Our Team

Rick, Founder & CEO

Rick is an experienced marketing professional who founded CreativeTake Medical with the goal of creating a medically-responsible marketing agency that would provide comprehensive yet cost-effective marketing services geared specifically toward healthcare professionals.  Rick spent over five years working at one of the nation’s largest medical marketing firms where he learned many of the intricacies and logistics of the field.  During that time however, he also viewed some inconsistencies and areas where both customized services, as well as personal customer service could be greatly improved upon.

He designed “CreativeTake Medical” to function as a “one-stop” agency, where clients could access a large team of highly-trained staff members who specialize in technology-driven marketing for professionals working in all areas of the healthcare industry.  Rick’s personal experiences as the co-owner of a successful plastic surgery practice (Dr. Q Plastic Surgery in Rancho Mirage, CA) with his wife, a board-certified plastic surgeon, give him a unique and valuable insight into medical practice marketing and help to shape his innovative website designs, aggressive and effective marketing strategies.  His personal experience regarding building a private medical practice from the ground up, as well as growing and maintaining a thriving private practice, outpatient surgery center and state-of-the-art medical spa, give Rick a very unique perspective that also affords him a sense of empathy and distinctive advantage over many of his competitors.  He truly understands the complex and highly-sensitive legal aspects of medical practice marketing, the ethics involved, as well as the expenditures associated with growing and maintaining a comprehensive medical corporation.  Rick has a true passion for the healthcare industry, and he truly enjoys working with other medical professionals who share his passions and visions.

Robert, Senior Web Developer/Programmer

In his role as the Senior Web Developer/Programmer at CreativeTake Medical, Robert utilizes various programming languages and development platforms to build and program dynamic websites and web applications for CreativeTake’s clients. He works closely with the rest of the CreativeTake staff to ensure that every website is functioning at optimal capacity, and that the clients’ web-based marketing needs are being fulfilled in an expeditious manner. Robert’s commitment to mastering emerging technologies enables him to make productive recommendations about how best to incorporate these new technologies to enhance new and existing websites for clients. He provides consistent support and site maintenance services through routine testing of website functionality, repairing bugs and errors, developing workarounds, and troubleshooting potential problems before they arise. Robert works in multiple programming languages and is familiar with all CMS platforms, HTML and SQL. He possesses the unique skillset necessary to create custom carts and plugins that are tightly integrated within the site and can help clients maximize revenue and efficiently track inventory. In addition to his proficiency in the technically-oriented aspects of web development and programming, Robert also demonstrates the strong leadership qualities necessary to guide CreativeTake’s team of technical analysts and consultants, seamlessly weaving together their individual contributions into a cohesive and functional web platform.

Steve, Director of Online Marketing

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Brittany, Project Manager

Brittany works one-on-one with our clients to ensure all needs and concerns are addressed. With every project, small or large, Brittany collaborates with our clients and team members to provide excellent service and timely solutions. Her goal is to alleviate the stress of marketing concerns by coordinating our team to expedite your services, so you can focus on best serving your patients.  As a computer science engineer, Brittany utilizes her knowledge of programming languages to assist in building and maintaining our websites and web applications. She additionally keeps informed of our SEO and Social Media practices to help our team thoroughly serve our clients.

Shawn, Front End Developer

With more than ten years of graphic design and artistry experience, Shawn Quinn brings a creative and modern style of web development to the CreativeTake Medical team. Shawn proficiently utilizes multiple programming languages (JavaScript with jQuery & AngularJS, PHP, HTML5 and CSS) to create clean, user-friendly, professional websites for CreativeTake’s clients. He incorporates clean, simple code and minimalistic designs that are designed to draw the consumer in and to facilitate convenient site navigation. Shawn makes a concerted effort to keep up with the latest advances in the fields of web design, advertising, eMarketing, and branding in order to provide his clients with the best possible work products.

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