Plastic Surgery SEO – Make More Money & Grow Your Practice

Plastic Surgery SEO – Make More Money & Grow Your Practice

Plastic Surgery SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO makes it easier for Google, Bing, and other search engines to find a website. Plastic Surgery SEO makes the process of making cosmetic surgery procedure easier for patients and search engines. SEO is a useful tool in digital marketing for plastic surgery practices.

SEO allows cosmetic surgeons to increase their online patient referrals. More patients would be able to find your practice when your website is positioned at the top of Google SERP (search engine page results). More hits on the website equates to more new patient appointments for the practice.

Number of Expected Patients to be Generated by SEO Efforts

At present, the average rate of sales conversion for SEO driven online visits is 2.95%. This means that with every 1,000 visitors to your plastic surgery website, you should get an estimated 30 new patients with a 3% conversion rate.

Clearly, you will be able to add new patients to your cosmetic surgery practice every month with dedicated SEO efforts made by an experienced and established digital marketing service provider specializing in plastic surgery.

SEO for Plastic Surgery – Organic SEO vs. Paid Online Ads

Organic SEO and Adwords are two different approaches to the same results. Adwords refers to a service in which your cosmetic surgery practice’s website will appear on top of Google search results page for a fee. This will be as online advertisement.

In comparison, your website will be positioned in the real search results through organic SEO efforts. Patient trust is hard to win with paid ads. Also, paid ads are far more expensive as compared to organic SEO approach. This is especially true if the targeted keywords have a high level of competition. A major drawback of paid advertising is that your ads will stop appearing in Google once you stop paying.

Organic SEO is an affordable, dependable and long-term strategy. Your practice website will be positioned in the first few search engine results so that only relevant and genuine patients find you. Visitors are far more likely to convert into patients when your website content answers their queries. They are also more likely to be satisfied.

You can increase patient engagement rates with relevant content on your site. Online visitors will eventually convert into actual patients seeking an appointment at the office. Organic SEO provides longer-lasting results than Adwords. Once the practice website reaches the top of Google SERPs, it is more likely to stay there for a few months. It can remain for longer (almost indefinitely) if SEO related efforts are continued.

The best reason to choose organic SEO is that it comes out to be cheaper in the long run. CreativeTake Marketing’s plastic surgery SEO package is available on competitive terms. Importantly, you will find that the package proves to be more cost effective when compared with new patient acquisition. Organic SEO is something you should consider if you are looking to strategically position your cosmetic surgery practice for a longer run.

Measuring the Success of Plastic Surgery SEO Campaigns

You will receive periodic analytical reports from CreativeTake Marketing so that you can clearly track performance. The reports will include over time position change and SERPs for important keywords.

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