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CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website NazemiDC.comMany patients who may be suffering from a variety of ailments are unable to achieve sustainable relief through conventional medicine. Chiropractic offers promising solutions to improve the health and wellness of suitable candidates and help them enjoy a good quality of life without any physical limitations of pain.

CreativeTake Medical, a premier digital marketing, website design and SEO firm for doctors in the US, also supports alternative treatment providers such as chiropractors to promote their practices online and raise awareness about their profession. CreativeTake has now launched, a website representing the practice of Dr. Stephanie Alyece Nazemi, D.C. and Dr. Navid Nazemi, D.C.


Patient Education

The website design and content development teams at recognized that there is need to create awareness and educate people about chiropractic services.

Therefore, they have built with the dual purpose of promoting the practice of Drs. Nazemi, D.C. as well as providing a comprehensive and reliable online information resource about chiropractic. includes a special section called “What is Chiropractic?” It describes relevant and useful information about this field of alternative medicine, and how it can correct specific health problems and deliver safe and effective care to people of all ages and backgrounds with an emphasis in sports rehabilitation. The website includes high quality images to provide an excellent visual representation of chiropractic profession.


About Us Section

For a new site visitor and a potential patient, one of the first things they want to know is the background as well as skill and experience of the treatment provider. CreativeTake site designers have prominently included detailed information about the shining and sagacious Dr. Stephanie Alyece Nazemi, D.C. and Dr. Navid Nazemi, D.C., which is accessible from the site home page. describes Drs. Nazemi, D.C. as doctors who provide cutting edge therapies and techniques in chiropractic, and deliver highest quality service in an ethical and cost effective manner. Drs. Nazemi combine different techniques and rehabilitative exercises to help patients achieve an optimal state of health.


Focus on Credibility and Reputation

New patients are typically concerned about knowing how credible or dependable a practitioner may be before they decide to seek treatment from them. To address such concerns, CreativeTake website and content developers have included a dedicated section on called “In the News.” This includes media information on the practice of Drs. Nazemi as well as chiropractic services in general.

The website also includes a separate section on Patient Testimonials. This is a transparent way to inform new patients about what the existing and past patients have to say about the practice and provide them a perspective about chiropractic from the standpoint of another patient.


Separate Sections for Services provides detailed information about specialized chiropractic services offered at the practice. Each of the services is discussed under a separate section and a separate web page. Some of the key services include:

  • Activator Methods
  • Diversified Chiropractic Technique
  • Flexion/ Distraction Technique
  • Graston Technique
  • Kinesio/ROCK-Taping Certified
  • Thompson Drop Technique
  • Pelvic Blocking Technique

The Contact Us page of the website makes it easy for a site visitor to get in touch with Dr. Nazemi’s office and schedule a chiropractic consultation. Services

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