What’s the Difference between SMS and MMS blast?

What’s the Difference between SMS and MMS blast?

SMS vs. MMS blast

SMS and MMS are the two ways in which we can send text messages. The basic difference between the two is that SMS is for text messages whereas MMS is for messages with a video or an image. Both SMS and MMS blasts are important tools in mobile marketing today.

Many potential clients prefer to read short and quick messages or view short videos. So, your conversion rates can be higher with mobile marketing techniques such as SMS and MMS blasts. Read on to understand more specific details about both these services and a comparison of their merits and disadvantages of both.

About SMS

SMS stands for Short Message Service. In simple language, this means a text message. Several types of message are commonly called as “text” messages; the factor that sets SMS apart is that it can accommodate only 160 characters of text and does not support videos and pictures.

About MMS

MMS is an abbreviation for Multimedia Messaging Service. As the name indicates, it supports communication of multimedia besides text. Videos, audios, pictures, and GIFs can all be sent using MMS. Another way it differs from SMS is that MMS supports up to 1600 characters of text, so you can share a greater amount of content.

How do SMS and MMS Compare to Each Other?

Both SMS and MMS provide an excellent interface for engaging customers but each one has its own merits and disadvantages. One may be better than the other in certain situations and you have to decide which one to use based on your project budget and the outcome you desire from your communication with customers.

Merits of SMS

  • SMS messages are restricted to 160 characters, so they have to be brief and to the point. This makes it easier for the end user to understand what is being conveyed.
  • SMS messages are less expensive than MMS messages.
  • Most US-based carriers offer unlimited texting plans, so subscribers do not incur any cost.

Demerits of SMS

  • When all you can send is text without any emoji or photo or video, your message cannot be as interesting as an MMS. This can make it difficult to catch customer attention.
  • The 160 character limit is a problem if you need to send longer messages.

Merits of MMS

  • MMS messages can grab attention more effectively. They accommodate videos and pictures which definitely hold a greater appeal for the receiver.
  • With a character limit of 1600, MMS allows the sharing of even large text messages.

Demerits of MMS

  • MMS messages cost much more than SMS messages. If, like most businesses you are budget-driven, you cannot afford to spend more on messaging, so this may limit the number of messages you send.
  • MMS messages cannot reach those persons who do not have smartphones or those whose cellular plans do not provide access to MMS.
  • You will incur additional expenses to create the videos or images or graphics that you want to include in the message.

Choose an experienced digital marketing agency that can include mobile marketing along with website promotion and SEO to deliver the best outcomes for your campaign.

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Voice search is increasing. How can your company leverage it?

Voice Search

Tech giants are investing significant time and money into gadgets that comprise digital assistants. Voice search is gaining growing appeal and acceptance.

Amazon gave massive discounts on products such as Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot which feature Alexa on Black Friday which showcases the retail giant’s commitment to sell voice search and digital assistants.

The company’s strategy paid off immensely with consumers buying millions of Alexa-enabled devices over the Black Friday weekend. Alexa devices were best sellers all over Amazon with Echo Dot being the top-seller across various categories worldwide.

Amazon’s success indicates that the technological focus on voice search and digital assistants will increase even more. Some of the largest tech enterprises across the globe offer smart speaker and mobile devices with digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

Private medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery practitioners should choose to work with SEO experts who are willing and capable to adapt to the changing search technology, and implement cutting edge voice search driven SEO strategies to promote their practices locally.

Advanced Voice Search Functions

Voice recognition software has gone beyond merely simple searches today. Amazon commercials frequently feature customers telling the Echo to play the music of their choice (via a Bluetooth system), and similar functionalities.

In the recent past, behemoths such as Google and Walmart have joined hands on voice-based shopping. Many analysts believe that voice will be a significant driver in the retail industry in the future. Certain estimates forecast Alexa as being a $10 billion enterprise by the year 2020. It is amazing this many people want a gadget like that in their home.

Voice-based shopping growth has undoubtedly caught the attention of Amazon which has lowered its rates for Echo devices. The company knows that the use of more Echo devices in homes means that they will also be used more for shopping. According to studies, owners of Amazon Echo buy more from Amazon after purchasing Echo devices.

With every passing year, the use of voice search and devices that use digital assistants continues to increase. Further to the apparent relevance for these tech behemoths, this shift in customer behavior has far-reaching business implications ranging from retailers to SEO firms to e-commerce portals.

With regard to marketing, this change means that old SEO techniques will not be as effective. This will force companies to customize their web presence to the growth of voice technology.

Website Optimization for Voice Search

Digital marketing strategy in the past was geared towards specific keywords as well as variations of those keywords. However, voice search optimization involves understanding how people actually speak. To position a business for voice search means answering consumer questions and providing searchers with the precise results that they are seeking.

In some ways, this will make keyword research even more difficult. However, it can also be a more significant opportunity as the customer that locates a business will be targeted more and most likely find the content relevant.

Voice search is not optional anymore with every quarter bringing continual growth. It is now a must-have solution for all businesses.

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Marketing Tactics

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Marketing 

Today people are increasingly seeking plastic surgeons to improve or augment a wide range of aesthetic issues. Simultaneously, prospective patients are becoming concerned about the quality and trustworthiness of plastic surgeons that they ultimately decide to consult.

Potential patients are conducting online research considering any specific procedure or surgeon. Therefore, it is vital to have an effective cosmetic surgery marketing plan in place to be able to reach potential patients, both in the research stage, and the stage when they are going to choose a surgeon to set up an appointment with.

Some tactics to develop a robust plastic surgery marketing plan are as follows:

Plastic Surgery Website

A plastic surgery website is the ultimate marketing tool for your practice. You can include various types of media into your site that can offer prospective patients information to help them make the decision to come and visit the practice.

It is a poignant idea to focus on the content on the website that is easily understandable and can appeal to a broad base of audiences. Upon understanding more about the practice, people are usually encouraged to set up a consultation.

Plastic Surgery Landing Pages

It is important to focus heavily on the landing pages. This is the place where you convert your visitors into prospects. Each landing page should be specific in nature. Certain pages may contain educational content, while others might focus on getting visitor details to be able to engage them in marketing campaigns later on. Some examples of landing pages are:

  • Download various educational tools
  • Subscribe to an email list or blog
  • Request further information
  • Scheduling a consultation
  • Sign up for a rewards club or loyalty program
  • Sign up to attend a special event

Plastic Surgery Blog

Blogs have been a very effective technique to market plastic surgery practices. Individuals seeking information on procedures that you offer will go through blogs. In the blog, focusing on creating relevant content and drawing attention to your clinic is crucial.

A blog should be seen as the second most effective tool to add to your inbound marketing strategies. It allows you to brand yourself as an expert and will allow you to meet potential patients. Simultaneously, you can use your blog to share information about a wide array of procedures that you provide and the purpose of these surgeries.

Social Media for Plastic Surgery

Social media can help in various ways, including:

  • Promotion of special offers
  • Offering links to content on your site
  • Showcase before and after images
  • Conduct various surveys and contests
  • Use social media to implement an advertisement campaign

The use of social media should be a key element in your plastic surgery marketing plan. Using social marketing effectively will help you engage with your present and prospective patients. It will also enable colleagues to refer to you through your social media website.

But only being present on social media will not accomplish marketing outcomes on its own. You must develop a long-term social media campaign plan and share your insights and expertise actively through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels.

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Social Media Services for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Plastic Surgery Social Media

With over a billion active users on Facebook alone every month, it is difficult to ignore the marketing power of social media for your plastic surgery practice. Social media engagement is also relevant from an SEO perspective because the search engine algorithms are designed to include social media signals while determining rankings in search results.

CreativeTake Medical is a premier website design, content development, online marketing and SEO company working exclusively for plastic surgery and other medical practices across the United States. Social media services are a key component of the online marketing strategy that CT Medical will create for your plastic surgery practice.

Major Social Networks

CreativeTake has the necessary expertise and vast experience in developing successful social media strategies for plastic surgeons across various social networks. Some of the major social media platforms that can be a part of your overall online marketing plan include the following:


CT Medical will you create a professional-looking company Facebook page for your plastic surgery practice. With regular support and tips, you can build a thriving account that can garner likes, comments, and shares from potential patients in the local area where your practice is located. Facebook can be the most significant part of your social media and medical marketing strategy, where you can engage with your target audiences and gradually increase the traffic for your practice website.


You can generate a substantially number of followers on your official Twitter account for your plastic surgery practice. Provide relevant and useful nuggets of information, news and updates, links to your blog posts, images, and videos through your Twitter account. If your posts get re-tweeted, you can continue to build a greater following and reach out to a large number of potential patients in the local area.

CreativeTakeMedical.com can guide and support you through this process.


Online videos can make a great impact on the viewers and help you achieve your marketing goals. A video is the most convincing form of communication, and a very large percentage of online audience prefers to watch videos as compared to receiving information in text or other forms. Creative, short videos can be posted easily on YouTube, and provide excellent exposure for your practice. You can also embed YouTube videos on your plastic surgery website and other social media channels for improved traffic and SEO benefits.

LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are other highly popular social media networks that you can consider. CT Medical can build an integrative social media strategy, which is a part of the overall online medical marketing effort your plastic surgery practice. You can steer ahead and outmaneuver your local competition in terms of online exposure, search rankings, and local web traffic.

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How Healthcare Marketing Has Changed Under Trump

Healthcare Marketing Has Changed 

The world of marketing has found the policies of the Trump administration largely favorable states Dick O’Brien, EVP of government relations at the 4As while speaking at the Coalition for Healthcare Communication conference held in Washington, DC.

The Republican tax-reform law has turned down a previous proposal to decrease the percentage of ad spending that could be tax deductible as a business expense.

The Trump administration also rejected a proposal to make changes in the ways that Internet services providers use to gather data from an opt-out to an opt-in method. Most consumers would not choose an opt-in for data collection.

Emphasis on Data

O’Brien explains that this change could have made the collection of data for marketing purposes very challenging. This year data will be under the spotlight for marketers as the European Union’s GDPR stipulations are slated to become effective and the Cambridge Analytica scandal highlights the collection and usage of data.

O’Brien describes that if the focus in 2017 was on taxes, the emphasis is on data for 2018. This will impact their ability to collect data as the end-use of this data will be in question. However, he explains that his organization may not find this as challenging as they already have self-policing measures in place for data collection.

4As and other organizations are trying to manage issues such as fake news and privacy by developing a standardized icon for all political advertisements. When visitors click on these icons, they will receive information on who that spot supports and who purchased it.

Gottlieb’s Activist Tenure

According to panelists at the Rising Leaders Conference, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb experienced an activist primary year.

He has a multi-faceted agenda that includes policies on issues ranging from the opioid epidemic and off-label product use to broadening the Right to Try legislation which the Congress passed this week as well as making the process of drug approval more efficient.

Under Gottlieb’s leadership, the FDA is also identifying ways to clarify product-related communications such as off-label communications, pre-approval communications between payors and producers, and product promotion on social media.

Kellie Combs, the counsel for the medical information working group at law firm Ropes & Gray, elaborates that the rules regarding off-label use have lacked clarity for some time. However, now there is an effort to make these rules more transparent.

New Trends in Healthcare

The main trends in healthcare marketing under the Trump administration are as follows:

  • The changing environment in the healthcare industry may always continue to evolve
  • The competition between medical care providers and facilities will increase so prices will come down which was not the case in the years before, competition was limited and eliminated in some cases which forced prices up
  • Patients will become better informed
  • The delivery of healthcare will continue its move to a retail outlook
  • While costs may inhibit consumer spending, transparency in price will be a primary consideration

The policymakers and the FDA have a key concern regarding firms transmitting wrong information to doctors and consumers. The agency is striving to create the right balance, but progress is slow.

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Google search mobile-first indexing – what you need to know for SEO

There Is No Separate Index for Mobile

Instead, mobile-first indexing means Google primarily uses the mobile version of the webpage for ranking and indexing purposes.

In 2018, Google explained that with mobile-first indexing, the URL of the mobile-friendly version of your site is indexed.

Gradual but Imminent Transition

In November 2016, Google began experimentation with mobile-first indexing. The company’s search engine indexing, crawling and ranking systems used only the desktop version of the webpage’s content until then.

The search engine service provider has identified that relying exclusively on the desktop version can lead to challenges for searchers using their mobiles as desktop content varies from mobile content on occasion. At present, most searchers use mobiles.

This makes mobile-first indexing important as its goal is to use the mobile version of the webpage to ensure that the search results align with the content that the user views when they click through.

However, this transition will be gradual and Google elaborates that ranking is not a consideration currently, yet:

Increased Mobile Search Efficacy

The focus of mobile-first indexing is how content is gathered rather than how it is ranked. Mobile-first indexing does not have an advantage regarding rank over mobile content that is not gathered through this method yet or content for desktop. Furthermore, desktop content will continue to enjoy representation in the index.

Notably, Google will not be implementing two search indices as proposed earlier. The “mobile-first index” is not separate from the main index which has been in existence since Google initially started crawling pages. The company is merely migrating from desktop version indexing to mobile version indexing of the content.

Site managers and develops must take note of this development.

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

The websites that Google chooses to move to its mobile-first indexing will receive notification through the Google Search Console. Site owners will experience a “significantly increased crawl rate” from the Smartphone Googlebot. Additionally, Google will begin displaying the page’s mobile version in search results and cached pages.

At the beginning of the year, Google launched an advanced version of the Search Console. Performance was a crucial factor in the update, and now the company is devoting the same attention to mobile.

The broad overview here is that Google is encouraging webmasters to create mobile-friendly content. Even though mobile-first indexing does not impact page rankings at present, Google still assesses content in its index to understand how suitable it is for mobile interfaces.

In case you have an individual mobile site, you would want to consider the following two factors:


Ensure that the mobile version of your site has poignant and relevant content just as your desktop site does.

Structured Data

Your site’s mobile and desktop versions should contain the same structured data markup.

Currently, Google ranks sites that are “mobile-friendly” higher while ranking mobile interstitials negatively. July onwards, the company’s search engine will also place mobile pages that are faster in better positions to be found and seen.

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Influence of Social Media on Patient Choices in Cosmetic Surgery

Social Media Influence 

According to a leading cosmetic surgery and dermatology patient review website RealSelf.com, a growing number of patients feel the impact of social media on their choices of plastic surgery procedures. Patient feedback on RealSelf community suggests that social media is giving expression to the self-perceived need for aesthetic procedures.

The trend of posting images and selfies over Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks can lead to widespread online exposure for anyone. This also means for some people that forehead wrinkles, sagging jowls, double chin, and a protruding tummy are highly visible and create a constant reminder of how much older a person may appear to others. This naturally prompts many people to think how to make improvements in their physical appearance.

CreativeTake Medical is helping hundreds of plastic and cosmetic surgeons across the country with medical marketing, including website design and SEO. CT Medical also supports the surgeons’ efforts to build successful social media campaigns to leverage the power of these highly personalized and vast networks to their marketing benefit.

Findings of RealSelf Survey

RealSelf recently surveyed 527 site visitors about whether social media had any role to play in their decision to choose a cosmetic procedure. Almost half the respondents reaffirmed the influence of social media, with 15 percent replying with a very clear “yes,” and over 33 percent saying that while they knew they wanted to improve their look, but images on social media made them more aware.

The founder and CEO of RealSelf, Tom Seery, says that online connectivity and communication has transformed the way patients engage with a plastic surgery or dermatology practice. Some cosmetic surgeons inform RealSelf that as many as 60 percent of the patients visiting their practice find them via social media, website content, online ads, or RealSelf discussions.

Seery says that the connected patient of today is significantly influenced by what others say. They like to engage closely while making choices about their aesthetic procedure. In Seery’s experience, almost 50 percent of the patients researched a particular procedure for over a year before deciding to go ahead with it.

During this process of research and information gathering, these potential patients rely on the opinions and reviews of their peers as well as information disseminated online by medical professionals. Accordingly to Seery, one in four American adults share their health experiences on social media networks, and the numbers are growing. This indicates the strong impact of social media in the field of aesthetic procedures.

Build Online Reputation

CreativeTakeMedical.com provides cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals with cutting-edge medical marketing, website design, and SEO services. This also includes strategy and support to create a robust online reputation for the doctors.

One of the challenges with the rise of social media and other networks such as RealSelf is that some patients may give low or moderate ratings to the surgeon, even when the services delivered were of very high quality. Ratings may sometimes be low due to unrelated factors such as no insurance coverage, or a highly demanding patient may give less than satisfactory feedback even when they received a stellar treatment experience. Some people are just like that. Some people are just ungrateful – perhaps they did not care for where they had to park before they entered the building, who knows?

Human nature is unpredictable. Their baseball or basketball team may have lost and they take it out on their surgeon’s review and reputation!

These issues can be addressed when the doctor is able to motivate happy and satisfied patients to post positive reviews. The best way to build a strong reputation is when the positive reviews outnumber unsatisfactory reviews by far. This is when you should capitalize.

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How to Improve Your Google My Business Local Listing?

Google My Business Listing

One of the key social tools in medical marketing for independent practitioners is Google Places. If your healthcare practice commands high rankings in Google local listings, you stand to reap strong dividends because of localized exposure, which can translate into increased traffic of new patients to your practice.

As a premier website design, SEO and online marketing company for medical professionals, CreativeTake Medical can support your efforts to achieve local online visibility and reach out effectively to potential patients residing in and around the location of your practice.

List your Practice in Business Directories

To optimize your Google Places rankings, it is important that Google should be able to verify that your business is real and important. Google’s search engine spiders will track how frequently the name and address of your practice is cited or listed on various sites on the Internet.

It is quite similar to the way you use link building for SEO. The more citations you have, the better it will be your local rankings. A vital step in getting listed or cited online is to submit your practice details to leading national and local online business directories. CT Medical can help you in getting your business listed in leading directories.

NAP Consistency

NAP refers to the name, address, and phone number of your medical practice. Google Places rankings will improve if your NAP on your website contact page and other pages, the Google Places page, and various other sites and directories on the Internet is accurate and consistent. If NAP is listed differently on different sites, it will confuse the Google site crawlers.

You should periodically track and search for your practice listings and citations online, and ensure that they are NAP consistent. Wherever you find inconsistencies or mistakes, get in touch with the individual site or directory and request for a correction. CreativeTake can be your long-term partner in ensuring NAP consistency for your practice across the Web.

Embed Google Map and Google Places

On the contact page of your practice website, you should ensure that the correct Google Map is embedded. Additionally, you should have your Google Places listing also embedded on your contact page. This will enable Google to ascertain that your practice is actually located at the address that you have listed in the Google Places listings.

Embedding of your Google Map and Google Places listings on your website is not a difficult task. It should be done right at the time when your website is being designed. CreativeTake is a leading online medical marketing company, which can help ensure optimization and high rankings for your Google Places listing.

Online Reviews

One of the most powerful ways to enhance your Google Places rankings and build an online reputation for your medical practice is through positive online reviews. Encourage your existing as well as past patients to provide reviews and testimonials describing their experience with your practice. Authentic posting of these reviews on your Google Places listing as well as other sites on the Internet is bound to improve your local Google Places rankings.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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CreativeTake Promotes Medical Practices through Online Listings

Online Listings

In a complex online environment, Internet marketing is not just about developing an SEO friendly website. While the website lies at the core of the online marketing strategy for doctors, exposure on various external web resources is also integral and a judicious priority. One of the key areas for external exposure is through business listings on major third party websites and online directories and networks.

CreativeTake Medical actively engages with several leading third party sites, directories and networks that provide listings to medical professionals. Listings are constantly becoming updated, reviewed, and rated in a dynamic online marketing environment. CreativeTake keeps a track of these changes and updates, and ensures that its clients’ listings are optimized at any given point of time.

Managing Business Listings

Regular maintenance and management of business listings at various high profile websites is a key task because such sites receive very high traffic. CT Medical makes sure that the listings for its clients are included in important sites, directors, and networks. More importantly, the listings must be accurate and factual, and show the medical practice in a marvelous light. This is a part of online reputation management, which is an important part of the marketing strategy at CreativeTake for its clients.

The correct practice name, logo, contact details, website address, and corporate colors provide uniformity to a medical practice and help in online brand building. In healthcare marketing, image and presentation is particularly important to ensure that the target readers are able to trust the doctor and the medical practice. A periodic evaluation of the overall online presence of the doctor is performed by the team of experts at CreativeTake Medical. This helps provide comprehensive feedback and formulate corrective steps for an improved online strategy.

Distinctive Image

Achieving a distinctive image through customized business listings can play a very important role in a medical marketing strategy. CreativeTake employs advanced online tracking software systems to generate distinctive business listings for its clients. It also uses technology to separate accurate from inaccurate as well as identify any missing listing information. Customized image for the brand at every listing ensures that clients can easily recognize the doctor’s practice and identify with it.

Localized Search

Effective business listings across the web can help a business from the SEO point of view as well. Search engines increasingly prefer showing prominent third party site listings in their search results. CreativeTake Medical realizes the SEO value of these listings, and makes sure that its clients are able to benefit from it as much as possible. A localized search is poignantly effective, particularly from the perspective of a medical practice with a local presence.

With targeted exposure, potential patients living in the nearby areas around the location of the practice can review these listings. It enhances the local reach and influence of the medical practice, and eventually leads to better conversions in terms of actual patients visiting the doctor’s office for a consultation. To learn more about CT Medical’s unique services, healthcare professionals may review the website or get in touch with their team of experts via phone or email.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Why Website Design is so Important For SEO

Website Design and SEO

The use of creative web design SEO can allow you to build a website that is easier to locate and allows users to locate your business easily.

What is Web Design SEO?

All industry posts certainly mention SEO. There are, in fact, entire companies dedicated to assisting businesses to develop innovative search engine optimization strategies.

Search engines can move logically from page to page in a logical manner, similar to your customers. However, if the “bounce” rate is high, Google notices that as well.

Creating an effective site structure can lead to a listing format with included site links. Some suggestions to develop an enhance web design to increase the navigability of your website and point users to relevant information are as follows:

URL Structure

A commonly overlooked aspect of quality site navigation is SEO-friendly URLs. While SEO-optimized URLs won’t boost a site’s position to number one, they are a useful detail that is not used by many competitors.

Some suggestions on structuring URLs for more effective SEO are:

  • Use shorter URLs to rank higher
  • Restrict the number of keywords used in URLs
  • A URL should be easy to read by humans
  • Use descriptive URL names instead of those that are challenging to read
  • Use subfolders rather than subdomains

Develop a sitmap.xml

Web pages must first be indexed to show up in search results. Indexing refers to being found by crawlers (search engine bots).

While some users may continue to look for what they are trying to locate, others may just quit the search and look elsewhere.

Google bots act similar to the latter.

In case indexing a site becomes too challenging or confusing, these bots stop and head off in another area.

Image SEO

The pictures on your site are not merely for appearances.

Search engine crawlers are not capable of “reading” images. They require text to inform them. If images are correctly added, they can effectively deliver an ideal combination of web design SEO and innovation.

Image Size

When it comes to loading time, size certainly matters. Reducing the size of images enhances site performance. In fact, pages that load faster are ranked higher by search engines.

Text in Images

While embedding text in images is a neat trick, it is not something you should do. If you want specific strings of text indexed by search engine crawlers, you should not include images. Bots are incapable of reading this type of text. Placing text in images causes a loss of opportunity for keyword placement.

It is important to pay close attention to page headings, menus, and logo design. Information such as the name and address of the company should not be combined with the logo or a banner. If the information is made accessible to bots, it also becomes accessible to consumers.

H1 Tags

Every page of your website should have a header 1 (H1) tag. Target keywords should be added to these heading tags as they are important elements for enhancing visibility as well as web rankings for your website.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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