About Alexso, Inc

“Alexso was created after years of working with numerous Physicians, nurses, PA’s and other health care professionals dealing in workers compensation with a goal of providing quality products that assist patients with the pain of their work injuries to better heal and potentially return to work expeditiously. We strive to provide Physicians with products that they can confidently dispense or prescribe without the potentially harmful effects of some medications and for those patients that do require them we have related products to help those patients deal with the possible side affects of those drugs.”

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About Napharm

“One of the most common reasons people consult a physician is pain. Recently, modern advances in understanding the origin and progression of pain are allowing improved assessment and treatment for all different types of pain. These advances help reduce unnecessary suffering and lost productivity, while improving overall quality of life.

The state-of-the-art pharmaceutical compounding facility at Napharm specializes in individualized treatments for pain management via compounding formulations in the form of topical creams to suit each patient’s or physician’s unique needs.”

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About Terocin

“Terocin is a manufactured topical pain relief lotion that is in accordance with FDA regulations. It contains methyl salicylate, capsaicin, menthol, and lidocaine which are all
considered “safe and effective” as determined by the FDA”

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