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Nearly 80% of Digital Advertisers are Also Using SEO in Their Marketing Strategies

Nearly 80% of Digital Advertisers Use SEO in Their Marketing Strategies | Palm DesertThe number of monthly visitors on a website is important. But even more vital is the number of leads that a website is able to generate from the incoming traffic.

After the leads are generated, a practitioner can promote their cosmetic or med spa services to them via email marketing or a follow-up phone call.

This will make sure that the website is a direct contributor to the growth of a practice. In short, this is known as inbound marketing.


Develop Targeted Landing Pages

When it comes to generating leads, impressive landing pages are useful in engaging incoming traffic producing a higher conversion rate. The landing page is meant to be a tool to capture the contact details of visitors, unlike blogs or articles which are meant to disseminate information.

The conversion rate is as high as 50 to 60 percent for target audiences where the landing page design is developed with that particular group in mind. At times, the rate of conversion can be even higher in terms of percentages.

For this reason, the higher the number of landings pages on a specific site, the higher the rate of lead capture.

It is a good idea to use Google Analytics to determine which type of landing page design is most suitable for a specific medical practice. Hub Spot recommends that a business should create a minimum of 40 to 50 different landing pages to garner the attention of diverse target audiences.

Using plugins or themes when designing landing pages can make things easier.


Use Notification Bars

Notification bars are a full wide banner on the top of a site. These bars are common on the web and users have become accustomed to their presence over the tears. Readers often pay attention to these bars as the browsers usually show warning messages such as a missing plugin or blocked popup in the notification bar.

These bars are meant to stay on top and can be configured to stick to the top, even when a user scrolls down the website. It is a compelling tool to grab attention.

The email form can be placed on the notification bar, or users can be guided to a landing page through it for maximum impression.


Place Opt-In Forms

The location below the article content on a website and the sidebar are great areas to place opt-in forms. In general, visitors pay attention to the sidebar if they are not captivated by the content. If there is a relevant offer to engage them during this time, they may choose to opt-in.

When a reader finishes reading an article or blog post on a website, they usually do not know what to do next. They will simply leave the site unless they are prompted into some action.


Welcome Redirects

Redirecting site visitors to other locations of the site is another excellent method to generate leads and acquire the contact details of first-time visitors. This can be done by directing them to a landing page specifically meant for new visitors.

You can offer them something which has value, such as a newsletter or a free e-book. Ensure that this landing page only captures the leads of first-time visitors, while repeat visitors will only see the homepage upon visiting the website. Services

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