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Chicago, IL – New Medical Spa Website Design for Sky Balance Med Spa

CreativeTake Re-designed and Launched a New Site

Sky Balance Med Spa is one of the leading medical spa facilities in Chicago, led by Dr. Sameer Naseeruddin. Sky Balance offers a wide range of aesthetic procedures at its state of the art med spa, which is designed to meet various unique cosmetic needs of the patients under a single roof. The medical spa is equipped with cutting edge non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic technologies.

Dr. Sameer had a clear vision to re-design and launch a new website that would effectively showcase various procedures and techniques that are available as well as serve as a powerful information resource online for a wide range of people seeking or desiring aesthetic improvements. CreativeTake Medical, which has extensive experience in designing, developing and promoting medical spa websites, was chosen by Dr. Sameer for this project.

Key Goals

As a first step, the site design and development professionals at CreativeTake established their key goals that would be achieved through The first goal was to create a site that would present a fair and transparent picture of Sky Balance medical spa so that potential patients gain a clear understanding of the values that the med spa stands for, and the kind of services it is capable of providing.

The second goal was to ensure that detailed and accurate information was included in the website about different techniques and procedures. This would improve patient awareness about the latest, innovative non-surgical treatments that would help them meet their personal aesthetic needs without having to undergo a surgery.

CT Medical set a third goal to create patient friendly design and content for the website. A visitor to the site looking for specific information on a particular aesthetic procedure could quickly identify and access the required web page where the relevant information is provided. Secondly, the information is presented in an engaging, simple language that an average patient would be able to understand and appreciate clearly.

Search Engine Optimization

From years of experience in developing and promoting websites for medical professionals, CreativeTake understands that even the finest website with the best quality content will not serve the medical practitioner’s purpose, if it does not reach its localized target market. Promoting the website on search engines in a targeted manner is integral to the marketing plans devised at CreativeTake.

Sky Balance med spa primarily receives patients from in and around Schaumburg, Chicago, IL. Therefore, the best outcomes from the Sky Balance website can be achieved when it ranks among the top search results when the people from this area search for a medical spa or an aesthetic med spa service.

CT Medical incorporates SEO factors right from the development of the site design, and continues to build SEO value as the site content develops. Both internal and external SEO efforts are included as a part of the online medical marketing strategy. A focused SEO effort for Sky Balance was implemented and continues to remain in place to ensure that the site ranks among the top search results on Google page one for a variety of relevant keywords. Services

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