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Enhance Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing by Adding a Special Offer!

Offer posts allow you to promote sales, coupons, discounts, or specials that your business is currently providing. You can even create an exclusive promotion just for your GMB listing if you wish. These posts include a large “offer” tag (on mobile search) that definitely draws a searchers eye.

Google My Business post advantageVisibility of Your GMB Listing Offer

Searchers will come across your Offer posts on desktop, mobile, and the Google Maps app.

Desktop Exposure

Offer posts show up in the branded Knowledge Panel, can display in the Local Pack, Maps, and Local Finder. On desktop in Maps, when you have an active Offer post it moves the post up higher and features just that post.* When users click on it, then the other active and past posts will also show up underneath.

Mobile Exposure

For searches on mobile devices you will see these posts in the Knowledge Panel section under the “Offers” navigation heading, on the Google Maps app and nestled in search results under “Latest updates from this business” on Google section.*

Google My Business post advantage on mobileEach post provides value for a business and can be used strategically to help listings stand out and get noticed!


CreativeTake can post it for you!

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