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Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies

Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies | New York | Chicago | OrangeIn a highly competitive industry such as plastic surgery, marketing plays a crucial role. A plastic surgery practice must assess their right target audience in the local area in order to reach out to them using suitable incentives and apply the appropriate medical marketing strategies.

CreativeTake Medical is an experienced online marketing, website design, content development, and SEO firm for plastic surgeons. CT Medical provides the latest and proven marketing strategies that are designed to achieve maximum impact. Some of the important strategies to market a plastic surgery practice are described as follows:


Offer a Free Consultation with Visual Presentation

One of the biggest fears of a new patient seeking plastic surgery is how their appearance may be altered following the surgery. With simple computer-based technologies such as Photoshop, it is possible to take an image of the area that the patient wants to have altered, and manipulate on the computer screen right in front of the patient.

When the patient actually sees the change, the visual impact will put them in an entirely different frame of mind. It gets easier for them to visualize what their new figure would look like, and their fears can be eased. This can be a highly effective approach to convincing a new patient and earning their trust.


Encourage Past Patients to Become Brand Ambassadors

In a field such as plastic surgery, the testimonials, endorsements and experiences of past patients hold a very strong appeal for a new patient. That makes past patients potentially the largest source of referrals. The plastic surgeon or their staff should maintain regular contact with previous patients and continue to engage with them over social media, online newsletters, blogs and other means.

Their comments and testimonials should be used creatively to connect with new patients who are looking for a reassurance. The surgeon may also consider offering a referral fee to past patients.


Spend Time on Social Listening

Social media offers a vast opportunity to gather feedback and pay attention to what the patient community is saying. It can give indications about what kind of cosmetic concerns they are usually experiencing, and which specific procedures and techniques seem to interest or excite them more.

Leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter provide online tools for advanced search where the plastic surgeon can type keywords such as tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift or nose job to find conversations that may be taking place among potential patients who are interested in plastic surgery procedures.


Focus on Mommy Makeovers

A growing number of moms are showing interest in regaining their pre-pregnancy figure with the help of plastic surgery. They are increasingly investing in multiple procedures that can be performed at the same time. Mommy makeover is an expanding niche segment that should be the area of focus for a plastic surgeon looking for new patients.

Engaging with moms through social media networks, mom oriented blogs, websites and online forums, and presenting before them the benefits of a mommy makeover can create patient awareness and interest in this procedure. Services

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