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Dallas, TX – New Website Design for the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website in Dallas, TX

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical has launched a new website for board certified plastic surgeon and a member of the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Sameer (Sam) Jejurikar in Dallas.

The website has been developed with the objective of informing patients about the details of Dr. Jejurikar’s practice, his professional credentials, and the wide range of cosmetic procedures available at his practice. has been designed as a patient-friendly website where the content is presented in simple, easy to understand language, but with no compromise on the accuracy and relevance of the medical information.

CT Medical’s team of website designers and content developers has given Dr. Jejurikar’s website a unique and new appearance which displays his achievements professionally and appealingly.  

CreativeTake Medical has over 15 years of experience in the business. It has assisted many medical practitioners over the years to build and expand their local market for their services in their area.

CreativeTake’s digital marketing strategies are developed to attain top search rankings for its doctor client sites. SEO and website development are the most efficient and successful ways to engage with prospective patients in the area where the practice is located.

‘Meet Dr. J’ Section includes a comprehensive ‘Meet Dr. J’ section which details all pertinent and current information on Dr. Sameer Jejurikar and his practice in Dallas. Prospective patients are keenly interested in learning more about the doctor’s experience, qualifications, credentials, and achievements.

CreativeTake Medical understands from experience that new visitors spend a significant amount of time on this section. Prospective patients often seek an appointment with the doctor on the basis of their perception of the doctor’s background as well as the facilities and services available at the practice.

For this reason, CT Medical’s website development team invests substantial time and effort in this section. Dr. Jejurikar’s credentials have been presented in an easy-to-locate, clear, and transparent manner to enable prospective patients to garner familiarity with the plastic surgeon and feel encouraged to choose Dr. Jejurikar for their plastic surgery consultation.

Section on Cosmetic Services

A major section on is the cosmetic services section. This section provides new visitors with comprehensive information on the various treatments that Dr. Jejurikar offers segmented as different sub-sections such as Face, Nose, Body, Breast, and Skin. Prospective patients can easily review the procedure that they are seeking and gather helpful information about it.

Dr. Jejurikar offers various plastic surgery services such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift, browlift, and Crisalix 3-D imaging. Patients can conveniently review the services that they are considering and learn more about the procedure. This information will offer them a basic idea about the procedure before their consultation with Dr. Jejurikar.

Other Sections includes an exclusive photo gallery section. This showcases before and after images of the previous patients of Dr. Jejurikar.

The Contact Us section provides relevant information about the location of the practice for local and out-of-town patients with information ranging from their arrival to after the surgery. This section also features a detailed map and other information regarding the facilities available at the practice. Services

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