cancel The Aesthetic Meeting 2020I know many of you were planning to attend The Aesthetic Meeting 2020, originally scheduled in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. We were too.

Since we can’t see you at the show. We wanted to offer you what we could now to help grow your practice and nurture new patient leads.

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7 Marketing Tasks You MUST DO in 2019

1. Convert your Website site to HTTPS.
2. Create an Instagram business profile.
3. Claim/create a Google My Business profile.
4. Switch to paid Facebook advertising.
5. Make sure your website is mobile responsive.
6. Post more real photos of your patients and practice.
7. Increase your video content.
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When was the last time you watched video on social media?

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media, especially on mobile. Over the past year, the time people spent watching Facebook Live every day has increased by four times and Instagram videos by 80 percent.

To create engaging social media videos, Facebook recommends creating videos as short as 15 seconds. Sounds easier? But where do you start?

Read about what CreativeTake is doing to help boost social media engagement for clients! 

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How can I tell if my site is secure?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate encryption is a must to secure websites when transferring sensitive data like filling out patient forms, transferring hospital records, credit card information, logins and passwords.  A SSL Certificate ensures that all data passed between the Web server and Web browser remains private and secure.

Has your web design company transferred your site to HTTPS? If not, we can help.


CreativeTakeMedical Launches New Website Newportbeachneograft.comCreativeTakeMedical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical is a leading internet marketing and search engine optimization company for medical practitioners. CreativeTake has recently launched a new website for a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure called Neograft by Dr. Hisham Seify at Newport Beach, California.

CreativeTake has in-depth experience in creating digital marketing campaigns for cosmetic treatment providers across the country. CT Medical’s core strategy focuses on the designing and development of a patient friendly, informative and search engine optimized website.  

CreativeTake Medical has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing for medical professionals. It has helped hundreds of practitioners develop and expand their practice in their local area.

CreativeTake designs digital marketing strategies to achieve excellent rankings for client websites. Local SEO is the most efficient and effective technique to target potential patients in the area of the practice’s location.

Website for Dr. Seify

Dr. Seify is an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon in the Newport Beach area. In addition to performing a variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Dr. Seify now provides hair restoration using the advanced NeoGraft device.

He wished to launch a new website to offer patients information about the state-of-the-art NeoGraft procedure as well as serve the objectives of digital marketing to promote the procedure.  

CreativeTake Medical designed and developed a new website, NewportBeachNeograft, to achieve these goals. This website focuses exclusively on the NeoGraft procedure. It serves as a comprehensive source of information on the procedure for potential patients who may be considering a less invasive solution for hair restoration.

About Dr. Seify

CreativeTake Medical understands from experience that this section is a vital part of a medical practitioner’s website. The “About Us” or “Bio” section should offer detailed information about the doctor’s educational qualifications, specializations, certifications, achievements and general background. Prospective patients usually want to know more about the doctor prior to a consultation at the practice.

CT Medical has made sure that provides detailed information on Dr. Hisham Seify who is certified in plastic surgery two prestigious boards. New patients can gather information about him and his approach to hair restoration using NeoGraft through this page.

About NeoGraft

The CreativeTake Medical team has ensured that Dr. Seify’s website contains accurate and latest information on the NeoGraft hair restoration technique. The procedure has a separate web page dedicated to it which offers in-depth details as well as an “FAQ” section to help patients understand the procedure.

The FAQ section on NeoGraft provides potential patients with answers to routine questions regarding the procedure even before they visit Dr. Seify’s practice. This section contains essential information such as cost of the procedure, time taken, and details on downtime after NeoGraft. The objective of the website is to acquaint patients with all possible aspects of the procedure enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Other Sections

CT Medical has included a dedicated photo gallery section on the website. This section offers before and after images of the NeoGraft procedure. New patients can view this section to garner a realistic understanding of Dr. Seify’s hair restoration procedure. The gallery section helps patients develop an understanding of the outcomes of the NeoGraft technique and the results that they can expect. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical has pursued excellence in website design and SEO over the last two decades. It is one of the pioneers in online marketing for medical professionals across the US.

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website GeoffreyKeyesMD.comCreativeTake has been instrumental in helping hundreds of medical professionals achieve their practice goals.

CreativeTake Medical has extensive experience in creating patient-friendly websites and content for medical practitioners. Simultaneously, it focuses strongly on search engine optimization to improve the targeted local reach of the website to potential patients in the vicinity of the practice.

New Website for Dr. Geoffrey Keyes

CreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website for board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, M.D., F.A.C.S. in Los Angeles, California. The website is a stellar example of an innovative and comprehensive online resource on plastic surgery. This website promotes Dr. Keyes’ practice efficiently and outstandingly.  

Dr. Keyes’ website is targeted towards potential patients who may visit the website through a Google search or other online sources. The website quickly introduces a prospective patient to Dr. Keyes through a detailed description of his qualification as well as various before-and-after images of previous patients. This helps the reader to receive in-depth understanding of Dr. Keyes and his practice upfront.  

After the visitor is engaged through a quick understanding of Dr. Keyes achievements and qualifications as well as a review of his previous work, they can conveniently move onto other sections of the website to learn about the various surgical and non-surgical procedures available at the practice.

Procedure Sections

CreativeTake Medical understands from experience that most new visitors to a plastic surgery website will usually be willing to look at the particular plastic surgery procedure that they may be considering more deeply. To this end, offers detailed and precise information on a wide range of procedures at the practice in language that is easy to comprehend for a patient.

All the procedures are classified into seven broad sections with sub-sections available for specific procedures with surgical and non-surgical treatments demarcated for easy understanding.

This enables patients to conveniently identify and review the particular procedure that they are interested. A review of such information can help patients to prepare better for an initial consultation with the practitioner.

Other Sections on the Website

CreativeTake Medical has created a dedicated photo gallery on the website. This page has been categorized into three sections-face procedures, breast procedures, and body procedures. Each section contains a compilation of before-and-after images of Dr. Keyes work. Potential patients can review this section to understand the type of enhancements that they may expect with specific procedures and develop realistic expectations.

An informative blog web page offers the latest articles and write-ups on a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

This section is updated routinely with new content to encourage patients to review the site frequently. Moreover, keyword-rich, new, and relevant content is an important aspect of search engine optimization. A separate section on patient resources offers visitors to the website an inside look into the practice and its procedures. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website, for Dr. Christopher Ewanowski. Dr. Ewanowski is a board certified and fellowship trained skin cancer and laser surgery specialist.

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website Suncoastskin.comThe website has been designed with the objective of serving as a comprehensive resource for information on various dermatological conditions and how these can be treated using surgical, medical, laser, and cosmetic specialization. is designed to serve as a patient-friendly web portal. It includes content that has been written and presented in simple language without affecting the quality and validity of the medical information. CreativeTake Medical’s specialized team of site designers and content developers provide a distinctive look to the site to present Dr. Ewanowski’s practice professionally.  

“About Us” Section on the Website contains a detailed “About Us” section that showcases current and relevant details about Dr. Ewanowski and his dermatology practice. New patients are typically concerned to learn about the doctor’s qualifications, credentials, accomplishments, and experience.

CreativeTake understands this from experience, and recognizes that new visitors are likely to spend a significant amount of time on the “About Us” section. Patients may arrive at the decision of seeking a consultation with the practice based on how satisfied they are with the doctor’s credentials, and the services and facilities that the practice provides.

For this reason, CreativeTake Medical’s team invests more time and effort in this section. Dr. Ewanowski’s professional credentials have been presented in a concise, clear, and transparent way to assist patients in understanding the dermatologist’s background and feel motivated to select him for their skincare needs.

Section on Laser Services

Another vital section on the Suncoast Skin website is the Laser services section. This section provides patients with detailed information on the various types of state-of-the-art lasers available at the practice. Each laser option has in-depth descriptions through individual pages.  

These details will enable new patients to identify the particular treatments that they are seeking easily and gather some helpful information regarding the procedure.

Some advanced laser treatments at Suncoast Skin include Smartskin CO2, ICON Palomar Laser, Candela GentleLase, Candela Vbeam, and Coherent Venus Ultrapluse. Patients can gather more information about these procedures through these specific pages. This offers them a basic idea of the procedure for a more effective and useful consultation with Dr. Ewanowski.

Section on Cosmetic Services

The website features a dedicated section on the various cosmetic dermatology services at Suncoast Skin. These services include aesthetician services, Kybella, Botox, brow lift, chemical peels, fillers, and more. Along with the laser section, this section provides comprehensive information on the various cosmetic services offered by Dr. Ewanowski.

The procedures have individual web pages with details about the product, how it works, how it is administered, and information on safety. This helps the patient to quickly identify and review information on the relevant procedure.

Other Sections

CreativeTake Medical has included a gallery that showcases before and after pictures of the various procedures that Dr. Ewanowski performs. New patients can review images on this section to gain a realistic comprehension of the enhancements that they can expect with a specific procedure. Services

What Is A Google Knowledge Panel | Benefit Your Medical PracticeGoogle’s Knowledge Panel offers a unique opportunity to highlight your medical practice in Google Search, and eventually drive the traffic of local patients to your practice website. This innovative feature from Google provides an overview of information related to a particular subject, while pointing towards relevant links.

Millions of Americans search for healthcare related information online every day. When a potential patient in your local area is looking for such information, Google’s Knowledge Panel will show them relevant results, which could potentially include information about your medical practice.


How does a knowledge panel help your practice?

Knowledge panels are essentially aggregated blocks of content that pop up to the right of main search on certain topics. The key is that you can benefit from the power of this feature to achieve high rankings and visibility in Google searches for your plastic surgery website. The box of information will help potential local patients discover your practice and reach your website.

If your cosmetic surgery or another medical website gets ranked as part of the Knowledge Panel results, new patients can easily review a variety of information about your practice. This may include the directions to your office, full office address, phone number and working hours, and your website information.


Broader Information

While the key benefit for your practice lies in the localized knowledge panel, Google also provides a wider knowledge panel that can include your practice in broader search results. For instance, if a patient makes a quick search for “best plastic surgery practice in New York,” the panel may include your practice in the results.

While the local knowledge panel will provide more specialized and focused information about your medical practice, a wider search will bring up multiple listings along with their reviews. Potential patients can learn more about your practice by clicking on the listings and reviews related to you.


How to get a Google Knowledge Panel for your Practice?

Google employs a complex algorithm to determine whether or not a search user in your local area may be interested in knowing about your cosmetic surgery practice. If the algorithm determines that your practice offers the most relevant information which the search user is looking for, it will include your practice details as part of the Knowledge Panel.

To achieve this level of prominence with Google Search in an extremely competitive online search environment, you need to have a highly informative and comprehensive practice website along with an advanced search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The site should be fully mobile compatible and have a seamless design and navigation.

The content quality in your website should be patient-friendly and the content should aim to educate and satisfy the potential questions that a patient may be searching for on Google. The website should conform to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines for best results.

CreativeTake Medical is a premier website design and SEO firm exclusively working for medical and plastic surgery practices in the US. Get in touch with CreativeTake experts today to learn more about how your practice can become a part of the Google Knowledge Panel in local search results. Services

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10 Strategies to Market and Promote Your Plastic Surgery Medical PracticeIn a highly competitive online market environment, a plastic surgery practice must follow a comprehensive digital marketing plan in order to have an edge among the local competitors. CreativeTake Medical offers cutting edge solutions in online medical marketing, website design and SEO to help plastic surgeons dominate their local search results and outperform competition.

Here are CT Medical’s 10 strategies to promote your plastic surgery medical practice:

1. Create a Robust Online Presence

To begin with, develop a unique, professional plastic surgery website and build an online presence around that site. Create a regularly updated blog with new, accurate and relevant information about plastic surgery procedures and techniques.

Establish a strong social media presence and proactively engage with the social communities. Start with an active Facebook page and a Twitter account, and continue to add more social sites depending on your needs and availability of time.

2. Engage with the Local Community

Be an active contributor and participant in the local community programs and events in the area where your plastic surgery practice is located. Whenever possible, participate at local health fairs, meetings and events, and spread awareness about the latest plastic surgery options. Address the doubts and concerns of the community members and share your expertise, both online and offline.

3. Do Charitable Work

Support local charity auctions, donate a physical or consultation or an aesthetic service, and set up or participate in charitable healthcare treatment and awareness camps.

4. Organize an Open House

Once in a while, consider organizing an open house at your plastic surgery office. Offer light refreshments and door prizes. Invite people from the local area, colleagues and referral coordinators from other medical offices and surgery centers.

5. Share your Expertise

Make yourself available as an authoritative expert in plastic surgery to local and regional news channels and digital and print publications to offer comments on pressing health issues. Give talks and conduct seminars in the areas of your specialty.

6. Seek Patient Reviews

Be committed to your patients, and create close relationships that are built on trust and open communication. Seek reviews and testimonials from your highly satisfied patients to share on your website and social media.  

7. Acknowledge New Patients

Send personalized or hand written thank you notes to every new patient who visits your practice, and to the doctor who may have referred them. Little expressions of gratitude will help to establish long-term relationships. Things like this go a long way. It symbolizes that you care about them as a person, not just as some source of revenue.

8. Maintain a Social Connection

Send out email birthday greetings or Christmas cards to all your existing patients every year. Maintaining a social connection will go a long way to build relationships and your patients will become your best brand ambassadors, spreading the good word about you. This is how you impress people. If you do things like this, your customers may even refer your practice to people they know.

9. Be Active in Industry Associations

Seek memberships of local and national plastic surgery associations and societies and be an active member, get involved with the local chamber of commerce, and attend professional events and conferences whenever an opportunity arises. The Knights of Columbus, American Legion, and so on come to mind.

10. Distribute Branded Promo Items

Order printed diaries and note pads, pens with your office information and website name, fridge magnet business cards, and such other little souvenirs to distribute to your regular patients and others on occasions. Services

Google updates Penguin Algorithm, Now in Real Time | Website SEOGoogle regularly updates its search algorithms to ensure that the web pages that best answer a search user’s query are shown in the top results. Therefore, SEO experts must be constantly in touch with the changes, updates or adjustments to the search algorithms that Google may be planning or implementing.

CreativeTake Medical continually incorporates the Google algorithmic changes to refine its website design and medical marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition. As a result, doctor websites built and managed by CreativeTake largely dominate in the online search results and end up appearing on Google Page One and that is where they remain for as long as CreativeTake is on the job.

Latest Announcement – Penguin 4.0

Google’s Penguin algorithm has finally gone through another major update after a gap of nearly two years. This is the fourth major Penguin algorithmic release from Google, making it Penguin 4.0. SEO experts should know that this is also the last release from Google of this type. According to Google, Penguin is now a real-time signal processed within its core search algorithm.

Penalization by Penguin

Penguin is a search filter designed to identify sites that attempt to manipulate Google’s search results in ways that the search engine may not be able to detect through its regular anti-spam systems. In other words, any site that creates spammy content with an aim to outperform high quality content sites in search results would be caught by the Penguin filter.

The website that gets caught by Penguin would be penalized. Even if the site owner corrects or improves the site, they would remain penalized until the next time the filter ran, which could take several months or even years. For instance, Penguin 3.0 was launched in October 2014. Therefore, any sites hit at that time have had to wait for almost two years for the chance to be free.

Real-time Filter

Now the prolonged delays in getting rid of the Penguin penalty are a thing of the past. With the launch of Penguin 4.0, the search filter has become real time. As Google’s search bots re-crawl and re-index pages – which they do continually – those penalized web pages will be re-evaluated by the Penguin filter. Therefore, web pages will be caught as well as freed by Penguin as part of the regular process.

More Granular Filter

In addition to refreshing data in real time, Penguin filter has also now become more page specific, and not only sitewide. The algorithm is now more “granular” according to Google. This means that Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting ranking of the whole site. Penguin now affects finer granularity than sites. It does not mean it only affects pages, but also sections and elements of a page or the site.

Choosing the Right Medical Marketing Partner

With Penguin going real-time, it is now more critical for a medical professional to choose the right website design, content management, and SEO partnered who understands the nuances of this algorithmic change. The site content should be authentic and created for the readers and not for the search engines in order to achieve top search rankings for a doctor’s website. Services

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Medical Marketing Solutions | Los Angeles | Chicago | New YorkHealthcare practices are ideally suited for online medical marketing solutions because of the affordability and high penetration and reach of Internet, mobile, and social media. CreativeTake Medical is one of the leaders in this field, providing cutting edge online marketing solutions exclusively for medical professionals in the US.


Unique Website Design

A distinct, user-friendly and intuitive website design forms the foundation for other online strategies to be implemented. SEO values must be incorporated into the website from the design stage itself. The website design should be mobile compatible, and should seamlessly integrate various sections of the medical website.


Search engine optimization or SEO involves a range of tactics that are aimed at improving the rankings of the medical website in search engine results. Localized keyword optimization and accurate and concise meta tags and titles for every web page will help to ensure that the search engines can index the pages correctly and assign high rankings for relevant keyword searches of local patients.

Link Building

Link Building is an external SEO strategy to generate a large number of high quality inbound links. Search engine algorithms will evaluate these links to determine rankings for the website in search results. High quality content, professionally created articles, guest columns for major sites, blogs, magazines and other publications can help to boost the link profile of a medical website.


Blogging is an effective way to continually add new content to the website, introduce new topics and keywords, and stay on top of the search results. Blogging helps to ensure that reader loyalty is improved and readers keep returning to the website for new information, news and updates. Comments section on a blog will also encourage visitors to engage more closely with the medical website.


Doctors can develop an interesting and informative newsletter that can be distributed online to their target audience in the local area where they have their practice. Copies of the newsletter can be uploaded on the practice website in a separate newsletter archives section. Newsletter can also directly reach the mail boxes of many new readers who may not have visited the doctor’s website before, and can do so once they receive the newsletter.

Social Media

Social media is the most potent online marketing tool available today, which does not cost anything. The medical practice should have an active and robust presence on leading social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram.

Interlink between the practice website and the social accounts can be created to encourage social visitors to click on the website, and site visitors to check out the social networks. Consistent engagement on social media can help to build online reputation and improve patient loyalty.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are now the most popular way to search online information and communicate with others. An integrated web and mobile strategy for a medical practice is critical to succeed in the current highly competitive market environment. Mobile health apps are also a very effective way to set apart a medical practice from others and improve patient engagement and relationships. Services

Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies | New York | Chicago | OrangeIn a highly competitive industry such as plastic surgery, marketing plays a crucial role. A plastic surgery practice must assess their right target audience in the local area in order to reach out to them using suitable incentives and apply the appropriate medical marketing strategies.

CreativeTake Medical is an experienced online marketing, website design, content development, and SEO firm for plastic surgeons. CT Medical provides the latest and proven marketing strategies that are designed to achieve maximum impact. Some of the important strategies to market a plastic surgery practice are described as follows:


Offer a Free Consultation with Visual Presentation

One of the biggest fears of a new patient seeking plastic surgery is how their appearance may be altered following the surgery. With simple computer-based technologies such as Photoshop, it is possible to take an image of the area that the patient wants to have altered, and manipulate on the computer screen right in front of the patient.

When the patient actually sees the change, the visual impact will put them in an entirely different frame of mind. It gets easier for them to visualize what their new figure would look like, and their fears can be eased. This can be a highly effective approach to convincing a new patient and earning their trust.


Encourage Past Patients to Become Brand Ambassadors

In a field such as plastic surgery, the testimonials, endorsements and experiences of past patients hold a very strong appeal for a new patient. That makes past patients potentially the largest source of referrals. The plastic surgeon or their staff should maintain regular contact with previous patients and continue to engage with them over social media, online newsletters, blogs and other means.

Their comments and testimonials should be used creatively to connect with new patients who are looking for a reassurance. The surgeon may also consider offering a referral fee to past patients.


Spend Time on Social Listening

Social media offers a vast opportunity to gather feedback and pay attention to what the patient community is saying. It can give indications about what kind of cosmetic concerns they are usually experiencing, and which specific procedures and techniques seem to interest or excite them more.

Leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter provide online tools for advanced search where the plastic surgeon can type keywords such as tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift or nose job to find conversations that may be taking place among potential patients who are interested in plastic surgery procedures.


Focus on Mommy Makeovers

A growing number of moms are showing interest in regaining their pre-pregnancy figure with the help of plastic surgery. They are increasingly investing in multiple procedures that can be performed at the same time. Mommy makeover is an expanding niche segment that should be the area of focus for a plastic surgeon looking for new patients.

Engaging with moms through social media networks, mom oriented blogs, websites and online forums, and presenting before them the benefits of a mommy makeover can create patient awareness and interest in this procedure. Services