How to Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency | Palm DesertThere may be various unique reasons for seeking help with digital marketing. However, you should be able to pinpoint clear-cut issues that require attention. It is vital to define these reasons thoroughly before even starting your search. 

Some suggestions to identify an effective marketing agency are as follows:

Do Your Homework

The most ideal way to ensure that one establishes a partnership with an agency that will create results is to identify one that has a proven track record of doing that. Digital agencies that are established should be able to showcase some of their previous work and how they will be able to work with your company to achieve your specific goals.

A digital agency with a niche in your area may indeed be a good fit. When reviewing the agency’s track record for success, it is also essential to keep in mind the kind of companies that they work for. 

Choose a Digital Marketing Company that Fits Your Style

It is vital to bear in mind that these agencies are not merely selling their client’s products, but their own as well. Upon researching different agencies, assess how they market themselves. 

If you like the appearance of their website and find it convenient to navigate, this is a good indication that this agency may be a good fit for you. If their website is not as exciting to you, it is a red flag. The website of a concrete marketing agency will inform you about who they are and what exactly they do. 

Also, style goes beyond the mere look of their site and work. They also want an agency that will be a good fit with your company’s culture and your way of conducting business. In case you emphasize casual as a part of the business brand, a professional agency that is more corporate may not be a good fit for you. 

A smaller business may need to be matched with a smaller marketing agency. Similarly, local enterprises may want to work with marketing agencies in their local area, and so on. 

Devote Time Planning for the Long-Term

Digital marketing is not meant to offer effective outcomes simply by throwing money into plans. Working with a marketing agency will be a strategic partnership and one that can be seen as a long-term relationship. While it may take some time to choose the right partner, it will surely be worth it. However, an impulsive decision can lead to a wastage of time and money.

Identify the Best Value, Rather than the Best Price

In the final decision, the price tag will obviously be a vital consideration. However, you should not go with whoever offers the cheapest rate. The agency that offers the cheapest rates will rarely provide the best value. 

Instead, it is best to ask about what you will get for your money and develop clarity on what is expected from you. This can enable you to develop confidence that your money is not being wasted, rather being invested in the future of your company. Services

What's The Difference Between Customizable & Custom Sites | Palm DesertCustom websites are made specifically with the client’s needs in mind and are unique. On the other hand, customizable sites are template-based and have a generic appearance.

Customizable Sites are Similar to Fast Food

Customizable sites can be thought of like the Chipotle restaurants. A patron waits in line and creates their meal from set ingredients. Similarly, customizable websites are templates with set layouts. 

The user may be able to change the colors and pictures, but the site will appear similar to many other websites due to the templates. This is similar to how Chipotle’s burritos and bowls differ marginally in ingredients.

Templates essentially allow users to take their content and plug it into a set layout. If the end result is not to your liking, you will not have the flexibility to make the necessary changes. At times, a user can customize the layout themselves, but only after paying the company for the template along with the ability to change it. 

Custom Websites are Similar to Engaging a Personal Chef

In comparison to customizable sites, custom sites are in an entirely different class. Rather than going to Chipotle for dinner, custom medical and dental sites are similar to having Chef Rick Bayless cook a meal for you in your own kitchen. 

The chef would use the choicest ingredients, understand your likes and dislikes, and create a unique dish that works for your palate. This would impress your guests, and they would enjoy the time spent with you. Ultimately, you would want visitors to your website to have a similar experience. A custom website is designed depending on the mission and needs of the practice. 

Custom Site: Value

Apart from the apparent top-to-bottom customization missing from template-based websites, customizable designs also present other limitations that have a direct impact on the patient base. In general, these platforms do not have a strong support system capable of quickly resolving emergencies, such as a hacked site or a buggy user experience. 

Besides, whatever technical assistance that these template services offer will not likely deliver the quality of service that a custom website and digital marketing company would provide. The consumer base of template-based companies is usually so extensive that they have less incentive to offer superior services. 

Custom-made websites reinforce the brand and address concerns that the practice will become similar to competitors’ sites due to the use of the same website design. With a custom site, you are not only paying for an appealing, tailored website but also investing in tools to grow your practice.

What experience do you want your patients to have?

The practice website is a virtual storefront. How do you want it to look, and what experience do you want your visitors to have? Understanding the difference between custom and customizable sites can help you decide on the type of site that best complements your practice. Services

Instagram Restricts Cosmetic Surgery Ads  to Users Under 18 | Palm Desert

Several groups have voiced concerns about the effects of such advertising, especially on younger, more gullible users. On its part, Instagram states that it wants its platform to be a place of positivity for everyone using it. It further states that this policy is an element of their continuous work to reduce the pressure that individuals can sometimes feel due to social media. 

Instagram has also been testing the elimination of total “Like” counts on posts in specific regions as well as removing graphic pictures of self-harm, a decision that it announced in February. 

What’s wrong though with someone wanting to look good?

Influence of Instagram on Health and Cosmetic Issues

As Instagram is a platform that is based on visual representation, such measures are especially important. According to some reports, Instagram is indeed the worst social forum for such effects. 

A study by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK conducted in 2017 showed that the use of Instagram had the most significant effect in terms of increased levels of depression, anxiety, and bullying. 

Besides the new restriction on diet and cosmetic surgery advertisements, Instagram has also stated that any content making a “miraculous” claim regarding a weight-loss product or diet will not be eliminated from the platform. 

Such changes could be detrimental to the growing culture of influencers and lifestyle gurus who promote various diet products. However, the positives outweigh the potential negatives by a large margin. 

How do the New Changes Work?

Promotions that are unrealistic will be removed, and young people will be restricted from seeing certain posts pertaining to cosmetic surgery and dieting if they have an incentive to purchase.

In addition, users will be able to report the posts that they believe are in violation of the policy. Instagram will review such cases and decide whether they should be restricted or removed. 

These changes are also applicable to Facebook, which owns Instagram.  However, these restrictions are only meant for users that Instagram known to be under 18 years of age. The platform does not ask users to reveal their age upon signing up. 

Rather, users that are signing up only need to tick a box declaring whether they are over 18 or not. In case they sign up using a Facebook account, their age is taken from their Facebook profile, which is also typically unverified. 

Why is Instagram introducing these Changes?

In recent times, there has been growing concern over the impact the cosmetic and diet industry is having on individuals through the promotion of unreasonable goals. So Instagram is OK with people being over weight? 

A BBC investigation uncovered that kids swapping graphic weight loss images and suggestions on how to make their condition extreme were common on Instagram. 

According to Emma Collins, Public Policy Manager at Instagram, the platform wants to be a positive place for every person using it. She also informs that the social media policy has been changed in discussion with top experts in the field. Do these top experts know what being obese does to someone’s life and health? Perhaps they should be asked that. Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website for in Cleveland, Ohio

new medical website design drbramkaufman

CreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website,, for board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman.

The site has been designed to serve as an in-depth resource for information on various advanced cosmetic surgery procedures.

This website has been developed to be patient-friendly and easy to navigate. It features content that has been written and presented in a straightforward manner but ensuring that the integrity and quality of the medical information remain intact.

CreativeTake’s specialized team of content developers and website designers have created a unique look for Dr. Kaufman’s portal to present his practice in a professional and distinctive manner.

Section on ‘Dr. Kaufman’

The new site features a comprehensive section on the plastic surgeon, titled “Dr. Kaufman.” This section presents current and pertinent information on the surgeon.

Typically, new patients are interested in the doctor’s background, qualifications, achievement, and experience.

CT Medical understands from its extensive experience that prospective patients often spend a significant amount of time on this section and make a decision on seeking a consultation with the surgeon based on how they feel about the doctor’s history as well as the facilities and services that the practice offers.

Therefore, CreativeTake Medical’s team focuses significant time and energy on this section. Dr. Kaufman’s background, education, qualifications, and experience have been presented in a concise and matter-of-fact manner, which makes it easier for patients to quickly understand the depth of his training and experience.

Section on Procedures

Another important section on is the “procedures” section. This section provides patients with detailed information on the specific procedure(s) that they seek.

The section is divided into five sub-sections, i.e., face, body, breast, hand surgery, and skin. Each of these sub-sections further features various procedures related to a specific body area.

Upon clicking on a procedure that a prospective patient is interested in, they arrive at a page that offers detailed information on that specific service. Patients can gather more details about procedures through these specific pages and attain a basic idea of the procedure as well as facilitate a more effective consultation with Dr. Kaufman.

Photo Gallery has a detailed photo gallery, which is organized according to specific procedures. New patients can review this section to develop realistic expectations on what they can or cannot expect from a specific procedure.

This enables the patient to achieve more satisfactory outcomes and lessens the possibility of disappointments at a future stage, when it may be difficult to reverse the results of a procedure.

Other Sections

Dr. Kaufman’s website also contains a section titled “Patient Resources.” New patients can fill out an online form to set-up a consultation or ask any questions that they may have. “Plastic Surgery Information” and “Breast Implant Resources” are also a part of the “Patient Resources” section.

It offers patients further information on these procedures as well as post-operative care instructions enlisted according to specific procedures.

The “Contact Us” section offers information on the multiple office locations along with directions. This section also features an informative blog page. Services

New Content Ideas for a Medical Website

Content You Can Create That Will Drive More TrafficIf content marketing is in the early stages for your practice, it’s an astute idea to launch your blog and start creating content.

After the blog is established and well-received, you can throw in a new type of content. This can create immediate differences in terms of new traffic, targeted visitors, better SEO, and higher conversion rates.

The following types of content can drive more traffic to your practice website as well as social media profiles:

Blog Series

Blogs are great for various reasons, including providing targeted audiences with tremendous value by exploring a specific topic in-depth over time.

Blogs are also excellent for search engines as you will have multiple posts/pages of content on a topic. This will increase your authority on that specific topic for search engine crawlers, which are the bots that scan portals to rank them appropriately.


Longer-form content should be protected or only available when visitors provide their email addresses. This allows you to move more prospective patients into your marketing funnel and move them down the pipeline to becoming new patients. Ebooks can be an extension of blog series or offer technical specifications of procedures from your practitioners.


A majority of people are visual learners. This is the reason for the immense popularity of infographics. It is a good idea to create infographics based on statistics that pertain to your practice, such as the number of procedures and which types are undertaken annually.

Infographics can also be instructional in nature, such as what to expect during the recovery phase and how family and friends can be of assistance.


While it may seem old school to some, particularly given the developments in technology, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, but email still remains one of the most effective types of online marketing.

It makes sense to keep both previous and prospective patients in your email list. Newsletters can be used to share popular blog posts, patient testimonials, staff member introduction video, and other content that you have worked hard to create. This will enable your practice to remain top on mind, even in cases where the recipients are not routinely visiting your site.


Videos are incredibly effective, which explains their soaring popularity. Videos are 12 times more likely to be seen in comparison to text, and content containing videos is 50 times more likely to make it to the first page of Google search results.


Memes are very popular today as they are easy to create, capable of becoming viral, and can often be hilarious. Humor is one of the significant advantages of memes. People enjoy something that makes them laugh, and they can get a kick out of.

You do not need graphic design skills to create memes, and there are sites that allow users to add their own text to popular meme visuals. While memes may not be suitable for blogs, they are primed for social media platforms. This enables them to spread rapidly.

The suggestions we have discussed in this post can work to boost the brand image of your practice. Good online content certainly helps improve SEO rankings, but it also increases the leads and helps convert prospects to actual customers. Services

Unique Medical / Patient Marketing Ideas for Doctors and Hospitals

Unique Medical Patient Marketing Ideas for Doctors and HospitalsRobust marketing will be vital to success regardless of whether you are trying to grow your business or focusing on acquiring more patients. Creative marketing tactics are crucial for success in the increasingly competitive healthcare industry.The following suggestions can help you develop an impactful marketing strategy for your healthcare organization:

Wellness Challenge

Initiate a wellness challenge and encourage your patients to share their progress on social media platforms, tagging the healthcare organization, and using a hashtag. The patients can even be incentivized to post by offering prizes such as gift cards to health food restaurants.

Waiting Room Initiatives

Patients who are waiting to be seen by a doctor are a captive audience. They are in the perfect position to pay attention to any brand messaging that you want them to see. To this end, you can use waiting room TVs, bulletin board, and signage to showcase your physician’s experience, cross-promote services, and share organizational news.

Blogger Relations Campaign

Over the years, the blogger community has grown steadily. Today, bloggers enjoy a strong level of clout among their readers. Research indicates that around 81 percent of the online population trusts the recommendations they receive from bloggers. Therefore, partnering with strategic bloggers is an effective way to share your message with their trusting audiences.

Mobilize Employees

Your physicians, nurses, and administrative staff are your best proponents. They are the face of the organization for the patients and are a precious communication resource. It’s vital to find unique ways to mobilize staff to promote key messages to patients.

For instance, the staff can be armed with “Ask me About” buttons for the promotion of new services or programs. Ensure that they have all the details and talking points necessary to engage with patients in a confident and effective way.

Activate your Community

An important element of any healthcare organization is community involvement. More than any well-crafted advertisement or social media post, your commitment to the wellbeing of individuals who live and work in your community will build credibility and trust for your organization.

To put a friendly face on the organization as well as provide information on services to make your community a better place to live, you may consider holding events such as wellness fairs or block parties.

Creating Strategic Partnerships

Consider any possibilities that you may have to partner with a synergistic and like-minded organization as two heads are better than one! Creating the right partnerships will offer you access to a wider patient base, assist you in sharing your message more efficiently, reduce the workload on your team, and align your organization to those of value.

New Patient Forms

Each patient that walks into the practice likely has to fill out a new patient form prior to receiving care. These forms are a convenient way to reach individuals who may tune out many other strategies you will use to contact them in the future.

It’s a salient idea to promote major services, programs, or events in your new patient forms packet. This will ensure patients are informed about your organization during their initial visit. Services

Guide to Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy | Palm DesertFacebook remains one of the most extensively used platforms by adults today. The vast majority are using Facebook on a daily basis, which continues to offer brands and enterprises with an opportunity for significant visibility when implementing a Facebook marketing plan. 

Getting started is often the most difficult part, but the following suggestions can help you kick start your Facebook marketing efforts. 


Develop Facebook Goals that Address Your Needs

Setting the right goals is the initial step to any marketing strategy. This can act as a roadmap, which is an important reference to measure against to ensure the Facebook strategy is effective. However, to set goals, you will need to conduct some research to make sure that your plan is achievable through the Facebook platform.

According to a 2018 study, marketers on Facebook had the following primary goals in mind:

  • 34 percent sought an increase in brand awareness
  • 21 percent sought an increase in community engagement
  • 11 percent sought an increase in sales and lead generation

For business owners who do not have Facebook goals of their own yet, these survey outcomes offer a great place to start. 


Addressing Business Goals

Following are certain common annual goals for enterprises and how an effective Facebook strategy can help accomplish these goals:

  • Enhancing the quality of sales: Better targeting is necessary for improving the quality of sales. A well-planned Facebook strategy can help business owners reach the target audiences in a more effective manner.
  • Adding more value to the business: Facebook can nurture customers in a more effective way, enhance awareness, and offer more resources to the target audiences. It is a good idea for businesses to make Facebook their go-to source of information.
  • More efficient hiring: While social recruiting is certainly not easy, it is becoming increasingly popular. It can be a significant source for increasing hiring initiatives and acquiring top talent faster. 
  • Smarter growth: Facebook can be helpful in areas such as limiting spend, decreasing churn, and increasing acquisition. Regardless of whether it is through ad spend, increasing targeting, or social selling, a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy can help achieve a business grow significantly. 


Familiarity with Facebook Demographics

When determining the Facebook marketing strategy for a business, it is important to understand who is on Facebook and what the current audience demographic looks like.

After understanding the above, it is vital to spend some time gaining familiarity with your own Facebook dynamics via Facebook Page Insights or another tool developed for this purpose. 


Engage without Waiting for you Audience to Interact First

Similar to other social media channels, Facebook has in-built networks to post, discuss, and share content. It is important as a brand to not forget the basic premise of a social media network. Therefore, conversation and engagement should always be at the forefront. 

It is important to try to be a community for the audience. Facebook is ideal for holding industry chats or discussions, whether with your own clients or a different audience.


Optimal Time to Post on Facebook

When it comes to organic content, Facebook is one of the most difficult social platforms to use. Algorithms make it hard for enterprises trying to identify the best posting times. But some guidelines on the optimal times to post on Facebook are as follows:

  • The highest recommended day to post is Wednesday.
  • The most engaged time on Facebook is between 11 am to 1 pm on Wednesday.
  • It is a good idea to post on weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm.
  • The least engaged day of the week is Sunday.
  • Least recommended posting times include early mornings and late nights.

The above suggestions can help you start planning your Facebook marketing strategy to grow your business exponentially. Services

Creative Take Launches New Website for Behavioral Health Network in Reno, NV

Creative Take Launches New Website | Palm DesertFor the past two decades, CreativeTake Medical has consistently pursued excellence in digital marketing for medical professionals and organizations across the United States and has assisted hundreds of practitioners in achieving their business objectives.

CT Medical has achieved perfection in the art of developing patient-friendly sites and content for medical professionals, while simultaneously focusing on SEO to broaden the targeted local reach of the website to prospective patients in the local area. 


New Website for Insight Behavioral Health Network

CreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website called for Insight Behavioral Health Network. is a strong example of an innovative and distinguished online resource for Cognitive Behavioral counseling. 

The organization helps companies and individuals develop the unique protocols necessary to administer this program in an effective manner. 

IBHN also licenses medical groups and doctors to provide the Insight program. The company itself is not a licensed medical care provider and does not provide health care services to patients directly. 


“About” Section includes a comprehensive “About” section that provides relevant and current information about IBHN’s team. 

This section offers information about the company’s CEO, Trey Ligon, who brings over 25 years of medical delivery innovation experience to IBHN, having created many leading healthcare companies. 

This section highlights Trey’s experience, accomplishments, and credentials. It further provides information on each member of IBHN’s management team. 

CTM understands that new visitors to a website are typically interested in learning more about the people involved in an organization. Therefore, CreativeTake Medical’s website design and content development team has spent significant effort in developing this section.


“Counseling” Section also features a “Counseling” section. This section offers visitors in-depth information on healthcare counselors and the role of addiction counselors. 

The section also talks about the various types of therapies designed to complement traditional addiction counseling sessions. New visitors to the website can review this section to receive comprehensive information on addiction counseling and the company’s unique outlook on long-term, open-ended treatments. 


“Employers” and “Practitioner” Sections features “Employers” and “Practitioner” sections. Employers seeking to make the workplace a healthier place for their employees can directly review this section. It offers comprehensive information to employers about why they should consider developing a culture of well-being in their company. 

The site also has a “Practitioner” section, which is meant for medical care professionals and how referring their patients to IBHN addiction treatment programs and services can enable their patients to receive advanced, individualized care. 

These separate sections meant for employers and practitioners helps visitors easily reach their desired sections. 


Other Sections

The site features a “Contact” section where visitors can find relevant information about IBHN, and fill out a brief online form is they require further details on the company’s programs. also has a “News” section that offers current information on the events and happenings at IBHN. 

The goal of CreativeTake Medical web designers while building this site was to set up a comprehensive online information resource for online visitors, while at the same time generate awareness about IBHN treatment programs among the target audiences.

CreativeTake Medical Digital Marketing Agency Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Dermatology Website for in Austin, TX

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website | Palm DesertZimmet Vein and Dermatology is a prominent cosmetic and medical dermatology practice operating in Austin, Texas. 

The practice is led by eminent dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, who has been offering patients dermatological services in the area for over thirty years. The practice offers an extensive range of services for the body, skin, and veins.

Dr. Zimmet wanted to create a new site that would accurately reflect the top-notch quality standards and services offered at his practice as well as deliver relevant information to prospective patients on various cosmetic and vein treatment options. 

CreativeTake Medical created to achieve these goals. Their team of site designers and content developers has given a unique look to the site to showcase Dr. Zimmet’s practice in a professional manner.


Section on Dr. Zimmet and his Team comprises a detailed “About” section featuring Dr. Zimmet and his team. It offers current information about Dr. Zimmet’s background, credentials, and accolades. 

This section also comprises sub-section on Dr. Zimmet’s team, which provides brief bios on the practice’s staff to help familiarize prospective patients with the practice. 

CTM understands from experience that new visitors to a website spend significantly more time on this section and make a decision on seeking consultation at the practice based on how they feel about the doctor’s credentials and the facilities and services offered at the practice.

For this reason, CreativeTake Medical site development team devotes the maximum time and effort to this section. contains a well-developed “About” section. 

This section presents details on Dr. Zimmet and his team in a detailed and transparent manner to help new patients become familiar with the dermatologist and his practice as well as feel encouraged to seek an appointment at the practice. 


Section on “Resources”

The website features a comprehensive “Resources” section which consists of a Photo gallery, Video gallery, Conditions guide, FAQs, and Billing information section. 

Prospective patients can visit this section to seek out procedures that they are considering and review before and after images of previous patients. This enables patients to acquire a detailed understanding of the procedure outcomes before a consultation with Dr. Zimmet. 

The section also features downloadable forms as well as an FAQ section to offer information on concerns that new patients typically have. 


Services Sections has different sections for services related to the Body, Skin, Veins, and Laser treatments. Each section showcases the various related procedures that the practice offers. 

Each treatment option is described in detail on individual web pages. New patients can conveniently identify the particular procedure that they are considering and acquire useful information about it.

Dr. Zimmet offers cutting edge procedures such as Venus Legacy, UltraShape, EVLT, Sclerotherapy, and Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Patients can learn more about the procedure that they seek for a more productive consultation with Dr. Zimmet. 


“Contact Us” Section

The website has a “Contact Us” section which offers relevant details such as the location and directions to the practice. Patients can also fill out a form with their details and a message to facilitate setting up a consultation with Dr. Zimmet. 


CreativeTake Medical Digital Marketing Agency Services

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Marketing & Promotions Website for Reaction Marketing in Palm Springs & Los Angeles, CA

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm DesertCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website for Reaction Marketing and Promotions Inc, which is located in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. 

For nearly 20 years, Reaction has been involved in connecting brands with consumers through experiential marketing and promotions. 

CreativeTake Medical is a leading internet marketing and search engine optimization company, that launched Reaction’s new website called CT Medical possesses vast experience in the development of various online marketing campaigns for professionals and organizations across the US. 

The core of CreativeTake’s online promotion strategies involves the design and development of a keyword-rich, search engine optimized site.  

CreativeTake Medical has over two decades of experience in online marketing and has already helped hundreds of independent professionals and companies expand their market in their local area. 

CT Medical’s online marketing strategies are developed to acquire top search rankings for its customers’ websites. It is the most effective and comprehensive method to reach out to potential consumers in the local area where the business is located.

Website for Reaction Marketing and Promotions, Inc

Reaction Marketing and Promotions Inc. has significant experience in connecting various brands to consumers through innovative marketing and promotions practices.

Their highly experienced team consists of veterans in sales, marketing, design, fabrication, media, and events. The company needed a new website to showcase its various unique offerings as well as to reach out to potential customers. 

CTM designed and developed a new website,, for the creative marketing company. This site showcases the company’s various service offerings and recent projects. 

The website serves as a vital informational resource for new clients who may be seeking innovative strategies to market their products or services to new clients.

“About” Section

CTM understands from experience that the “About” section of an organization’s website is likely the first place new visitors explore. This section provides comprehensive information about the company and its background in a succinct and concise manner. 

New visitors can review this section to get a broad overview of what Reaction does and how it can assist them in fulfilling their business goals. 

“Services” and “Portfolio” Sections includes a detailed “Services” section with subsections titled “Experiential Marketing,” “Fabrication,” and “Partnerships, Promotions, and Sweepstakes.” Each section explains how a specific marketing approach can help in targeting new clients. 

This section highlights how Reaction can take its customers from concept to execution for various types of events, meetings, and concerts and festivals, among others. 

Prospective clients can quickly go to the sections of their interest and understand how Reaction can help them achieve their business goals.

The website also features a “Portfolio” section. This section showcases recent projects undertaken by Reaction. New customers can click on an image thumbnail which will take them to descriptive text explaining more about the details of the project. This offers potential clients an idea about the type of work Reaction undertakes. 

Other Sections in the Website comprises a “Contact Us” section that offers relevant details about the two locations of the company. Potential customers can fill out a form with their details or contact the company through one of the phone numbers listed.  

CreativeTake Medical Digital Marketing Agency Services