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Plastic Surgery SEO – Get Ranked Higher on Google!

Plastic Surgery SEO | Get Ranked Higher on Google | Website Marketing

You may have a marvelous website, but if people do not know about it, it will not bring you the desired results for your plastic surgery practice. Search engine optimization or SEO is critical to achieving good online visibility for your website, and in turn, for your practice.

CreativeTake Medical is a leader in medical marketing, providing cutting edge SEO and website design solutions for plastic surgeons and other medical professionals. Here are some of the key strategies for plastic surgery SEO to put your website on top in Google search results:


Optimal Site Navigation

Google strongly recommends that webmasters should focus on optimizing navigability of the website. Good navigation essentially means that you are making it easier for your site visitors to find what they are looking for.

Include all the relevant sections of your site in a distinct navigation bar on your home page and other landing pages of your site. If you have many content pages, you may also consider including a search bar on your site. Google typically ranks such websites higher in its search results that have logical and intuitive navigation.


Comprehensive Sitemap

The role of the sitemap is to inform search engines about the organization of your site content. An updated and comprehensive sitemap will enable Google search engine spiders to crawl and categorize your website in a more intelligent way. Without a sitemap, the web crawlers may skin some of the new or recently updated web pages.

Sitemap provides important metadata that lets Google know when a particular web page was last update, how often its content changes, and what is its significance in relation to other pages on your site. This allows Google to rank your web pages better in the search results.


Social Media Activity

Merely having a token presence on several social media channels will not help from an SEO point of view. Google and other search engines are likely to note social media engagement of a website and incorporate that information while determining search rankings.

Get involved actively to improve engagement over your plastic surgery social media accounts. Connect with your target audience, answer their questions and concerns, deliver useful information and data, and educate the network participants about the latest procedures and techniques in plastic surgery.


Mobile Compatible Site

Google has updated its search algorithm to officially attach more weight to websites that are completely mobile compatible. Make sure that your site design is optimized for mobile devices. A responsive site design means that readers can view your website with equal ease across different screen sizes and devices. Over time, sites with poor mobile device compatibility will tend to rank lower in Google search results.


Organic Link Building

You can improve your local SEO if your website attracts inbound links from important local websites, publications, forums, blogs, and other online sources that are relevant to plastic surgery. To achieve authoritative local links in an organic manner, you can engage with local media and publications to receive coverage. Build a local PR and create local business listings on sites such as Google+. Services

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