ADA Compliance

CreativeTake Offers a Fully-Automated ADA Compliance Solution For Your Website

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III requires places of public accommodation, which includes plastic surgery practices, dental practices, and various other medical service providers, to be ADA compliant. This also includes making your business website ADA compliant.

Fully Automated AI-Powered ADA Compliance Solution

CreativeTake Medical can provide you a fully automated AI-powered software solution aimed at improving the ADA compliance of your practice website. Our secure and affordable solution will work on its own for your website. 

What You Will Receive

CreativeTake Medical’s ADA compliance solution will provide you: 

  • ADA,  Section 508, and WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance 
  • Automated website re-scanning at 24-hour intervals 
  • Automated remediation of any website updates or changes 
  • No impact on your current web design, site speed, or performance

How does the Process Work?

CreativeTake Medical’s ADA compliance solution process works as follows:

  1. Our team will install Javascript code (single line) on your website 
  2. Our program interface will be instantly displayed on your website 
  3. Your business website will adapt all the ADA compliance features of our AI-powered solution within 48 hours
  4. Our automated solution will continue to re-scan your website at 24-hour intervals, while remediating any additions or changes, without impacting your web design, site speed, or performance 

Benefits of CreativeTake’s Automated ADA Compliance Solution

Peace of Mind from Lawsuit Risks: As businesses go digital, there is a growing emphasis on ensuring ADA compliance in business websites. Lawyers are looking for litigation opportunities to sue non-compliant website owners for hefty compensation. Our AI-powered ADA compliance solution mitigates your litigation risks.

Address a Huge Market Opportunity: According to the CDC, nearly one in five Americans has some form of disability. This translates into a giant market opportunity for businesses and professionals that address the needs of this large market segment with ADA compliant websites.

Boost Your Brand Reputation & Credibility: Installing CreativeTake’s ADA compliance solution for your website demonstrates your work ethic, inclusiveness, and social responsibility. A focus on ADA compliance will show your compassion, and boost your brand reputation.

It’s Simply the Right Thing to Do: Digital advancements and AI technology have made it possible to improve your website’s ADA compliance in a simple, affordable, fully automated way. CreativeTake’s ADA compliance solution is simply the right thing for do for your business. 

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