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Reputation Management Services for Plastic Surgeons

Reputation Management Services for Plastic Surgeons

While website design and SEO continue to be the foundation of any concrete and awesome Internet marketing campaign today, but the area of focus has expanded well beyond these core attributes. Particularly with the extensive popularity and usage of social media networks and mobile Internet, reputation management has emerged as an important aspect of online marketing.

Online reputation management is even more critical for professionals such as plastic surgeons because a majority of patients still depend on image, perception, recommendations, reviews, and word of mouth while choosing a medical professional. CreativeTake Medical is a premier medical marketing firm providing a host of online marketing services for plastic surgeons, including reputation management services.

Review and Rating Sites

Proactive reputation management will require the plastic surgeon to build an active presence across various review and rating websites for doctors such as The surgeon must have an informative LinkedIn account as well as engage actively over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Certain professional review and rating websites for doctors can make a difference to the medical marketing prospects of the plastic surgeon. It is important to identify if any negative, incorrect or unreasonable reviews or ratings against the surgeon appear online. Corrections, explanations, and rejoinders can be provided in response to such issues in order to balance the viewpoints.

Online Monitoring

A number of online social media monitoring and other Internet review tools are available today, which should form a vital part of any plastic surgery marketing effort, in addition to traditional efforts such as website design and SEO. The surgeon may also set up specific Google Alerts in their name as well as the practice brand so that whenever there is an online conversation that involves these names Google will send an alert via email to the plastic surgeon.

Guest Columns and Blogs

To boost the online reputation, the plastic surgeon can write authoritative and original articles or columns for reputed websites, online magazines, and blogs. White papers, e-Books, and newsletters can also be used effectively to build reputation. Over a period of time, such authoritative pieces of content will establish superior credibility and reputation for the plastic surgeon.

Patient Testimonials

One of the most effective ways for a plastic surgeon to achieve a strong reputation is through positive patient testimonials and feedback. The surgeon may create a questionnaire seeking responses from patients. Some of the patients may be requested to provide a detailed written testimonial. Even video testimonials are becoming increasingly popular today.

These testimonials can be shared and presented on various online platforms such as the practice website, social media accounts of the surgeon, blogs as well as YouTube. For a new patient, it is important to know the experience of other patients with the surgeon and what is their opinion about the surgeon’s professional skills and personal attributes.

CT Medical is a leading marketing firm for plastic surgeons with more than 15 years of experience in the field. The reputation management experts at CreativeTake can help a surgeon build and manage a successful online reputation, which will eventually translate into more traffic at the surgeon’s office. Services

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