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Local SEO For Plastic Surgeons in Seattle, Washington

Local SEO For Plastic Surgeons in Seattle, Washington | MarketingPlastic surgeons in Seattle, Washington face the growing challenges of competition every day in their local market. Most of the potential patients are highly internet savvy and like to check out for cosmetic and plastic surgery services on their smartphones and laptops before making a choice. 

This makes it important for Seattle plastic surgeons to invest in SEO. However, the key to success lies in creating a localized SEO strategy. This will ensure that the maximum focus and visibility is on the local target audience in and around Seattle, Washington, rather than the whole country or the world. 


Local SEO is the Most Effective Form of Promotion

Paid advertising is not only expensive, it also does not have the kind of authenticity and appeal that a plastic surgery article, blog post, social media comment, YouTube video, or a service page on a plastic surgeon’s website is likely to have. 

Your potential patients will be looking for relevant information about a particular plastic surgery procedure. That kind of detailed information with images, videos, infographics or links cannot be presented in a paid advertisement. 

That is where your own plastic surgery website and blog holds so much power to deliver accurate and relevant information to thousands of Google Search users in and around Seattle, who are actually seeking it. But even the best quality information is of little use if your target audience cannot access it or is unaware of its availability on your practice website. 

This is where local SEO comes in. It will target localized keywords, so that whenever a potential patient in Seattle, Washington searches for plastic surgery information, they can find your practice website pages in top search results on Google. 


Maximized and Faster Results with Local SEO

Unless you are a national or international plastic surgery service provider, you don’t really need to invest heavily in a national or global SEO campaign. All you need is to focus on your local market in and around Seattle, Washington where your independent plastic surgery practice is located. 

Your SEO agency will maximize your outcomes by focusing all their time and resources to promote your practice locally. Another advantage is that while national or global search engine visibility can take a very long time, your improvement in Google’s local search rankings would be much faster. 

You have to remember that you are primarily competing only against fellow cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Seattle, and not the ones practicing in other parts of the country. Many of your local competitors may not be effectively utilizing the power of local SEO. You can seize the opportunity before others do, and get ahead of your competition in terms of local Google search rankings for your plastic surgery website. 


Focus on Localized Keywords 

Make sure you choose an SEO agency that has the expertise in developing and implementing a local SEO strategy for plastic surgeons. They will focus on geo-targeted keywords such as cosmetic surgery in Seattle, plastic surgery in Seattle, Seattle plastic surgeon and so on because your local patients would be searching for these geo-centric keywords.  

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