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How to Handle Medical Reviews And Ratings Online

How to Handle Medical Reviews And Ratings Online | Palm DesertAn online medical review is a written sentiment left directly by a patient on any website or platform that supports this form of content. Three major review platforms are Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

However, there are various other options to review medical practices such as Healthgrades and RealSelf. Reviews represent ongoing conversations that your patients are having about your medical practice in the digital world.

Medical practitioners and local search marketers should master the following six elements to make reviews work for the practice rather than against it.


The Medical Practitioner sets the Review Stage

As a medical practitioner and a business owner, you set the practice policies and train the staff responsible for the service your patients experience.

Make sure that each employee that you hire is someone you feel confident about representing your practice to the public, and that they receive continuing support in implementing your official customer service policy.


The Practice is made to be Complaint-Friendly

In case you are able to catch a complaint before it emerges as a negative review, you will be able to save your patient as well as your practice from a significant amount of problems.

You should train your staff well in complaint resolution, and take the following steps to ensure that you are resolving upfront as many patient issues as possible:

  • Create a mobile-friendly complaint form on your practice website.
  • Post a complaint hotline phone and text message number in your office and on your website.
  • Routinely review social media for discussions on your practice and jump into these conversations with offers to make things better for patients expressing negative feelings.
  • Ensure that all administrative staff attending to patients makes a point of asking whether anything was less than perfect for them.


The Medical Practitioner Claims their Major Review Profiles

Multiple platforms featuring reviews also offer a function called “owner responses.” This provides the medical practitioner and business owner a chance to contribute to the online discussions surrounding their practice. You will be able to thank patients who leave affirmative reviews and attempt to win back or placate patients who leave negative reviews.

Creating some type of login is usually a part of claiming your profile. You will need to create a business profile on a platform if you do not already have one. Certain platforms make additional steps necessary to verify that you are indeed the business owner.


The Practice Encourages Reviews

Primarily, you must understand the policies of each platform on which your medical practice has a profile.

Fortunately, most platforms do enable you to encourage patients to leave reviews. Every medical practice should have a well-developed review acquisition strategy.


The Medical Practice Gets Negative Online Feedback

There are six words of advice for every medical practitioner who will inevitably acquire a negative review at some point-remain calm and have a strategy.

A few negative reviews will be written for even the most complaint-friendly practices with the best customer service policies. Sometimes mistakes happen, or a member of the staff or patient may just be having a bad day.


The Medical Practitioner Responds

It is important to monitor all of your review profiles routinely and act swiftly when a negative review emerges. This can be your initial fire-fighting strategy. The second part involves a carefully-crafted message to post in response to the negative feedback. Services

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