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About Empowering Body and Michele D’Angona

For over 10 years Michele D’Angona has been involved in all aspects of the health & fitness Unknownindustry! Michele was working as a P.E. teacher for elementary & junior high school children which taught her a great deal of patience & compassion. She then decided to follow her heart & become a personal trainer & body transformation expert. Michele D’Angona has worked for private gyms, bootcamps, & schools & now she is working as an independent personal trainer, able to devote all her time and energy directly to her clients.

With determination, perseverance & her passions driving her forward, Michele earned her IFBB Pro card in 2009, only 3 month after she had started competing!

As an IFBB Professional Athlete, Competition Coach, & Nutrition Consultant, Michele has been able to help countless people of all fitness levels, all over the world, achieve their goals. She found her true passion in life has been to be the motivating & supportive voice that keeps people focused and driven to push themselves beyond the reasonable & to bring out their full potential!

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