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Unique Marketing Ideas For Healthcare Organizations

Unique Medical / Patient Marketing Ideas for Doctors and Hospitals

Unique Medical Patient Marketing Ideas for Doctors and HospitalsRobust marketing will be vital to success regardless of whether you are trying to grow your business or focusing on acquiring more patients. Creative marketing tactics are crucial for success in the increasingly competitive healthcare industry.The following suggestions can help you develop an impactful marketing strategy for your healthcare organization:

Wellness Challenge

Initiate a wellness challenge and encourage your patients to share their progress on social media platforms, tagging the healthcare organization, and using a hashtag. The patients can even be incentivized to post by offering prizes such as gift cards to health food restaurants.

Waiting Room Initiatives

Patients who are waiting to be seen by a doctor are a captive audience. They are in the perfect position to pay attention to any brand messaging that you want them to see. To this end, you can use waiting room TVs, bulletin board, and signage to showcase your physician’s experience, cross-promote services, and share organizational news.

Blogger Relations Campaign

Over the years, the blogger community has grown steadily. Today, bloggers enjoy a strong level of clout among their readers. Research indicates that around 81 percent of the online population trusts the recommendations they receive from bloggers. Therefore, partnering with strategic bloggers is an effective way to share your message with their trusting audiences.

Mobilize Employees

Your physicians, nurses, and administrative staff are your best proponents. They are the face of the organization for the patients and are a precious communication resource. It’s vital to find unique ways to mobilize staff to promote key messages to patients.

For instance, the staff can be armed with “Ask me About” buttons for the promotion of new services or programs. Ensure that they have all the details and talking points necessary to engage with patients in a confident and effective way.

Activate your Community

An important element of any healthcare organization is community involvement. More than any well-crafted advertisement or social media post, your commitment to the wellbeing of individuals who live and work in your community will build credibility and trust for your organization.

To put a friendly face on the organization as well as provide information on services to make your community a better place to live, you may consider holding events such as wellness fairs or block parties.

Creating Strategic Partnerships

Consider any possibilities that you may have to partner with a synergistic and like-minded organization as two heads are better than one! Creating the right partnerships will offer you access to a wider patient base, assist you in sharing your message more efficiently, reduce the workload on your team, and align your organization to those of value.

New Patient Forms

Each patient that walks into the practice likely has to fill out a new patient form prior to receiving care. These forms are a convenient way to reach individuals who may tune out many other strategies you will use to contact them in the future.

It’s a salient idea to promote major services, programs, or events in your new patient forms packet. This will ensure patients are informed about your organization during their initial visit. Services

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