How to Improve Your Google My Business Local Listing?

Google My Business Listing

How to Improve Your Google My Business Local Listing?One of the key social tools in medical marketing for independent practitioners is Google Places. If your healthcare practice commands high rankings in Google local listings, you stand to reap strong dividends because of localized exposure, which can translate into increased traffic of new patients to your practice.

As a premier website design, SEO and online marketing company for medical professionals, CreativeTake Medical can support your efforts to achieve local online visibility and reach out effectively to potential patients residing in and around the location of your practice.

List your Practice in Business Directories

To optimize your Google Places rankings, it is important that Google should be able to verify that your business is real and important. Google’s search engine spiders will track how frequently the name and address of your practice is cited or listed on various sites on the Internet.

It is quite similar to the way you use link building for SEO. The more citations you have, the better it will be your local rankings. A vital step in getting listed or cited online is to submit your practice details to leading national and local online business directories. CT Medical can help you in getting your business listed in leading directories.

NAP Consistency

NAP refers to the name, address, and phone number of your medical practice. Google Places rankings will improve if your NAP on your website contact page and other pages, the Google Places page, and various other sites and directories on the Internet is accurate and consistent. If NAP is listed differently on different sites, it will confuse the Google site crawlers.

You should periodically track and search for your practice listings and citations online, and ensure that they are NAP consistent. Wherever you find inconsistencies or mistakes, get in touch with the individual site or directory and request for a correction. CreativeTake can be your long-term partner in ensuring NAP consistency for your practice across the Web.

Embed Google Map and Google Places

On the contact page of your practice website, you should ensure that the correct Google Map is embedded. Additionally, you should have your Google Places listing also embedded on your contact page. This will enable Google to ascertain that your practice is actually located at the address that you have listed in the Google Places listings.

Embedding of your Google Map and Google Places listings on your website is not a difficult task. It should be done right at the time when your website is being designed. CreativeTake is a leading online medical marketing company, which can help ensure optimization and high rankings for your Google Places listing.

Online Reviews

One of the most powerful ways to enhance your Google Places rankings and build an online reputation for your medical practice is through positive online reviews. Encourage your existing as well as past patients to provide reviews and testimonials describing their experience with your practice. Authentic posting of these reviews on your Google Places listing as well as other sites on the Internet is bound to improve your local Google Places rankings.

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