(If you haven’t already)

1. Convert your Website site to HTTPS.

This should of been done over 2 years ago but we see so many sites that have not. See “Is Your Website Secure and HIPAA Compliant?” for more information.

DR Eugene KIm Instagram page2. Create an Instagram business profile.

With 100 million new users in the last six months and 600 million users overall, Instagram shows no signs of slowing down. This photo and video sharing platform will only continue to grow, giving you 600 million reasons why your practice should join in on this digital marketing gold mine.

If you are looking for new ways to engage with potential and current patients or market to millennial’s, Instagram is the social network to do it. Having 90% of users under the age of 35, this is a great place to engage with those starting to make their own medical decisions and parents searching for where to take the family.

By creating a Instagram business profile you can keep you personal account separate from your business account. Using a business profile Instagram also allows  you to schedule Instagram Posts in advance and track the results of each post.

Google My Business plastic surgeon listing results3. Claim/create a Google My Business profile for each office location

Claiming your local or small business on Google is one of the most effective ways to establish a great reputation online. Not only is Google the most used website and search engine in the world today, it’s also where nearly everyone starts and ends when looking for information online.

4. Switch to paid Facebook advertising

People spend a lot of time on social media. With over 1 billion users a business can not ignore Facebook.

Unfortunately organic placement on Facebook is practically gone. Less than .05% of your business page users will see your post. Paid ads on Facebook is the way to go. And choosing your target market on Facebook is amazing!

Use Facebook re-marketing. Essentially, re-marketing is a type of technology that shows ads for your business to people after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address. People will see these ads when they visit or shop on other websites, use social media, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search on Google. (I’ve seen social re-marketing, on average, boost engagement rates by three times and increase conversion rates by two times.)

Note: Make sure you read and follow the Facebook ad guidelines so your ad is not rejected

5. Make sure your website is mobile responsive

Make sure your website is responsive. More people access websites from mobile devices now than they do desktops. If your site does not resize to fit the screen, they will leave.

Plus, Google now penalizes sites who are not mobile responsive by showing them less in results. See “Why is a responsive website important?

6. Post more real photos of your patients and practice on your website and social media.

The number one visited page on plastic surgery websites are before and after picture pages. This is your way to advertise your best work. Get permission from all clients and create a process with your team to take before and after pictures patient surgeries and treatments. But, only post the best results. Treat this like placing an ad in a magazine.

Plus, you can search by images on many search engines. This is one more way to be found in search and drive more traffic to your website.

7. Increase your video content.

Video is the best way to engage your audience for a longer period of time.

See “Benefits of adding video content to your website” and “Video Marketing & Social Media Strategies


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Voice search is increasing. How can your company leverage it?Tech giants are investing significant time and money into gadgets that comprise digital assistants. Voice search is gaining growing appeal and acceptance.

Amazon gave massive discounts on products such as Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot which feature Alexa on Black Friday which showcases the retail giant’s commitment to sell voice search and digital assistants.

The company’s strategy paid off immensely with consumers buying millions of Alexa-enabled devices over the Black Friday weekend. Alexa devices were best sellers all over Amazon with Echo Dot being the top-seller across various categories worldwide.

Amazon’s success indicates that the technological focus on voice search and digital assistants will increase even more. Some of the largest tech enterprises across the globe offer smart speaker and mobile devices with digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

Private medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery practitioners should choose to work with SEO experts who are willing and capable to adapt to the changing search technology, and implement cutting edge voice search driven SEO strategies to promote their practices locally.

Advanced Voice Search Functions

Voice recognition software has gone beyond merely simple searches today. Amazon commercials frequently feature customers telling the Echo to play the music of their choice (via a Bluetooth system), and similar functionalities.

In the recent past, behemoths such as Google and Walmart have joined hands on voice-based shopping. Many analysts believe that voice will be a significant driver in the retail industry in the future. Certain estimates forecast Alexa as being a $10 billion enterprise by the year 2020. It is amazing this many people want a gadget like that in their home.

Voice-based shopping growth has undoubtedly caught the attention of Amazon which has lowered its rates for Echo devices. The company knows that the use of more Echo devices in homes means that they will also be used more for shopping. According to studies, owners of Amazon Echo buy more from Amazon after purchasing Echo devices.

With every passing year, the use of voice search and devices that use digital assistants continues to increase. Further to the apparent relevance for these tech behemoths, this shift in customer behavior has far-reaching business implications ranging from retailers to SEO firms to e-commerce portals.

With regard to marketing, this change means that old SEO techniques will not be as effective. This will force companies to customize their web presence to the growth of voice technology.

Website Optimization for Voice Search

Digital marketing strategy in the past was geared towards specific keywords as well as variations of those keywords. However, voice search optimization involves understanding how people actually speak. To position a business for voice search means answering consumer questions and providing searchers with the precise results that they are seeking.

In some ways, this will make keyword research even more difficult. However, it can also be a more significant opportunity as the customer that locates a business will be targeted more and most likely find the content relevant.

Voice search is not optional anymore with every quarter bringing continual growth. It is now a must-have solution for all businesses.

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CLICK HERE to See if Your Website is Secure.

Secure your Website with a SSL certificate.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate encryption is a must to secure websites when transferring sensitive data like filling out patient forms, credit card information, logins, register and passwords. If someone tried to break into a transport layer, they would not be able to decrypt any of the information due to the SSL security.  A SSL Certificate ensures that all data passed between the Web server and web browser remains private and secure.

How can I tell if my site is secure?

When you add a SSL certificate to your Website the “HTTP” in the URL changes to “HTTPS” (S stands for secure).

Why should you switch your website to HTTPS vs. your current HTTP site?

  • Encryption. Encrypting the exchanged data to keep it secure from eavesdroppers. That means that while the user is browsing a website, nobody can “listen” to their conversations, track their activities across multiple pages or steal their information.
  • Data integrity. Data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer, intentionally or otherwise, without being detected.
  • Authentication. Proves that your users communicate with the intended website. It protects against man-in-the-middle attacks and builds user trust, which translates into other business benefits.
  • HIPAA. Make web forms secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • HTTP connections are not secure with a flashier image on google chromeSEO Ranking. Google uses HTTPS secure sites as a ranking signal.  Read more about why Google wants secure sites. Today, Google will rank HTTPS Websites higher than those without. Beginning, as soon as 2018 Google plans to start to penalize Websites for not being HTTPS secure on both desktop and mobile.
  • New Technology. Increasingly, modern browsers and web apps require HTTPS to perform properly, so if you haven’t yet added HTTPS to your website, it could be only a matter of time before you have little choice in the matter.

While a website plays a critical role in ongoing patient retention, many medical professionals create a website with the purpose of acquiring new patients.  In order to maximize your return-on-investment and increase the conversion of website visitors to office visits, your website must display that crucial trust-building indicator of security – the green or yellow padlock.

secure ssl site on chrome

SSL is an inexpensive approach to increasing website conversion rates.  If patients see the familiar signs of security on your website, the padlock icon and the ‘https’ in the address bar, they are more likely to fill out and submit your appointment request form.

40 point checklist to convert HTTP to HTTPS

Ready to secure your Website? We can migrate your site for you.

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Wearable Technology to Engage More with Patients 

shutterstock_274885196Communication between doctors and patients via multiple channels can build better relationships and support improved treatment outcomes.

Key development that is transforming the way doctors engage with patients is wearable technology. As glucose monitors, insulin pumps, continuous ultrasound systems, Fitbits and other wearable gadgets gain more popularity, it is changing the way doctors care for patients and the way patients care for themselves.

Growing Trend

While the field of wearable health technology is still evolving, doctors are already seeing the benefits in terms of patient engagement and more interactive medical marketing. Technology can never completely replace personal doctor-patient conversations, but it still could be a game changer.

A nationwide Pew Research survey revealed that as many as 69 percent of American adults monitor at least one health indicator such as diet or exercise or body weight. Over 21 percent of the respondents said they used some type of technology to keep a track. According to experts, this number is projected to increase every year, and by 2025, wearable and embedded devices will be ubiquitous.

The Pew Center report also showed that 46 percent of the respondents said that their overall approach to maintain health had changed after they started keeping track of health data. Furthermore, 40 percent said that tracking data encouraged them to ask new questions from their physician or led them to seek a second opinion.

Advantage for Diabetics

Some endocrinologists are already prescribing wearable technology to their diabetic patients. Patients can use the glucose monitors instead of waiting for results of the blood tests. Blood sugar levels can be measured every five minutes just by inserting a small patch with a wire lead below the skin.

Such data provides a better context in order to improvise treatment. Patient data of past several months can be obtained from the device to create graphs and charts. Doctors are also encouraging patients to use Fitbits, pedometers, and mobile apps to keep a track of their fitness and diet. A 2014 report by a strategy consulting company called Endeavor Partners showed that one in 10 American consumers above the age of 18 already owns an activity tracker such as Fitbit.

Ultrasound Therapy Device

ZetrOZ has created a battery operated ultrasound therapy device. Patients suffering from problems such as frozen shoulder or orthopedic or arthritic conditions can use the device to receive automated physical therapy. The device provides continuous ultrasound therapy for up to four hours a day. The device earned the FDA’s approval in 2014. The patient can simply wear the device below their clothing and continue doing their normal activities.

Integrative Technologies

An innovative patient portal called Epic MyChart from Novant Health is helping patients share data from Fitbit and Apple HealthKit with their physician. With the integration of Fitbit and Apple HealthKit, nearly half a million users of MyChart can submit data from their personal fitness devices directly to their physicians.

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CreativeTake Medical is a leading medical marketing company helping doctors reach out to patients and engage with them more effectively through website, blogs, social media, and other online tools.

Social Media Influence on Cosmetic Surgery | Online Medical MarketingAccording to the leading cosmetic surgery and dermatology patient review website RealSelf.com, a growing number of patients feel the impact of social media on their choices of plastic surgery procedures. Patient feedback on RealSelf community suggests that social media is giving expression to the self-perceived need for aesthetic procedures.

The trend of posting images and selfies over Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks can lead to widespread online exposure for anyone. This also means for some people that forehead wrinkles, sagging jowls, double chin, and a protruding tummy are highly visible and create a constant reminder of how much older a person may appear to others. This naturally prompts many people to think how to make improvements in their physical appearance.

CreativeTake Medical is helping hundreds of plastic and cosmetic surgeons across the country with medical marketing, including website design and SEO. CT Medical also supports the surgeons’ efforts to build successful social media campaigns to leverage the power of these highly personalized and vast networks to their marketing benefit.


Findings of RealSelf Survey

RealSelf recently surveyed 527 site visitors about whether social media had any role to play in their decision to choose a cosmetic procedure. Almost half the respondents reaffirmed the influence of social media, with 15 percent replying with a very clear “yes,” and over 33 percent saying that while they knew they wanted to improve their look, but images on social media made them more aware.

The founder and CEO of RealSelf, Tom Seery, says that online connectivity and communication has transformed the way patients engage with a plastic surgery or dermatology practice. Some cosmetic surgeons inform RealSelf that as many as 60 percent of the patients visiting their practice find them via social media, website content, online ads, or RealSelf discussions.

Seery says that the connected patient of today is significantly influenced by what others say. They like to engage closely while making choices about their aesthetic procedure. In Seery’s experience, almost 50 percent of the patients researched a particular procedure for over a year before deciding to go ahead with it.

During this process of research and information gathering, these potential patients rely on the opinions and reviews of their peers as well as information disseminated online by medical professionals. Accordingly to Seery, one in four American adults share their health experiences on social media networks, and the numbers are growing. This indicates the strong impact of social media in the field of aesthetic procedures.


Build Online Reputation

CreativeTakeMedical.com provides cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals with cutting-edge medical marketing, website design, and SEO services. This also includes strategy and support to create a robust online reputation for the doctors.

One of the challenges with the rise of social media and other networks such as RealSelf is that some patients may give low or moderate ratings to the surgeon, even when the services delivered were of very high quality. Ratings may sometimes be low due to unrelated factors such as no insurance coverage, or a highly demanding patient may give less than satisfactory feedback even when they received a stellar treatment experience. Some people are just like that. Some people are just ungrateful – perhaps they did not care for where they had to park before they entered the building, who knows?

Human nature is unpredictable. Their baseball or basketball team may have lost and they take it out on their surgeon’s review and reputation!

These issues can be addressed when the doctor is able to motivate happy and satisfied patients to post positive reviews. The best way to build a strong reputation is when the positive reviews outnumber unsatisfactory reviews by far. This is when you should capitalize.

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From Around the Web…

Google+ is getting dismantled. YouTube will no longer require users have a Google+ account to comment on or post videos. The conscious uncoupling is the latest attempt by Google separate its popular products from the flailing social network. – by CNN Money


On July 28th, Google will begin shutting down those GMB–associated Google+ pages that have not been associated with user accounts and are also not verified. You may find that some of your Business View tours also sit on such pages, but note that after their removal of unverifiedGoogle+ pages, the Business View tours will still remain available on Google Maps and Google Search. a email to Google agency partners from Google


Google’s Bradley Horowitz announced on Google+ last month that the platform will be split into two new services: Streams and Photos. “Photos” are self-explanatory, and “Streams” are going to cover just about everything else. If you’re fond of Google Hangouts, don’t worry — the video/messaging service survived the fallout as a separate offering. However, Hangouts is just about the only part of Google+ that has a clear future. – by MarketingLand.com


Your Google+ profile will no longer be your identity in all Google products. This change will be trickling out “in the coming months,” and the first product toenjoy the change will be the one that was most negatively affected by Google’s Google+ obsession: YouTube. The move means you’ll soon be able to use your standard Google account to share content, communicate with contacts, create a YouTube channel, and so on. Unlike your public Google+ profile, your Google account is not searchable or followable. – by VentureBeat.com


Google + Engineer quote in 2011

Goodbye Google+ Photos, hello +Google PhotosIn May, we launched Google Photos as the home for all your photos and videos. With Google Photos you can store unlimited high quality photos and videos for free, find photos fast, and see them organized by what matters to you. Plus, you can bring moments to life and share anywhere with anyone. In an effort to ensure everyone has the best photos experience we can deliver, on August 1st we’ll start to shut down Google+ Photos — initially on Android, and soon thereafter on the Web and iOS. – by Google+


The next graduate from the platform could well be its local listings section. Google bought Zagat in 2011 and integrated its reviews into Google Local, which it then folded into Google+. It shut down Local this week, but it seems unlikely that it would leave its Zagat listings or its database of local businesses without a longterm home. – by NextGov.com


Users who have linked their Google+ accounts to YouTube will also be able to remove their Google+ profiles from the service in the near future. The focus of Google+ — which still isn’t quite dead — will be on “becoming a place where people engage around their shared interests, with the content and people who inspire them.” That means Google will focus on features like Google+ Collections and move location-sharing to tools like Hangouts. – by TechCrunch.com


Google also announced it’s adding a new feature to the social network called Google Plus Collections, which lets users share and read posts sorted by existing topics like sneakers, gluten-free recipes and Ireland or all-new user-generated topics. Meanwhile, the social network’s location sharing ability will be moved over to Hangouts and other unspecified apps. – by EconomicTimes.com

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

The number of people seeking healthcare information online has grown dramatically over the years. Many potential patients tend to search via Google, Bing, or other search engines about the plastic surgeons and other medical practitioners in their local area. This burgeoning segment of people who like to read online reviews, go through practice websites, and check out business listings on the Internet while seeking plastic surgery services can be addressed with an effective online presence.

CreativeTake Medical is one of the leading providers of search engine optimization (SEO) services for plastic surgeons in the United States. With a comprehensive SEO strategy in place, it is possible to achieve top search rankings for prominent localized keywords that a potential patient is likely to search online. This can direct a strong traffic of local patients to the surgeon’s website, and eventually boost the prospects of their practice.

Long-term Approach

CreativeTake Medical has extensive experience in creating and implementing effective SEO strategies for plastic surgery practices in the country. The SEO experts at CT Medical are committed to delivering results and meeting or exceeding the expectations of the surgeon from this comprehensive medical marketing exercise.SEO | Plastic Surgeons | Web Development | Social Media | Consulting

CT Medical adopts a long-term approach to SEO in order to achieve credible and sustainable results for the practice, and build a strong online reputation for the plastic surgeon. With long-term commitment and focus, it is possible to achieve high search rankings in the search results month after month and year after year. The surgeon’s website can dominate the market online locally, which will eventually translate into higher traffic of patients to the surgeon’s practice.

Following Google Guidelines

CreativeTake recognizes that Google is the dominant search engine, and it employs SEO strategies and practices that are in complete sync with Google’s webmaster guidelines for SEO. The following major search engine algorithmic updates in recent years such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, it has become increasingly important to adhere strictly to Google’s official guidelines to support SEO.

CT Medical introduces SEO right from the website design stage. The expert teams will create a unique site design that is easily navigable and applies all the site design recommendations of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Site visitors as well as search engine bots or crawlers can go through every section of the website seamlessly and efficiently.

Localized keyword optimization is ensured for every page of the website. Page titles and descriptions, which are a part of SEO meta tags, are created with appropriate keyword optimizations. Page URLs are also created as per the Google guidelines. Images and videos are optimized, and mobile compatibility is ensured for every website. External SEO efforts such as blogging, social media engagement, and link building are also performed.

Content Quality

High quality website content that addresses the queries of online search users most adequately is fundamental to building a search engine optimized website. CT Medical makes sure that original, accurate, and relevant content is developed for every plastic surgery website in order to achieve the highest SEO value.

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Each hosting company has different hardware, networks, versions of server code, and configurations. How quickly your site loads is important. The faster you can make it, and the more reliable your hosting, the higher you will rank. Factors that impact page load time are:

  • Speed of the server
  • Demand on the server (how many sites with how much traffic)
  • Distance from the end user (the person looking for your site)

Using a CDN (content delivery network is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server) can greatly speed up your download times by duplicating the most often requested content on your site across multiple servers. Load balancing and failover speeds up your site and also ensures there is no downtime.

Watch Your Downtime

Extended downtime can definitely negatively impact your rankings on Google and other search engines, so choosing a reliable hosting company is essential to your success.

CDNs also provide serious security, which ensure your site is far less likely to get hacked. Lengthy outages recovering from damage hackers do can can largely be avoided.

Be sure to choose a CDN known for security as some focus more on page load speed while others focus on both.

Speed Up Download Time

If you are serious about getting your site to load faster, start with these tips. And do note the links to additional information at the bottom of that post. There are some simple things every site owner should know. For example:

  • Your site should be hosted on a server in the country whose audience you most want to reach. See Server Location as a Local Ranking Factor for details.
  • Other sites on a shared server can negatively impact your search engine positions, so choose carefully and know what other sites are on the same server with you. Use this lookup tool to find out.

Check to See Which Sites Are Hosted on the Same Server As Your Site

Make sure your web server is not hosting websites with explicit content that have been blacklisted. There is a possibility that if your website is hosted with other blacklisted websites on the web server it may be blocked by web filtering software. Search engine rankings for these web sites may be affected as well. Check to see who your website is hosted with the reverse IP lookup tool.

Read more

Google’s Webmaster Blog’s answered these important questions about Google’s “Mobilegeddon” algorithm change

General FAQs:

Click here to read all the answers here

  1. Will desktop and/or tablet ranking also be affected by this change? Is it a page-level or site-level mobile ranking boost?
  2. How do I know if Google thinks a page on my site is mobile-friendly? Mobile-Friendly Test
  3. Unfortunately, my mobile-friendly pages won’t be ready until after April 21st. How long before they can be considered mobile-friendly in ranking?
  4. Since the mobile ranking change rolls out on April 21st, if I see no drop in traffic on April 22nd, does that mean that my site’s rankings aren’t impacted?
  5. I have a great mobile site, but the Mobile-Friendly Test tells me that my pages aren’t mobile-friendly. Why?
  6. What if I link to a site that’s not mobile-friendly?
  7. Does Google give a stronger mobile-friendly ranking to pages using Responsive Web Design (which uses the same URL and the same HTML for the desktop and mobile versions) vs. hosting a separate mobile site (like www for desktop and m.example.com for mobile)?
  8. Will my site / page disappear on mobile search results if it’s not mobile-friendly?


Specialized FAQs

  1. What if my audience is desktop only? Then there’s no reason to have a mobile site, right?
  2. I have pages showing mobile usability errors because they embed a YouTube video. What can I do?
  3. Is there a clear standard for sizing tap targets?
  4. To become mobile-friendly quickly, we’re thinking of creating a very stripped down version of our site (separate mobile pages) until our new responsive site is complete. Do you foresee any problems with this?n.