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CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical Launches Website | Long Island Dentistry is a competitive field, making it imperative for an independent dental practitioner to use digital marketing to create awareness about their dental practice in the local areas. CreativeTake Medical is partnering with dentists across the country to help them build and implement a successful dental online marketing strategy in order to compete strongly in the local marketplace. has now launched a new website for Shine Dental Group, a state of the art dental practice with a top team of dental professionals.

The practice offers a wide range of dental services and procedures, which are attractively presented on the website. The website is backed by innovative SEO and content strategies put in place by CreativeTake to ensure high search engine visibility for all the major web pages in local search results.  


Professional and Impactful Site Design

The team of experienced website designers at CT Medical has created a highly professional and impactful site design for The images on the home page immediately captivate the visitor’s interest, which is then enhanced with clearly defined menu items about various key sections of the website.

The home page includes a welcome message as well as snippets of patient testimonials, which are of prime interest to potential patients considering dental treatments at the practice. The main menu includes some of the key sections of the website, which are immediately accessible from the top of the home page.

Some of the key sections are repeated in other areas of the home page for more emphasis. The sections have been displayed in eye catching designs to attract the reader’s attention as well as make it convenient for a potential patient to identify the specific information they may be looking for.

The key menu items on the home page include:  

  • About
  • Dental Services
  • Dental Implants
  • Dentures
  • Specials
  • Patient Services
  • Contact
  • Leave a Review

A blog and a section for patient testimonials are also provided on the website. A detailed sitemap is aimed at ensuring that search engine crawlers will index every page of the site, while at the same time making it easy for actual site visitors to navigate through various parts of the website.


Information about the Dental Team

CreativeTake Medical has ensured that all the relevant information about the marvelous and committed Shine Dental Group is provided on the website in a clear and transparent manner. It includes details about the professional credentials of each member of the dental team at the practice under separate web pages. The team includes:

  • Dr. Eric Weinstein, D.D.S
  • Dr. Vikas Mittle, D.D.S
  • Dr. Gregory Ray, D.D.S.
  • Dr. Kinjel Gatha, D.D.S.
  • Dr. Kevin Nguyen, D.D.S.
  • Dr. Victoria Rubinoff
  • Daniella Sansotta, RDH
  • Ralph Rega, CDT


Other Highlights

The successful and stellar provides comprehensive information about various dental services, ranging from general to cosmetic to pediatric to laser dentistry. The site includes dental images, animations and videos for multimedia presentation. An effective ‘Call to Action’ is included on all key pages to help patients schedule an appointment online. Services

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