CreativeTake Medical Launches New Dermatology Website for in Austin, TX

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website | Palm DesertZimmet Vein and Dermatology is a prominent cosmetic and medical dermatology practice operating in Austin, Texas. 

The practice is led by eminent dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, who has been offering patients dermatological services in the area for over thirty years. The practice offers an extensive range of services for the body, skin, and veins.

Dr. Zimmet wanted to create a new site that would accurately reflect the top-notch quality standards and services offered at his practice as well as deliver relevant information to prospective patients on various cosmetic and vein treatment options. 

CreativeTake Medical created to achieve these goals. Their team of site designers and content developers has given a unique look to the site to showcase Dr. Zimmet’s practice in a professional manner.


Section on Dr. Zimmet and his Team comprises a detailed “About” section featuring Dr. Zimmet and his team. It offers current information about Dr. Zimmet’s background, credentials, and accolades. 

This section also comprises sub-section on Dr. Zimmet’s team, which provides brief bios on the practice’s staff to help familiarize prospective patients with the practice. 

CTM understands from experience that new visitors to a website spend significantly more time on this section and make a decision on seeking consultation at the practice based on how they feel about the doctor’s credentials and the facilities and services offered at the practice.

For this reason, CreativeTake Medical site development team devotes the maximum time and effort to this section. contains a well-developed “About” section. 

This section presents details on Dr. Zimmet and his team in a detailed and transparent manner to help new patients become familiar with the dermatologist and his practice as well as feel encouraged to seek an appointment at the practice. 


Section on “Resources”

The website features a comprehensive “Resources” section which consists of a Photo gallery, Video gallery, Conditions guide, FAQs, and Billing information section. 

Prospective patients can visit this section to seek out procedures that they are considering and review before and after images of previous patients. This enables patients to acquire a detailed understanding of the procedure outcomes before a consultation with Dr. Zimmet. 

The section also features downloadable forms as well as an FAQ section to offer information on concerns that new patients typically have. 


Services Sections has different sections for services related to the Body, Skin, Veins, and Laser treatments. Each section showcases the various related procedures that the practice offers. 

Each treatment option is described in detail on individual web pages. New patients can conveniently identify the particular procedure that they are considering and acquire useful information about it.

Dr. Zimmet offers cutting edge procedures such as Venus Legacy, UltraShape, EVLT, Sclerotherapy, and Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Patients can learn more about the procedure that they seek for a more productive consultation with Dr. Zimmet. 


“Contact Us” Section

The website has a “Contact Us” section which offers relevant details such as the location and directions to the practice. Patients can also fill out a form with their details and a message to facilitate setting up a consultation with Dr. Zimmet. 


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CreativeTake Medical Launches New Marketing & Promotions Website for Reaction Marketing in Palm Springs & Los Angeles, CA

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm DesertCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website for Reaction Marketing and Promotions Inc, which is located in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. 

For nearly 20 years, Reaction has been involved in connecting brands with consumers through experiential marketing and promotions. 

CreativeTake Medical is a leading internet marketing and search engine optimization company, that launched Reaction’s new website called CT Medical possesses vast experience in the development of various online marketing campaigns for professionals and organizations across the US. 

The core of CreativeTake’s online promotion strategies involves the design and development of a keyword-rich, search engine optimized site.  

CreativeTake Medical has over two decades of experience in online marketing and has already helped hundreds of independent professionals and companies expand their market in their local area. 

CT Medical’s online marketing strategies are developed to acquire top search rankings for its customers’ websites. It is the most effective and comprehensive method to reach out to potential consumers in the local area where the business is located.

Website for Reaction Marketing and Promotions, Inc

Reaction Marketing and Promotions Inc. has significant experience in connecting various brands to consumers through innovative marketing and promotions practices.

Their highly experienced team consists of veterans in sales, marketing, design, fabrication, media, and events. The company needed a new website to showcase its various unique offerings as well as to reach out to potential customers. 

CTM designed and developed a new website,, for the creative marketing company. This site showcases the company’s various service offerings and recent projects. 

The website serves as a vital informational resource for new clients who may be seeking innovative strategies to market their products or services to new clients.

“About” Section

CTM understands from experience that the “About” section of an organization’s website is likely the first place new visitors explore. This section provides comprehensive information about the company and its background in a succinct and concise manner. 

New visitors can review this section to get a broad overview of what Reaction does and how it can assist them in fulfilling their business goals. 

“Services” and “Portfolio” Sections includes a detailed “Services” section with subsections titled “Experiential Marketing,” “Fabrication,” and “Partnerships, Promotions, and Sweepstakes.” Each section explains how a specific marketing approach can help in targeting new clients. 

This section highlights how Reaction can take its customers from concept to execution for various types of events, meetings, and concerts and festivals, among others. 

Prospective clients can quickly go to the sections of their interest and understand how Reaction can help them achieve their business goals.

The website also features a “Portfolio” section. This section showcases recent projects undertaken by Reaction. New customers can click on an image thumbnail which will take them to descriptive text explaining more about the details of the project. This offers potential clients an idea about the type of work Reaction undertakes. 

Other Sections in the Website comprises a “Contact Us” section that offers relevant details about the two locations of the company. Potential customers can fill out a form with their details or contact the company through one of the phone numbers listed.  

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CreativeTake Medical Launches New Dermatology Website Design for 

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm DesertCreativeTake Medical has been committed to the pursuit of excellence in online marketing for medical practitioners across the United States for the last two decades and has helped hundreds of independent professionals accomplish their business objectives.

CT Medical has a detailed understanding of the art of creating patient-friendly sites and content for plastic surgeons and other medical practitioners, while simultaneously focusing on search engine optimization to broaden the local outreach of the website to prospective patients in the region where the practice is located. 

New Website for Dr. Wiltz

CreativeTake Medical recently launched a new site for board-certified dermatologist Dr. Katy Wiltz in New Orleans. 

The website, called, is a shining example of a unique and distinguished online resource on cosmetic and medical dermatology, which also promotes Dr. Wiltz’s practice in an outstanding manner. is mainly aimed at prospective patients who may visit the site through Google search or other sources. 

The website introduces Dr. Wiltz and her practice to potential patients at the outset and seeks to familiarize them with the practice and the dermatologist quickly.

After the visitor is engaged by reviewing detailed and reassuring information about Dr. Wiltz’s credentials, training, experience, and accomplishments as well as understanding more about the procedures and facilities offered at the practice, they can seamlessly go on to other sections of the website to understand more about the various cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology, and skin cancer related treatments available. 

Procedure Sections

CT Medical understands from experience that most new visitors to a dermatology website would typically like to understand more about a particular cosmetic procedure that they may be considering. offers in-depth and precise information about various dermatological procedures in a patient-friendly language. 

The procedures are classified into three main sections, namely, cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology, and skin cancer-related procedures. Patients can easily identify and review information on the procedure of their interest, which will make them better prepared for a detailed initial consultation with the dermatologist.

Other Sections

CreativeTake Medical has included a dedicated FAQ section on the site, which includes questions that new patients may have regarding the practice, services offered, and skin care recommendations, among others. 

New patients can review this section to understand more about Dr. Wiltz and her practice.

The website also comprises a section on patient reviews. This section includes testimonials from previous patients who have received treatment from Dr. Wiltz and her team. 

CreativeTake Medical website development and content experts highlight the significance of Patient Testimonials, which can serve as one of the most reassuring endorsements of dermatological practice. 

New patients can review this section to understand more about the dermatologist and the services offered at the practice from the perspective of other patients. 

The site has a “Contact Us” section as well where patients can find relevant information about the practice location as well as fill out a brief form to set-up a consultation at the practice or ask any questions that they may have prior to seeking a consultation.

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Voice Search so Important to Consider For SEO in 2019 | Palm DesertBy the year 2020, 30 percent of all website sessions will be conducted without the use of a screen. You may be thinking, how is that possible?

In fact, voice-only search enables users to browse the web and get consumer information without actually having to scroll through the sites on their phones or desktops. This innovative technology may be the foundation of successful brands in the future.


What does Voice Search Mean?

Voice search enables users to speak into a device instead of typing keywords into a search query to produce results. Audio technology makes use of speech recognition to comprehend what users are saying in a very precise manner. It then provides the results orally to the user.

While voice search seems like a new concept, it has been in use for a while. Some examples of voice search use are speech-to-text and voice dialing. On top of this, programs such as Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana use voice search technology.

Specific devices can be voice-search optimized, but platforms, sites, and websites can also be optimized for it.

For instance, Amazon Alexa can effortlessly search through Spotify’s music inventory, scan Wikipedia, and shop on Amazon rapidly at the command of the user. That shows how some brands choose to optimize their interfaces to become compatible with voice search.


How Voice Search Affects SEO Rankings

Voice search significantly enhances user experience. Due to that, by the year 2020, 50 percent of all online searches will be conducted through voice search. Because of its widespread use, search engines such as Google are placing a greater emphasis on voice search optimization.

The main goal of SEO, after all, is to rank sites correctly to enable users to find the most accurate information on their search query as fast as possible. Ultimately, user experience is the topmost concern in SEO.

There will be an average of one billion voice searches monthly by January 2018. This indicates that voice search is gaining popularity among users.

However, it is vital to understand that conventional website SEO and voice search SEO are not the same. Some aspects that impact website rankings may or may not affect voice search and vice-versa.


Tips to Optimize Voice Search

Some tips to optimize voice search are as follows:

Make sure that the website loads rapidly

Google voice search prefers sites that load fast. Make sure that:

  • The website is responsive and works effectively on mobile devices
  • Pictures are optimized
  • Files are compressed
  • There is utilization of site caching to enhance page speed
  • Reduced server response time

Write in the Manner that you Speak

To optimize your content for voice search, make sure to include long-tail keywords that are more natural sounding in comparison to snappier, shorter keywords that do well in desktop SEO.

Include Featured Blocks of Content

Create a featured snippet on the website. A featured snippet is also known as position zero, quick answers, or answer box. It is basically a summary answer for an individual web page.

The optimization of your content for an identifiable featured snippet will include a succinct summary of your primary content. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm DesertCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website for Oculoplastic and Reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Tanya Khan.

The website aims to serve as a comprehensive source for surgical and non-invasive procedures for the eyes as well as promoting the services offered by Khan Eyelid and Facial Aesthetics. has been designed as a patient-friendly website featuring content that is easy to understand without compromising on the accuracy and quality of the medical information.

CT Medical’s team of site designers and content developers has offered the site a unique look to showcase Dr. Khan’s practice in a professional manner.

Over the past two decades, CreativeTake Medical has consistently pursued excellence in digital marketing for medical professionals across the US and has assisted hundreds of independent medical practitioners in accomplishing their business goals.

CreativeTake Medical has perfected the art of creating patient-friendly sites and content for cosmetic surgeons and other medical professionals while simultaneously focusing on search engine optimization to broaden the targeted local reach of the website.

‘About’ Section on the Website includes a comprehensive “About” section that provides prospective patients with pertinent and current information about Dr. Tanya Khan and her practice.

New patients are usually concerned about the doctor’s professional credentials, experience, qualifications, and accomplishments.

CreativeTake Medical understands from experience that new visitors to the site typically spend more time on this section of the website and often make their decision of seeking a consultation with the doctor on the basis of how they feel about the surgeon’s background and the facilities and services that the practice offers.

For this reason, CT Medical’s site development teams devote a significant amount of attention and effort to this section.

Dr. Khan’s credentials have been showcased in a concise, transparent, and clear way to help new patients become familiar with the Oculoplastic and Reconstructive surgeon and feel encouraged to choose the surgeon for the facial and eye procedure consultation.

Sections on Services

The website has classified the services offered at the practice under the following sections: Cosmetic, Reconstructive, and Non-invasive.

This allows the patients to easily identify the services that they seek and get in-depth information on the various procedures offered at Dr. Khan’s practice.

Each treatment option is described in detail through individual web pages allowing new patients to conveniently attain information on the services that they seek.

Dr. Khan offers innovative procedure such as Asian eyelid surgery, eyelid bump surgery, lacrimal and orbital procedures, and dermal filler treatments. Patients can understand more about each procedure so that they can have a basic idea for a more productive consultation when they actually meet Dr. Khan.

Other Sections also features other sections such as an image gallery, blog, and contact sections.

The photo gallery sections feature before and after images that have been classified according to various procedures that Dr. Khan performs to enable patients to view images of the procedures that they are interested in.

The Contact Us section includes relevant details for patients to set-up a consultation as well as a section for prospective patients to leave their questions or comments. The website also features a blog that offers further details on Dr. Khan and her practice.  

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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 | CreativeTake MedicalA 2018 survey of businesses across the United States by Clutch indicates that 83 percent of participants believe that their digital marketing initiatives are helping them in accomplishing their objectives as a company.

But a 2019 report from Infusionsoft showcases that 29 percent of small enterprise owners surveyed do not intend to use digital marketing this year, citing a lack of resources and time.

While it may appear intimidating, creating an online presence and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy can be undertaken and can deliver exceptional outcomes, even on the tightest of budgets.

In 2019, medical practices without a digital marketing strategy will risk being omitted from the conversation and ignored by prospective patients who are devoting an increasing amount of time online and depending on online content when making decisions.

Some digital marketing trends in 2019 and how to take advantage of each to position your company as a leader in the industry are as follows:


  1. Video Content Will Dominate

Consumers are increasingly more interested in viewing video content to acquire information. According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 73 percent of Americans use the video-sharing platform YouTube. This represents more users than any other social media platform (versus 68 percent adults who use Facebook).


  1. Not optional to have Social Media Presence

This may seem like a no brainer for those who actively use social media in their digital marketing strategy. However, there are still many companies who do not fully subscribe to this social media use. It is widely known that social media has near-universal appeal today. Statista reports indicate that 77 percent of Americans use social media.


  1. Online Reviews are Increasingly Important

A Bank of America survey reports that 51 percent of small business owners do not consider social media reviews and online ratings as being relevant to their business.

However, BrightLocal found that 84 percent of individuals trust online reviews as much as they would personal recommendations from friends and family.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your company is listed on review platforms such as Yelp and optimize your listing by adding information about your company and photos. It is also important to monitor review sites on a consistent basis to gauge public perception as well as respond politely and promptly to any negative feedback.


  1. “My Business” Profiles On Google Suited For 2019 Consumers

Today, people are likely to turn to Google as their first and primary source when seeking a medical practitioner or business.

When searching this way, the profile of a business will usually appear on the right-hand side of the search results, either associated with the firm searched or related to the general industry that the user is interested in.

It will be essential to develop and update your Google “My Business” profile in 2019, as more and more users are choosing to get any necessary information from the profile instead of taking another step and visiting the company’s actual site.


  1. Only the Best Content will be Viewed

An increase in the participation of individuals online enables businesses to potentially connect with more people.

However, this inundation of users has also started to saturate the internet with vast amounts of content.

There are various strategies that you can use to distinguish your practice from the crown and reach prospective clients through unique, relevant content. Services

Nearly 80% of Digital Advertisers Use SEO in Their Marketing Strategies | Palm DesertThe number of monthly visitors on a website is important. But even more vital is the number of leads that a website is able to generate from the incoming traffic.

After the leads are generated, a practitioner can promote their cosmetic or med spa services to them via email marketing or a follow-up phone call.

This will make sure that the website is a direct contributor to the growth of a practice. In short, this is known as inbound marketing.


Develop Targeted Landing Pages

When it comes to generating leads, impressive landing pages are useful in engaging incoming traffic producing a higher conversion rate. The landing page is meant to be a tool to capture the contact details of visitors, unlike blogs or articles which are meant to disseminate information.

The conversion rate is as high as 50 to 60 percent for target audiences where the landing page design is developed with that particular group in mind. At times, the rate of conversion can be even higher in terms of percentages.

For this reason, the higher the number of landings pages on a specific site, the higher the rate of lead capture.

It is a good idea to use Google Analytics to determine which type of landing page design is most suitable for a specific medical practice. Hub Spot recommends that a business should create a minimum of 40 to 50 different landing pages to garner the attention of diverse target audiences.

Using plugins or themes when designing landing pages can make things easier.


Use Notification Bars

Notification bars are a full wide banner on the top of a site. These bars are common on the web and users have become accustomed to their presence over the tears. Readers often pay attention to these bars as the browsers usually show warning messages such as a missing plugin or blocked popup in the notification bar.

These bars are meant to stay on top and can be configured to stick to the top, even when a user scrolls down the website. It is a compelling tool to grab attention.

The email form can be placed on the notification bar, or users can be guided to a landing page through it for maximum impression.


Place Opt-In Forms

The location below the article content on a website and the sidebar are great areas to place opt-in forms. In general, visitors pay attention to the sidebar if they are not captivated by the content. If there is a relevant offer to engage them during this time, they may choose to opt-in.

When a reader finishes reading an article or blog post on a website, they usually do not know what to do next. They will simply leave the site unless they are prompted into some action.


Welcome Redirects

Redirecting site visitors to other locations of the site is another excellent method to generate leads and acquire the contact details of first-time visitors. This can be done by directing them to a landing page specifically meant for new visitors.

You can offer them something which has value, such as a newsletter or a free e-book. Ensure that this landing page only captures the leads of first-time visitors, while repeat visitors will only see the homepage upon visiting the website. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm DesertThe leading Internet marketing and search engine optimization company for medical professionals,, has launched a new plastic surgery website for Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, M.D, F.A.C.S, who is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon.

CreativeTake Medical has vast experience in developing plastic surgery marketing plans, and online campaigns for doctors across the US. At the core of CTM’s online promotion is the design and development of a keyword-rich, search engine optimized website.  

With over 15 years of experience in the business, CreativeTake has already assisted many medical professionals in creating and expanding the market for their practices in their local area.

CT Medical’s medical strategies are developed to accomplish top search engine rankings for client websites. It is the most effective and comprehensive technique to reach out to target audiences in the area where the practice is located.  


Website for Dr. Keyes

Dr. Keyes is a double board certified plastic surgeon. This means that he is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as The American Board of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery. 

Dr. Keyes wanted CreativeTake to develop a new website for his private practice in order to share useful information to patients in the local area and serve the objectives of plastic surgery marketing simultaneously.

CreativeTake Medical designed and developed a distinct website called The website has focuses on nose, face, and breast procedures.

The website serves as a powerful educational and information resource for patients which may be considering procedures related to various areas of the body.

About Dr. Keyes

CTM understands from experience that the most vital section of a medical practitioner’s website is the “About” section.

This section should be able to offer new patients comprehensive information about the doctor’s educational qualifications, specializations, experience, awards, and accomplishments, and general background. New patients usually like to get some information about the doctor before setting up a consultation.

CreativeTake Medical has ensured that has in-depth and accurate information about Dr. Keyes, who is a specialist in rhinoplasty and has been named the President of the Rhinoplasty Society for the year 2016.

Through the “About” section, new patients can learn more about Dr. Keyes background and commitment to plastic surgery.

Procedures Section

The website features a procedures section which is broadly classified into Rhinoplasty, Face, Breast Procedures, and Skin Rejuvenation Treatment sections. The practice offers various procedures, and CTM has divided them into the above sections with sub-sections in each category.

New visitors to the website can access pertinent information about the particular procedure that they are seeking. This will allow them to be well-informed about various facets of the procedure and engage in a more meaningful consultation with Dr. Keyes.

Other Sections of the Website

CreativeTake has included a comprehensive Photo Gallery section on Dr. Keyes’ website. This section includes before and after pictures of various procedures that Dr. Keyes performs.

New patients can review this gallery to understand the type of improvements that they can expect after undergoing a specific plastic surgery or non-invasive procedure.

CreativeTake Medical Digital Marketing Agency Services

Local Search Ranking Factors | Palm DesertGoogle My Business (GMB) posts offer one of the most compelling opportunities in local SEO nowadays. The control over the messaging allows for a significant amount of creativity.

More specifically, there is traction in cases where branded searches are “leaking” clicks to other domains in the SERPs. GMB posts are an effective way to garner more engagement and clicks from potential consumers who are already searching for the specific brand name and maybe in a purchase mode.  

When it comes to SEO, there is usually just as much opportunity to leverage the keywords that an entity already ranks well for as there is in targeting new keywords.

There is also a major improvement with multi-location brands where the rewriting location of pages can be done to make it more relevant. It does not matter if a practice has two locations or 2,000. This strategy can enhance existing rankings while making it eligible to rank for other queries.


Seeking a Continual Flow of Positive Reviews on the GMB Page

BBB listings do not appear to matter. The GMB page should be as complete and engaging as possible.

Seeking particular, long-tail keywords with a high amount of “related keywords” associated with them is an excellent strategy to ensure that a specific brand shows up in the SERP (search engine page results).

For keywords that are long-tailed and specific, ranking typically isn’t too challenging to achieve. However, these keywords usually have a low search volume.

But ones with a fair amount of “related keywords” can actually rank the most for those related keywords and drive traffic from them. This often more than compensates for the low search volume.

The method of starring the current location on maps and then searching the city name in is also useful. It makes it convenient to see the city boundaries. After a customer moves, or adds a new location, to be within boundaries, there will be a rise in visibility and calls.

One aspect that still has a high impact on ranking is native reviews on GMB. Reviews, as well as the owner’s response, shows consumer trust in a business, and trust is the cornerstone of ranking.

Fighting spam is a great strategy as it not only helps clean up Google Maps, but also the impact on the client’s ranking is almost immediate.


Things to Focus on

  • Is Google crawling and indexing the website properly?
  • Is the site pertinent and authoritative for the vertical and geo?
  • Are there pages targeting the search queries that a practice wants to rank for?
  • Do you have a strong backlink profile?
  • How does the GMB profile appear?

On the basis of these answers, content strategy/creation/marketing, a technical SEO audit, or link building may be most suitable.

Local landing/location pages still work quite well. In case there are searches that you are targeting in the local area, creating a particular page for the office help remain competitive in stronger domains (especially if they don’t have any local/office pages). Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm DesertCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website for board certified surgeons Dr. Burton Sundin, M.D., and Dr. Reps Sundin, M.D., who specialize in the cosmetic surgery of the face, body, and breasts.

The website has been developed with the twin objectives of serving as a comprehensive online resource for various innovative treatments for the enhancement of the face and body as well as promoting the services offered by Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS). has been created as a patient-friendly website and includes content that is written in easy to understand language but without any compromise on the accuracy or quality of the information.

CTM’s team of website designers has provided the website with a unique look that showcases VIPS in a professional manner.


‘About Us’ Section on the Website includes a comprehensive “About Us” section containing relevant information about Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin as well as the aestheticians at the practice. New patients are usually concerned about the credentials and background of the doctors and the facilities and services that the practice is equipped to provide.

Creative Take Medical knows from experience that new visitors spend more time on this section and usually decide on seeking an appointment with the practice on the basis of how they feel about the doctor’s background and the facilities that the practice offers.

For this reason, CTM’s site development team invests a significant amount of time and attention in this section. The credentials of both the doctors have been presented in a clear, transparent, and comprehensive manner to help new patients achieve familiarity with the plastic surgeons and feel encouraged to seek a consultation.


Procedure Section

CreativeTake Medical understands from experience that most new visitors to a cosmetic surgery website usually want to understand more about the particular procedure that they may be considering. provides in-depth and accurate information on various procedures to facilitate this search for new visitors to the site. The procedures section is segregated on the basis of Body, Breast, Face, Laser, and Hair to make it easier for site visitors to locate the treatment of their interest.

Patients can conveniently identify and review details about the relevant procedure, which will enable them to be better prepared for their consultation with the plastic surgeon.


Other Sections of the Website includes a dedicated “Photo & Videos” section, which includes before and after images of procedures that Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin perform.

New patients can review this section and achieve a realistic comprehension of the type of improvements that they can expect with a specific cosmetic surgery or non-invasive procedure.

There is a separate section on Testimonials that offer new patients a perspective on the practice from the point-of-view of previous patients. CTM website development and content creation specialist showcase the importance of Patient Testimonials.

These testimonials can serve as one of the most compelling and convincing endorsements of a plastic surgery practice as they provide insights on the practice from the perspective of other patients. Services