Best Practices that can Help Capture New Patient Leads

Capture New Patient Leads

Best Practices that can Help Capture New Patient LeadsThe key challenge in medical marketing is to generate new patient leads in a highly competitive environment. These leads can be generated via email, phone, and the Internet. An effective online presence with the support of advanced SEO strategies can contribute significantly to new patient lead generation. However, merely generating the new leads is not enough. It is equally important to work on those leads effectively in order to capture their attention and interest in favor of the doctor’s practice.

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Respond Promptly

Whenever a new patient lead is generated in the form of an inquiry via email, phone, or through an online contact form, it is important to address the queries of the patient at the earliest. Ideally, the replies via email should be sent within 24 hours in response to a lead.

In case of a phone inquiry or text message, a call back should be made at the convenient time stipulated by the patient. Dedicated and alert staff can make sure that patient leads are addressed with promptness and alacrity. The longer the time taken to respond, the higher will be the chances of the patient going elsewhere.

Show Eagerness and Persistence

Every patient lead should be met with an eager and positive response that makes the patient feel wanted and welcomed. If the patient perceives the staff to be disinterested or disconnected with the conversation, it will rarely invoke the desired outcome from that lead.

Persistence is also a key part of the process, while maintaining a delicate balance and not becoming intrusive or annoying to the patient. In many cases, a single call back is not going to be enough, and multiple calls, messages or emails can produce more impressive results.

Personalized Engagement

The staff that is designated to respond to patient leads should be trained and knowledgeable enough to build a meaningful and personalized engagement with the patient. Active listening is the first requisite in this process, and the staff should give adequate time to the patient to talk about their needs and concerns.

If the patient is looking for some specialized information or advice, the staff should be prepared to search for appropriate information and get back to the patient. Going the extra mile to help a new lead with their needs, and showing personalized attention and care will go a long way in bringing new patients for the doctor’s practice.

Choosing the Appropriate Time

New research suggests can the process of reaching out to or engaging with new patient leads can be more successful on particular days and times within the week. Some researchers say that the most effective days to initiate contact with new patient leads are Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the best time may be between 4 and 5 pm.

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