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Making Your Practice Successful

CreativeTake Medical understands that starting or maintaining any business can be overwhelming, but starting or maintaining a medical practice is significantly more challenging. There are many essential factors that must be considered to simply sustain the day-to-day operations of a properly functioning practice and/or onsite surgery suite. Making good decisions at the origination of your practice can potentially save you a great deal of aggravation, as is true during times of redirection or improvement required of an established practice. CreativeTake Medical knows that the advice and guidance of an experienced, qualified professional can provide valuable insight and prevent wasted time and money. If you are currently in the preparation and planning phase of starting your practice, or have a well established office that needs improvement and fine tuning, you could benefit from Practice Consulting Services.

We Provide and Individualized Approach

CreativeTake Medical provides an individualized, comprehensive approach to Practice Consulting. We understand that not all medical practices are alike. Offices vary as much as the physician nurturing the vision behind them, and we realize that each one requires a unique and different approach. CreativeTake Medical’s Consultants become acquainted with you first and then construct a complete development program based on your individual resources and goals. In addition, our programs are dynamic, changing with your practice’s progress. CreativeTake Medical doesn’t require long term commitments and “one size fits all”, static contracts that may become obsolete as the practice and staff evolve. As hidden assets emerge or unforeseen events require attention that may not have been apparent at the beginning of the program, we easily adapt and adjust to optimize results.

Creative Take Medical’s Consultant offers over 20 years of knowledge and experience.

Practice Consultant Services Provided:

  • New Practice Planning
  • Site Research
  • Plan Development
  • Architectural Review
  • Space Organization
  • Interior, Furniture and Fixture Planning
  • Equipment Research, Loan vs. Lease
  • Financial Review
  • Budget Planning
  • Insurance Review and Planning
  • Licensing and Credentials
  • Risk Management
  • Policy and Protocol
  • Human Recourses
  • Staff Training
  • Software and Hardware Recommendations
  • Technical Support
  • Reputation Management
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Public Relations
  • Branding and Internal Marketing Collateral
  • Event Planning
  • Medical and Marketing Content Composition

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