How to Handle Medical Reviews And Ratings Online | Palm DesertAn online medical review is a written sentiment left directly by a patient on any website or platform that supports this form of content. Three major review platforms are Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

However, there are various other options to review medical practices such as Healthgrades and RealSelf. Reviews represent ongoing conversations that your patients are having about your medical practice in the digital world.

Medical practitioners and local search marketers should master the following six elements to make reviews work for the practice rather than against it.


The Medical Practitioner sets the Review Stage

As a medical practitioner and a business owner, you set the practice policies and train the staff responsible for the service your patients experience.

Make sure that each employee that you hire is someone you feel confident about representing your practice to the public, and that they receive continuing support in implementing your official customer service policy.


The Practice is made to be Complaint-Friendly

In case you are able to catch a complaint before it emerges as a negative review, you will be able to save your patient as well as your practice from a significant amount of problems.

You should train your staff well in complaint resolution, and take the following steps to ensure that you are resolving upfront as many patient issues as possible:

  • Create a mobile-friendly complaint form on your practice website.
  • Post a complaint hotline phone and text message number in your office and on your website.
  • Routinely review social media for discussions on your practice and jump into these conversations with offers to make things better for patients expressing negative feelings.
  • Ensure that all administrative staff attending to patients makes a point of asking whether anything was less than perfect for them.


The Medical Practitioner Claims their Major Review Profiles

Multiple platforms featuring reviews also offer a function called “owner responses.” This provides the medical practitioner and business owner a chance to contribute to the online discussions surrounding their practice. You will be able to thank patients who leave affirmative reviews and attempt to win back or placate patients who leave negative reviews.

Creating some type of login is usually a part of claiming your profile. You will need to create a business profile on a platform if you do not already have one. Certain platforms make additional steps necessary to verify that you are indeed the business owner.


The Practice Encourages Reviews

Primarily, you must understand the policies of each platform on which your medical practice has a profile.

Fortunately, most platforms do enable you to encourage patients to leave reviews. Every medical practice should have a well-developed review acquisition strategy.


The Medical Practice Gets Negative Online Feedback

There are six words of advice for every medical practitioner who will inevitably acquire a negative review at some point-remain calm and have a strategy.

A few negative reviews will be written for even the most complaint-friendly practices with the best customer service policies. Sometimes mistakes happen, or a member of the staff or patient may just be having a bad day.


The Medical Practitioner Responds

It is important to monitor all of your review profiles routinely and act swiftly when a negative review emerges. This can be your initial fire-fighting strategy. The second part involves a carefully-crafted message to post in response to the negative feedback. Services

Setting-up Your Local Medical Office Business Listing | Palm DesertCreating a structured local business listing for your medical practice, whether at Facebook, Google, Yelp, or elsewhere, will involve filling out a form with a specific set of fields.

Google, the leading player in local search, has set the precedence for best practices for formatting this data. The complete guidelines by Google can be found here.

When developing most of your citations, you will be following these general guidelines to make sure that they match your Google My Business listing.


Things to Include in your Local Business Listing

Medical Practice Title/Name

In this field, always use the real-world business name of your medical practice. Google is capable of reading street-level signage.

Therefore, ensure that the manner in which you format your name matches the sign on your practice, print marketing, website logo, and the way your phone is answered. It is important not to add more keywords, geographical terms, or other modifiers to name of your plastic surgery practice.

Practice Address

Remember to list the real-world address of your medical practice, with no changes, such as fictitious suite numbers. Unstaffed virtual offices and PO boxes are not considered real-world addresses. Therefore, you should not center your medical practice listings on them.

Key-in your street address in line one and any mailbox or suite numbers in line two of the address section of the form on Google. It is a good idea to follow this practice for almost all citations to avoid strange formatting.

Phone Number

Google’s guidelines indicate a preference for local area code phone numbers. However, they have supported toll-free numbers for a few years. This may be useful for patients who visit a medical practice from out of town as they may find using a toll-free number more convenient.

In case you use a toll-free number rather than a local one on your Google My Business listing, ensure that your site and other citations also use this number in a consistent manner.

On top of this, Google wants you to list the number that connects directly to the subject of the business listing, instead of reaching a call-center.

Website URL

Google states that your listed website URL should take the user directly to a page owned by the business or medical practice, instead of referring visitors to a third-party, a social media profile, or elsewhere.

If a practice has multiple locations and practitioners, it is common to direct the listing of the medical practice to the website homepage and point the listings for the branches, practitioners, and departments to their respective landing pages on the website. This ensures that the entities remain distinct.


A majority of local business data platforms have set categories that you will need to choose from to define your business. In general, a business owner will select one to ten of these categories.

Proper categorization can have a significant impact on rankings, especially with Google. Guidelines by Google encourage you to identify the categories which most accurately define your business.


This field presents an opportunity to present the most impactful and compelling aspects of your medical practices. These are the attributes that are most convincing to prospective patients. You will usually have several hundred characters available to develop a short pitch for your medical or plastic surgery practice.


In Conclusion

The consistency, quality, and spread of your local business data directly impacts local search engine rankings, which in turn affects foot traffic, web traffic, and transactions. Services

Facebook Advertising Ideas For Plastic Surgeons | Palm Desert Are you ready to increase your new patient numbers for your cosmetic surgery practice? Then it’s time to explore Facebook Ads to give your lead generation efforts the facelift it deserves!

Plastic surgeons have found that the advertising capabilities on social media platforms, in today’s digital world, have had a positive effect on their practices.

The reason is that Facebook Ads offers a chance to enhance:

  • Awareness: Enhances awareness of your practice by promoting your business page.
  • Consideration: Prompts users to leave Facebook, by clicking on your ad, and progress to the next step in the sales funnel by providing more details about them.
  • Conversations: Makes quantifiable revenue-producing activities take place.

This is the real strength of Facebook. However, to create more awareness, consideration, and conversion, you will need to develop an ad that has the following characteristics: an appealing visual, an attractive offer, model copy, precise targeting, and much more.


Plastic Surgeon’s Marketing Funnel for Excellent Outcomes

Attracting your target demographic involves setting up a simple funnel comprising four parts:

  • A precisely targeted Facebook ad
  • A landing page (also known as an opt-in page)
  • A thank you page
  • A simple follow-up email sequence and text message

Understandably, you will not get desired outcomes if you do not take the time to execute each part of the funnel meticulously. So, to set you up for success, let us take you through the entire funnel, from beginning to end.


The Facebook Ad

Facebook is the place where you will display a compelling proposition for your target audience to view and (hopefully) get excited about. It need not be glamorous, and you do not need to spend a lot of your time writing expert copy. The ultimate objective is to get clicks, or LEADS.

The most efficient ad type to achieve this goal is consideration, with the ideal goal being Traffic. Your focus is to send people to a destination on or off Facebook to procure some new patients.

Facebook presents numerous targeting options which can be overwhelming. Therefore, we share a select few as they can raise your patient numbers more effectively.

Does that sound good? Now the next step is building your ad creative. It does not need to be over-the-top but should get the audience to take action.


The Landing Page (Opt-In)

Practice websites commonly have a Contact Us form. But that is not the place to direct your leads. Why? It will confuse them once they arrive as most likely the copy and design will not be anything like what they saw on your ad.


The Thank You Page

The patient enters their details on the landing page and clicks the “Remove My Wrinkles Now!” They are now added to your email list and sent to a Thank You page.


Follow Up

In this final step of the marketing funnel, you will need to send a series of two emails and a text message. Why the text message? It gives the lead your tracking phone number which motivates them to call immediately. This is clever and professional at the same time. Services

Why You Should Try Facebook Advertising | Palm Desert | Rancho MirageSocial media is a powerful medium to increase exposure and traffic for your company, create a loyal customer base, and produce leads and sales. Some good reasons to use Facebook ads to grow your business exponentially are outlined here.


People Spend a Significant Amount of Time on Social Media

Any business, regardless of its size, cannot ignore Facebook today.

Your company needs a Facebook page, and you know this. But so do 40 million other companies. Facebook is a platform where your future customers spend time.

Interestingly, the average American is on Facebook for around 40 minutes, sharing and liking content. Facebook users “Like” over 4.1 million posts every minute. These users post comments, create status updates, and upload pictures.


Promotion of Content is Highly Scalable

It is important to let people know about the great content that you are creating for your website. Sharing updates across social media platforms are one way to share your content.

But only sharing content this way isn’t enough. Facebook Ads will increase the outreach of your content. Using Facebook Ads will allow your content to spread organically.

It is possible when influencers share your Facebook Ads (yes, people DO share ads). This approach can help your content reach an even wider audience. Social media has a snowball effect on engagement.


Targeting Produces Results

Facebook may seem all over the place, but it is actually much more targeted than it appears. Businesses can use Facebook Ads metrics such as location, age, demographics, gender, connections, behavior, and interest.

Facebook can also enable businesses in front of specific and, usually motivated, audience segments with the help of some precise ad targeting options that you have likely never heard of. You can:

  • Assess recent purchase behavior.
  • Assimilate creative ideas into life-event targeting.
  • Use custom audiences to develop leads and create loyalty.
  • Develop audiences that look like your own targets (“lookalike audiences”).
  • Make your targeting super refined by layering targeting options


Remarketing is Powerful

Remarketing refers to a type of technology that displays ads for your business to individuals who have visited your site, used your mobile app, or left you their email addresses. These people will view these ads when they visit or shop on other sites, use social media, see videos, use other mobile apps, or conduct Google searches.

Remarketing is a powerful tool to grow your business. On an average, social remarketing boosts rates of engagement by three times and increases the rates of conversion by two times. You will want to use this technology to promote your hard offers, such as sign-ups, downloads, consultations, etc.


Convert Visitors into Leads and Customers

While Facebook Ads will increase the traffic on your site, you will also want an increment in sales, leads, and customers. Tagging visitors who visit your website with a cookie can help you achieve this goal by building your remarketing audience.

You can now begin using behavioral and demographic filters on your audience to gear your Facebook Ads towards small groups of people who are interested in your product or service (behavioral and interest targeting), who recently reviewed your offering (retargeting), and who have the financial capability to afford your stuff (demographic targeting).

Facebook Ads can help you capture qualified leads and make sales. Services

How to Add Your Google My Business Listing And Optimize It | Palm DesertGoogle uses company information to refine local searches and assist users in finding relevant local companies. Therefore, creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing will allow your company to show up in places like Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. This is an ideal starting point for any new company seeking local exposure.


Creating your Google My Business Listing

It is quite simple to create a new business listing. Ensure that you enter the correct company details and locate the most relevant category to assign it to.

This will help create the most relevant listing possible. It is also important to verify your business immediately, usually through email, phone, or post. Otherwise, the listing and changes will not appear on Google.

The business owner or manager should fill-in all the details that Google requires. This is a valuable source of information for prospective customers. Some details that you will need to include in your listing are:

Business Name

Ensure that the business name is consistent both online and offline. This can help customers identify the business easily.


Find a category that is most relevant for your business to provide users with the most appropriate search results to ensure that they find what they are looking for.


Users searching nearby will be able to see your business. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the location details are accurate. In case your move your business to another location, make sure to update your details promptly. You will also need to verify this change.

Opening Hours

Ensure that your business listing is informative and helpful to prospective customers. Provide them with information on when they can visit and contact you.

Phone Number

Users should be able to contact you quickly. For this reason, it is important to provide a number where they can call straight from your Google My Business listing if using a mobile phone.


A majority of people searching Google for your business will want to see your website. Make sure you include your URL in the listing as it is one of the first things that people notice.


Key Suggestions

Be Consistent

The Google algorithm assesses the consistency of how business information is entered across various sites to determine the legitimacy of listings. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the business details are consistent.

Use a Local Phone Number

If you use a phone number with local area code, it signifies to Google that your company is definitely situated in the local area. This lends an extra measure of legitimacy to your business listing.

Follow Google’s Guidelines

Google can suspend listings that do not follow the guidelines for business representation. You should avoid things such as loading your business name field with keywords, using URLs that redirect to your company website URL, and providing an address that it is not your physical office space or storefront.


Enhancing your Listing

After covering all the basics, it is essential to enhance your Google My Business listing with some of the helpful tools available. A good listing contains a lot of useful information, links, and visuals and is more likely to appeal to potential customers. Services

Creating The Best Instagram Page For Your Medical Practice | Palm DesertInstagram is a very popular digital platform where over 300 million users share their videos, photos, and stories every day. Instagram has grown tremendously in recent years, and this has presented marketers and business owners with one important question-how can Instagram help their businesses grow?

Some useful tips are as follows:


Create a Compelling Instagram Bio

Two-tenths of a second is all that it takes for a person to develop an impression about an online brand. Therefore, it is vital to create a strong first impression with the content of your Instagram bio and profile.

An effective Instagram bio should include:

  • Provide information about you/your business
  • Appeal to your target audiences
  • Engage with your community through your brand tone and voice


Include a Link

As this is the only place on Instagram where a person can share a clickable link to their bio, it is super valuable real estate.

Some proven strategies are:

  • A majority of Instagram accounts use this link to direct the user to their homepage.
  • Other users link their Instagram profile to landing pages that are campaign specific or individual content.
  • Many businesses routinely update their link to drive users to their latest content.


Develop an Instagram Business Profile

Recently, Instagram introduced a variety of business tools to help businesses understand their followers and increase their businesses on Instagram.

Upon converting to a Business profile, the user will be able to include details on their business on their profile. For instance, users can add an email address, a phone number, and their company’s physical address.


Use Recognizable Profile Pictures

It is essential for people to choose a profile picture that they immediately recognize on visiting the Instagram profile. A majority of businesses choose one of the following options to achieve this goal:

  • Logo
  • Mascot
  • Logomark (the logo without any words)

There is no right or wrong way of doing this, and you do not have to restrict yourself to one of the above options. However, it is an astute idea to assess what will help individuals who visit your page to recognize your brand immediately.


Post Consistently

The target audience can understand when to expect new content with consistency in posting content. Being consistent can help you maximize audience engagement without any stretches minus updates or lulls. Instagram strategies should have a clear schedule for post frequency to enable you to remain on track.

According to a study by Union Metrics, a majority of brands post to Instagram every day. The average, in fact, was 1.5 posts daily.


Evaluate your Most Successful Posts

It is vital to be tuned into what is working and what does not work on Instagram. An ideal way to do this is by checking your Instagram analytics for the following:

  • Which post are most well-received by audiences in terms of likes
  • How does the number of posts you share affect your audience engagement
  • What posts do you get the most comments on

Instagram provides analytics within its business tools, and these features can effectively reveal some trends. Services

Common Problems Found on Medical Websites | Palm DesertMany medical professionals have excellent websites. They are at par with modern website design and offer users good browsing experience.

But there are also many really bad medical websites out there. They are either unappealing, challenging to use, or both. A researcher analyzed more than 1,100 medical websites recently. The findings are as follows:


  1. Not Mobile Friendly

This may seem like a no-brainer. It is shocking to many that websites that aren’t mobile-friendly still exist. In around 2013-2014, mobile-friendly websites become the norm. In late 2016, the traffic on websites from mobiles and tablets surpassed desktop site visits for the first time ever.


  1. Ineffective, Obsolete Design

It is kind of intuitive when something goes out of style, such as bell-bottoms and polyester leisure suits. In the world of website design, this could mean excessive white space on your pages, insufficient white space (making the page look cluttered), and unattractive color schemes.

It could also signify web pages that are out of proportion or not balanced, unconventional page layouts that are hardly used anymore, pages that appear unfinished, and outdated social media images, among others.


  1. Poor Choice of Fonts

The font used throughout the website presents a tone and feeling about the practitioner or their office. It is important to use a font that is modern, commands respect, and it is convenient to read. You should never use a font like Comic Sans on your site if you want people to take you seriously. The font should also be large enough to read without having to squint your eyes.


  1. Poor Choice of Imagery

The Internet is rich in media. People expect to understand your story with pictures and not merely words. Various sites still use low-quality images which are inferior in both resolution and artistic quality. Moreover, many sites also use unrelated images for the message that they are trying to convey.


  1. Faulty Messaging

The researcher looked at many medical sites where it was not immediately apparent what type of doctor they were, what services they offer, or what kind of patients they treat. Visitors to your website are busy people with no time for guessing games. The website should quickly and effectively communicate who you are and your area of expertise.


  1. Slow Site

In general, the web pages on your site should load in three seconds or less, regardless of whether the site is accessed on a tablet, mobile, or desktop. Pages that take five to ten seconds or more to load are unacceptable. The visitors to your site will just not wait around for that long, and it will be a bad user experience for them.


  1. No Testimonials or Case Studies

When was the last time you purchased an item online without reading multiple reviews? That’s exactly the point. No one wants to make a bad decision. Therefore, we rely strongly on the feedback of others who used a product or service before us. Yet, many medical sites do not have any patient testimonials or case studies.


  1. Not Telling New Patients What to Expect

Going to a new or unknown doctor can be a daunting experience for some patients. The medical or plastic surgery practitioner can feature an FAQ page on their site or a short video explaining everything to help the patient feel calmer and know that they are in safe hands. Services

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7 Marketing Tasks You MUST DO in 2019

1. Convert your Website site to HTTPS.
2. Create an Instagram business profile.
3. Claim/create a Google My Business profile.
4. Switch to paid Facebook advertising.
5. Make sure your website is mobile responsive.
6. Post more real photos of your patients and practice.
7. Increase your video content.
Read Why…


When was the last time you watched video on social media?

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media, especially on mobile. Over the past year, the time people spent watching Facebook Live every day has increased by four times and Instagram videos by 80 percent.

To create engaging social media videos, Facebook recommends creating videos as short as 15 seconds. Sounds easier? But where do you start?

Read about what CreativeTake is doing to help boost social media engagement for clients! 

Read More About What Works For Video


How can I tell if my site is secure?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate encryption is a must to secure websites when transferring sensitive data like filling out patient forms, transferring hospital records, credit card information, logins and passwords.  A SSL Certificate ensures that all data passed between the Web server and Web browser remains private and secure.

Has your web design company transferred your site to HTTPS? If not, we can help.


New Trends for Website Design | Palm DesertHere are some of the top trends in medical and cosmetic surgery website design for 2019:


  1. Web Animation

Animation is instrumental in making it easier for people to understand ideas and interfaces. Time is short in today’s world, and everyone is in a rush. In such a scenario, animation can transmit complex ideas in a short amount of time while informing and educating at the same time.

To capture the attention of users, storytelling and personality is an area that new and old brands are working on. Animations are beginning to play a tremendous role in brand image development.


  1. More Adventurous Colors

There has been an increase in the use of bold colors across online platforms over the past year. An eye-catching and confident visual treatment of colors can extend beyond the website or its app.

In addition, it can also be used on social media and blogs. It will be interesting to understand the impact of color along with personalization and customization in the creation of a truly unique consumer experience that that ticks several boxes simultaneously.


  1. Inventive Typography

Typography is a strong weapon in the battle for eyeballs. The use of typography on the web is becoming extensive. Typography is a compelling tool and the bigger, the better. Although neo-grotesque sans-serif styles such as Helvetica remain popular, designers are increasingly turning to the tremendous variety of typefaces available today.

There has been an increase in the use of custom fonts as the device resolutions are becoming sharper and heightening the legibility factor. Designers are choosing typography with loads of personality not just for emphasis, but also for the aesthetic impact.


  1. Data Storytelling

Today, there is a huge focus on effective storytelling using design to convey often complex information to a wide range of audiences in as simple and engaging a manner as possible. Designers are developing new, bespoke creations and increasingly thinking outside the box. They are now ditching the muted palettes for bright, vibrant transitions coupled with minimalistic but bold typography.

So, what is the potential trajectory of information design in 2018? There will undoubtedly be a rise in the number of designers using animation for storytelling due to higher access to new technology.

AR and VR developments are bringing in the prospect of simulated exploration of virtual models. Therefore, it is essential to remember to keep information and data at the core of everything we do.

The correct handling of this aspect will allow the overlapping areas of data science and design to provide increasingly educative, grounded, and clear examples of data visualization.


  1. Standardization between Design Tools

The year 2018 has not seen a day go by without a new tool, app, or feature from players such as Adobe XD, InVision, Marvel, Figma, Vectr, and Axure, among others. This list also includes Sketch which has developed the open file format update, Sketch 43, which is a game changer.

It is safe to say that if you are still using Photoshop for your user interface (UI) design, you likely need to explore other options. Many new design tools have launched in 2018 such as Webflow, Figma, and InVision Studio. This design tool explosion showcases how design is fast becoming a central element in how companies operate. Services

 (If you haven’t already)

1. Convert your Website site to HTTPS.

This should of been done over 2 years ago but we see so many sites that have not. See “Is Your Website Secure and HIPAA Compliant?” for more information.

DR Eugene KIm Instagram page2. Create an Instagram business profile.

With 100 million new users in the last six months and 600 million users overall, Instagram shows no signs of slowing down. This photo and video sharing platform will only continue to grow, giving you 600 million reasons why your practice should join in on this digital marketing gold mine.

If you are looking for new ways to engage with potential and current patients or market to millennial’s, Instagram is the social network to do it. Having 90% of users under the age of 35, this is a great place to engage with those starting to make their own medical decisions and parents searching for where to take the family.

By creating a Instagram business profile you can keep you personal account separate from your business account. Using a business profile Instagram also allows  you to schedule Instagram Posts in advance and track the results of each post.

Google My Business plastic surgeon listing results3. Claim/create a Google My Business profile for each office location

Claiming your local or small business on Google is one of the most effective ways to establish a great reputation online. Not only is Google the most used website and search engine in the world today, it’s also where nearly everyone starts and ends when looking for information online.

4. Switch to paid Facebook advertising

People spend a lot of time on social media. With over 1 billion users a business can not ignore Facebook.

Unfortunately organic placement on Facebook is practically gone. Less than .05% of your business page users will see your post. Paid ads on Facebook is the way to go. And choosing your target market on Facebook is amazing!

Use Facebook re-marketing. Essentially, re-marketing is a type of technology that shows ads for your business to people after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address. People will see these ads when they visit or shop on other websites, use social media, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search on Google. (I’ve seen social re-marketing, on average, boost engagement rates by three times and increase conversion rates by two times.)

Note: Make sure you read and follow the Facebook ad guidelines so your ad is not rejected

5. Make sure your website is mobile responsive

Make sure your website is responsive. More people access websites from mobile devices now than they do desktops. If your site does not resize to fit the screen, they will leave.

Plus, Google now penalizes sites who are not mobile responsive by showing them less in results. See “Why is a responsive website important?

6. Post more real photos of your patients and practice on your website and social media.

The number one visited page on plastic surgery websites are before and after picture pages. This is your way to advertise your best work. Get permission from all clients and create a process with your team to take before and after pictures patient surgeries and treatments. But, only post the best results. Treat this like placing an ad in a magazine.

Plus, you can search by images on many search engines. This is one more way to be found in search and drive more traffic to your website.

7. Increase your video content.

Video is the best way to engage your audience for a longer period of time.

See “Benefits of adding video content to your website” and “Video Marketing & Social Media Strategies


Need help with these digital marketing tasks? We can help!

Call us today by calling 760.772.7100 or click here to contact us. Agency Services