SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

The number of people seeking healthcare information online has grown dramatically over the years. Many potential patients tend to search via Google, Bing, or other search engines about the plastic surgeons and other medical practitioners in their local area. This burgeoning segment of people who like to read online reviews, go through practice websites, and check out business listings on the Internet while seeking plastic surgery services can be addressed with an effective online presence.

CreativeTake Medical is one of the leading providers of search engine optimization (SEO) services for plastic surgeons in the United States. With a comprehensive SEO strategy in place, it is possible to achieve top search rankings for prominent localized keywords that a potential patient is likely to search online. This can direct a strong traffic of local patients to the surgeon’s website, and eventually boost the prospects of their practice.

Long-term Approach

CreativeTake Medical has extensive experience in creating and implementing effective SEO strategies for plastic surgery practices in the country. The SEO experts at CT Medical are committed to delivering results and meeting or exceeding the expectations of the surgeon from this comprehensive medical marketing exercise.SEO | Plastic Surgeons | Web Development | Social Media | Consulting

CT Medical adopts a long-term approach to SEO in order to achieve credible and sustainable results for the practice, and build a strong online reputation for the plastic surgeon. With long-term commitment and focus, it is possible to achieve high search rankings in the search results month after month and year after year. The surgeon’s website can dominate the market online locally, which will eventually translate into higher traffic of patients to the surgeon’s practice.

Following Google Guidelines

CreativeTake recognizes that Google is the dominant search engine, and it employs SEO strategies and practices that are in complete sync with Google’s webmaster guidelines for SEO. The following major search engine algorithmic updates in recent years such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, it has become increasingly important to adhere strictly to Google’s official guidelines to support SEO.

CT Medical introduces SEO right from the website design stage. The expert teams will create a unique site design that is easily navigable and applies all the site design recommendations of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Site visitors as well as search engine bots or crawlers can go through every section of the website seamlessly and efficiently.

Localized keyword optimization is ensured for every page of the website. Page titles and descriptions, which are a part of SEO meta tags, are created with appropriate keyword optimizations. Page URLs are also created as per the Google guidelines. Images and videos are optimized, and mobile compatibility is ensured for every website. External SEO efforts such as blogging, social media engagement, and link building are also performed.

Content Quality

High quality website content that addresses the queries of online search users most adequately is fundamental to building a search engine optimized website. CT Medical makes sure that original, accurate, and relevant content is developed for every plastic surgery website in order to achieve the highest SEO value. Services

CreativeTake Launches New Dermatology Website

CreativeTake Medical has established a leadership position in recent years in the arena of website design and development, content creation, SEO, and online marketing for plastic surgery, dermatology and other medical websites. CT Medical has recently launched a new website called for board certified dermatologists Dr. Darrell Gonzales and Dr. Alyssa Nash-Goelitz.

Dr. Gonzales is the founder of Coastal Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology (CMCD), which is a premier medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology practice located in La Jolla & East Lake, CA. He wanted to create a comprehensive website that would reflect the true values, standards, and practices followed at CMCD, while at the same time, providing a useful online information resource to patients seeking cosmetic or medical skin care.
Dermatology | Medical Website Design | SEO | CoastalDermOnline | La Jolla CA

Highlighting Practice Philosophy

CMCD practice is anchored on the fundamental desire of Dr. Gonzales to deliver a consummate treatment experience to every patient in an environment that aligns with his standards of integrity, commitment to patient care, and compassion. This constitutes the core philosophy of the practice, and CreativeTake team chose to highlight this theme prominently on the website’s home page.

When a new potential patient visits, they will be immediately introduced to what the practice stands for, and how it can serve the patient’s needs in a caring, compassionate, and personalized manner. A reassuring home page and description is likely to address the first concerns of a new visitor, and can encourage them to explore the website further.

Gentle Call to Action

CreativeTake experts decided to place a call to action prominently on the website because Dr. Gonzales offers a free consultation to new patients. Therefore, the site invites the readers with a welcoming and gentle call to action: “Schedule a Free Consultation Now.” The site further explains that Dr. Gonzales will take time to provide a detailed personal consultation to discuss the patient’s concerns and goals and recommend the most appropriate solution.

The site encourages patients to seek a consultation irrespective of the nature or extent of their problem. Whether it is an irregular mole or an issue with the tone and texture of the skin or severe medical condition related to the skin, CMCD is equipped to provide effective treatments in each case. Dr. Gonzales and his team will combine advanced technology with a sense of aesthetics to create a customized treatment plan to provide healthy skin and a naturally refreshed look to the patients.

Communities Served

The practice of Dr. Gonzales is located centrally, offering convenience to patients residing in various different locations. This strength of the practice is brought into focus on the website, and a separate section is devoted to it. Readers can go through this section and quickly understand how to reach their office from where they are located. This is a unique section of and provides practically useful information to new patients.

Key Sections has included a dedicated section to describe the qualifications, experience, and accomplishments of the dermatologists Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Nash. Separate sections on cosmetic dermatology and general dermatology and surgery are provided, which include detailed sub-sections on various procedures offered at the practice. Other sections on the site include a Blog, FAQ, Patient Forms, and a Contact Us page. Services

Social Media Services for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

With over a billion active users on Facebook alone every month, it is difficult to ignore the marketing power of social media for your plastic surgery practice. Social media engagement is also relevant from an SEO perspective because the search engine algorithms are designed to include social media signals while determining rankings in search results.

CreativeTake Medical is a premier website design, content development, online marketing and SEO company working exclusively for plastic surgery and other medical practices across the United States. Social media services are a key component of the online marketing strategy that CT Medical will create for your plastic surgery practice.

Plastic Surgery | SEO | Social Media | Public Relations | Web Development

Major Social Networks

CreativeTake has the necessary expertise and vast experience in developing successful social media strategies for plastic surgeons across various social networks. Some of the major social media platforms that can be a part of your overall online marketing plan include the following:


CT Medical will you create a professional-looking company Facebook page for your plastic surgery practice. With regular support and tips, you can build a thriving account that can garner likes, comments, and shares from potential patients in the local area where your practice is located. Facebook can be the most significant part of your social media and medical marketing strategy, where you can engage with your target audiences and gradually increase the traffic for your practice website.


You can generate a substantially number of followers on your official Twitter account for your plastic surgery practice. Provide relevant and useful nuggets of information, news and updates, links to your blog posts, images, and videos through your Twitter account. If your posts get re-tweeted, you can continue to build a greater following and reach out to a large number of potential patients in the local area. can guide and support you through this process.


Online videos can make a great impact on the viewers and help you achieve your marketing goals. A video is the most convincing form of communication, and a very large percentage of online audience prefers to watch videos as compared to receiving information in text or other forms. Creative, short videos can be posted easily on YouTube, and provide excellent exposure for your practice. You can also embed YouTube videos on your plastic surgery website and other social media channels for improved traffic and SEO benefits.


Google+ has emerged as an important social media platform in recent years. With the backing from Google, it provides you more chances of ranking higher in the search results. You can increase online exposure by joining Google+ circles, and optimize your social engagement. CreativeTake will provide you the required support and guidance to ensure that you achieve maximum advantage through your efforts on Google+.

LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are other highly popular social media networks that you can consider. CT Medical can build an integrative social media strategy, which is a part of the overall online medical marketing effort your plastic surgery practice. You can steer ahead and outmaneuver your local competition in terms of online exposure, search rankings, and local web traffic. Services

CreativeTake Launches New Website

Plastic Surgery Marketing | Medical Website Design | SEO | DevelopmentBoutique Internet marketing, website development and SEO firm, CreativeTake Medical recently launched a new website for Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with locations in Atlanta, Roswell, and Woodstock. The new website called is designed to be a niche website exclusively related to the field of hand surgery.

Led by triple board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Asaf Yalif, the practice Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides a variety of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, including hand surgery. Dr. Yalif is a leading hand surgeon with extensive training and experience in the complex field of hand and upper extremity surgeries.

Information about Hand Surgery

Hand, arm, wrist, fingers, and thumb have a complex construction, and any traumatic injury or debilitating disease related to these areas may require highly specialized treatment or surgery. Many patients are unaware about how intricate the procedures related to hands may be, and choose an orthopedic surgeon for treatment. However, the best treatments can be received from a surgeon with specialized training in hand surgery and plastic surgery.

The content team of has emphasized on this core issue prominently on Dr. Yalif’s hand surgery website. The goal is to educate new patients about various aspects of hand surgery, and why they should choose a hand specialist for treatment. CreativeTake also highlighted the fact that Dr. Yalif is the only surgeon in the greater Atlanta area with triple board certification in hand surgery, plastic surgery, and orthopedics.

Core Strengths of the Practice focuses on the importance of choosing a practice with the right values and principles in order to achieve desirable outcomes. It discusses the specialized training of Dr. Yalif, which enables him to treat a variety of soft tissue, joint, and bone related problems of the hand and upper extremity.

Dr. Yalif’s skills as a hand specialist are complemented by the advanced surgical technologies that are utilized at the practice for all hand related procedures. At the same time, Dr. Yalif stays abreast with the latest cutting edge surgical and non-surgical techniques that are designed to remove discomfort and restore the full functionality and aesthetics of the patient’s hands.

A key strength of the practice which is highlighted on is their patient-centric treatment philosophy. The warm and compassionate team at Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, headed by Dr. Yalif, makes sure that every patient receives personalized care and attention at every stage of the procedure and beyond.

Hand-related Conditions

CreativeTake Medical has presented detailed information about various hand related conditions in a patient-friendly language. Patients can learn about conditions such as traumatic injury to the arm, hand and digits, broken bones and fractures, repetitive motion injuries, arthritis, degenerative diseases, scar removal, and hand rejuvenation. The goal of the website is to educate patients and help them make most appropriate decisions with regard to their condition.

Other Sections has included a detailed section about the background of Dr. Asaf Yalif to let new patients learn various aspects of his specialized hand surgery expertise. Other sections on include a blog, services section, and contact information. Services

CreativeTake Launches New Website

Plastic Surgery Marketing | Social Media | SEO | Mobile Site | ConsultingY Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a prominent cosmetic surgery practice operating out of three locations in Atlanta, Roswell, and Woodstock. Led by triple board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Asaf Yalif, the practice offers wide ranging surgical and non-surgical procedures, including specialized hand surgery.

Dr. Yalif wished to create a new website that would truly reflect the highest standards and quality of services provided at his practice, and deliver useful information to potential patients about various aesthetic treatment options available to them.

Website Planning and Preparation

The design and content teams at engaged closely with Dr. Yalif and his staff to understand the vision, mission, and objectives of the practice, the range of procedures and technologies available, and the experience of patients at the practice. In accordance with their detailed feedback, CreativeTake developed a plan for Dr. Yalif’s new website

CreativeTake’s SEO experts were involved in the site development process right from the design and planning stage in order to incorporate the best SEO practices from the word go, and build a professional site architecture and design. conforms to the recommended Webmaster Guidelines of Google on all technical and content quality parameters.

The goal was clearly to build a comprehensive online information resource with accurate, relevant, and current information about plastic surgery procedures, and optimize the website at the same time, to achieve best possible online exposure and consistent visibility in top search results for a variety of localized keywords.

Section on Dr. Yalif

CreativeTake Medical has included an in-depth section dedicated exclusively to information about Dr. Yalif, including his educational qualifications, training, experience, achievements and research, lecturing, and community engagements. For new visitors to, this is an important section that provides them real insights about the accomplishments of Dr. Yalif and his proven expertise to provide advanced surgical procedures.

Separate Sections for Procedures

Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides a wide range of procedures for the breast, body and face, apart from specialized surgery for hand and upper extremity. Therefore, CreativeTake chose to segregate the procedures under various categories, and included separate web pages for each surgical and non-surgical procedure.

Visitors to the website can access valuable information about the specific procedure they may be considering. It will enable them to be well-informed about various aspects of the procedure and engage in a more meaningful discuss with the surgeon during their personal consultation process.

Other Sections

Some of the most innovative and highly useful sections at include New Patient Paperwork and Menu of Services. The New Patient Paperwork section allows new patients to complete the necessary patient forms and other mandatory information online, which saves their time and makes it convenient to provide information from the comfort of their home or office.

Menu of Services section provides a quick list of all the procedures that are available at the practice. Other useful sections on the website include Patient Testimonials and Reviews, Current Special Offers, Image Gallery, Blog, Sitemap, and Contact Information. CreativeTake Medical has ensured an informative and enriching experience for the visitors to Dr. Yalif’s website. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

Premier website design, content development, and search engine optimization firm for medical professionals, has launched its latest website for the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) in Texas. The website called is an outstanding resource of information on a wide range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

ACPS is one of the largest private plastic surgery practices in Texas and the United States. It is headed by a team of six highly accomplished and reputed plastic and cosmetic surgeons with many years of experience in the field. Therefore, CreativeTake Medical has endeavored to build a distinguished website to match with the highest standards of the award-winning practice.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 2.32.25 PM

Highlighting the Achievements

CreativeTake short-listed the unique strengths and achievements of the practice, and decide to highlight them prominently on the home page and other pages. The website informs readers about the distinguishing feature of the practice, which is a private in-house research center of its own.

The practice has earned several awards for the center, and its surgeons have also received consistent recognition from the industry and media for their contributions to plastic surgery. The practice also has its own accredited surgical center. All these facts are highlighted in detail on the website.

Section on the Team of Surgeons

CT Medical decided to create six separate web pages for the team of surgeons, with one page dedicated exclusively to one plastic surgeon at ACPS. Each page includes comprehensive information of the surgeon’s education, training, experience, awards and honors, and other achievements.

External links to the individual websites of each of the surgeons are also provided in the section. New patients can access relevant information about the surgeon’s background in order to make better informed choices.

Section on Surgical Procedures

ACPS provides a wide range of surgical procedures for the breast, body, face, and skin. Separate sub-sections are provided under each of the categories. New visitors to the site can simply visit the relevant section and access the specific information about a procedure that they are looking for.

One of the differentiating features of the website is that the indicative price range for each procedure is also provided on the website. This has ensured a high level of price information transparency on the site. New patients can evaluate the costs and benefits of each treatment option and will be better equipped to take a decision when they visit the practice for a consultation.

Section on Non-surgical Procedures

One of the key divisions at ACPS is its medical spa called The Added Touch. has taken care to provide in-depth information in separate sub-sections on a variety of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures available at the med spa. Indicative prices for each of the procedures are also provided in this section.

Other Sections also includes the following informative sections to make the site more reader-friendly:

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Safety
  • Newsletter
  • Procedure Price List
  • Financing Options
  • Photo and Video Gallery
  • Blog
  • Contact Us

CT Medical remains committed to regularly upgrading, maintaining, and marketing the ACPS website using innovative and proven SEO and online marketing techniques. Services

Keep a Track of Marketing Costs Per Patient

shutterstock_109615592In any medical marketing campaign, it is important to determine the average amount of money invested to gain a new patient for the practice. A fair and objective cost-benefit analysis will reveal the actual advantage of getting new patients through marketing and promotion efforts.

With a professional online marketing and SEO strategy, the cost per patient will typically come down substantially as compared to traditional marketing and advertising methods. As a leading online marketing and website design firm for doctors in the US, CreativeTake Medical encourages its clients to perform a cost-benefit analysis to be sure of the real results of their marketing efforts.

Monitoring Expenses

The pre-requisite to assessing the accurate costs per patient through medical marketing efforts is keeping a track of all expenses directly and indirectly related to marketing and promotion. This will allow for the computation of total costs for every marketing and advertising effort that the doctor makes. The expenses should also include proportionate salaries paid to the doctor’s staff who devote their time managing such campaigns.

If the doctor has hired the services of a professional SEO and website design company, the total costs incurred and the fees paid to the marketer should be included. If any marketing or promotional materials have been purchased, or any advertising space or time has been bought to promote the practice, the costs should be accounted for in the total marketing expenses.

Tracking the Number of New Patients

The more challenging part in this cost-benefit exercise is determining the actual number of new patients that have been acquired as a direct or indirect result of the marketing campaign. The difficulty comes particularly when the doctor is employing multiple marketing efforts such as direct mailers, paid advertising, and online marketing and SEO.

The doctor’s office may install call tracking software to determine and track the response rates from each marketing effort. Website analytics can help to evaluate the actual patient traffic generated through online and web marketing efforts. Patient surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms are also very useful in assessing which of the marketing efforts may be generating the maximum response.

Compute the Cost Per Patient

Once the figures for the total cost of a marketing campaign and the total number of patients acquired through that campaign have been determined, both figures can be divided to arrive at the cost per patient. This simple and basic formula can provide a fair idea to the doctor how much it costs on average to gain a new patient for their practice.

Once this average figure of cost per patient has been arrived at, the doctor is in a position to assess the financial benefit associated with the entire marketing exercise. It will include an assessment of the average patient spending history and an estimated forecast of how much a patient may spend over their lifetime.

New patients will often spread positive word of mouth about the doctor, yielding more patients for the practice over a period of time. Such long-term patient generation benefits should also be accounted for in this evaluation. Services has acquired a leadership position in recent years in the field of online marketing, website development and SEO services for medical professionals in the United States. Some of the best and most comprehensive websites related to plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, and other medical fields have been designed, developed, launched, and marketed by CreativeTake Medical.

Now CT Medical has launched a new website for the Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, a premier practice providing surgical solutions for overweight and obesity conditions. The center is led by board certified surgeon, Dr. Wiljon Beltre. Orlando bariatric surgeon, Dr. Beltre wanted to create a comprehensive online resource of information on weight loss and obesity procedures, and he chose the services of CreativeTake for this purpose.

Center Introduction

The website presents the Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery in an impressive way on the home page. It highlights the differentiating factor of the practice for new patients by informing that it is the only bariatric surgery practice in Seminole County that currently offers all major forms of advanced laparoscopic metabolic and bariatric surgery. Readers can feel assured about the quality of services, technologies, and equipment provided at the state of the art practice.

Background of Dr. Beltre

From experience, the content and creative teams at CT Medical fully understand the importance of informing readers about the academic qualifications, training, experience, and achievements of the surgeon on the website. Therefore, includes a prominent and detailed section about the background of Dr. Wiljon W. Beltre. The section also informs about Dr. Beltre’s board certification and current memberships and positions in the area of bariatric surgery.

Information about the Team

Most medical websites provide little or no information about the staff or team members that assist the lead surgeon at the practice. However, provides detailed information about the members of Dr. Beltre’s team. These include Bariatric Coordinators, Leslie Rodriguez and Tiffany Morales, Certified Nutritionist, Meredith Luce, and Board Certified Psychiatrist, Maxine Ruddock.

Section on Procedures

In-depth information on the website is provided on a range of surgical procedures. Patients can learn about various aspects of the procedure and make a better informed decision about visiting the practice for a consultation with Dr. Beltre. Each procedure is discussed on a separate web page, making it easier for new patients to navigate and identify the specific information about a procedure they may be looking for.

Key procedure sections on the website include the following:

  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Gastric bypass
  • Gastric band
  • Biliopancreatic diversion
  • Revision surgery

CreativeTake Medical has provided a separate section on the different types of diseases that may be treated with bariatric surgery. Another “What You Should Know” section includes highly user-friendly informational guides to prepare patients for the procedure.

Information on Financing

A dedicated section on the website provides useful information about financing and insurance. Dr. Beltre’s office provides support with regard to insurance as well as various financing options. Details about these solutions are discussed under this section on the website. Services has been working closely with a large number of medical practices to promote them online. One of the latest medical websites designed, developed, and supported by CreativeTake is The website belongs to double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim. Dr. Kim’s practice is equipped to provide a full array of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures to address the aesthetic goals of a patient.

Dr. Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and nearby areas. To serve the needs of his patients more effectively and to create awareness about new plastic surgery procedures among a larger number of potential patients, Dr. Kim joined hands with CT Medical to develop a comprehensive website. His goal was not only to promote his practice through the website, but also to disseminate useful information about plastic surgery to a wider audience within his local area.

Educating the Patients

Dr. Kim believes that one of the first duties of a plastic surgeon should be to inform and educate new patients about all aspects of various surgical and non-surgical treatment options. This allows the patients to make an informed choice. Therefore, CreativeTake developed as an effective online resource of information about a wide range of aesthetic procedures. The website provides focused information about three key areas for the patients, which include the following:

  • How to choose the most appropriate plastic surgeon?
  • What kinds of preparations are necessary for a plastic surgery procedure?
  • How much of recovery period may be involved following the plastic surgery procedure?

Information in these areas constitutes a distinguishing feature of Dr. Kim’s website. For new patients, in particular, this information can prove to be highly useful and help them make correct and objective decisions regarding going ahead with a plastic surgery procedure.

Patient-friendly Website 

CT Medical evaluated the typical treatment approach of Dr. Kim and realized his focus on developing a personalized relationship with the patient, and engaging with them at every stage of the procedure. Dr. Kim tries to avoid medical terminology as far as possible during his engagement with patients, and will often make use of illustrations to help them better understand how a particular procedure may impact their appearance.

The website development team of CreativeTake followed the same approach to create The website is highly patient friendly, and makes use of simple language to explain each procedure in detail. The website design makes the entire site easily navigable, and enables a visitor to quickly identify the specific information they are looking for.

Comprehensive Sections

Dr. Kim’s website includes an in-depth section providing information about his education, training, experience, achievements, and engagements. New patients can have a clear idea about the background of Dr. Kim and draw their own comparisons and conclusions. The site includes detailed sections on procedures provided at the practice.

Each procedure for the breast, body, and the face is discussed under a separate web page, with dedicated information to help the patients learn about the procedure and make better informed decisions. The site also includes an Image Gallery, Video Gallery, and Blog to provide more enriched information about various procedures. Services

Rejuvenate Medical Website Redesign

Looks that could draw people to you and discover your personality? Now, who wouldn’t want that? You could easily get the look you want if you look up the newly launched website of Rejuvenate Medical Spa ( The website, launched by CreativeTake, a website design company, is your window to a range of cosmetic treatments being offered by the Encino, CA medical spa which has been serving people of the area for nine years now. new 12.11.14

Services and treatments offered

We offer treatments for a variety of issues, from wrinkles and fine lines to volume loss and sagging skin.

Injectables and fillers: Have wrinkles or furrows? With the help of a fine needle, a dermal filler is eased underneath the skin to fill the dermis tissue, adding volume and reducing wrinkle appearance. JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC is one such dermal filler that works like a charm. Botox is an injectable that can lower appearance of wrinkles within a matter of 48 hours!

Laser treatment: The technology can resurface your skin successfully and safely, and can correct flaws such as scars, sun-damaged skin, enlarged oil glands, and warts, among others.

Body treatments: Rejuvenate Medical Spa offers many non-surgical treatments to make you look younger and shed excess weight. Some of them include cellulite reduction, reshaping of legs and buttocks, arm tightening, coolsculpting, abdominal reshaping, painless hair removal through laser and removal of stretch marks.

Skin treatment: Anti-ageing skin treatments such as facials, latisse, chemical peels, among others help reverse ageing.

We also offer laser hair restoration, body contouring and painless laser hair removal for men.

Our experienced team

All the state-of-the-art and cutting-edge services are offered by a highly experienced and qualified team of experts. Our Medical Director and Founder, Dr Bijan Farah is specialized and Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine with over 35 years of experience. He has been practicing as a cosmetic dermatologist for over 12 years now, and brings to the table his knowledge of non-surgical procedures and experience in assessing and treating you for a range of cosmetic issues.

Assisting Dr Farah at the Encino, CA facility is Larissa Markevich, a highly dedicated family practice nurse practitioner who brings over nine years of experience to the fields of aesthetic medicine, family practice, women’s health and internal medicine. She brings her extensive skills in the areas of Botox and injectables to make you feel safe and comfortable when she is helping Dr Bijan Farah treat you.

The esteemed staff of experts and nurses at Rejuvenate Medical Spa use safe, hygienic, innovative and tested procedures to achieve the best results in any form of treatment.

A self-esteem boost

Whether it is Botox you are looking at or a painless laser hair removal, you can trust our experienced team at Rejuvenate Medical Spa. We help you with any kind of cosmetic problems you may have, and offer consultation. Our team will hold your hands, and take you through the options available, the financing choices and give you a fair idea of what the results will look like. We assure you that you will step out of our Encino, CA facility, wrinkle-free, worry-free, happy and glowing, all thanks to Dr Bijan Farah and his team. Services