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Medical Email Marketing ChecklistEmail marketing, as per the Data & Marketing Association, provides an ROI of 4400%. That is $44 earned for every $1 spent. However, it’s crucial that you do email marketing right if you want to reap in the benefits.

This checklist will help you perfect your email marketing strategy.

Is there a way to opt-in to the email list on the website?

More subscribers you have, better the chances of having a successful email marketing strategy. As a medical practice, you probably want to reach as many potential patients as you can while setting up a campaign. Make sure the website has a button in a visible location to make it easy for site visitors to opt in.

Is the email concise yet compelling?

Email blasts need to be valuable if you don’t want your readers to unsubscribe. However, it shouldn’t be too long. The ideal email should have a balance of graphics and text. Readers may lose interest in long-winded emails. It is best to keep the email brief and to the point.

Does it include content that is relevant to your audience?

Your readers won’t read the email you send if it is of no relevance to them. After a while, they may unsubscribe or stop opening the emails altogether. You can expect a quality and loyal reader-base by crafting relevant messages for targeted audience.

Does the email direct readers to the site?

Email blasts are generally sent with a single-handed purpose – to direct patients to the website. You should take advantage of the interaction whether you are sending an announcement, newsletter, or the latest specials. Add a link redirecting the readers to your website. You also need to ensure the landing page is a quality representation of your medical practice. It should have all the details they are looking for.

Is there a call-to-action?

Every email you send out should have a compelling call-to-action button at the end. It should support your end goal by making a clear statement about the actions your readers should take next.

Have you optimized the subject line?

An email is only as good as the subject that represents it. People may not read the email if they are not intrigued by the subject line. You should do everything you can to make the subject line more interesting and relevant.

Is the email mobile-optimized?

Majority of viewers use their phone or other handheld devices to open emails. If the format is not mobile-friendly, they won’t get the full effect of your email. This is even when the email is carefully crafted.

Are you sending the email at a good time?

The best time to send an email blast is one of the more elusive questions in digital marketing. This depends on various factors. You need to adjust your email schedule if you want to improve the open rate.

The goal is to check off on all these email marketing tips even though it won’t guarantee a boost to your ROI. The team at CreativeTake Digital Marketing can help you perfect your email marketing strategies.

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