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CreativeTake Medical Launches New Site Redesign


Site Redesign | Plastic Surgery | Medical Website Marketing | ChicagoFor nearly two decades, CreativeTake Medical has been at the forefront of addressing the online marketing needs of medical professionals across the spectrum. Some of the leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, eye care professionals, and other medical experts across the country have been able to transform their practices and boost local traffic of patients to their offices with innovative website design, content development, and search engine optimization services from CreativeTake.


New Site Launch for Dr. Fortes

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Fortes leads an outstanding practice in Texas. Dr. Fortes wanted to completely revamp and redesign his website in order to properly represent his practice. CT Medical partnered with Dr. Fortes to launch a comprehensive site redesign for The new website reflects the same top level of professionalism and quality standards that Dr. Fortes’ practice stands for.

The team of creative experts at CT Medical decided to build a website that would serve two central objectives at the same time. While the primary goal was to generate more awareness and publicity for the practice in the local areas through the site, it was also designed to serve as an authentic and reliable online information resource for patients seeking a variety of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.


About the Practice team decided to sub-divide the “About” section of into five categories. The content for each category has been provided on separate web pages. The first category includes in-depth information about the professional background and achievements of Dr. Fortes. CreativeTake recognizes the importance of this section because new patients are typically concerned to know about the credentials of the surgeon before they make up their mind about receiving treatment.

The second sub-section provides information about the team of Dr. Fortes. The significance of the team cannot be under-estimated because best outcomes in surgical procedures are achieved when the teamwork is flawless. CreativeTake Medical included two more unique sections that offer information about actual patient reviews and ratings with regard to Dr. Fortes.

The section called RealSelf Reviews includes highlights from, the world’s largest patient review website for plastic surgery professionals. Another section called Real Patient Ratings includes patient comments via an independent third party survey service. Another innovative section called Testimonials and Cards includes scanned copies of actual handwritten testimonials and cards from patients about their experience with Dr. Fortes.


About the Services

CreativeTake has included accurate, current, and relevant information about various surgical and non-surgical procedures and services that are provided at the practice of Dr. Fortes. Every procedure is discussed under a separate sub-section with a dedicated web page for easy navigation.

Information on various procedures for the breast, body, face, men’s procedures, and non-surgical services such as hand rejuvenation, sclerotherapy, medispa, and permanent makeup is provided in a patient-friendly language.


Knowledge Center includes a unique section called the Knowledge Center. Information under this section is sub-divided into four categories, including Safety, FAQ, Patient Expectations, and Post-op Care. Videos, Gallery, Locations, and Blog are the other sections that cover every aspect of Dr. Fortes’ practice in a consummate manner. Services

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