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Plastic Surgery Mobile Website Design

Plastic Surgery Mobile Website Design | Medical Marketing | New YorkOne of the most critical elements in plastic surgery website design today is mobile compatibility. The percentage of people who use mobile devices to view websites already exceeds that of people who use PCs and laptops. Google has already performed a massive upgrade of its search algorithms to give more weight to websites that are designed to be responsive to mobile users.

Google recommends that website developers should build mobile compatibility and responsiveness into the primary website rather than create a separate mobile website independent of the main site. CreativeTake Medical is a premier medical marketing and SEO company providing cutting edge web design, SEO and online marketing services to plastic surgery practitioners across the country.


Is mobile site design worth it?

A lot of plastic surgeons continue to be unsure about the value of a mobile compatible website design and whether it is worth their money, time and effort to upgrade their existing site design to make it completely mobile friendly. To find a convincing answer to this question, they should assess the demographic profile of their average website visitor and determine whether they would prefer accessing their website via their mobile devices.

The skeptics will quick realize in this analysis that a majority of their target readers want to review their site on the go via their mobile phones and tablets. Secondly, a mobile friendly website will ensure higher search rankings and greater online visibility for the website. This will eventually translate into increased footfalls at the office of the plastic surgeon.


Tips for a Mobile Optimized Website Design


Focus on Key Elements

The mobile friendly website design should include elements that are directly useful for a mobile site reader. Font types, colors, and sizes should be chosen appropriate to make navigation and viewing easier for the reader. Each web page may have a search box on top to enable the mobile reader to retrieve the information required in a quick and efficient manner.

Mobile site users typically prefer making a call for a consultation directly from the mobile, or may like to share some site information with others over social media. Therefore, the mobile friendly site design should include a direct call to action prominently on the top of the web pages in order to improve conversion rates. The phone number of practice should be visible with a click-to-call function in order to encourage calls for consultation or inquiries.


Other Requisites

  • Site experience should be consistent across smart phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Images should have a sound resolution to ensure clarity over smaller screens.
  • Text on the mobile screen should be wrapped and clearly legible.
  • Swiping and scrolling should be convenient for the mobile readers.
  • Site download speed should be higher because mobile readers typically have data usage limitations and particularly need to see faster results when they are viewing a site on the go.

A plastic surgery practitioner can build a new website design from scratch to include high mobile compatibility or have the existing design upgraded to meet the needs of a mobile connected society. Services

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