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Plastic Surgery Website Design in San Francisco

Plastic Surgery Website Design | San Francisco | Medical MarketingCreativeTake Medical is one of the most experienced online medical marketing companies providing cutting edge practice marketing solutions to doctors in San Francisco and other areas. The foundation of any online marketing campaign is the doctor’s website, which is a virtual representative of their healthcare practice.

CT Medical provides innovative website design and SEO services to ensure that the doctor’s website distinguishes their practice from others, and receives a growing traffic of potential patients from San Francisco or another region where the practice is located. The following are a few important tips to create a great website design:


Display the Practice Logo

Create a unique, professional logo for your practice if you do not have one already. Use a high resolution image to feature the logo prominently on the home page as well as other landing pages of the website.


Provide Intuitive Navigability

Create a horizontal menu bar at the top of your home page and other pages to make it easy for the visitors to navigate important sections of your website. A secondary navigation bar, called a sidebar, may be provided in the left-hand margin of the site.


Minimize Clutter and Overcrowding

Do not overload your website pages with excessive text, images or videos. If too much information or too many options are available, the reader may lose the way and fail to identify relevant or focused information. Heavier pages will also be inefficient to download. Provide sufficient space or breathing room between paragraphs, graphics and images to allow the reader to absorb and assimilate all the features and information.


Use Professional Fonts, Elegant Colors

Use fonts and colors strategically to present an elegant, professional and modern picture of your practice. A mostly neutral color palette can be a good idea, while small dashes of color may be utilized for key headers and graphics. Fonts should be consistent, professional, and viewer-friendly across different devices and browsers.


Invest in Images

A picture can say more than a thousand words. Therefore, an investment in images can prove to be completely worthwhile for your website. Rather than use generic photos, invest in professional photography for authenticity or buy professional stock photos.


Pack Value in Every Web Page

Many websites make the mistake of investing their efforts only in the home page, while ignore other pages. Make sure that every web page is designed as an exclusive landing page. A majority of visits for most websites begin not from the home page, but from another page. Therefore, at whichever page a visitor lands, they should be able to find high quality design and content in order to feel encouraged to navigate through the rest of the site.


Call to Action

Include a strong call to action prominently in the upper portion of the home page, and other landing pages of the website. Contact details or phone number of your practice should preferably be included with the call to action.

In an era where a majority of people use mobile devices to navigate websites, make sure to create a responsive website design for your site to optimize your viewership. Services

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