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Why Voice Search is so Important to Consider For SEO in 2019

Voice Search so Important to Consider For SEO in 2019 | Palm DesertBy the year 2020, 30 percent of all website sessions will be conducted without the use of a screen. You may be thinking, how is that possible?

In fact, voice-only search enables users to browse the web and get consumer information without actually having to scroll through the sites on their phones or desktops. This innovative technology may be the foundation of successful brands in the future.


What does Voice Search Mean?

Voice search enables users to speak into a device instead of typing keywords into a search query to produce results. Audio technology makes use of speech recognition to comprehend what users are saying in a very precise manner. It then provides the results orally to the user.

While voice search seems like a new concept, it has been in use for a while. Some examples of voice search use are speech-to-text and voice dialing. On top of this, programs such as Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana use voice search technology.

Specific devices can be voice-search optimized, but platforms, sites, and websites can also be optimized for it.

For instance, Amazon Alexa can effortlessly search through Spotify’s music inventory, scan Wikipedia, and shop on Amazon rapidly at the command of the user. That shows how some brands choose to optimize their interfaces to become compatible with voice search.


How Voice Search Affects SEO Rankings

Voice search significantly enhances user experience. Due to that, by the year 2020, 50 percent of all online searches will be conducted through voice search. Because of its widespread use, search engines such as Google are placing a greater emphasis on voice search optimization.

The main goal of SEO, after all, is to rank sites correctly to enable users to find the most accurate information on their search query as fast as possible. Ultimately, user experience is the topmost concern in SEO.

There will be an average of one billion voice searches monthly by January 2018. This indicates that voice search is gaining popularity among users.

However, it is vital to understand that conventional website SEO and voice search SEO are not the same. Some aspects that impact website rankings may or may not affect voice search and vice-versa.


Tips to Optimize Voice Search

Some tips to optimize voice search are as follows:

Make sure that the website loads rapidly

Google voice search prefers sites that load fast. Make sure that:

  • The website is responsive and works effectively on mobile devices
  • Pictures are optimized
  • Files are compressed
  • There is utilization of site caching to enhance page speed
  • Reduced server response time

Write in the Manner that you Speak

To optimize your content for voice search, make sure to include long-tail keywords that are more natural sounding in comparison to snappier, shorter keywords that do well in desktop SEO.

Include Featured Blocks of Content

Create a featured snippet on the website. A featured snippet is also known as position zero, quick answers, or answer box. It is basically a summary answer for an individual web page.

The optimization of your content for an identifiable featured snippet will include a succinct summary of your primary content. Services

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