The Benefits of Adding Video Content to Your Website | Palm DesertFor search engine optimization (SEO) and brand awareness, video marketing is just as essential as the written content on your website. In fact, it might be even more crucial. According to current trends, video consumption today is the highest it has ever been, and this can mean immense value for your business.


Why Should I Use Video on My Website?

Consumers are increasingly absorbing content on the web through videos. Your business should be poised to take advantage of the opportunity that video offers.

Statistics indicate that viewers remain engaged for longer with video in comparison to reading, and are more likely to develop into leads after viewing a relevant video. The reason for this is that video enables your enterprise to communicate effectively and poignantly with your target audiences.


Data on Internet Video Consumption

According to marketing statistics from 2017, there is an increase in video consumption which is slated to continue to increase in the next few years.

At present, YouTube has more than one billion users. This translates to around one-third of all Internet users. Within the US, 85 percent of Internet users absorb content through video. Video consumption is expected to increase to almost 80 percent of all Internet traffic.


Reasons for your Business to Have Video on Your Site

Featuring videos on your website is advisable for many reasons, including:

  1. Enhance Your Rank on the Search Engine Results Pages

Your website can get an additional SEO boost by using keywords in the video title, tags, and descriptions.

In addition, YouTube belongs to Google. This presents another benefit for your business to have a more prominent presence in Google’s search engine results page.

Even if you have the video embedded in your company’s website, it is important to develop an optimized channel that hosts all of your video content. The channels and videos can offer high-authority backlinks and info about your site.

  1. Showcase Your Brand, Products, Services, and Company Personality

A video is an excellent avenue to add a human touch to your brand and connect with visitors to your website. This connection forms an integral part of trust and relationship building. Trustworthy businesses inspire people to buy from them, and a video can help develop this trust.

  1. Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Many companies still remain oblivious to the importance of videos. However, the opportunities are limited as more and more companies acquire awareness about the benefits of online video marketing and use it to their advantage in search results and brand message communication.

The use of videos can enable a business to reach new website visitors and make a lasting impression.


Video Offer a More Engaging Website Experience and Retention Rate

A video offers consumers a compelling experience by supplementing the static content on a website. Videos can help you build a strong relationship with website visitors.

It is more likely for consumers to recall your video than the content they read on your competitor’s site. Moreover, video links are easily shareable. This presents an opportunity for your customers to share your video content on their social media profiles.

More evidence on how video and social media are interrelated is provided by Facebook and Twitter’s official video engagement statistics. Services

How to Out Rank Competitors in Tougher SEO Markets | Palm DesertIt may be exceptionally difficult to acquire high search rankings to stay ahead of the competition in popular markets. It is not realistic to expect to reach the absolute top in search results within a short duration.

SEO marketing involves long-term strategies as well as constant updates, which requires persistent effort. There are various effective strategies that can help you beat the competition in difficult markets.


Develop Strategies and Research Keywords to Outrank Competitors

It will take time to grow your reputation (authority). Therefore, it is not advisable to immediately direct all your focus on the most competitive keywords in a market that is already competitive. Effectively, this may amount to a waste of time and energy. The key to success is strategizing with a long-term outlook.

While your website is in its early phases, it is essential to focus on long-tail keywords that are still associated with your main keyword. For instance, a new website will need significant amounts of authority before it is competitive for high volume keywords such as ‘Search Engine Optimization.’

Keyword planning apps and sites has made keyword research easier. People frequently use Google’s own keyword planner which shows relevant keywords and their search volumes. This is an appropriate place to explore your long-tail keyword options.

After your site attains some authority, you should slowly start optimizing for keywords with more competition.

However, you should still focus on the long-tail keywords as well. Your site’s ranking may fall if you do not update your maintaining these pages. This is something that you want to avoid in view of the time and effort spent in acquiring your good rankings.


Use Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is an effective way to acquire website visitors from specific regions. While this is a known fact, many times local SEO does not attain its full potential. Many SEO experts focus on optimizing the local pages with high search volume while completely discrediting the local keywords that have a low search volume.

Google displays outcomes on the basis of the user’s location. Therefore, searching for ‘medical practice’ while you are located in a particular city will mostly display the medical practices situated in that specific city.

Therefore, local search is not restricted to searches such as ‘medical practice Las Vegas.’ In fact, it will also display local results when someone from Las Vegas searches for the general term ‘medical practice.’ This translates into abundant opportunities for you.

Irrespective of the search volume, you should try to create pages with your primary keyword and add a location on the basis of your active locations and subsequently add some neighboring locations as well.  


Create Snippets

Local SEO and long-tail keyword options are an effective way to gain an edge over your competition. However, featuring snippets can really boost your Google rankings and increase your Click Through Rate.

This happens because your featured snippet will appear even above the number one position of a particular query. To get a featured snippet, you do not need to have a number one position. A site with a lower rank on a particular keyword could also become a featured snippet on Google. Services

Things to Avoid When Building a Review Strategy | Chicago MarketingConsumers increasingly seek rich, insightful, and updated information when they look for information on maps, search engines, and smart devices.

Today, consumers want information such as “What is the best pizza place open now?” rather than merely being satisfied with “pizza near me.”

Every site and service uses a unique algorithm to answer such questions appropriately. However, they all check reviews to provide the search results. Star ratings are being prominently featured in these results.


Steer Clear of Fake Reviews

With increasing competition for more reviews, some companies have been found selling false reviews, enhancing their own business ratings with fake content, or asking only happy customers for feedback. Such practices destroy consumer confidence in online reviews.

For instance, Amazon is bringing cases against sellers for purchasing fake reviews. In the US, the FTC even levied a fine on a car dealership group for $3.6 million for dishonest practices including fraudulent digital reviews.


Building a Successful Reviews Strategy

Some guidelines to remember while building a reviews strategy are as follows:

Do not copy reviews from another website to your site. Now, Google requires you to generate your own, unique reviews directly from your customers if you want to add stars to your organic search results.

While it may be tempting to copy and markup 5-star reviews from platforms such as Yelp or Facebook so they feature in the search engine results page (SERP), it is a violation of the guidelines instated by Google.

Do not ask only satisfied customers for reviews. This can lead to biased ratings. Rather, to acquire first-party reviews to use on your site, the ideal approach is not to pre-screen your clients prior to seeking a review. If you ask, nearly 70 percent of customers will leave a review!

Moreover, negative feedback from customers can help you identify and address your areas of improvement. In addition, customers tend to mistrust a perfect 5-star rating. Purchase likelihood peaks when the average rating ranges between 4.2 and 4.5 stars.

Do not offer customers incentives to provide reviews. It may seem like a prudent idea to offer customers’ services or coupons for a review, but people can see through this exchange.

Do not use cookie-cutter review responses. In the responses are all similar, the business risks experiencing more harm than advantages. Jay Baer at Convince & Convert elaborates that contrived and tone-deaf responses are equivalent to no response at all. Customers are individuals and should receive unique and relevant responses.


Assessing the Big Picture

Companies usually try to address only the superficial problems ascertained from online reviews. They do not try to understand the cause of the problem. It is important to closely analyze each review to understand which business policy or department is creating to the issue.

Problems with customer service, User Experience (UX) of the business site, online presence, the products and services themselves, or another area can adversely impact your profitability. Addressing the issues pointed out in reviews will require your operation to work comprehensively to devise solutions and enhance the big picture. Services

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 3.40.48 PMOver the last nearly 20 years, CreativeTake Medical has consistently pursued excellence in the area of digital marketing for legal professionals across the United States. CreativeTake has assisted hundreds of professionals from various domains to achieve their business goals in the past many years.

CT Medical has consistently developed user-friendly websites that contain relevant and pertinent information for people seeking legal help. At the same time, CreativeTake focuses on search engine optimization to widen the targeted local reach of the website.

New Website for a Leading Law Firm

CreativeTake has recently launched a website,, for leading law firm SBEMP attorneys. The website is a digital resource for information on various legal areas ranging from Dispute Resolution and Appeals to Mergers & Acquisitions.

The site provides relevant information on various practice areas of the law firm as well as details on the legal team. People seeking legal help can contact the practice to set-up an appointment through the website as well.

The has been developed as a user-friendly website. It includes content that is written in simple and easy-to-understand language. But there is no compromise on the quality and accuracy of the information provided on the website.

CreativeTake’s team of content developers and website designers has provided an innovative yet simple to use website for the legal practice.

‘Our Team’ Section on the Website

The website has a comprehensive “Our Team” section that provides relevant and current information about the legal team. New clients can view this section to get a detailed understanding of the lawyers at the practice and their backgrounds.

Prospective clients are usually concerned about the expertise of the legal team and its ability to handle their specific case appropriately. CreativeTake understands that potential clients spend a significant time in evaluating the legal team’s credentials before seeking an appointment at the practice.

Therefore, CT Medical’s team spends significant time and effort in developing this section. This section provides in-depth information on the credentials and experience of each member of the legal team to inspire confidence in prospective clients.

The information encompasses various aspects such as the educational background, key practice area, and notable engagements of a particular lawyer.

Section on Practice Areas

An important section in is “Practice Areas.” This section provides detailed information on the various practice areas at the law firm. Every sub-section also contains easy to access information on the various locations of the law firm’s offices as well as contact details to enable new clients to contact an office at a location that is suitable to them.

The information on each practice area is presented succinctly and concisely. Clients can easily locate and get details on the practice area that is most relevant to their needs.

Other Sections

The site also comprises a “News and Announcements” section featuring current media information and details on other significant happenings at the law firm.

The “Contact Us” section offers the addresses and contact numbers of various offices of the law firm as well as a form that potential patients can fill-out to enable a representative of the practice to contact them. Services

Northern Virginia Medical Website Design has launched one of the most comprehensive websites called for the Modern Body Contouring & Laser Center. The website has been developed for board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton M. Sundin and Dr. Reps B. Sundin, who are renowned surgeons leading the MBody practice.

Home Page Design

CreativeTake is proud of its design team that has developed an outstanding home page for Dr. Burtons’ website. CT Medical designers know from experience that first impressions matter a lot in website design. Site visitors will typically form an impression of the website in the first few seconds, and thereafter it gets hard to change their opinion.

CreativeTake Medical has placed stunning visuals of women with attractive bodies on the top portion of the home page. These carefully chosen images are likely to make the maximum impact on a site visitor and encourage them to explore the site further.

MBody offers cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures related to the breast, body, face, and skin. New site visitors can immediately identify the treatment area of their choice to review the procedures available for that area.

The home page also includes effective displays for a call to action, inviting new visitors to request a consultation online. A link to before and after photos is prominently presented on the home page. Finally, the page also invites visitors to engage with the practice via social media and provides social icons.

A location map and directions are embedded at the bottom of the home page, making it convenient for site visitors to find nearly all relevant information on the page.

An impactful video about MBody practice is provided in the middle of the home page. This engages visitors who prefer to view or hear rather than read a lot. At the same time, the video adds more SEO value to the website.

About Us Section has produced a detailed “About Us” section that is accessible through the horizontal menu bar at the top of the home page screen. Through this section, patients can check out web pages that offer a description of the professional credentials of Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin.

The second also includes other sub-sections such as Why M-Body and Why Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. These sections provide an overview of the strengths of the practice and educates new readers about the importance of choosing ABPS board-certified plastic surgeons.

Social Proof is presented in the form of client testimonials, RealSelf Reviews, and Media Appearances for Drs. Burton and their practice.

Procedure Sections

Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center offers an extensive range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. The website does ample justice by way to providing thorough and accurate descriptions of all the procedures.

Through this website, CreativeTake Medical has virtually created one of the most comprehensive online educational resources about cosmetic procedures. They have also included a before and after images gallery and a video gallery, which presents visual evidence of the potential benefits of all the procedures offered at the practice. Services

One of the best and most effective places to market your practice is the World Wide Web. However, to achieve the desired outcomes in this crowded and competitive marketplace, it is vital to update your website to ensure that it remains fast, secure, and relevant.

There are new trends emerging in website design almost every day, so it is a good idea to keep up with these new developments. Routine design updates actually help save money. It is essential to keep up with web standards. Consistency is an important factor while browsing the internet, especially for people who aren’t tech savvy.

Furthermore, search engines such as Google and Bing regularly update their algorithms. It is important to upgrade your website to incorporate their updates in order to maintain your search rankings.

The top reasons for updating your website include:

  1. Visual Appeal

Your website is a direct reflection of your enterprise. It is essential to position your business and yourself as an expert in your field. In portraying this vision, first impressions are important. Therefore, it is vital to regularly modernize your website to keep up with the most recent design trends.

Similarly, if your website appears old and poorly developed, people visiting the site may believe that your business is also dated and poorly structured as well. The purpose of your website is to showcase your services and products in the best light possible to motivate visitors to learn more about you and potentially utilize your services or purchase your product.

A website should appear attractive and be easy to navigate on various devices. It should dynamically adjust for multiple devices regardless of whether the visitor is using a laptop, mobile, desktop, or tablet. It is crucial to not alienate any potential clients by maintaining a design that is responsive and can accommodate all types of devices.

  1. Security

It is common to hear about websites being hacked. To make sure that your website is secure and safe from hacker attacks, it is imperative to ensure that the site’s software is regularly updated. When using content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or others, it is vital to ensure that these programs are up-to-date with modern technologies.

Your hosting account is another vital consideration. It is essential to make sure that your hosting service provider is reputable and concerned about security.

  1. Content

The overall design of your website can manage first impressions, but only in the beginning. After you have grabbed a visitor’s attention, you need to retain it by offering engaging and relevant content. The content should be entertaining as well as informational providing visitors with appropriate information on the products or services on offer.

Notably, you have only between two and four seconds to engage the visitor. Therefore, just wowing them with graphics won’t suffice. It is important to use phrases and keywords that can get their attention quickly.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Along with an appealing design and excellent content, you also need to update your SEO to enable users to locate your website. SEO principles are continually changing, and every time Google makes algorithm changes, it can potentially impact your site.

 Updating your website’s look and content also offers an excellent opportunity to update the site’s SEO settings. This may involve evaluating new content but may also require updating the associated code related to the new design. Services

There are various ways to market a medical practice. Some of these marketing techniques include search engine marketing, direct mailing, and social media engagement. In this article, let us examine some of the best marketing ideas to promote your practice.

  1. Explore Ways to Attract Patients from Local Businesses

Whether it is a large employer in your area or a small business across the street, it presents an opportunity for you to attract new patients. This could be an ideal marketing opportunity if you are already providing services to some of their employees.

Create a list of names of the local companies in your area. Investing time in your local chamber of commerce is a good idea to add more names to your list. Furthermore, talk to your friends and family for ideas and connections to help grow the list of company names.

You can speak to existing patients of companies that you want to target to understand who the decision makers for these organizations are and connect with appropriate individuals to discuss opportunities to hold talks, participate in health fairs, or engage in other employee-related activities.

  1. Use Facebook Advertisements to Give Away Low-Cost Services for Free

Using Facebook ads to give away low-cost services for free can help introduce more patients to your practice. Offer these patients an excellent first experience to engage them with your practice. This strategy involves giving away free, low-ticket services to get prospective customers to try your services.

If the customer has a good first-visit, then they would naturally want to revisit the practice. This strategy is ideal for any medical practice. For instance, the free low-ticket service could include free teeth cleaning at a dental practice or a free physical at a primary care physician’s office.

  1. Create Media Exposure for Your Practice

Effective media exposure can create a large number of new customers rapidly as well as increase the brand image of your practice. However, creating media exposure is frequently underutilized or overlooked in the area of medical marketing.

This occurs as generating media exposure involves investing time, following up, and garnering a detailed understanding of how editors, writers, and producers operate. Media exposure can lead to huge gains in your practice when done efficiently.

  1. Establish Your Own Reputation Management System

Prospective patients assess multiple reviews when seeking a doctor. Medical professionals who create a reputation management platform can automate review requests, enhance the frequency of good reviews, and diffuse the effects of negative reviews.

Furthermore, patients also visit various websites for information and reviews on doctors, including Google, Yelp, and HealthGrades. A review management platform guides patients to reviews that are most advantageous for the practice and help make a cross-platform favorable impression on patients.

  1. Ensure that You Claim All Practitioner Profiles

Many medical practices do not pay attention to their practitioner’s listings. Listings on sites such as Google My Business, Foursquare, Bing, and HealthGrades will allow a local listing for the practice along with a practitioner listing.

While this helps SEO by creating additional citations, it also enables the practitioner to claim and manage their listing to preserve their online reputation. Services

SEO is vital to effective online marketing, and you will want to incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy immediately on realizing its benefits. The next step is to determine whether to have in-house SEO or hire an agency.

Business owners who are new to SEO and how it operates can understand why hiring an experienced and established SEO agency is better than having an internal SEO team through the six reasons mentioned below:

  1. Professionals with an in-depth understanding of SEO

By hiring an SEO firm, you will immediately have a team of experts who have a detailed understanding of the industry. It eliminates the need to spend significant time and energy undergoing a painstaking hiring process. Besides, unfamiliarity with SEO will mean that it will be challenging for you to identify suitable candidates for your requirements.

  1. Proven track record and expertise

An established SEO agency will help fast track your enterprise. Furthermore, experts will be available to you at all times for answering any questions that you may have regarding the assessment of other digital marketing strategies. They can also offer the human resources and track record to ensure that your digital marketing ventures are successful.

  1. Multiple experts to ensure success

By hiring an experienced SEO agency, you will have multiple experts overseeing your marketing project. Upon deciding to create an in-house SEO team, you will be making one individual responsible for your SEO campaigns which could be calamitous. It is very challenging to be successful in a competitive environment without seasoned professionals monitoring your campaign.

  1. Convenience and efficiency

It is easier to hire an SEO firm instead of creating an internal SEO team in your company. Agencies have processes to onboard new customers fast and efficiently.

It may take several months to establish an in-house SEO team. Furthermore, an SEO agency will provide in-depth reports and will offer periodic updates on your project’s direction. It will save you the trouble of chasing staff for direction and updates.

  1. They are result-oriented

SEO agencies focus on results and are determined to provide your business with the best possible rankings to ensure it stays ahead of competitors.

This mindset requires a higher level of commitment and performance that is usually not available in in-house teams. As SEO firms are result oriented, they will routinely track the progress of the project to help you understand if it is a lucrative investment.

  1. They are cost-effective

Creating a sustainable relationship with a prestigious SEO firm is more cost-effective than building an SEO team in-house. The average cost of one employee for an internal SEO team will usually be much more than the cost of hiring the services of an SEO firm. In-house SEO will also involve office space and equipment costs. We don’t even have to mention the increased chances of sexual harassment issues, reliability issues, insurance costs, and so on.

Let’s not forget about the tax issues as well though this falls under the average cost aspect that was mentioned. But it is prudent to be clear. When you utilize the talents of a salient and proven SEO firm you just don’t have to worry about things like that. Even with lower taxes it is always wise to focus on saving money. That will never go out of style.

Selecting the Most Suitable SEO Firm

It is vital to verify the track record of a particular SEO agency when you are considering engaging one. Previous client references are essential as they will provide you a glimpse of their proven achievements in past projects. Services

A recent announcement from Google on the initiation of mobile-first indexing for its search results is set to impact the online search landscape in a significant way.

The company is presently moving websites that follow best practices for its mobile-first indexing to utilize the mobile version of the page rather than the desktop version.

Gradual but Imminent Transition

In November 2016, Google began experimentation with mobile-first indexing. The company’s search engine indexing, crawling and ranking systems used only the desktop version of the web page’s content until then.

The search engine service provider has identified that relying exclusively on the desktop version can lead to challenges for searchers using their mobiles as desktop content varies from mobile content on occasion. At present, most searchers use mobiles.

This makes mobile-first indexing important as its goal is to use the mobile version of the webpage to ensure that the search results align with the content that the user views when they click through.

However, this transition will be gradual and Google elaborates that ranking is not a consideration currently, yet:

Increased Mobile Search Efficacy

The focus of mobile-first indexing is how content is gathered rather than how it is ranked. Mobile-first indexing does not have an advantage regarding rank over mobile content that is not gathered through this method yet or content for desktop. Furthermore, desktop content will continue to enjoy representation in the index.

Notably, Google will not be implementing two search indices as proposed earlier. The “mobile-first index” is not separate from the main index which has been in existence since Google initially started crawling pages. The company is merely migrating from desktop version indexing to mobile version indexing of the content.  

Site managers and develops must take note of this development.

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

The websites that Google chooses to move to its mobile-first indexing will receive notification through the Google Search Console. Site owners will experience a “significantly increased crawl rate” from the Smartphone Googlebot. Additionally, Google will begin displaying the page’s mobile version in search results and cached pages.

At the beginning of the year, Google launched an advanced version of the Search Console. Performance was a crucial factor in the update, and now the company is devoting the same attention to mobile.

The broad overview here is that Google is encouraging webmasters to create mobile-friendly content. Even though mobile-first indexing does not impact page rankings at present, Google still assesses content in its index to understand how suitable it is for mobile interfaces.

In case you have an individual mobile site, you would want to consider the following two factors:


Ensure that the mobile version of your site has poignant and relevant content just as your desktop site does.

Structured Data

Your site’s mobile and desktop versions should contain the same structured data markup.

Currently, Google ranks sites that are “mobile-friendly” higher while ranking mobile interstitials negatively. July onwards, the company’s search engine will also place mobile pages that are faster in better positions to be found and seen. Services

The world of marketing has found the policies of the Trump administration largely favorable states Dick O’Brien, EVP of government relations at the 4As while speaking at the Coalition for Healthcare Communication conference held in Washington, DC.

The Republican tax-reform law has turned down a previous proposal to decrease the percentage of ad spending that could be tax deductible as a business expense.

The Trump administration also rejected a proposal to make changes in the ways that Internet services providers use to gather data from an opt-out to an opt-in method. Most consumers would not choose an opt-in for data collection.

Emphasis on Data

O’Brien explains that this change could have made the collection of data for marketing purposes very challenging. This year data will be under the spotlight for marketers as the European Union’s GDPR stipulations are slated to become effective and the Cambridge Analytica scandal highlights the collection and usage of data.

O’Brien describes that if the focus in 2017 was on taxes, the emphasis is on data for 2018. This will impact their ability to collect data as the end-use of this data will be in question. However, he explains that his organization may not find this as challenging as they already have self-policing measures in place for data collection.

4As and other organizations are trying to manage issues such as fake news and privacy by developing a standardized icon for all political advertisements. When visitors click on these icons, they will receive information on who that spot supports and who purchased it.

Gottlieb’s Activist Tenure

According to panelists at the Rising Leaders Conference, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb experienced an activist primary year.  

He has a multi-faceted agenda that includes policies on issues ranging from the opioid epidemic and off-label product use to broadening the Right to Try legislation which the Congress passed this week as well as making the process of drug approval more efficient.

Under Gottlieb’s leadership, the FDA is also identifying ways to clarify product-related communications such as off-label communications, pre-approval communications between payors and producers, and product promotion on social media.

Kellie Combs, the counsel for the medical information working group at law firm Ropes & Gray, elaborates that the rules regarding off-label use have lacked clarity for some time. However, now there is an effort to make these rules more transparent.

New Trends in Healthcare

The main trends in healthcare marketing under the Trump administration are as follows:

  • The changing environment in the healthcare industry may always continue to evolve
  • The competition between medical care providers and facilities will increase so prices will come down which was not the case in the years before, competition was limited and eliminated in some cases which forced prices up
  • Patients will become better informed
  • The delivery of healthcare will continue its move to a retail outlook
  • While costs may inhibit consumer spending, transparency in price will be a primary consideration

The policymakers and the FDA have a key concern regarding firms transmitting wrong information to doctors and consumers. The agency is striving to create the right balance, but progress is slow. Services