Creating your brand identity is as important a marketing tool as your office location and your business cards.  You may wonder why there is so much buzz over branding. If so, consider this:

Take a look a the following brands and their generic counterparts. It’s straightforward which have the highest sales volumes.  Why? Because the brand names are the most easily recognizable, and branded products command higher retail prices. It’s not necessarily because they are better, but because the public perceives them as better and/or more effective:

  • Bayer aspirin or the salicylic acid
  • Band Aid or plastic bandage
  • Kleenex or facial tissue
  • Prozac or fluoxetine
  • Dr. Oz
  • Dr. Andrew Weil
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Dr. Drew

Strong brand development and effective marketing strategies are what has set them apart from the thousands of other doctors who are in similar fields.  There are four fundamental components of an effective branding development strategy:

  • Expertise
  • Product
  • Public perception
  • Well-developed and nurtured patient relationships

At CreativeTake Medical, we take brand development seriously because the success of our clients’ practices depends on it.  We will create a robust branding strategy built on these four fundamental components that will successfully establish and nurture your brand to keep you from getting lost in the crowd.

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