New Medical Website Design for Buffalo, NY Dermatologist Lisa S. Ball, NP

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website:

New Medical Website Design for Buffalo, NY Dermatologist Lisa S. Ball, NPIn today’s world everyone wants to look and feel their best. The problem is that people don’t have the patience to wait around for the best opportunities. Treatment providers and medical practices have to get the word out to potential patients about the services that are available. CreativeTake Medical, a full-boutique website development and digital marketing provider, understands this.

They recently launched a new website for Lisa S. Ball, NP that offers a wide variety of dermatology services in the Buffalo, NY area. The practice is almost a one-stop center for all dermatology needs. They offer skin health, hair loss treatments, medical dermatology, and pediatric dermatology.

Generally, it is difficult for a website to advertise all services on offer with the same amount of satisfaction. There is always the risk of too many navigation buttons that can become confusing for patients. However, CT Medical created the site with no problem at all.

Checks on All Digital Marketing Necessities

Practices don’t just want a website for information purposes. They want to rank high in search engine results page so that potential patients can find them easily. When Lisa S. Ball purchased Dr. Neiman’s practice in December 2017, her goal was to ensure that patients of all ages and from all walks of life could get the best medical treatment.

However, for her dream to come true, her practice needed to be seen first. CreativeTake Medical takes every job seriously and with dedication. They designed a website that was easy-to-navigate, responsive, and informative. The complexity of search engine ranking factors, especially Google grows exponentially and changes almost each calendar year. However, CTM keeps a tab on all changes to incorporate it in their client’s website.

Commitment to Excellence

Patients don’t just want to be informed, but also encouraged. Many patients hesitate in taking the leap because of various reasons. The aesthetic appearance of a website, including the fonts and placement of images play a major role in putting the mind of potential patients at ease.

CT Medical understands that potential patients can be easily persuaded when they see the transformation with their own eyes rather than just being told about it. This is why they dedicated an entire section to before and after images. The site’s ‘Gallery’ was created for making it simple and easy for prospective patients to assess whether the procedure is right for them or not.

Information at its Best

Lisa S. Ball, NP places a lot of importance on transparency. This is one of the reasons why CreativeTake Medical created separate tabs for accepted insurances and pricing. Most practices don’t offer upfront pricing. However, it is easier for a patient to schedule the initial appointment when they have a broad figure about the costs.

The site is also transparent about their treatment and the types of approaches undertaken for different concerns. Patients come away knowing more about a particular procedure than before. The best part is the ease with which a patient can schedule an appointment. The call-to-action button is situated on the homepage making it easily accessible.

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