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Why You Should Try Facebook Advertising

Why You Should Try Facebook Advertising | Palm Desert | Rancho MirageSocial media is a powerful medium to increase exposure and traffic for your company, create a loyal customer base, and produce leads and sales. Some good reasons to use Facebook ads to grow your business exponentially are outlined here.


People Spend a Significant Amount of Time on Social Media

Any business, regardless of its size, cannot ignore Facebook today.

Your company needs a Facebook page, and you know this. But so do 40 million other companies. Facebook is a platform where your future customers spend time.

Interestingly, the average American is on Facebook for around 40 minutes, sharing and liking content. Facebook users “Like” over 4.1 million posts every minute. These users post comments, create status updates, and upload pictures.


Promotion of Content is Highly Scalable

It is important to let people know about the great content that you are creating for your website. Sharing updates across social media platforms are one way to share your content.

But only sharing content this way isn’t enough. Facebook Ads will increase the outreach of your content. Using Facebook Ads will allow your content to spread organically.

It is possible when influencers share your Facebook Ads (yes, people DO share ads). This approach can help your content reach an even wider audience. Social media has a snowball effect on engagement.


Targeting Produces Results

Facebook may seem all over the place, but it is actually much more targeted than it appears. Businesses can use Facebook Ads metrics such as location, age, demographics, gender, connections, behavior, and interest.

Facebook can also enable businesses in front of specific and, usually motivated, audience segments with the help of some precise ad targeting options that you have likely never heard of. You can:

  • Assess recent purchase behavior.
  • Assimilate creative ideas into life-event targeting.
  • Use custom audiences to develop leads and create loyalty.
  • Develop audiences that look like your own targets (“lookalike audiences”).
  • Make your targeting super refined by layering targeting options


Remarketing is Powerful

Remarketing refers to a type of technology that displays ads for your business to individuals who have visited your site, used your mobile app, or left you their email addresses. These people will view these ads when they visit or shop on other sites, use social media, see videos, use other mobile apps, or conduct Google searches.

Remarketing is a powerful tool to grow your business. On an average, social remarketing boosts rates of engagement by three times and increases the rates of conversion by two times. You will want to use this technology to promote your hard offers, such as sign-ups, downloads, consultations, etc.


Convert Visitors into Leads and Customers

While Facebook Ads will increase the traffic on your site, you will also want an increment in sales, leads, and customers. Tagging visitors who visit your website with a cookie can help you achieve this goal by building your remarketing audience.

You can now begin using behavioral and demographic filters on your audience to gear your Facebook Ads towards small groups of people who are interested in your product or service (behavioral and interest targeting), who recently reviewed your offering (retargeting), and who have the financial capability to afford your stuff (demographic targeting).

Facebook Ads can help you capture qualified leads and make sales. Services

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