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New Dermatologist Website Design Launch for Southern Dermatology of New Orleans

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Dermatology Website Design for 

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm DesertCreativeTake Medical has been committed to the pursuit of excellence in online marketing for medical practitioners across the United States for the last two decades and has helped hundreds of independent professionals accomplish their business objectives.

CT Medical has a detailed understanding of the art of creating patient-friendly sites and content for plastic surgeons and other medical practitioners, while simultaneously focusing on search engine optimization to broaden the local outreach of the website to prospective patients in the region where the practice is located. 

New Website for Dr. Wiltz

CreativeTake Medical recently launched a new site for board-certified dermatologist Dr. Katy Wiltz in New Orleans. 

The website, called, is a shining example of a unique and distinguished online resource on cosmetic and medical dermatology, which also promotes Dr. Wiltz’s practice in an outstanding manner. is mainly aimed at prospective patients who may visit the site through Google search or other sources. 

The website introduces Dr. Wiltz and her practice to potential patients at the outset and seeks to familiarize them with the practice and the dermatologist quickly.

After the visitor is engaged by reviewing detailed and reassuring information about Dr. Wiltz’s credentials, training, experience, and accomplishments as well as understanding more about the procedures and facilities offered at the practice, they can seamlessly go on to other sections of the website to understand more about the various cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology, and skin cancer related treatments available. 

Procedure Sections

CT Medical understands from experience that most new visitors to a dermatology website would typically like to understand more about a particular cosmetic procedure that they may be considering. offers in-depth and precise information about various dermatological procedures in a patient-friendly language. 

The procedures are classified into three main sections, namely, cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology, and skin cancer-related procedures. Patients can easily identify and review information on the procedure of their interest, which will make them better prepared for a detailed initial consultation with the dermatologist.

Other Sections

CreativeTake Medical has included a dedicated FAQ section on the site, which includes questions that new patients may have regarding the practice, services offered, and skin care recommendations, among others. 

New patients can review this section to understand more about Dr. Wiltz and her practice.

The website also comprises a section on patient reviews. This section includes testimonials from previous patients who have received treatment from Dr. Wiltz and her team. 

CreativeTake Medical website development and content experts highlight the significance of Patient Testimonials, which can serve as one of the most reassuring endorsements of dermatological practice. 

New patients can review this section to understand more about the dermatologist and the services offered at the practice from the perspective of other patients. 

The site has a “Contact Us” section as well where patients can find relevant information about the practice location as well as fill out a brief form to set-up a consultation at the practice or ask any questions that they may have prior to seeking a consultation.

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