Should you encourage a review of your medical practice online?

If your medical practice has a profile on a few online review and rating platforms, as a first step, you should look at the policies of each platform. Every review or rating website has its own guidelines on what you

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How to Handle Medical Reviews And Ratings Online

An online medical review is a written sentiment left directly by a patient on any website or platform that supports this form of content. Three major review platforms are Google, Facebook, and Yelp. However, there are various other options to

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Guide to Setting-up Your Local Medical Office Business Listing Online

Creating a structured local business listing for your medical practice, whether at Facebook, Google, Yelp, or elsewhere, will involve filling out a form with a specific set of fields. Google, the leading player in local search, has set the precedence

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Facebook Advertising Ideas For Plastic Surgeons

Are you ready to increase your new patient numbers for your cosmetic surgery practice? Then it’s time to explore Facebook Ads to give your lead generation efforts the facelift it deserves! Plastic surgeons have found that the advertising capabilities on

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Why You Should Try Facebook Advertising

Social media is a powerful medium to increase exposure and traffic for your company, create a loyal customer base, and produce leads and sales. Some good reasons to use Facebook ads to grow your business exponentially are outlined here.  

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How to Add/Claim Your Google My Business Listing And Optimize It (The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business Pages For 2018)

Google uses company information to refine local searches and assist users in finding relevant local companies. Therefore, creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing will allow your company to show up in places like Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+.

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How to Create The Best Instagram Business Profile Page For Your Medical Practice

Instagram is a very popular digital platform where over 300 million users share their videos, photos, and stories every day. Instagram has grown tremendously in recent years, and this has presented marketers and business owners with one important question-how can

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Common Problems Found on Medical Websites

Many medical professionals have excellent websites. They are at par with modern website design and offer users good browsing experience. But there are also many really bad medical websites out there. They are either unappealing, challenging to use, or both.

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CreativeTake Winter 2019 Newsletter

Need a new medical website or redesign? We can help. Is your site over 3 years old?  We would like to help you jump start your medical practice marketing by offering 25% OFF a new practice website or a redesign of an older

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New Trends for Website Design

Here are some of the top trends in medical and cosmetic surgery website design for 2019:   Web Animation Animation is instrumental in making it easier for people to understand ideas and interfaces. Time is short in today’s world, and

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