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Cosmetic Surgery Search Engine Optimization

Cosmetic Surgery Search Engine Optimization | Web Marketing | ChicagoSearch engine optimization or SEO is the single most important online marketing strategy available today for a cosmetic surgery practitioner. SEO has evolved rapidly in recent years with Google and other search engines making major updates to their search algorithms.

Cutting edge website design and superior quality content are now fundamental to a successful SEO strategy. CreativeTake Medical is a leading online medical marketing and website development firm providing a full range of website related services to cosmetic surgeons in the US.


Intuitive Site Navigation

Google continues to emphasize on seamless and intuitive website navigation, and rewards such websites that have advanced web design with higher search rankings. The web pages should include a user-friendly, minimalist navigation bar. If the site includes a fairly large number of web pages, a search bar may also be added to improve navigability.


Comprehensive Sitemap

A sitemap for a cosmetic surgery website will not only serve the purpose for helping a visitor to locate a particular section of the site, but also improve SEO. The search engine bots can crawl through the site more thoroughly and index the pages appropriately. The sitemap informs the search engine about the organization of site content.

New or recently updated web pages will not be missed by the web crawlers when the sitemap is regularly updated. The sitemap also provides valuable metadata associated with the web pages. Metadata will tell Google when a particular page was last updated, how frequently the page is altered, and the value of the page in relation to other pages.


Active Social Media Engagement

While many cosmetic surgeons have created social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms, the accounts typically remain stagnant with very little activity. From an SEO point of view, mere token presence on social media does not help. Search engines increasingly attached value to website content that gets shared on social media and receives wider online exposure and engagement.

Regularly posting messages over social media accounts, replying to those who ask queries or provide suggestions or comments, and disseminating useful, relevant, and current information via social media can boost the engagement levels.


NAP Consistency and Business Listings

The name, address, and phone number (NAP) of the cosmetic surgery practice should be consistent across various online platforms, including website, blog, social media, and other online forums. Similarly, the logo and brand name of the practice should be as consistently presented as possible.

The cosmetic surgery website should have its detailed and accurate listings on networks such as Google Business, and various medical or cosmetic surgery review and rating websites. For instance, RealSelf is an authoritative platform where a cosmetic surgeon can build a robust presence.


Mobile Friendly Website

Google recently introduced a major algorithmic update that is designed to attach more weight to websites that are mobile friendly. Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices are likely to lose out in the search rankings. A cosmetic surgery website can have a responsive web design that makes it compatible across various screen sizes. Services

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