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7 Digital Marketing Tasks You Need To Do in 2019

 (If you haven’t already)

1. Convert your Website site to HTTPS.

This should of been done over 2 years ago but we see so many sites that have not. See “Is Your Website Secure and HIPAA Compliant?” for more information.

DR Eugene KIm Instagram page2. Create an Instagram business profile.

With 100 million new users in the last six months and 600 million users overall, Instagram shows no signs of slowing down. This photo and video sharing platform will only continue to grow, giving you 600 million reasons why your practice should join in on this digital marketing gold mine.

If you are looking for new ways to engage with potential and current patients or market to millennial’s, Instagram is the social network to do it. Having 90% of users under the age of 35, this is a great place to engage with those starting to make their own medical decisions and parents searching for where to take the family.

By creating a Instagram business profile you can keep you personal account separate from your business account. Using a business profile Instagram also allows  you to schedule Instagram Posts in advance and track the results of each post.

Google My Business plastic surgeon listing results3. Claim/create a Google My Business profile for each office location

Claiming your local or small business on Google is one of the most effective ways to establish a great reputation online. Not only is Google the most used website and search engine in the world today, it’s also where nearly everyone starts and ends when looking for information online.

4. Switch to paid Facebook advertising

People spend a lot of time on social media. With over 1 billion users a business can not ignore Facebook.

Unfortunately organic placement on Facebook is practically gone. Less than .05% of your business page users will see your post. Paid ads on Facebook is the way to go. And choosing your target market on Facebook is amazing!

Use Facebook re-marketing. Essentially, re-marketing is a type of technology that shows ads for your business to people after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address. People will see these ads when they visit or shop on other websites, use social media, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search on Google. (I’ve seen social re-marketing, on average, boost engagement rates by three times and increase conversion rates by two times.)

Note: Make sure you read and follow the Facebook ad guidelines so your ad is not rejected

5. Make sure your website is mobile responsive

Make sure your website is responsive. More people access websites from mobile devices now than they do desktops. If your site does not resize to fit the screen, they will leave.

Plus, Google now penalizes sites who are not mobile responsive by showing them less in results. See “Why is a responsive website important?

6. Post more real photos of your patients and practice on your website and social media.

The number one visited page on plastic surgery websites are before and after picture pages. This is your way to advertise your best work. Get permission from all clients and create a process with your team to take before and after pictures patient surgeries and treatments. But, only post the best results. Treat this like placing an ad in a magazine.

Plus, you can search by images on many search engines. This is one more way to be found in search and drive more traffic to your website.

7. Increase your video content.

Video is the best way to engage your audience for a longer period of time.

See “Benefits of adding video content to your website” and “Video Marketing & Social Media Strategies


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