appear in Google Ads accounts and can be used at any point until the end of 2020 across Google advertising platforms. They hope it will help to alleviate some of the cost of staying in touch with their customers.

  • Start a YouTube channel and/or take this time to create new videos.

    Build your YouTube channel by answering common patient questions for various treatments and procedures. Then use the videos on your website and in social media. Click here to download a YouTube tutorial for small businesses.

Need help with setting up any of the above? We are here to help you.

Contact us for a FREE MARKETING CONSULTATION to discuss any of the above topics or more.

We will put you in touch with a CreativeTake marketing team member that can help you out.  Call us toll-free at 888-252-5978

Here’s some advice about being hands-on with paid search accounts and mindful of your content during this time of uncertainty.

Reducing digital marketing due to COVID-19 Read this firstLast week, I shared real performance data for 10 different websites in 10 different industries that are seeing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. While some businesses servicing “essential needs” are flourishing, most are seeing performance drops of -20% or worse from just two weeks ago.

With a sudden and unexpected loss in revenue, many businesses are being forced into conversations on how they can trim budgets and maximize efficiency.

But what does this mean for various digital marketing investments? I reached out to multiple industry professionals to get their advice on how to maximize results in this time of uncertainty.

Beware, your analytics data is likely skewed

Before we jump into individual channel recommendations, let’s discuss your means to measure them. Brett Patterson, Digital Analytics lead at Siteimprove has this very important tip regarding analytics data.

“Internal traffic is not internal! With so many employees working remotely right now, this may influence your digital analytics data! Your typical filter won’t catch workers working remotely, unless they are possibly using a VPN or other remote network connection. This means your employees might be counted in your analytics metrics, even though you had previously created a filter for this.”

– Brett Patterson

Brett further recommends placing an annotation in your analytics account as it’s very unlikely a solution exists to true up your analytics account. It’s also very important to keep this in consideration when measuring and reporting out on your digital marketing efforts.

Reduce paid search and social media? Or get ready for daily management

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, search demand is down. If your company’s product or service isn’t deemed an “essential need” than you may want to consider pulling back on your paid spend. Failure to reduce spend can make even the most profitable campaigns turn negative for return on ad spend (ROAS). Proceed with caution if you know your product/service isn’t a top priority for your consumers right now. Read more.

Maximize email

Continue the path of SEO and content marketing

Stay safe, be kind and market efficiently


About CreativeTake

CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

We apply this nuanced knowledge and in-depth experience to create effective, custom-tailored marketing plans and websites for each of our clients. Every website is meticulously designed to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) while remaining easy to navigate, visually breathtaking, informative, and succinct.

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Offer posts allow you to promote sales, coupons, discounts, or specials that your business is currently providing. You can even create an exclusive promotion just for your GMB listing if you wish. These posts include a large “offer” tag (on mobile search) that definitely draws a searchers eye.

Google My Business post advantageVisibility of Your GMB Listing Offer

Searchers will come across your Offer posts on desktop, mobile, and the Google Maps app.

Desktop Exposure

Offer posts show up in the branded Knowledge Panel, can display in the Local Pack, Maps, and Local Finder. On desktop in Maps, when you have an active Offer post it moves the post up higher and features just that post.* When users click on it, then the other active and past posts will also show up underneath.

Mobile Exposure

For searches on mobile devices you will see these posts in the Knowledge Panel section under the “Offers” navigation heading, on the Google Maps app and nestled in search results under “Latest updates from this business” on Google section.*

Google My Business post advantage on mobileEach post provides value for a business and can be used strategically to help listings stand out and get noticed!


CreativeTake can post it for you!

About CreativeTake

CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

We apply this nuanced knowledge and in-depth experience to create effective, custom-tailored marketing plans and websites for each of our clients. Every website is meticulously designed to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) while remaining easy to navigate, visually breathtaking, informative, and succinct.

CreativeTake Digital Marketing Services

New Site Design For Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Farah Khan | Palm DesertCreativeTake Medical has launched a new website for board certified female plastic surgeon in Dallas Dr. Farah Naz Khan. The experienced team of website developers and designers at CreativeTake has crafted a unique and user-friendly design that allows for easy navigation through every section of the website. 

CT Medical design experts recognize that each patient seeking a plastic surgery procedure will have different needs when they visit a surgeon’s website. At Dr. Khan’s website, the visitors can quickly identify the type of procedure or service they are looking for and acquire the relevant and accurate information about it. is designed to serve as a comprehensive information resource to address all the basic questions and concerns of patients regarding various cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments. At the same time, the website successfully showcases the practice of Dr. Khan and builds confidence of the first-time visitors to engage more closely and directly with her office. 

About Dr. Khan

CreativeTake Medical content development team has ensured that potential patients can learn about the professional credentials and background of Dr. Farah Khan on the website in a succinct and authentic manner. The section highlights the fact that Dr. Khan is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

The section not only discusses the technical skills and expertise of Dr. Khan, but also describes her personal qualities that new patients are looking to understand before they can make up their mind to choose a plastic surgeon. 

About the Surgeon’s Team distinguishes itself from many other similar websites by providing a dedicated description of the clinical nurse and OR manager, patient care coordinator, post-operative nurse and aesthetics nurse, and the in-house massage therapist at the practice. 

Patients often have to interact directly with these staff members and depend on them for a number of services. So, they would like to familiarize themselves with who is on the surgeon’s team. CreativeTake has ensured that Dr. Khan’s website provides answers to this question in adequate detail.

Procedure Sections on the Website

CT Medical site designers and content creators have crafted individual web pages for various procedures, and categorized them appropriately so that a reader can quickly locate the page they are interested in. focuses on the following surgical procedures: 


  • 24 Hour Recovery® Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Revision


  • BodyTite
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Weight Loss Surgery


  • Brow Lift
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • FaceTite
  • Facial Fat Transfer


  • Gynecomastia

CreativeTake Medical has developed a separate section for cosmetic non-invasive procedures on the website. 

Other Sections provides answers to various frequently asked questions that patients have about payment options and financing for their elective cosmetic procedures. These details are provided under the Payments and Financing section. There are other exclusive sections for Blog, Patient Reviews and Contact Us details on the website. 

CreativeTake site developers will continue to upgrade and expand the site over time so that it continues to provide new information to patients as well as achieve significant Google search rankings. 

CreativeTake Digital Marketing Services

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Is On The Rise | Palm Desert | Palm SpringsThere has been a remarkable increase in the number of plastic surgeries in the last decade. According to new data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2019 as many as 18 million people underwent minimally invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures. This figure has increased by a quarter from 2018.

Cosmetic surgeries have been on a steady rise for the past 5 years. However, it’s critical to note that cosmetic and plastic surgeries are different from each other, even though the terms are used interchangeably. 

Plastic surgeries focus on reconstructing body parts that have been damaged due to burns, trauma, or disease. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand deals with body enhancement. 

What motivates people to choose cosmetic surgery?

The author of a United Kingdom study analyzed a questionnaire of 204 participants to identify the driving factors of cosmetic surgeries. The questionnaire included several questions from various categories, such as life satisfaction, self-esteem, religiosity, media consumption, self-rated physical attractiveness, and general attitude towards cosmetic surgeries. 

The idea behind the study was to allow researchers to understand the influencing factors behind a person choosing the path towards cosmetic or plastic surgery. The researchers were also keen to identify the factors that primarily affected a person’s perceived benefits from the procedure. 

The results showed that low self-esteem and religious beliefs were the driving factors. These were significant predictors of a person opting in for cosmetic surgery. Predictors for a person’s perceived benefits included media consumption, religiousness, biological sex, and life satisfaction. 

The findings highlighted that women who rated their life satisfaction, self-esteem, or attractiveness low were more likely to undergo cosmetic surgeries. These women were also seen to have higher media exposure and fewer religious beliefs. 

The number of men considering cosmetic surgery was far more as compared to women, although, women were more attracted to the concept. 

The study significantly underlined the powerful effects of religiousness and media exposure. People who are more religious tend to perceive cosmetic surgery to be in contrast with their beliefs. People with high media exposure are more vulnerable to believing that cosmetic surgery has significant benefits. 

Top 5 cosmetic procedures in 2019

The top five cosmetic procedures of 2019 as reported by the ASPS were:

  • 313,735 procedures – Breast augmentation 
  • 258,558 procedures – Liposuction
  • 213,780 procedures – Nose reshaping
  • 206,529 procedures – Eyelid surgery
  • 130,081 procedures – Tummy tuck

While liposuction and breast augmentation rose by 5 and 4% respectively from 2018, there was a slight decrease in the number of facial procedures. 

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have also increased in 2019 as compared to 2018. Soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin type A (Botox), and chemical peels are the three most popular types. These have been up by almost 2% since 2018.

The focus is on individuality

ASPS data shows that in 2019, three out of five procedures were focused on individuality and enhancing body looks. The number of breast augmentation procedures increased by 13,000, while surgeons performed 12,000 more liposuctions during the year. These are not trends but aspects of our culture.

The marginal decrease in the number of facial procedures can be attributed to the popularity of available alternative options, such as eyelid puffiness improvement and non-surgical nose reshaping.

About CreativeTake

CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

We apply this nuanced knowledge and in-depth experience to create effective, custom-tailored marketing plans and websites for each of our clients. Every website is meticulously designed to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) while remaining easy to navigate, visually breathtaking, informative, and succinct.

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Digital Marketing For Plastic Surgeons | Palm Desert | Palm SpringsThere was a time when newspapers ads, billboards, magazines, TV commercials, and radio spots were enough to attract new patients looking for a plastic surgery. However, with the advent of the internet and an increasing digital world, traditional marketing strategies are in need of an overhaul. Political campaigns all the way to shoe companies know all about this, for example. 

This short guide will explain the steps involved with digital marketing for plastic surgeons.

Attract new patients

Traditional marketing methods involve prospects to approach the medium to actually consume the advertisement. However, digital marketing is a fresh technique wherein brands can approach their potential clientele right where they are. However, there is tremendous research that goes into this.

You need to know the answer to the following questions to identify your targeted patients:

  • What is the age bracket?
  • What is their occupation?
  • How does their family equation look?
  • What interests them? Or what drives them?

You can develop a basic persona of the ideal patient using these details. This is something like developing a background for your favorite TV show character. You need to build your marketing strategy around these targeted personas and address their desires and needs. 

The “attraction” stage is an important step to the success of the whole strategy. 

Induce conversions

Attracting new patients is just the tip of the iceberg. The real work starts when you have their attention and need to keep them engaged. This requires publishing multiple content pieces across a variety of channels. It is important that content is created to add value and provide information. 

Few examples of content include:

  • Blog posts describing a liposuction
  • Social media ad linking to an infographic that provides skin care tips
  • E-book on what to expect after your first face lift
  • Video about different types of breast augmentation

By delivering tailored content that informs, educates, and adds value to the target audience, you can convert an attracted persona into a qualified “lead”. 

Closing the deal

Now that your efforts to develop a rapport with your audience has paid off, and they have successfully turned into a qualified lead (with the right contact details), it is time to close the deal. You can guide them towards choosing your clinic for their procedure with the help of decision-focused content. 

Few examples include:

  • A sequence of emails explaining their desired procedure, credentials of the surgeon, video testimonials, before and after photos, and finance options. 
  • An eBook explaining the procedure in detail, with potential side effects and benefits associated with it. The book could also detail the prep procedure, what to expect before and after, scarring, recovery details, and a short bio of the surgeon. 

This step in digital marketing is focused on tipping the scales in your favor. You have already established rapport and trust. Now, you need to negotiate and encourage a decision. 

Delight the patient

This stage is devoted to delighting the patients after the procedure is done. You begin by asking the patient whether everything was satisfactory. If yes, encourage them for online testimonials. If not, understand how things could have been carried out in a better manner. You can invite them to future engagements as well to build lasting relationships.

Creative Take Medical Marketing Services

How to Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency | Palm DesertThere may be various unique reasons for seeking help with digital marketing. However, you should be able to pinpoint clear-cut issues that require attention. It is vital to define these reasons thoroughly before even starting your search. 

Some suggestions to identify an effective marketing agency are as follows:

Do Your Homework

The most ideal way to ensure that one establishes a partnership with an agency that will create results is to identify one that has a proven track record of doing that. Digital agencies that are established should be able to showcase some of their previous work and how they will be able to work with your company to achieve your specific goals.

A digital agency with a niche in your area may indeed be a good fit. When reviewing the agency’s track record for success, it is also essential to keep in mind the kind of companies that they work for. 

Choose a Digital Marketing Company that Fits Your Style

It is vital to bear in mind that these agencies are not merely selling their client’s products, but their own as well. Upon researching different agencies, assess how they market themselves. 

If you like the appearance of their website and find it convenient to navigate, this is a good indication that this agency may be a good fit for you. If their website is not as exciting to you, it is a red flag. The website of a concrete marketing agency will inform you about who they are and what exactly they do. 

Also, style goes beyond the mere look of their site and work. They also want an agency that will be a good fit with your company’s culture and your way of conducting business. In case you emphasize casual as a part of the business brand, a professional agency that is more corporate may not be a good fit for you. 

A smaller business may need to be matched with a smaller marketing agency. Similarly, local enterprises may want to work with marketing agencies in their local area, and so on. 

Devote Time Planning for the Long-Term

Digital marketing is not meant to offer effective outcomes simply by throwing money into plans. Working with a marketing agency will be a strategic partnership and one that can be seen as a long-term relationship. While it may take some time to choose the right partner, it will surely be worth it. However, an impulsive decision can lead to a wastage of time and money.

Identify the Best Value, Rather than the Best Price

In the final decision, the price tag will obviously be a vital consideration. However, you should not go with whoever offers the cheapest rate. The agency that offers the cheapest rates will rarely provide the best value. 

Instead, it is best to ask about what you will get for your money and develop clarity on what is expected from you. This can enable you to develop confidence that your money is not being wasted, rather being invested in the future of your company.

Creative Take Medical Marketing Services

What's The Difference Between Customizable & Custom Sites | Palm DesertCustom websites are made specifically with the client’s needs in mind and are unique. On the other hand, customizable sites are template-based and have a generic appearance.

Customizable Sites are Similar to Fast Food

Customizable sites can be thought of like the Chipotle restaurants. A patron waits in line and creates their meal from set ingredients. Similarly, customizable websites are templates with set layouts. 

The user may be able to change the colors and pictures, but the site will appear similar to many other websites due to the templates. This is similar to how Chipotle’s burritos and bowls differ marginally in ingredients.

Templates essentially allow users to take their content and plug it into a set layout. If the end result is not to your liking, you will not have the flexibility to make the necessary changes. At times, a user can customize the layout themselves, but only after paying the company for the template along with the ability to change it. 

Custom Websites are Similar to Engaging a Personal Chef

In comparison to customizable sites, custom sites are in an entirely different class. Rather than going to Chipotle for dinner, custom medical and dental sites are similar to having Chef Rick Bayless cook a meal for you in your own kitchen. 

The chef would use the choicest ingredients, understand your likes and dislikes, and create a unique dish that works for your palate. This would impress your guests, and they would enjoy the time spent with you. Ultimately, you would want visitors to your website to have a similar experience. A custom website is designed depending on the mission and needs of the practice. 

Custom Site: Value

Apart from the apparent top-to-bottom customization missing from template-based websites, customizable designs also present other limitations that have a direct impact on the patient base. In general, these platforms do not have a strong support system capable of quickly resolving emergencies, such as a hacked site or a buggy user experience. 

Besides, whatever technical assistance that these template services offer will not likely deliver the quality of service that a custom website and digital marketing company would provide. The consumer base of template-based companies is usually so extensive that they have less incentive to offer superior services. 

Custom-made websites reinforce the brand and address concerns that the practice will become similar to competitors’ sites due to the use of the same website design. With a custom site, you are not only paying for an appealing, tailored website but also investing in tools to grow your practice.

What experience do you want your patients to have?

The practice website is a virtual storefront. How do you want it to look, and what experience do you want your visitors to have? Understanding the difference between custom and customizable sites can help you decide on the type of site that best complements your practice. Services