New website design for the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, GA

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Plastic Surgery Website

New website design for the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta,, which is a premier website design, content development and SEO company for medical professionals in the United States, has developed a new website called for the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, GA. The website is designed to help new patients learn all about the Plastic Surgery Institute, and the range of state of the art procedures and services it provides.

CreativeTake Medical has attained a leadership status in the area of developing and marketing medical websites in the US. In recent years, it has focused more on creating plastic surgery websites, which is one of the key areas of expertise for the company. CT Medical ensures that each of its medical websites has a unique web design that stands out in the crowded online world. It provides highly professional content that is patient-friendly as well as search engine optimized at the same time.

Online Resource of Information

The team of experts at CreativeTake developed as a website that would not only showcase the features of the practice, but would also serve as a comprehensive educational resource for patients in and around Atlanta, GA and other areas. The knowledgeable content creators at CT Medical have made sure that all the information provided about various plastic surgery procedures and techniques is original, accurate, relevant, and described in a patient-friendly language.

Highlighting the Strengths

On the website’s home page, CreativeTake decided to cover the key strengths of the Plastic Surgery Institute. Therefore, when a new reader visits the website, they would feel immediately assured of the kind of high standards and quality of treatments that can be expected at the practice.

The home page provides an overview about the skills and experience of Dr. McCluskey and his professional team in plastic surgery, the state of the art equipment and technologies available at the practice, and the overall commitment to achieve complete patient satisfaction in every surgical and non-surgical procedure performed at the practice.

About the Surgeon

From experience, the web development experts at CreativeTake Medical know that for a medical website, one of the most important sections is the one about the doctor who heads the practice. Therefore, has included an in-depth section about Dr. Paul McCluskey who is a reputed plastic surgeon in Atlanta, GA.

The exclusive section is positioned prominently on the site to help new patients learn about his education, training, experience, and achievements in the area of plastic and cosmetic surgery. It also describes Dr. McCluskey’s other academic related activities as an author.

Foundational Principles

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta follows a fundamental set of principles that constitute the core of the practice. CT Medical chose to focus on these principles in the website to let the patients know about the commitment and philosophy of Dr. McCluskey and his team. The principles are presented clearly and briefly on in bullet points.

Procedure Sections

The most detailed area of the website is where it described a full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures provided at the website. These include a variety of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for the breast, body and face. Each procedure is described in a separate web page. Other sections on the site include a financial area, a blog, and a photo gallery.

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