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CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical Launches | Palm SpringsFitness training has emerged as a rapidly growing field within the healthcare industry. Who does not want to be in shape? is now partnering with leading fitness and personal training providers to help promote their business and increase awareness about innovative fitness programs that are designed to transform an individual’s health, fitness and personality for the better.

CreativeTake has now launched a new website which showcases the professional fitness training services offered by Eddie Foulger, an experienced Personal Trainer and the owner of Foulger’s Soldiers.

The website has created not only to serve as an informational and promotional tool for Foulger’s Soldiers, but also to inspire people in the local areas to recognize the importance of good health and fitness and turn their focus in this direction.


Use of Impactful Images

The homepage of carries a welcome message along with a selection of some very impactful and impressive images to catch the visitor’s attention. CreativeTake Medical knows from experience that a majority of first-time visitors to a website who are searching for relevant information will turn away from the site within the first few seconds, if the homepage does not attract them enough to arouse their curiosity or capture their attention.

In certain professions, images can do this job far more effectively than plain text. Fitness training is one such profession. Therefore, CT Medical has chosen to include compelling photographs that will ignite the imagination of the site visitors and get them interested in exploring the site further and learning more about the impressive and interesting Foulger’s Soldiers.

This is a particularly challenging task in a competitive online environment where the reader’s attention span is limited and they are spoiled for choice. accomplishes this task with elan.


About Eddie Foulger

In the fitness training business, the most important individual is obviously the fitness trainer. CT Medical recognizes that most potential clients are interested in knowing about the professional credentials of the trainer, their experience in the field, and their expertise in specific domains within the realm of fitness training. The site designers at CT Medical decided to prominently position the information about the dedicated and successful Eddie Foulger on

The website informs the readers that Eddie has 19 years of experience as a personal trainer and has been involved with fitness for 28 years. He specializes in a wide variety of fitness related domains including biomechanics, diet, the realistic application of Kinesiology, as well as competition training and preparation.


Major Services

CreativeTake Medical has highlighted the key services offered by Foulger’s Soldiers, which include:

  • Personal Training
  • Meal Planning and Nutrition
  • Coaching

Each of these areas is described in separate web pages with accurate and relevant details for the content. The content is designed to answer almost all the common questions or concerns that a potential client is likely to have.


Other Sections includes a “Soldier Gallery” section that presents the images of people who have already benefited from Foulger’s Soldiers. A Contact Us form and a location map make it easy for a site visitor to reach out to the practice. Services

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