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Medical Marketing and Media Strategies that Really Work

Medical Marketing and Media Strategies that Really Work | Chicago A growing number of people now seek health information online, and look for medical practitioners and plastic surgeons in their local area through online search. According to a Pew Research Report, 72 percent of Internet users look online for health information. It is critical now for doctors for establish a robust and search engine friendly online web presence in order to compete locally.   

Here are a few vital media and marketing strategies that medical and plastic surgery practices can adopt:


Search Engine Optimized Website and Blog

Eight out of ten online health seekers today start their decision making process at a search engine. Google has become the new Yellow Pages of the 21st century. Google’s search algorithms have become so advanced that they can provide highly targeted and localized information about medical and cosmetic surgery practices within the geographic area where the patient is located.

However, to achieve high rankings in Google search results in an overcrowded local market, the doctor should have high quality, search engine optimized (SEO) website and blog. CreativeTake Medical is one of the pioneers in the field of website development, content creation, and SEO for plastic surgeons and all other types of medical professionals in the US.


Active Social Media Engagement

In addition to a dynamic website and blog, a medical practice should ideally have a strong presence across the leading social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. According to social media researchers, over 41 percent of the population would select a healthcare provider based on their social media reputation.

Social media marketing is not about aggressive self-promotion. It is about personalized engagement with existing and prospective patients over the social networks. The doctor and their team should be ready to disseminate useful and relevant information and advice through their social channels, address the queries and concerns of the members within their social networks, and regularly engage with them in a variety of creative ways.


Email Marketing

A targeted email marketing campaign or a periodic online newsletter is another effective strategy to reach out to potential patients in a personalized and engaging way. The opt-in based voluntary email and newsletter community will gradually grow if the doctor focuses on the content quality and delivers valuable information and advice to the recipients each time.

Online newsletters and email marketing can help to create a strong community and build patient loyalty over time. It is also important to optimize the email and newsletter content for mobile devices because an increasing number of people now prefer to read their emails in their mobile phones or tablets.


Mobile Marketing

A majority of Internet users now prefer to search for relevant information via their mobile devices. Therefore, it is critical for a medical marketer to create a mobile optimized website or blog to provide a seamless site experience to visitors across all types of online viewing devices. Mobile marketing can also be used to create innovative click-to-call mobile campaigns that drive potential patients to the doctor’s website. Services

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