New Website Launch for Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery in California

New Website Launch for Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery in California

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

The popularity of plastic surgery procedures have led to the emergence of many competent cosmetic and plastic surgery practices across the country.

The competition has increased, and today even the oldest or the best practices are also required to professionally promote their services over the Internet. Digital marketing is the most affordable and effective way to reach out to targeted audiences in a local area.

This is where is helping transform the business of a large number plastic surgery practices in the US. CreativeTake Medical website design and SEO experts work with a goal to create plastic surgery websites that inform and educate the patients in a comprehensive manner, and at the same time, meet the challenge of achieving top search rankings for localized keywords on search engines such as Google and Bing.

CT Medical is today a recognized leader in the field of online marketing for medical professionals. CreativeTake is closely working with numerous cosmetic surgery and other practices to improve their digital footprint and build a strong online reputation.

Home Page

CreativeTake has now launched a new website, which is a prominent practice catering to the needs of patients in and around Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. The website designers at CT Medical have designed an elegant website, which makes liberal use of images and soft colors to present a pleasing site experience for potential patients.

The home page provides a well-defined horizontal menu of all the major sections of the website. New visitors can easily navigate through various web pages, quickly identify the information they are looking for, and feel encouraged to spend more time on the site and improve their familiarity with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery practice.

The home page briefly describes about the overall environment and beauty of the Beverly Hills area where the practice is located. It then goes on to talk about the professional plastic surgery practice that is led by two eminent plastic surgeons in the field.

Website Sections includes an “About Us” section, which separately includes sub-sections about its two plastic surgeons, Dr. David Kim and Dr. Eugene Kim. Both surgeons are board certified by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery – a fact that is importantly emphasized in the website. The sections provide their professional credentials so that new patients can learn about the surgeon’s background and gain more confidence about the practice.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive menu of surgical and non-surgical procedures. CreativeTake Medical has provided in-depth information about each procedure performed at the practice. Separate sections are created for procedures related to the body, face, breast, and nose.

Further sub-sections about various procedures include exclusive web pages on breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, otoplasty, eyelid surgery, facial fat transfer, brow lift, Botox, dermal fillers, and CoolSculpting. An entire separate section is dedicated to nose surgery or rhinoplasty.

The fantastic and cutting edge CT Medical has also provided separate sections on for Contact Us, Photo Gallery, Videos, FAQ, Specials, Financing, and Blog.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Facebook Advertising Ideas For Plastic Surgeons

Facebook Advertising Ideas 

Are you ready to increase your new patient numbers for your cosmetic surgery practice? Then it’s time to explore Facebook Ads to give your lead generation efforts the facelift it deserves!

Plastic surgeons have found that the advertising capabilities on social media platforms, in today’s digital world, have had a positive effect on their practices.

The reason is that Facebook Ads offers a chance to enhance:

  • Awareness: Enhances awareness of your practice by promoting your business page.
  • Consideration: Prompts users to leave Facebook, by clicking on your ad, and progress to the next step in the sales funnel by providing more details about them.
  • Conversations: Makes quantifiable revenue-producing activities take place.

This is the real strength of Facebook. However, to create more awareness, consideration, and conversion, you will need to develop an ad that has the following characteristics: an appealing visual, an attractive offer, model copy, precise targeting, and much more.

Plastic Surgeon’s Marketing Funnel for Excellent Outcomes

Attracting your target demographic involves setting up a simple funnel comprising four parts:

  • A precisely targeted Facebook ad
  • A landing page (also known as an opt-in page)
  • A thank you page
  • A simple follow-up email sequence and text message

Understandably, you will not get desired outcomes if you do not take the time to execute each part of the funnel meticulously. So, to set you up for success, let us take you through the entire funnel, from beginning to end.

The Facebook Ad

Facebook is the place where you will display a compelling proposition for your target audience to view and (hopefully) get excited about. It need not be glamorous, and you do not need to spend a lot of your time writing expert copy. The ultimate objective is to get clicks, or LEADS.

The most efficient ad type to achieve this goal is consideration, with the ideal goal being Traffic. Your focus is to send people to a destination on or off Facebook to procure some new patients.

Facebook presents numerous targeting options which can be overwhelming. Therefore, we share a select few as they can raise your patient numbers more effectively.

Does that sound good? Now the next step is building your ad creative. It does not need to be over-the-top but should get the audience to take action.

The Landing Page (Opt-In)

Practice websites commonly have a Contact Us form. But that is not the place to direct your leads. Why? It will confuse them once they arrive as most likely the copy and design will not be anything like what they saw on your ad.

The Thank You Page

The patient enters their details on the landing page and clicks the “Remove My Wrinkles Now!” They are now added to your email list and sent to a Thank You page.

Follow Up

In this final step of the marketing funnel, you will need to send a series of two emails and a text message. Why the text message? It gives the lead your tracking phone number which motivates them to call immediately. This is clever and professional at the same time.

About CreativeTake Medical
CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

We specialize in:

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New website design for the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, GA

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Plastic Surgery Website, which is a premier website design, content development and SEO company for medical professionals in the United States, has developed a new website called for the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, GA. The website is designed to help new patients learn all about the Plastic Surgery Institute, and the range of state of the art procedures and services it provides.

CreativeTake Medical has attained a leadership status in the area of developing and marketing medical websites in the US. In recent years, it has focused more on creating plastic surgery websites, which is one of the key areas of expertise for the company. CT Medical ensures that each of its medical websites has a unique web design that stands out in the crowded online world. It provides highly professional content that is patient-friendly as well as search engine optimized at the same time.

Online Resource of Information

The team of experts at CreativeTake developed as a website that would not only showcase the features of the practice, but would also serve as a comprehensive educational resource for patients in and around Atlanta, GA and other areas. The knowledgeable content creators at CT Medical have made sure that all the information provided about various plastic surgery procedures and techniques is original, accurate, relevant, and described in a patient-friendly language.

Highlighting the Strengths

On the website’s home page, CreativeTake decided to cover the key strengths of the Plastic Surgery Institute. Therefore, when a new reader visits the website, they would feel immediately assured of the kind of high standards and quality of treatments that can be expected at the practice.

The home page provides an overview about the skills and experience of Dr. McCluskey and his professional team in plastic surgery, the state of the art equipment and technologies available at the practice, and the overall commitment to achieve complete patient satisfaction in every surgical and non-surgical procedure performed at the practice.

About the Surgeon

From experience, the web development experts at CreativeTake Medical know that for a medical website, one of the most important sections is the one about the doctor who heads the practice. Therefore, has included an in-depth section about Dr. Paul McCluskey who is a reputed plastic surgeon in Atlanta, GA.

The exclusive section is positioned prominently on the site to help new patients learn about his education, training, experience, and achievements in the area of plastic and cosmetic surgery. It also describes Dr. McCluskey’s other academic related activities as an author.

Foundational Principles

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta follows a fundamental set of principles that constitute the core of the practice. CT Medical chose to focus on these principles in the website to let the patients know about the commitment and philosophy of Dr. McCluskey and his team. The principles are presented clearly and briefly on in bullet points.

Procedure Sections

The most detailed area of the website is where it described a full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures provided at the website. These include a variety of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for the breast, body and face. Each procedure is described in a separate web page. Other sections on the site include a financial area, a blog, and a photo gallery.

About CreativeTake Medical
CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

We specialize in:

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New Website Design for Metro East Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center in Shiloh, IL

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

Metro East Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center is a premier practice offering cutting edge skin care solutions in medical as well as cosmetic dermatology. The practice has partnered with to design, launch and manage its new website

The newly launched website creates a dramatic visual impact through highly attractive images on its home page as well as other web pages. Potential patients who visit the website receive a positive experience pervading throughout the site, and feel encouraged to explore various sections of the site. dermatology practice is led by board certified dermatologist and fellowship trained Mohs surgeon Dr. Jamie McGinness. The astute and tremendous Dr. McGinness receives patients from Shiloh, IL; St. Louis, MO, and other suburbs and neighborhoods in this part of the Midwest for advanced skin care treatments.

The website offers an overview of Dr. McGinness’ state of the art dermatology practice, and includes comprehensive information about various cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatology procedures and techniques.

About Us Section

CreativeTake Medical content and design experts chose to highlight the qualifications and other professional credentials of Dr. McGinness prominently on the website. He distinguishes himself with a board certification in dermatology and is recognized as the only fellowship trained Mohs Micrographic surgeon in the Metro East Illinois St. Louis area. focuses on Dr. McGinness’ expertise in Mohs technique, which is considered the gold standard in skin cancer treatment. The site describes the high-precision surgical approach of Dr. McGinness to minimize the amount of healthy tissue removed while excising the malignant tissue, which helps improve health and cosmetic outcomes.

The website also establishes the authority of Dr. McGinness as an expert Mohs surgeon by informing the readers about his extensive experience. He has performed till date more than three thousand surgeries using the Mohs technique.

Medical Dermatology

CT Medical has included a dedicated Medical Dermatology section in the website. The section describes some of the proven and effective specialized treatments for persistent skin concerns that the practice offers. Dr. McGinness offers advanced medical dermatology solutions for skin conditions such as:

  • Acne
  • Moles & Growths
  • Benign Lesions
  • Rashes

These conditions and their latest treatment options are discussed in detail in the Medical Dermatology section.

Surgical Dermatology

Another important section in the website of Dr. McGinness is the Surgical Dermatology section. CreativeTake experts recognized that the major focus of the practice is on surgical dermatology procedures to treat skin cancers. The section describes the individualized treatment plan that Dr. McGinness creates to address the problem from its root.

The section discusses Dr. McGinness’ areas of expertise in surgical dermatology, which include:

  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery
  • Excisional Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery

Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatments

Outstanding and innovative CreativeTake Medical content providers included a separate section for non-surgical skin cancer treatments in The section informs potential patients that while some lesions do require surgical removal, for smaller, superficial tumors identified in the early stages of development non-surgical treatment options are also available.

Non-surgical skin cancer treatments are typically used to treat basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, or pre-cancerous growths, such as actinic keratosis. The website explains various non-surgical treatment options, such as radiation therapy, topical chemotherapy, freezing, and light therapy.

About CreativeTake Medical
CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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