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beverlyhillsplasticsurgeryThe popularity of plastic surgery procedures have led to the emergence of many competent cosmetic and plastic surgery practices across the country.

The competition has increased, and today even the oldest or the best practices are also required to professionally promote their services over the Internet. Digital marketing is the most affordable and effective way to reach out to targeted audiences in a local area.

This is where is helping transform the business of a large number plastic surgery practices in the US. CreativeTake Medical website design and SEO experts work with a goal to create plastic surgery websites that inform and educate the patients in a comprehensive manner, and at the same time, meet the challenge of achieving top search rankings for localized keywords on search engines such as Google and Bing.

CT Medical is today a recognized leader in the field of online marketing for medical professionals. CreativeTake is closely working with numerous cosmetic surgery and other practices to improve their digital footprint and build a strong online reputation.

Home Page

CreativeTake has now launched a new website, which is a prominent practice catering to the needs of patients in and around Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. The website designers at CT Medical have designed an elegant website, which makes liberal use of images and soft colors to present a pleasing site experience for potential patients.

The home page provides a well-defined horizontal menu of all the major sections of the website. New visitors can easily navigate through various web pages, quickly identify the information they are looking for, and feel encouraged to spend more time on the site and improve their familiarity with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery practice.

The home page briefly describes about the overall environment and beauty of the Beverly Hills area where the practice is located. It then goes on to talk about the professional plastic surgery practice that is led by two eminent plastic surgeons in the field.

Website Sections includes an “About Us” section, which separately includes sub-sections about its two plastic surgeons, Dr. David Kim and Dr. Eugene Kim. Both surgeons are board certified by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery – a fact that is importantly emphasized in the website. The sections provide their professional credentials so that new patients can learn about the surgeon’s background and gain more confidence about the practice.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive menu of surgical and non-surgical procedures. CreativeTake Medical has provided in-depth information about each procedure performed at the practice. Separate sections are created for procedures related to the body, face, breast, and nose.

Further sub-sections about various procedures include exclusive web pages on breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, otoplasty, eyelid surgery, facial fat transfer, brow lift, Botox, dermal fillers, and CoolSculpting. An entire separate section is dedicated to nose surgery or rhinoplasty.

The fantastic and cutting edge CT Medical has also provided separate sections on for Contact Us, Photo Gallery, Videos, FAQ, Specials, Financing, and Blog. Services

17039311_166791050494765_3279199007245470058_oCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website for board certified vascular surgeon Dr. Nina Grewal, who specializes in varicose vein and spider vein treatments.

The website has been created with the twin goals of serving as a comprehensive online resource of information on vein and vascular treatments as well as promoting the services offered by Inland Empire Vein Institute. has been designed as a patient friendly website, and includes content written and presented in a simple language, but without compromising the quality and accuracy of the medical information. CreativeTake Medical’s teams of site designers and content developers have provided a unique look to the website to showcase Dr. Grewal’s practice in a professional way.

‘About Us’ Section on the Website includes a detailed “About Us” section that covers relevant and current information about Dr. Nina Grewal and her Vascular Lab. New patients are typically concerned to know about the doctor’s professional credentials, qualifications, experience, and accomplishments.

CreativeTake knows from experience that new visitors spend more time on this section and often make their decision of seeking an appointment with the practice based on how they feel about the doctor’s background and the facilities and services the practice offers.

Therefore, CT Medical’s site development teams invest maximum effort and attention in this section. Dr. Grewal’s credentials have been presented in a clear, transparent and detailed manner to help new patients gain familiarity with the vein surgeon and feel encouraged to choose the surgeon for their vein consultation.

Patient Center

To build a more interactive and patient centric website, CreativeTake Medical has included a comprehensive section called Patient Center in It provides downloadable Patient Forms, and other documents and resources that patients can review before their scheduled appointment with Dr. Grewal. The section includes the following items of information:

  • Patient Forms
  • Am I A Candidate?
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Your First Visit – What to Expect
  • Insurance We Accept
  • Free Screening Events
  • Vein FAQs
  • Internet Privacy Policy

Section on Services

Another major section in is the Services section, which provides in-depth information to patients about various treatments for varicose veins and spider veins that are offered by Dr. Grewal. Each treatment option is described in detail through individual web pages. New patients can easily identify the specific procedures they are looking for, and gain useful information about it.

Some of the cutting edge vein treatments offered by Dr. Grewal include VenaSeal Closure System, ClosureFast Radiofrequency Ablation, Compression Therapy, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, and Sclerotherapy. Patients can learn about each of these procedures so that they can have a basic idea for a more productive consultation when they actually meet Dr. Grewal.

Other Sections includes a Photo Gallery section, which provides free online access to patients about vein treatment before and after photographs of past patients. The Contact Us section includes relevant details for local as well as out of town patients. A detailed sitemap is included in the website for easy navigation for both visitors and search engines. Services

ketamineclinics-comCreativeTake Medical has now launched a new, comprehensive website for Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, called The website is designed to serve the dual purpose of educating people about ketamine IV therapies as well as familiarizing them with Ketamine Clinics, a practice that is exclusively focused on providing ketamine infusion treatments.

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is led by board certified anesthesiologist Dr. Steven L Mandel, who has extensive training and experience in the field of pain management and therapies based on ketamine anesthetic. Dr. Mandel gave a mandate to CT Medical to create a website that would serve as an authoritative online resource on ketamine therapy, while also informing potential patients about Dr. Mandel’s practice.

Focus on Ketamine Treatments provides in-depth and relevant information about ketamine infusion treatments in a patient-friendly language. Two separate sections have been dedicated to informing and educating patients about ketamine treatments for chronic pain and depression, how the treatment works, what are the specific facts related to it, what the healthcare professionals have to say about it, latest news and research related to ketamine, and frequently asked questions.

All these details are methodically categorized into separate sub-sections, and each sub-section has its own web page. The site is designed in a seamless manner with an intuitive navigation. Visitors to the site can quickly identify the specific information they may be looking for, or navigate logically through various sections of the website.

Significance of Ketamine IV Therapy

CreativeTake Medical content developers have taken care to ensure that new patients learn all about the importance and recognition of ketamine as a medically accepted anesthetic, and how and why it is most effective when delivered as a series of intravenous treatments. The site informs the readers about various forms of ketamine therapy available today, and highlights the superior benefits of IV therapy over other options.

Patients are reassured about the recognition of ketamine with detailed information about its official listing as one of only two anesthetics recommended globally by the UN’s healthcare arm – World Health Organization (WHO). New patients who may be considering ketamine infusion treatments for chronic pain or depression can gain new insights and feel more aware and confident about this treatment.

About Dr. Mandel

CreativeTake’s website development experts know from experience that one of the most important sections on a medical professional’s website is the one that presents a profile or bio of the doctor who runs the practice. New patients want to learn about the qualifications and background of the doctor, and gain some familiarity before they make a decision to visit the practice for a personal consultation. provides detailed information about Dr. Mandel, taking the reader quickly through a journey starting from Dr. Mandel’s natural inclination from childhood towards healing to his advanced academic education and training in both psychology and anesthesia. On top of this, his acuity and his experience are covered and championed and you will be able to discern his commitment towards his patients as well. additionally includes a section about a unique scholarship program that the practice sponsors for promising medical students to support their education costs. Services

Plastic Surgery Website Design | San Antonio | Medical MarketingGoogle calls today constantly connected consumers as “Generation C.” These consumers juggle between websites, social media, e-commerce, blogs, and online forums, and have very little patience for tardy or slow-moving websites. Therefore, easy navigation forms the heart and soul of a good website design.

CreativeTake Medical is a premier medical marketing company that builds outstanding websites for medical professionals and implements innovative SEO strategies to promote them to their local target audience. Here are a few valuable tips for good website navigation:


Persistent Navigation

Persistent navigation, also known as global navigation, refers to a set of navigational elements that should be consistent on almost every page of your website. This consistency continues to inform the visitor that they are still on the same website by offering answers to essential questions such as:

  • What is the name of this website?
  • What is this web page about?
  • What are the key sections of this website?
  • Where is the link to the home page?
  • How to search for relevant information?


Page Title

Ideally, every web page, except the home page, should have a title. This title should match reasonably with the name of the link that leads to it. For instance if the link says “Contact Us,” it should not lead to “About Us” page. The title of the page should be prominently displayed above the body of the content. The type, size, and color of the font used for the title can be different from the text to distinguish it easily.


Brand Name or Logo

Your practice logo or brand name, or simply the name of your company, should be displayed in a unique text or graphics form on every page of the website. This is usually displayed on the top center or top left of each page. Site visitors may click on the logo hoping to get a link back to the home page. Therefore, an active link back to the home page should be provided in the logo.


Local Navigation

Local navigation involves content that is a part of a specific category, section, or sub-section of your website. The text or graphic links for local navigation are usually displayed down on the left side of each web page.


Primary Navigation

Primary navigation involves all the major sections or categories of your website. The text or graphic links for primary navigation are usually displayed at the top left or top center of each web page. Tab divider navigation bars are commonly used for primary navigation.


Link to the Home Page

The link to the home page is typically the most important and most frequently used link on a website. A site reader may sometimes have the feeling to ‘get out of the maze’ and return immediately to the home page. To serve this need, a link to the home page should be provided at every other page. Some sites include the home page link also at the bottom of every page for more convenience.


Search Button

If your website has a large amount of content, and adds fresh content regularly, you should include a search button or search form on the top of every page to enable visitors to find what they are looking for. Services

Plastic Surgery Website Design | Tampa | Online Medical MarketingCreativeTake Medical is a leader in online medical marketing, helping doctors across the US to transform their practices through cost-competitive online promotion and marketing strategies. At CT Medical, the most important tools to build online reputation for doctors and reach out to a targeted local audience include website design and SEO. Here are a few key tips to create an efficient and user-friendly site design that also stands out from the crowd in terms of creativity:


Create a Quick Loading Website

While it is important to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing website design, it must not come at the cost of site download speed. Online visitors have a short attention span and they are spoiled for choice. The site design should be optimized in way that it does not take more than 15 seconds to load.


Provide Easy Navigation

Site navigation is a crucial element of your website design. When a potential patient visits your practice website, the goal should that the visitor explores maximum areas of the site and spends maximum time in engaging with the site. A higher engagement will usually mean that the visitor is positively inclined and appreciates the content. This can eventually work in favor of the practice in terms of an inquiry or consultation from the patient.


Build Multiple Resolution Capability

Different people will view your website on different devices with varying screen resolutions. Your goal should be have a site that is designed for all types of resolutions from lower to higher. Advanced design techniques can be used to build multiple resolution capability in your website.


Ensure Multi-Browser Compatibility

Many people use more than one browser on the same device, and sometimes use different browsers for different devices. Your website design should be created in such a way that your site operates at peak efficiency in all browsers. The key is not to be satisfied with your site design the moment it looks good on one particular browser. You must test the design on all mainstream browsers and fix the problems until a fully multi-browser compatible design is ready.


Professional and Reader-friendly Fonts

The choice of a font will make a difference to how an average reader perceives your website. Fancy or artistic fonts are not likely to serve the purpose of a medical website. Your practice website needs a clear, consistent and reader-friendly font that reflects the professionalism of your practice. Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman are popular font choices for professional websites.


Do not Overuse Images or Graphics

While images and infographics are an important part of your practice website, their excessive use can defeat your purpose. Images and graphics will slow the page download speed. Therefore, avoid using too many heavy images on a single web page. Use original and copyright-free images as far as possible, and ensure that the images are completely relevant and add value to the web pages.

Finally, you should always check for broken links on your website before uploading it to the web server. Services

Plastic Surgery Website Design | San Francisco | Medical MarketingCreativeTake Medical is one of the most experienced online medical marketing companies providing cutting edge practice marketing solutions to doctors in San Francisco and other areas. The foundation of any online marketing campaign is the doctor’s website, which is a virtual representative of their healthcare practice.

CT Medical provides innovative website design and SEO services to ensure that the doctor’s website distinguishes their practice from others, and receives a growing traffic of potential patients from San Francisco or another region where the practice is located. The following are a few important tips to create a great website design:


Display the Practice Logo

Create a unique, professional logo for your practice if you do not have one already. Use a high resolution image to feature the logo prominently on the home page as well as other landing pages of the website.


Provide Intuitive Navigability

Create a horizontal menu bar at the top of your home page and other pages to make it easy for the visitors to navigate important sections of your website. A secondary navigation bar, called a sidebar, may be provided in the left-hand margin of the site.


Minimize Clutter and Overcrowding

Do not overload your website pages with excessive text, images or videos. If too much information or too many options are available, the reader may lose the way and fail to identify relevant or focused information. Heavier pages will also be inefficient to download. Provide sufficient space or breathing room between paragraphs, graphics and images to allow the reader to absorb and assimilate all the features and information.


Use Professional Fonts, Elegant Colors

Use fonts and colors strategically to present an elegant, professional and modern picture of your practice. A mostly neutral color palette can be a good idea, while small dashes of color may be utilized for key headers and graphics. Fonts should be consistent, professional, and viewer-friendly across different devices and browsers.


Invest in Images

A picture can say more than a thousand words. Therefore, an investment in images can prove to be completely worthwhile for your website. Rather than use generic photos, invest in professional photography for authenticity or buy professional stock photos.


Pack Value in Every Web Page

Many websites make the mistake of investing their efforts only in the home page, while ignore other pages. Make sure that every web page is designed as an exclusive landing page. A majority of visits for most websites begin not from the home page, but from another page. Therefore, at whichever page a visitor lands, they should be able to find high quality design and content in order to feel encouraged to navigate through the rest of the site.


Call to Action

Include a strong call to action prominently in the upper portion of the home page, and other landing pages of the website. Contact details or phone number of your practice should preferably be included with the call to action.

In an era where a majority of people use mobile devices to navigate websites, make sure to create a responsive website design for your site to optimize your viewership. Services

Medical Website Design | Online Marketing | Chicago | New York |OrangeCreativeTake Medical has attained a leadership position as an Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design and development company working exclusively for medical professionals in the US. CT Medical has recently launched its latest website called The website is a comprehensive online representation of Desert Vein & Vascular Institute (DVVI), a premier practice in California


Information Resource

CreativeTake received a clear mandate from DVVI to build a website that would not just promote the practice to the local target market, but would also serve as a comprehensive informational and educational resource on the latest vein and vascular treatments. CT Medical recognized the unique selling proposition of the practice, which is an exclusive provider of vein treatments.

While many cosmetic practices include vein treatments as one of the services, DVVI is a dedicated practice that only deals with vein disorders. This has enabled the practice to acquire an authoritative leadership in this specialized field. CreativeTake’s content experts made sure that the extensive knowledge available with DVVI was presented on their website in a concise, interesting, and patient-friendly language.


Advanced Vein Procedures

CT Medical marketing specialists recognizes that DVVI offers some of the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to treat vein and vascular problems. It provides unique procedures such as Venefit and VenaSeal, which involve radio frequency technology and medical adhesive technique to address vein disorders. For accurate diagnosis, the practice makes use of ultrasound technology.

All these procedures and technologies are highlighted prominently on and each procedure is explained in adequate details to educate and inform patients. A comprehensive separate section about vascular diseases has been created to increase patient awareness about complex vascular conditions.


Patient-Centric Website

The team of doctors and staff at DVVI is highly motivated to providing a completely satisfying treatment experience to their patients. Every patient is provided personalized care through diagnosis and treatment to recovery stages. Most of the procedures include innovations to make them less painful, less invasive and involving minimal or no downtime.

CT Medical has promoted this patient-centric approach effectively on the DVVI website. Convenient appointment schedules and online scheduling are offered on the website. A dedicated Patient Center section has been created on the site, which includes information FAQ on vein treatments and vascular diseases, insurance information, and details about free screening events.

Vascular links are provided in the Patient Center, and a unique sub-section on what to expect during the patient’s first visit is included. A detailed Internet Privacy Policy is provided to assure patients about their privacy and confidentiality concerns. The website also includes online Patient Forms that save the patient’s time during their personal appointment.


Patient Testimonials

The CreativeTake medical marketing team knows from experience that for a new patient one of the most important sections on a medical website is the testimonials section. It has included a Vein Testimonials – Success Stories section on the site that describes the personal experiences of past patients with the practice. New patients can review this section to gain insights about the practice from the perspective of a patient. Services

Plastic Surgery Website Design | SEO Marketing | New York |Los AngelesMost plastic surgery practitioners have their own website, but not many realize that having a website is beneficial only if the website design and SEO are helping localized patients reach the website. This is where CreativeTake Medical plays a leadership role in providing proven online marketing solutions for cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and various other medical practitioners.

Innovative site design and SEO strategies employed by CreativeTake can help a medical professional gain a competitive edge in their local market by making their website rank consistently on top in search engine results. CT Medical has extensive experience in developing and promoting websites for plastic surgeons.

Many surgeons across the country are able to dominate their market and experience a substantial increase in new patients with the help of advanced website design and SEO solutions from


Specializing in SEO for Plastic Surgeons

CreativeTake has dedicated expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost the marketing prospects of a plastic surgery practice. CT Medical has helped a large number of cosmetic and plastic surgeons achieve a high search rank on Google Page One. When a plastic surgery practice achieves a prominent position on the first page of search results, it generates strong, targeted exposure in the localized areas, which can eventually translate into an increased traffic of new patients to the surgeon’s office.

CT Medical’s unique site design and content will ensure that the plastic surgery website stands apart from the local competition. The site content will address the queries of online search users in a most adequate, accurate, and satisfying manner, which encourages them to consider further engagement with the practice. The website will rank among the top search results on Google Page One for a large number of relevant, localized keywords.


Highlights SEO and website design services include a wide range of elements:


Mobile Friendly Site Design

Following Google’s recent search algorithm update, popularly called ‘mobilegeddon’, it has become very important for a website to be completely mobile compatible in order to achieve high search rankings. CT Medical focuses on building responsible web design so that the website experience remains seamless across multiple mobile screen devices.


Local SEO

From the perspective of most medical practitioners, local SEO is most relevant because they typically receive patients from local areas near the practice location. CreativeTake ensures that the local visibility of its client websites is very high, and yields higher conversion rates in terms of actual patient visits to the surgeon’s office.


NAP Consistency

Google, Bing, and other search engines are gradually showing preference for websites that are NAP consistent. NAP refers to the Name, Address, and Phone number of the practice office. This information should be accurate and identical or consistent across various websites, blogs, social media, and other online forums. NAP consistency adds to the reliability factor, and helps in achieving higher ranks.

CreativeTake Medical takes into account all these site design and SEO related issues while developing and implementing an online marketing strategy for a plastic surgery website. Services


Site Redesign | Plastic Surgery | Medical Website Marketing | ChicagoFor nearly two decades, CreativeTake Medical has been at the forefront of addressing the online marketing needs of medical professionals across the spectrum. Some of the leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, eye care professionals, and other medical experts across the country have been able to transform their practices and boost local traffic of patients to their offices with innovative website design, content development, and search engine optimization services from CreativeTake.


New Site Launch for Dr. Fortes

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Fortes leads an outstanding practice in Texas. Dr. Fortes wanted to completely revamp and redesign his website in order to properly represent his practice. CT Medical partnered with Dr. Fortes to launch a comprehensive site redesign for The new website reflects the same top level of professionalism and quality standards that Dr. Fortes’ practice stands for.

The team of creative experts at CT Medical decided to build a website that would serve two central objectives at the same time. While the primary goal was to generate more awareness and publicity for the practice in the local areas through the site, it was also designed to serve as an authentic and reliable online information resource for patients seeking a variety of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.


About the Practice team decided to sub-divide the “About” section of into five categories. The content for each category has been provided on separate web pages. The first category includes in-depth information about the professional background and achievements of Dr. Fortes. CreativeTake recognizes the importance of this section because new patients are typically concerned to know about the credentials of the surgeon before they make up their mind about receiving treatment.

The second sub-section provides information about the team of Dr. Fortes. The significance of the team cannot be under-estimated because best outcomes in surgical procedures are achieved when the teamwork is flawless. CreativeTake Medical included two more unique sections that offer information about actual patient reviews and ratings with regard to Dr. Fortes.

The section called RealSelf Reviews includes highlights from, the world’s largest patient review website for plastic surgery professionals. Another section called Real Patient Ratings includes patient comments via an independent third party survey service. Another innovative section called Testimonials and Cards includes scanned copies of actual handwritten testimonials and cards from patients about their experience with Dr. Fortes.


About the Services

CreativeTake has included accurate, current, and relevant information about various surgical and non-surgical procedures and services that are provided at the practice of Dr. Fortes. Every procedure is discussed under a separate sub-section with a dedicated web page for easy navigation.

Information on various procedures for the breast, body, face, men’s procedures, and non-surgical services such as hand rejuvenation, sclerotherapy, medispa, and permanent makeup is provided in a patient-friendly language.


Knowledge Center includes a unique section called the Knowledge Center. Information under this section is sub-divided into four categories, including Safety, FAQ, Patient Expectations, and Post-op Care. Videos, Gallery, Locations, and Blog are the other sections that cover every aspect of Dr. Fortes’ practice in a consummate manner. Services

New Website Launch | Medical Website Design | New York | ChicagoIn recent years, CreativeTake Medical has emerged as one of the top-notch companies in the realm of website design, content development, search engine optimization (SEO), and Internet marketing – working exclusively for medical professionals across the country. Now CreativeTake has launched its new, comprehensive website called

Impeccable Professionalism

With its single-minded dedication and exemplary professionalism in serving medical practitioners for their online marketing needs, CreativeTake Medical has carved a niche for itself in this growing but competitive field. is designed to represent the same professional class and commitment online, which CT Medical brings on the table for its medical clients in the real world.

CreativeTake comprises a team of young, dynamic and innovation-driven professionals with the necessary marketing expertise and experience to take the client’s idea and turn it into an outstanding website that not only captivates the attention of the visitors, but is also powered by proven SEO strategies to place it among the top Google rankings for relevant, localized keywords that potential patients are likely to be using.

When a doctor visits, they can visualize the kind of creative quality and search engine rankings that CT Medical is capable of delivering for their practice. They can quickly review the range of services that the company offers to help transform the doctor’s practice in terms of local awareness, popularity and reputation, and eventually boosting the actual traffic of patients to the doctor’s office.


Wide-ranging Portfolio is a sterling testimony to the kind of trust and reputation CT Medical enjoys in the medical fraternity in the US. Medical professionals from wide-ranging fields such as plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, medical spa, dental, vascular, bariatric, orthopedic, ophthalmology, obgyn, and fitness and wellness have achieved remarkable marketing success following their partnership with CreativeTake Medical.

The website provides an overview of the glowing testimonials that CT Medical’s clients have given over the years. The range and depth of the company’s experience and its intimate understanding of the nuances of various medical and surgical specialties constitute its single biggest strength and also its distinguishing feature that separates it from most other online marketers.


Key Site Features

The primary sections of include:

  • Welcome
  • About Us
  • Free Website Analysis
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Sitemap

In the Welcome and About Us sections, the site visitors can gain useful information and insights about the vision and mission of CreativeTake, and its values and principles that it adheres to at all times during the marketing journey in partnership with its medical clients. provides a detailed overview of its specialty areas, which include:

  • Design and Development
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Public Relations
  • Consulting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding offers information about free website analysis for medical professionals who may be concerned about the performance of their existing practice website. This unbiased and professional analysis will allow clients to understand where their online marketing and SEO efforts might be lacking, and how they can take corrective measures to achieve their practice goals. Services