ASAPS 2020 Canceled Show Special Offer

I know many of you were planning to attend The Aesthetic Meeting 2020, originally scheduled in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. We were too. Since we can’t see you at the show. We wanted to offer you what we could

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How to choose the best agency for your plastic surgery SEO?

In a competitive market environment, you need the right SEO agency to help promote your plastic surgery practice in your local area. If you rush into the process, chances are that you may end up with an SEO service provider

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Medical marketing tips to build and nurture new patient leads during Covid 19

Medical Marketing Tips During COVID-19  Begin virtual consults with current patients and potential patients. HIPAA is now temporary allowing video conferencing on Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, Google Hangouts video, or Skype, to provide Telehealth. Click here for more HIPAA information. Get

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As seen on Reducing digital marketing due to COVID-19? Read this first

Here’s some advice about being hands-on with paid search accounts and mindful of your content during this time of uncertainty. Nick LeRoy Last week, I shared real performance data for 10 different websites in 10 different industries that are seeing impacts

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Enhance Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing by Adding a Special Offer!

Offer posts allow you to promote sales, coupons, discounts, or specials that your business is currently providing. You can even create an exclusive promotion just for your GMB listing if you wish. These posts include a large “offer” tag (on

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New Website Design For Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Farah Khan

CreativeTake Medical has launched a new website for board certified female plastic surgeon in Dallas Dr. Farah Naz Khan. The experienced team of website developers and designers at CreativeTake has crafted a unique and user-friendly design that allows for

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Is On The Rise

There has been a remarkable increase in the number of plastic surgeries in the last decade. According to new data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2019 as many as 18 million people underwent minimally invasive and

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Digital Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

There was a time when newspapers ads, billboards, magazines, TV commercials, and radio spots were enough to attract new patients looking for a plastic surgery. However, with the advent of the internet and an increasing digital world, traditional marketing strategies

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How to Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency

There may be various unique reasons for seeking help with digital marketing. However, you should be able to pinpoint clear-cut issues that require attention. It is vital to define these reasons thoroughly before even starting your search.  Some suggestions to

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What is The Difference Between Customizable And Custom Sites

Custom websites are made specifically with the client’s needs in mind and are unique. On the other hand, customizable sites are template-based and have a generic appearance. Customizable Sites are Similar to Fast Food Customizable sites can be thought of

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