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Plastic Surgery Website Design in San Antonio

Plastic Surgery Website Design | San Antonio | Medical MarketingGoogle calls today constantly connected consumers as “Generation C.” These consumers juggle between websites, social media, e-commerce, blogs, and online forums, and have very little patience for tardy or slow-moving websites. Therefore, easy navigation forms the heart and soul of a good website design.

CreativeTake Medical is a premier medical marketing company that builds outstanding websites for medical professionals and implements innovative SEO strategies to promote them to their local target audience. Here are a few valuable tips for good website navigation:


Persistent Navigation

Persistent navigation, also known as global navigation, refers to a set of navigational elements that should be consistent on almost every page of your website. This consistency continues to inform the visitor that they are still on the same website by offering answers to essential questions such as:

  • What is the name of this website?
  • What is this web page about?
  • What are the key sections of this website?
  • Where is the link to the home page?
  • How to search for relevant information?


Page Title

Ideally, every web page, except the home page, should have a title. This title should match reasonably with the name of the link that leads to it. For instance if the link says “Contact Us,” it should not lead to “About Us” page. The title of the page should be prominently displayed above the body of the content. The type, size, and color of the font used for the title can be different from the text to distinguish it easily.


Brand Name or Logo

Your practice logo or brand name, or simply the name of your company, should be displayed in a unique text or graphics form on every page of the website. This is usually displayed on the top center or top left of each page. Site visitors may click on the logo hoping to get a link back to the home page. Therefore, an active link back to the home page should be provided in the logo.


Local Navigation

Local navigation involves content that is a part of a specific category, section, or sub-section of your website. The text or graphic links for local navigation are usually displayed down on the left side of each web page.


Primary Navigation

Primary navigation involves all the major sections or categories of your website. The text or graphic links for primary navigation are usually displayed at the top left or top center of each web page. Tab divider navigation bars are commonly used for primary navigation.


Link to the Home Page

The link to the home page is typically the most important and most frequently used link on a website. A site reader may sometimes have the feeling to ‘get out of the maze’ and return immediately to the home page. To serve this need, a link to the home page should be provided at every other page. Some sites include the home page link also at the bottom of every page for more convenience.


Search Button

If your website has a large amount of content, and adds fresh content regularly, you should include a search button or search form on the top of every page to enable visitors to find what they are looking for. Services

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