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Partnership Marketing for Your Medical Practice

partnership marketing medical practiceIn an era of professional alliances, partnerships, and networking, medical practitioners should considering entering into marketing pacts with synergistic partners for mutual benefit. For instance, a gym or a health club can have a banner promoting the cosmetic surgery or skin care services of a medical practitioner.

This is the kind of place where people who are conscious about maintaining their health and looks are likely to visit. Therefore, reaching out to them in a targeted and personalized manner is possible for a medical professional by entering into a marketing arrangement with the facility.

The practitioner can go one step further and hold a presentation on-site at the gym or conduct a health and wellness talk on topics of general interest such as nutrition, fitness, and aesthetic appearance.

This partnership benefits the healthcare provider because they get access to an engaged audience of potential patients, while their presentation or talk can add value to the gym or health club facility. That creates a win-win situation for both sides.

The advantages of partnership marketing can be significant, and can help a medical practice stand out from the crowd. It can bring exposure to new patient populations, and become a major brand-booster for the practice.

By showcasing their expertise, knowledge and commitment to public health within the community, the healthcare provider stands to gain in terms of reputation and recognition. The costs will be negligible in this endeavor and the results can be much more effective than paid advertising, which is expensive and ranks low on credibility.

Things to Consider

When pursuing partnership marketing for a medical practice, the following basic things should be considered:


What would you like your partnership to deliver in terms of value? For instance, you could offer a public service for the less privileged, or seek an opportunity to increase revenues. Choose a direction where your passion lies. Rewards for your practice would ensue in each case as long as you provide value to your audience.


Choose your partners wisely. For instance, a cosmetic surgeon may like to partner with a medical spa, salon or gym; a chiropractor may prefer to partner with an orthopedic surgeon; and a dentist may choose to partner with an oral appliance manufacturer.


You can enter into a partnership solo or consider doing a program that involves colleagues. Once you determine the scope and scale of the potential project, you can consider whether it will create a larger impact to involve more people, or it would be more beneficial to keep it an individual effort between you and your marketing partner.

Cultural Match

A matching of culture and ethos between two or more partners is vital to the long-term success of this effort. Your focus should be on choosing partners that uphold the same values of fairness, compassion, and ethics as you do. Public perception and reputation can be enhanced when two or more partners reflect an equal level of integrity and commitment in their endeavors for mutual benefit.

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