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Customized Email Marketing Services

Studies have shown that effective email marketing campaigns are integral to the growth and maintenance of client relationships, which is the foundation of any successful medical practice. As a valued CreativeTake Medical client, you will reap the benefits of our customized email marketing services, including the assistance of a personal consultant to manage and direct your email marketing strategy.

Your consultant will work collaboratively with you to maximize the value of your e-marketing campaigns and will create engaging emails that encourage direct client response and are in sync with your practice brand and philosophy.

  • A dedicated email marketing consultant, committed to facilitating the success and continuous growth of your medical practice
  • A customized marketing plan and metrics to evaluate client responsiveness to each campaign, as well as an analysis of post-campaign results and comparison with industry benchmarks
  • Client expansion and growth tools— uploading, expanding, and managing your contact list while helping you to reach your audience via multiple channels and key social media platforms
  • Promotional branded email blasts and newsletters to highlight:
  • Current specials
  • News and updates about your practice
  • Addition of new staff members
  • The achievement of new medical or board certifications
  • Cutting edge technology, equipment, or services
  • Consultation on social integration and other email best practices (i.e. spam reduction techniques)
  • Personalized email marketing for special events, including invitations, ticket presales, and event reminders
  • Personalized recommendations regarding API integrations and utilizing Join My Mailing List (JMML)

If you would like additional information about working with CT Medical to develop customized email marketing campaigns designed to grow your practice and facilitate optimal patient retention rates, please contact our office today.

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